WISDOM FOR THE DAY ~ Eliza Ayres: “Choice Point”

“As a fairly recent Pleiadian walk-in, I find many people here unprepared to face the darkness, from within that can be cleared, and from without. They refuse to look at it. I have had to do so in past life times in other star systems. I recognize the dark energies as being here and getting quite nasty as they sense the end of their control on this planet is coming. All lightworkers are now under attack, so it is necessary to shield and find the calm center within. Do the work of clearing old trauma and any outstanding negative karma or it will end up in your lap in some sort of circumstance. The choice point for many has arrived, go into the Light or into the Dark. And once that choice has been made, the projectory for the next Great Year (25,900 years) has been set. It is up to EACH individual to make that decision. Discernment is key. Staying out of fear is key. Being courageous is key. Working with the Violet Flame to transmute old energies is key. The tools of true spirituality are simple and you do not need a teacher or an ascension guide to ascend. They can assist, but do not a follower become for you give away your sovereignty in doing so. God bless, everyone. God loves you whatever decision you make.”

~Line Cmdr. Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe aka “Eliza Ayres”


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Dear readers… I have company this week and will be doing all of the things I love to make their stay great… Have a ‘holy day’ of gratitude with loved ones and enjoy abundant blessings~




It’s hard to convey this stage, without reams of writing, which I mentally can’t do just now. So to sum up and hopefully assist with this stage:

“WE ARE BEING PREPARED”.  It’s a preparatory period, instigated by the 11:11:11 energies, Gateway and subsequent activations.

Everything can be viewed at our different levels of perception available, so here’s three perceptions of this ONE stage:

AT VERY HUMAN LEVEL:  We find it harder now to engage in any linear conversation. Whether hearing it, or speaking it. Very hard, to give energy to anything we can label as “human beingness” of the Third Dimensional frequencies outside of us. We feel an inner resistance to give our energy to any “third dimensional” frequency.

AT HIGHER SELF LEVEL:  Our HS is encouraging the release of all “human beingness”. Encouraging the detachment to the frequency bandwidth of what we label as “Third Dimensional”. Your HS does not operate at Third Dimensional frequency, and it is your HS that will become the new human experience/perception in the physical body. Therefore a detachment to lower energetic frequencies will occur. Yes we have already detached to great degree, but this STAGE is very different. We witness as the observer of the WHOLE planet and it’s inhabitants that are experiencing the third dimensional frequencies. So the detachment is compassionate and loving, yet it’s an observational mode only. (Just to be clear as many read these posts, all detachment on an ascending path is a detachment based in pure compassion and love. Any detachment that is experienced by fear, anger, resentment etc or ‘lack of love’ is simply a “third/lower fourth” dimensional experiential perception, that is still containing the being to the Third Dimensional frequency of experience).

AT AN ENERGY LEVEL:  The Higher Self is being magnetically drawn by the overall energies of the 26,000 cycle and the changes that will take place. It is a dance of light.

To put this into context of the “Ascension”…for human awareness, in order to leave the Third Dimensional bandwidth we perceive by, we have to detach from it. We can’t be immersed in this self created reality, if we are to leave the illusionary experience. Because when the “Shift” occurs, some will NEVER perceive via Third Dimensional frequency again. They will perceive and experience only by fifth dimensional frequency and higher.

Up to this point, we have fluctuated in frequency and therefore fluctuated in our perception and all experiences, experiencing 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and higher. Yet after the “Shift”, some will not experience ever again the frequencies of what is categorized as “Third Dimensional” perceptions. The “Shift” will take our consciousness OUT of the frequency hertz of Third, completely. Some will remain in body for this new conscious perception and experience (experiencing 5d Gaia), some may leave body as is their choice, some will continue the Third Dimensional trajectory with the Third Dimensional version of Gaia.

So for some, since 11:11:11, their physical body is experiencing upgrades at cellular level as they are now being PREPARED. Mentally they will feel aloof, needing silence from the noise and human chatter that runs with a Third Dimensional human experience. Their perceptions right now will be a mix of:

1]  Needing silence to be only energy (non human).

2]  Pulling away from linear to be only energy (non human).

3]  OBSERVER of all that is 3D, outside of themselves.

For these people, this is a preparation stage. Making the mind and all that entails, the body physical and our soul ready for the incoming wave labelled the Event. But something is also significant just to share…about three weeks ago I was shown entry to New Earth. But I was shown just TWO trajectories this time (3D earth trajectory and 5d earth trajectory). So the higher fourth trajectory timeline I was shown last year in September 2017 was not there. This week, very briefly, I was shown the Solar Flash. I have had a gap of approx four years between being given the physical simulation of the upcoming Solar Flash, and this week’s very brief sight of it. There’s no reason to give me this awareness again this week, after the 11:11:11, after a gap of four years of the Solar Flash simulation, without an underlying reason. But I do not know when the Solar Flash/Event will occur. Only that some are NOW in PREPARATORY STAGE since 11:11:11 to exit 3D consciousness at the “time” of the Event.

