LISA RENEE: “Clearing Pain Body”

In order to heal from past Trauma, we will have to face the memory or event that had traumatized us at the point in time of the actual event or has been recorded as tremendous pain within the body, Brain and Soul. In order to spiritually heal the body and mind from trauma based events or mind control, pushing through triggers is important in the spiritual integration and personality integration process.

To bring unconditional love and stabilize it into our body with conscious awareness we need to identify the organizing belief systems that trigger our core pain. We must remember who we are in our spiritual essence, our sense of true core self before we took on these fear based belief systems that we were separated from the love of God. If we’re willing to feel the fear or the wound that has led to the pain that generates our feelings of separation from unconditional love this can reveal to us where the wound is located in our body or where the black emptiness actually resides. And that black emptiness can be actually a Demonic House. So, our core wound manifests as an aching emptiness or black hole somewhere in our Lightbody or Consciousness. Many times this can be found in the heart complex or centre and this can interfere with our capacity to be grounded in our core spirit self. So, once identified these black holes of pain and demonic houses need to be filled with light of unconditional love and self-forgiveness. Clearing the Pain Body is such an important step in clearing fear and stabilizing our core so we can become more inner directed.

Clearing Quick Tool

Due to the strong forces being exerted in our environment let’s share an exercise that might be supportive. To go beyond core fears quickly we can do this in the moment to moment.

  • Now, first when you’re feeling fear source the belief, source the fear. Identify the negative belief or the fear system that’s driving a fear wound within you and this may also contribute to emotional or mental pain or constriction sensations in your body. So, identify it. What is it that you’re feeling in your body when you have been emotionally triggered by fear or pain? Then intend to connect with your physical body (again your physical body is your friend). Identify where the core pain or fear is where you’re feeling it in your body? Is it in your body parts? Can you scan yourself and feel where are you feeling it in your body? Pay attention and observe how your physical body will constrict and it will become tense, it’ll close down in fear when you’re actually feeling the core pain or core fear wound.
  • Then just observe it. Take a nice deep breath. Intend to observe the fear in your body. Be the Compassionate Witness. Stay present to the fear without trying to change it or shift it immediately. Just look at it. Observe it being connected in your physical self. Don’t try to make the fear something positive or bargain it away. Just allow yourself to be present to feel it. You’re feeling the fear without believing it to be true or validating it. In the moment too as you get through the observation you may recognize that this is a part of the Predator Mind characteristic recognizing that fear is darkness that interferes with our relationship with God.
  • You may want to as well allow yourself to feel the pain that you’re feeling without assigning any labels of it’s good or it’s bad. Sometimes you might feel emotional pain and sometimes it can be an unbearable or deep emotional pain as feeling it or sensing as an energy, a thought form, a vibration staying as open as you can to witness it while it’s in your body and moving through. If you can focus on the feeling of being vulnerable while you’re feeling pain allowing yourself to be innocent knowing as well that when we’re emotionally vulnerable and we allow ourselves to truly feel this is an incredible strength. This is how we build spiritual strength and develop the attributes of the higher heart.
  • Then invite in unconditional love bringing to mind and imagining yourself in your eternal spirit body maybe moving to the point before the fears even existed when you were just in your perfected unconditional love state. In your mind surrounding this fear, this blackness, this pain in your body with unconditional love, light and power of the Godhead. See your entire body lit up in this light of GSF imagery and that you are enlightened, free and liberated from this fear and this pain. [1]


  1. [Ascension Q & A Sept. 2017]

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LISA RENEE on “Higher Self Embodiment Symptoms”

