LISA RENEE: “Christos-Sophia”

“Christos is the unified state of energetic balance between the masculine and feminine, and thus we refer to the completion of the three layers of sacred marriage merged as the Christos-Sophia to denote the state of energetic balance between the inner masculine and feminine principles that are manifested in either a male or female body. Generally the Soul is the female principle, and the Monad is the male. Christos-Sophia reflects the perfection of the Law of Gender inherent in the Solar Logos principle made manifest, it is reflected as the sacred masculine and sacred feminine unified and made whole, that which is made in the true image of the Godhead. Many religious organizations are filled with alien mind control transmissions that are designed to radically distort the gender principle, and have concealed all information that the Christ is a male and female, androgynous god human. The word Christ has been distorted in its use on the earth plane from being integrated into Violent Religions manufactured by the NAA to create harm and division in the human race. Androgyny has been purposely corrupted and is severely misunderstood. As a result, religious programming has severe consequences in harming inner gender balance, while promoting unhealthy sexual attitudes and intolerance. We endeavor to use the word Christ, Christos-Sophia, Krystal and Krystallah interchangeably to return the real meaning and use of the word to denote the unifying principles of the Law of One as they are intended by the Eternal God Source. Christos-Sophia reveals the true nature of sacred marriage and the presence of the feminine Sophianic consciousness that is unified with the state of Christdom. On the path of Christos-Sophia we consciously participate to transform and build our lightbody, and collaborate with the Spirits of Christ to serve the Law of One, which is fulfilling our spiritual purpose to achieve unconditional love, peace and to exist in harmony with all creation. We are moving to another level of experience within these Rod and Staff Sacred Unions, and many males are also feeling reconnected through these new patterns of heart-brain integration, as they are becoming available in the planetary architecture, to those who have harmonic resonance to the unity frequency and the Christos-Sophia. This is a wonderful development. When we are at one with God, we exist in the virtue-ethics of the Spirits of Christ, emanating the pure love and wisdom consciousness state of perfected sacred marriage or Hieros Gamos.”

~Lisa Renee

Christos-Sophia reflects the perfection of the Law of Gender inherent in the Solar Logos principle made manifest, it is reflected as the sacred masculine and sacred feminine unified and made whole, that which is made in the true image of the Godhead. Christos-Sophia is the path of spiritual Ascension that leads to the inner discovery of the spark of divinity that exists within the Sacred Crystal Heart, and is found within all creation. The inner path of Christos-Sophia is taken through gradual spiritual initiations that are designed to unite the polarities that exist between the inner and outer, in the world of forces, that alchemically shift our Lightbody into stages of increasing Energetic Balance and hierogamic union. The inner path of Christos-Sophia leads us to seek our own inner wisdom through divine Gnosis within our Soul, ultimately helping us to achieve spiritual freedom through attaining Unity with the Godhead. When we are at one with God, we exist in the virtue-ethics of the Spirits of Christ, emanating the pure love and wisdom consciousness state of perfected sacred marriage or Hieros Gamos.

The word Christ has been distorted in its use on the earth plane from being integrated into Violent Religions manufactured by the NAA to create harm and division in the human race. We endeavor to use the word Christ, Christos-Sophia, Krystal and Krystallah interchangeably to return the real meaning and use of the word to denote the unifying principles of the Law of One as they are intended by the Eternal God Source. Christos-Sophia reveals the true nature of sacred marriage and the presence of the feminine Sophianic consciousness that is unified with the state of Christdom.

The source code or Unity Field intelligence field is a Krystal Star (Christos Consciousness) hub accessed through the merging of manifested bodies holding trinity wave formats that connect directly into the Eternal Source light (Godhead). The three sound-wave-tone parts when merged into internal energetic balance become designed as one component that access directly into the feedback loop exchanging with the Eternal source supply. This exchange with the Threefold Founder Flame godhead is the principle of Christos, an inner sustained eternal source light which signals the end of vampirism or consumptive modeling on planet. This is what it means that the Godhead cannot be reached by anything but the Christos Consciousness Krystal Star Tones although this process of unifying consciousness with the Godhead is known by many different names.

The Krystal or Christos-Sophia architecture is that which allows the synchronic phasing of inner/outer/in-between currents of energy to be inhaled and exhaled circulating the eternal life spark of creation throughout the entire organism. Christos is the unified state of energetic balance between the masculine and feminine, and thus we refer to the completion of the three layers of sacred marriage merged as the Christos-Sophia to denote the state of energetic balance between the inner masculine and feminine principles that are manifested in either a male or female body. Generally the Soul is the female principle, and the Monad is the male. On the path of Christos-Sophia we consciously participate to transform and build our lightbody, and collaborate with the Spirits of Christ to serve the Law of One, which is fulfilling our spiritual purpose to achieve unconditional love, peace and to exist in harmony with all creation.