Also significant on 11:11:11, the convergence of “time” occurred. It was felt by a few people I was with. When I personally went to ‘see’ a past timeline to check, all I saw was white light only. So I feel again for some, that the containment that is “time” has also dissolved.

I hope this update makes sense and helps. It’s very hard to put these energies into a context.

Love to all hearts,

Amanda Lorence


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AWAKENING 5D HEALING: “Transition — 11 11 Portal Update”

The 1111 Gateway is triangulating a vast movement of energies in and out of Gaia’s atmosphere. Cosmic turbulence is reaching critical levels cosmic brothers and sisters. We will see fireworks, chaos, aggression, confusion, division and violence accelerate as karma is drawn to the surface. The spider is on the move, his senses telling him it’s game on. All who divinely channel the truth, who spread light like a virus through the dark matrix, our work has reached a point of critical mass. The dark dome will crash. The light matrix is poised, ready. Nothing is what it seems in the fourth dimension. There is a lot of confusion as negativity is released on a global scale. People are disconnecting from the 3d matrix, their souls pulling their organic bodies up out of the fray. We can see the pull upwards of lighter beings, the turmoil that is ensuing in Earth’s atmosphere is considerable. Sky wars have stopped, paused, one minute to midnight is here.

Warriors of Gaia the play for today is grounding our light to Gaia’s grid. We are working to ensure the smooth mergence of the light matrix to the dark web matrix. We are the kingpins, the bolts that will hold quantum dimensional fusion together. We are being buffeted by tidal waves of energetic transition. Deep, deep down, we navigate the murky depths of the fourth realm. We stay grounded in the material plane, simultaneously expanding our lightbody consciousness, to ascend to clearer waters. Breathe. Release. Ground. Connect. Protect. Be wary of driving, of travel, avoid if possible. The matrix is wired up to the roads, motorways, highways and superhighways of the material plane. We are exposed, vulnerable to the confused, twitchy, edgy sleepers. We are moving data, vulnerable to the system. Now is not a good time to be interacting with the matrix. The energies are fluctuating in turmoil. anchor our light to Gaia’s grid. Mantra I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid.

The astral plane is uneasy, disturbed from its dark routines by light piercing the black dome. Cracks extend out from all sides, darkness starts to pour out, tearing the cracks further. Like a vast waterfall the pressure is immense. Many are experiencing the build up of energetic pressure as headaches, sinus issues, popping, crackling sensations in ears, persistent tiredness and heavy limbs, neck and back pain. Use stretching, yoga, meditation, breathwork and sound healing to release the pressure. Look after our physical bodies they are taking the brunt of the clashing frequencies. The 11 11 Portal pressure cooker can be felt in our core, knocking us off balance. We can be clumsy, prone to injuries, distracted. Stomach upsets are common, nausea, dizziness, lightheaded, faint spells as lightbody activation kicks in. Our mindbodyspirit being is attempting to make sense of fluctuating frequencies in the atmosphere, realigning, adjusting, tuning up to our ever changing environment. Stabilising our vibration in higher wavelengths requires we create a sanctuary, space where we feel safe and secure. Here we can nourish our soul, open our mind, clear karma and create. We recover. We reenergise. We rest. Mantra I am safe, I am calm, I am grounded to Gaia’s grid.

Go inwards to the heart. When we perceive the world through love, we walk the path of surrender. We become one with universal love light energy. Heart chakra expansion is occurring on a massive scale. Outpourings of torment, grief, fear. Some can’t stop crying, others stumble about trance like, or pile up blocks and barriers, bred in fear, stalling awakening. Healers be ready at all times, people will stop you in the street, upset, bewildered, fearful, heal them. Be gentle for they are lost in a sea of darkness, desperately seeking light. Be kind, they do not understand much of what is happening. Be patient, healing will take time. Release all attachments willing to go to the light. Transient, ancestral, matrix and karmic attachments are ready to exit stage left, help them, light the path to sanctuary and illumination. Sadly they leave their mark, their addictions, their traumas and their negativity, like wounds bleeding from within. Support networks will be key to recovery. Leave tougher entities to shamans and ascended beings. We can see and hear them when we call them. Together we are cloaked in protective light to facilitate the Great Exodus of the fourth realm on Gaia. Astral parasites draining humanities life, chi, gain redemption, release. Ascended beings are here to support all who are in the light and wish to help guide, heal and show the way. Here to support us in each and every endeavour. By our side always.