“When we integrate and embody more aspects of the multidimensional higher self we also access higher dimensions of consciousness, thus our experience and perception of the physical realm greatly changes. As we acclimate to the current planetary shifts it can feel incredibly disorientating and physically uncomfortable, and at times we may experience great energetic pressure inside the body that may feel overwhelming. The sensations of massive pressure exerted upon the physical body has been described as oscillation to vibration incompatibilities, another Ascension Symptom. This occurs during the Embodiment process as we endure electromagnetic recalibration between the particle layers of matter vibration and higher frequency oscillations throughout the collective consciousness Blueprint levels. Biochemic Cell Salts, also called cell salts are minerals in an energy form. This ancient knowledge was studied and understood by many of the Ancient Mystery Schools, such as in Alexandria, Egypt and Greece, the importance of mineral cell salts in the process of spiritual initiation into hierogamic union (Hieros Gamos), which allows higher frequencies to be embodied through the nourishing of the cells with the mineralized energy form that is required to transmutate the cell. Together all 12 of these mineral cell salts combined are called Bioplasma. In our spiritual community the necessity of soothing the brain and nervous system from exhaustion during many Ascension Symptoms have given Bioplasma the nickname of the ‘Starseed Supplement’. When tissue salts are required for these functions, there should be an adequate supply available in the body and its fluids to draw upon. The first signs of tissue salt deficiencies are visible in the face, much before physical symptoms occur (See Biochemic Cell Salt Deficiency for a list of symptoms that may be seen on performing facial analysis). So, this further takes us to understand the process of Electromagnetic radiation, as this is a propagating wave in space with electric and magnetic components. We are transforming from carbon based matter into silica based forms. This is occurring at an incredibly rapid and accelerated rate as we are exposed to these ‘New Energies’ never before felt or experienced in these realities that we are sharing now! Electromagnetic (EM) Fields are constantly emitting (or absorbing) photonic fluid, which is more commonly known as Light. There can be disturbances in the electromagnetic fields or we can be overexposed to these frequencies. This can lead to symptoms in the body. Electromagnetic Overexposure Symptoms: (1) Spaciness, dizziness/vertigo, disorientation, lost time spaces or voids, inner ear sensations like buzzing or humming, feeling out of your body, feeling like you are spinning or oscillating with your eyes closed (or open!), feeling light headed as if you are mildly drunk, cannot mentally focus, feverish or heat pulses that stop and start, blurred vision, seeing spots or flashing tiny lights, cranial aches or pain (back of neck, third eye — pineal), wanting to lie down, taking excessive naps or sleeping from exhaustion for no apparent reason. The brain hemispheres (right and left, front back) and our neurological net are being adjusted and recalibrating. We feel all kinds of odd neurological stress. (2) Solar plexus discomfort brings, consistent nausea, digestive complaints, weird bowel, food needs change, (starving, you are scarfing down food at 3 am, during the day nothing looks right or tastes right), weight gain or bloated feeling. Some muscle achey-ness generally occurs after you have passed through the first levels of ‘spaced out’ and dizzy feeling. Patterns appear mostly in the lower body such as the sacrum, legs, lower body aches. A few days of this and intermittent symptoms. Much of this is dropping density and releasing the past ancestral issues. (3) Mild falls or accidents, hitting your head or toe several times in a row or in a short period of time. Clumsy — you are not! Sometimes spirit uses this way to repattern and reorganize a ‘stubborn area’ in your auric field. Say hello to your evolution support team next time you fall over! Do pay attention however… Sometimes your guidance is whacking you over your head to lay down, rest and listen internally. (4) Ancestral and family of origin issues or conflicts from the past come to a head, are surfaced, then cleared, resolved, or terminated. People are cut away and terminated from being an active part of your life. Directing energy towards developing ourselves spiritually, gaining virtues, and staying awake while others are asleep, can be an exhausting job. This is not entropic. As we commit to our personal spiritual development and live a lifestyle in accordance to the Law of One, all energy will be returned to you, and over time, it will be made Krystal clear!”

~Lisa Renee

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LISA RENEE on “Consciousness Traps”