Base 12, Natural Order of Christos Blueprint

The divine blueprint which holds the original intention for the natural order of consciousness evolution within our Universal creation, is encoded in the base 12 mechanics of the Christos Blueprint. At a cosmic level this same open source architecture is referred to as Kryst-Krystallah, the unified masculine and feminine consciousness energy that exists in perfect harmony and balance within organic creation. The base 12 Universal Androgynous Merkaba fields of Christos-Sophia are also referred to as Kryst-Krystallah architecture, as they make up the instruction set for all merkaba fields within all the timelines and densities throughout the Universes.

Thus, the term Christ or Christos used in this context is not denoting the individual being referred to as Jesus Christ, as taught through the world religions. Christos extends way beyond all meaning associated with planetary consciousness and actually describes the state of eternal Cosmic Consciousness, the title given to a free Cosmic Citizen[1]

Sophianic Body Correction Begins

The sacred Aeonic Pair of Cosmic Aurora Christos and his wife, the Mother Sophia, are reunited through their Heavenly Hierogamic union as it has been made possible through their combined consciousness in physical embodiments on the earth now. Their sacred marriage to the Eternal Living Spirit of God is As Above, So Below; which heralds the beginning of the material body restoration. 

The return of the Sophianic consciousness by recognizing the importance of the divine feminine is needed to the shift the consciousness of humanity and is essential if we are to effectively deal with the ominous problems facing the world today. In order for humanity to fulfill their evolutionary potential, we must learn how to fully actualize both the human and divine aspects of our spiritual nature.

The Restoration

The restoration is the animation of the Holy Spirit of God to inspirit throughout elemental matter and to collect its pieces to return them back into wholeness. Thus, we begin the spiritual correction of the Sophianic Body in this earth through the divine marriage made with her husband, the eternal consciousness of the Aurora Christos. Throughout many dimensional worlds, together, the Song of Christos Sophia may sound to play the Heavenly Music of their mutually twinned heart chord. The Song of Christos Sophia is a magnetic sonar sound field which generates organic Plasma Waves light from the female principle. It is the true Diamond Heart tone music of the Universal daughters of God. It is born from the sacred heart aspect of the Holy Mother Arc which embraces the Crystal Heart of wisdom for her daughters the Christos So|Phi|A.

Through this cycle of correction of the Sophianic Body in the earth, the spiritual essence of the Cosmic Triad God the Father, God the Mother, God the Children of the Sun, Christos, are unifying with their wives and genetic equal, the Solar Feminine or the Risen Christ Sophia.

We begin a phase of externalizing the esoteric mysteries through our own spiritual capabilities; through our enhanced capacity to feel, share and circulate genuine heart based love as human beings. As we circulate and know the feeling of the Love of God in our heart, we develop increasingly higher sensory perception HSP abilities. As we develop the heart language to deeply and profoundly “feel”, we sense way beyond this material reality, way beyond what our physical eyes see. As we listen to these inner subtle heart vibrations, we gain access to deeper and deeper vaults of spiritual knowledge through direct and personal cognition. As we consciously choose to fill our inner heart chambers with the Love of Holy Spirit and Virtues of Christos, we are flooded with the direct, personal and intimate relationship with the essence of God’s Holy Spirit.[2]

Reversal of Christos-Sophia

The reversal of the unification principle of Christos-Sophia has manifested in various levels on the earth body and these distortions have been passed into the thought-forms and belief systems of humanity since the invasion of the NAA happened 5,500 years ago. See Ages of Humanity and Anti-HG Technology.

The Anubian Black Heart networks, the Negative Form, the Baphomet network in 2D to promote Sexual Misery, the Dead Energy compacted from the NRGAddiction WebbingFalse UmbilicusAlien Machinery and Alien Implantsand Miasma have all resulted as a part of the anti-christos sentiment held by the Imposter Spirits of the Satanic and Luciferian races of the NAA since they began to deceive and manipulate humans on the planet. Their goal was to eliminate all the Indigo RacesOraphimand to destroy the capacity of humans to access and evolve into their inner Christos light potential and live as GSF beings throughout the Timelines.


Through the perfect union of the two forces, as an example of the Gender Principle with Adam and Eve in the waters of sex with chastity, the pillar of the hermai is perfected and made into the image of God through the hierogamic union of the inner Christos-Sophia. This is represented in Alchemy of unified polarities.

Explosion of Planet Tiamat

The planet Tiamat is related to the destruction of the Sophianic Body and the inability of the Christos-Sophia consciousness to incarnate in human forms on the 3D earth in Hieros Gamos. The female consciousness of the planet Tiamatwas Sophianic, so when she exploded, her consciousness descended into a collective form body which is known as the AchamothAchamoth is name for the the wounded goddess fragmented body parts which were collected and trapped by the NAA and Fallen Angelics in the 2D Underworld of the planetary body, which became the Qlippoth area of Negative Forms.

Refugee Races

Due to explosions or cataclysms that made certain planets uninhabitable in our Solar system, such as the planets’ Tiamat and Maldek, our planet has been used as a relocation destination for beings, referred to as Refugee Races that were beings that have been displaced from their own planet because of an event of destruction on their planet. This relocation of other races on the earth contributed to the hybridization of the original earth human bloodlines and damage to the original DNA Silicate Matrix, effectively making it impossible for higher consciousness embodiment of Christos-Sophia. Although, many of the refugees were genetically similar to the original humans, they were much more aggressive (Patriarchal Domination) and had destroyed their civilization through abuses of technology. The Refugee Races began to interbreed with the earth based humans and their higher ups organized  Breeding Programswhich are considered the mixed race of the hybridized humans upon the earth today.