There is infiltration, cuckoos in the nest, masking truth. Shadows hover at the edge of our sight, we are being watched, some hunted, shield of love up Warriors of Light. Stealth Mode on. The dark web is on red alert, go green Warriors of Light, go to ground if that resonates. Step into Gaia’s frequency and stay there. No dark energies can penetrate heart activated, cosmic love light vibrations, fact. Quantum mechanics, its all about frequencies. Stay in the higher realms by being kind, joyful, present, calm, strong, balanced and breeeaaathe, beautiful people. Release. The fourth dimension works in our favour, mirroring benefits to the dark warlords, in light. We can communicate easier with our guides and higher self. Our spider senses kick in, third eye activation. We are as awake now as they always have been. Levelled playing field if you like. Game on. Mantra I am protected at all times from all lower frequencies and vibrations.

Darkness is anchoring in the fourth, taking with it as many human souls as it can, astral and 3d. It knows what is happening now. The deception is complete. Too late. The light matrix is in place, it’s time to secure it into the vibratory wavelengths of Gaia on the material plane. The light matrix needs time to bake, embed, solidify, to integrate securely into higher dimensional fields. For now our mission is to anchor light, fusing the light to dark. Once this is done, our roles will align with Phase 4. The Lions Gate Portal took everyone by surprise, no one had quite realised the full extent of the situation in the astral plane. Too many variables changed at once, the spider has been on high alert since. But no matter, the light matrix is in place, Phase 3 is well on its way to creation. Our role is to be the glue that sticks it altogether.

Go to ground, protection in place, cloak our light, do only what we are comfortable doing. Say no calmly and firmly to protect our energetic space. Sleepers are being triggered by swathes of fear released into the atmosphere. Truth threatens their Technicolor perception of life, they are getting panicky. They know something is going on but can’t quantify it. A sense of urgency is palpable, when there is no urgency, all will happen in its own time, according to the natural flow of the multi verse. Relax into energetic transition by meditating, dancing, singing, stretching, being. We got this. Our guides have got this. Be light, be peace, be love beautiful people. Face darkness secure in love vibrations. Know we are not alone. We are here to light the way, release the confined from their constraints. To raise humanities vibration beyond the depths, to assist in ascension into light. Be light, be peace, be love beautiful people. #peace.


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ALUNA ASH: “Twinflame Alchemy Union Process 11/16”


Published on Nov 16, 2018

My ears ringing do loud & leaking into my throat since the last wave nonstop, it’s a little irritated so had to make a video this way w just text & im in a snowstorm w no power😁 I’ll post an energy update tomorrow though. I’ll be getting into emails tomorrow

-Also will be posting a P.O. box address on here, a few have asked.

Remember, connecting spiritual should not drain you.. keep your energy field protected, use discernment. If you can see energy, its mind blowing to see the things attaching

***New Earth is here, something is coming and its massive. I’ve seen this as energy, it removes the 3D grid. Shifts thought and consciousness fast. It IS coming, it IS here, im telling you. Waves of the collective will be moving to higher vibrational timeline. This is connected to how i saw myself in 2022- in a high vibration/light body. This is the rainbow wave event for many. A mist/energy wave some already experienced in March. Now its stronger

The false timing frequency grid of the 3rd dimension is dissolving through collective focused thought. 8 out of 12 stargates are cleared… all 12 activate the 13th gate to the 5D grid system at a collective level. Different locations are purging different parts of the 3D grid system through physical/external events… you may feel this heaviness of the collective unconscious. We are very close to the end of one phase in this cycle- July 2019

Darkness scrambles when these shifts happen.

This wave is here, the Event- March rainbow wave is back.

Twins are def dealing w alot of interference right now, so just stay strong!😎 We just had a huge energy shift…things are balancing out, just can take time. Be kind to yourself & others right now, we are all going through these changes together.

The 3D artificial grid is dissolving, you have the ability to tune right into the natural cosmic frequency of The Mother energy and 13th Gate to experience a beautiful Uplifted 5D life. The timelines are connected to your thoughts and emotions… only YOU can make the changes to experience your 5th dimensional reality- everything is a projection based of programmed perception of the unconscious.

Union with a Divine counterpart takes place within first..we experience an unconscious projection of our reality until we are at a fully awakened/balanced state from within. I refuse to keep people stuck by just giving the answers that people want to hear due to hating being in separation in the physical from someone they love..no one wants to feel that but it CAN be a choice on how you perceive it… program your unconscious like you are living the life you want by feeling it in the now…

In reality- this is all an illusion you’re not separate from anything. They are you, you are them. We are all aspects of eachother. They arent “wrong” or “right”- it’s perception and manifesting through projected unconscious patterns that is needed for the soul and spirits growth in this life. We are all playing the part we chose to. Yes the Twinflame journey is VERY real.. and it is both internal and external.

Loving unconditionally from unity consciousness is love without making it a transactional experience. You can love someone even if you are not with them and be complete within at the same time.

Some more info on this below:


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