“Most people think that what they see is real and what they think is happening is actually happening. Tyrants, Dictators and Despots through the ages have withheld information and even erase historical facts to retain power and control over who they seek to exert their rule. So the goal of the Archontic Controller is to keep the information erased and hidden — to deprive the right of liberty and freedom of every individual to have the conscious choice to discern their personal energy and decide where they want to place their energy. Humanity is cultivated to shape values and ideas that the Controllers have cast through the lens of the predator mind. There are also spaces that are used as soul traps or consciousness traps, which are used to keep a person’s consciousness stuck like a hamster on a wheel, going in circles and not moving anywhere. From this perspective I have personally viewed many unconscious human beings totally unaware they are carrying dead energy, displaced entities, negative Alien Implants, unaware that they are soul disconnected and mind controlled to limit further consciousness expansion. In other terms, this is enslavement of the person without their consent. This is why discernment and comprehension of how consciousness works and placing your value and attention on developing personal consciousness is so important. When we allow the collective consciousness as a consensus to exert complete control over our consciousness, we allow this to overlay a superimposition over our individual Consciousness matrix. Or we identify with the feelings being generated and we jump on the bandwagon of what we are being told even if it is not true for us. Once you allow yourself to be sucked into the masses, one loses their internal rudder and is unable to decide how your personal consciousness energy is being directed. This is the most common way a person’s consciousness energy is easily stolen from them, without their participation or consent. Their individual consciousness is drained or siphoned from them as they feed into the mass consciousness matrix and its Mind Control programming. Once enmeshed with the collective matrix and feeding into the program, you become hypnotized by the external events that are primarily run by deception and illusion. To Mind Control the consciousness of the masses and control their perception is how slaves and drones are created. This is the most common Consciousness trap on earth that is taken advantage of by the Controllers. Until the individual can identify and sense the Predator Mind construct, they are engaged with that lower mind and what has been created in deception and illusion to trap the individual into feeding into the collective consciousness program. Sometimes, we will be pulled inside these traps to learn about them, the danger is if we allow ourselves to be tricked by the illusion and stay there. This is high risk as that person will be genetically controlled to be made subservient to the NAA. They risk being reborn into the lower material realm of the lower astral where they are disconnected from upper soul entirely, and are harvested for nonphysical slave labor in the lower realms. In a reality where deception is used continually as Consciousness Traps to enslave people’s consciousness, it is important to comprehend the nature of consciousness traps. Becoming aware of what forces are stifling your force of will and taking away personal consent, is your responsibility. If you are willing to be a truth seeker the deception will eventually reveal itself. It is only then it is possible to move away from the deception and begin to spiritually develop into new realms of consciousness intelligence. It is critical to know that the stealing of personal will, the absolute death of your personal will, is the death of your consciousness. If you are willing to take responsibility to exert control over your own consciousness, the control mechanism to the collective consciousness that you had been engaged with previously, will die. This breaks the mass hypnosis and spell that you had lived under. This will scare the people around you that are still connected to the consciousness matrix mind control program. When we break away from the mass consciousness programming, it can be very difficult. Yet, retaining our awareness and choosing to stay awake and conscious in all of day to day life, makes all the difference. Ask your Higher Consciousness to locate any Consciousness Traps and to bring them to your attention. Ask to release your attachments to the consciousness traps and that you intend, with consent and authority to be released and Freed. I am God! I am Sovereign! I am Free!”

~Lisa Renee

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JUSTICE BELLUCI: “Electric Vehicles, A.I. Agenda Exposed”

For best quality playback, click the settings icon and select the 720p option in ‘Quality’ settings.

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LISA RENEE on “Spiritual Bypassing”

Spiritual Bypassing is an act of denying the truth in the name of higher consciousness as per the New Age belief system, such as the refusal to help others or have Compassion for those that are suffering. As an example, this commonly happens to the victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Black Magicians, who are many times told by the New Age Groupthink that they brought these dark attacks on themselves because of their karma or negative behavior. This is generally explained away flippantly because the situation is considered to be negative, and that Forgiveness must be administered. Spiritual Bypassing is generally an Ego Defense Mechanism used by people that identify as lightworkers or on the Ascension path, who are unwilling to see negativity or look at unpleasant truths happening around them. They consider these Unpleasant Truths to be negative energy that lowers their personal vibration, so choose to ignore them and pretend they don’t exist. They label these events or classify those people that are truth seekers that share this level of information with others, as fostering negativity and fear. As a result, they tend to be apathetic people easily manipulated by dark forces, with a weakened moral character and lower ethical standards in helping their fellow human, because their version of reality is selective or even delusional. Spiritual Bypassing is an act of pure egoic selfishness in the guise of projecting oneself as an evolved and higher consciousness person. The profile of this person is that they ignore or downplay certain events they consider negative, in order to protect themselves from being mentally or emotionally triggered. Splitting is a very common Ego Defense Mechanism. It can be defined as the division or polarization of beliefs, actions, objects, or persons into good and bad by focusing selectively on their positive or negative attributes. Putting up a thought barrier and arguing against an anxiety-provoking stimuli by stating it doesn’t exist. Refusing to perceive the more unpleasant aspects of the external reality. Splitting diffuses the anxiety that arises from the inability to grasp the nuances and complexities of a given situation or state of affairs by simplifying and schematizing the situation and thereby making it easier to think about. Yet, people are not willing to explore the negative energy in the situation because it is believed to lower one’s vibration. As a result, they deny the truth or make convenient assumptions in order to rationalize the reasons that the tragic event has happened to another group of people. As an example, it can be assumed that children being used as sex slaves for Satanic Ritual Abuse, have karmic reasons for being killed. Therefore, they don’t have to do anything about it, because they need to maintain their high vibration and all is in divine order.”

~Lisa Renee, via New Age Groupthink

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