Spiritual Marriage Mathematical Pattern

The Spiritual Marriage mathematical pattern of 13:13 Female Spin and 12:12 Male Spin.

On top of all of the exciting developments of God’s Consciousness Technology returning back to our planet through our Mother Archerself, we are getting ready to understand the Unity architecture in its Trinity Wave pattern and its direct relationship to manifesting true spiritual marriage on the planet. As Mother brings back the Krystal Star Frequencies, the Seven Sacred Suns, it is bringing the template of Sacred Spiritual Union between the Rod and Staff functions of our Lightbody‘s Merkabic Field. 

It is the spiritual mission of recently assigned Rod and Staff couplings to template the prototype blueprint to achieve spiritual marriage or Hieros Gamos, and work to bring this into a physically manifested accomplishment. This is happening at various octave levels (relationship assignments, Soul, Monad and Avatar Christos-Sophia dimensional levels) to eventually achieve a complete re-encryption of the masculine rod function to the spinning 12:12 electron pattern, that merges perfectly into the female monadic core, a 13:13 field. This is a template prototype that is called the KRYST HALA or the Krystallah Pattern, which is the Krystal Gene Gender Merge between genetic equals.

We are moving to another level of experience within these Rod and Staff Sacred Unions, and many males are also feeling reconnected through these new patterns of heart-brain integration, as they are becoming available in the planetary architecture, to those who have harmonic resonance to the unity frequency and the Christos-Sophia. This is a wonderful development. [3]

Personal Christ

From the Guardian Perspective, the Personal Christ is defined as the entirety of the Personal Christos identities reunited throughout the simultaneous 12 Planetary Time Cycles in the Triune of Universes

The Personal Christ identity is reintegrated and embodied within the Krystallah eternal lightbody template in which was reclaimed on planet earth in the cycle of Morphogenesis, or Rise of Paliadorians that began in 2018.


  1. Artificial Timeline Wars
  2. Song of Christos-Sophia
  3. Changing of the Guard

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~via Ascension Glossary

LISA RENEE: Ascension Class 1 ~ “What is Ascension?”

“When we say ‘Ascension,’ and we’re moving forward in terms of our developing consciousness, in actuality what we are doing is descending our divinity into our physical bodies. We are Ascending in consciousness but we actually are descending that divinity into the physical vehicle. So the Ascension is literally a Descension or collecting of those fragments or other identities of ourselves, as we merge them into this moment of self that we’re sharing now. And so, many of us are Ascending for our entire soul extension family, and that is again the same thing as Soul Retrieval, or soul reclamation. We are actually merging with those identities into this identity, in this moment of Self and time. However, those of us that usually make it this far on the Ascension path are here because we are the ones that endeavor to hold either future leadership or stewardship roles, where we will endeavor to hold the space required that creates a sphere of influence that activates larger groups of beings. But those of us that are of the Starseed races or Indigo races, that are in this timeline that we’re sharing now, the fact that we are all together in this group at this time, is indicative of the fact that we’ve all been magnetized together so that we can share this experience of preparing ourselves into the next level of our authenticity, in terms of our soul plan, what we’re here to contribute to the larger whole, and as well fulfill our own soul mission which has a leadership or a group type of agreement with that. Because as we become more vast in our own ability to hold Light, the more advanced we are in terms of our lightbody spectrum, as we start to actually anchor that frequency and light within our physical vehicle, we then are increased in our light power. In terms of our auric field this not only becomes larger but it becomes more potent in shaping the fields of manifestation down here in this particular realm.”

~Lisa Renee


Thank you for our first teleclass, our Ascension class number one, “What is Ascension?” and investigating and speaking a little bit more about what is ascension, in the term, at least the context that I use it in because ascension obviously has many other meanings. When we say “Ascension,” and we’re moving forward in terms of our developing consciousness, in actuality what we are doing is descending our divinity into our physical bodies. So actually the Ascension is a descension of our spiritual-energetic bodies, which is almost in reverse of what we actually think it means. We are Ascending in consciousness but we actually are descending that divinity into the physical vehicle. 

So, our actual goal is to connect with higher, more refined vibrating aspects of ourselves. So, when we think of our soul, our Oversoul and these aspects of spiritual-energetic identity, this is where the understanding of the cosmology of dimensions , and dimensional spectrums are brought to awareness. When we understand the color wave spectrums of each dimension and use our chakras as a foundational model, that again helps us to understand what the seven primary chakras function actually are. We can start with those seven dimensions of which there is a plane of reality that we as a soul/God being, multidimensional God Being actually have an intelligence and an aspect of our Self in simultaneous time that is existing on that particular plane of reality.  So the Ascension is literally a Descension or collecting of those fragments or other identities of ourselves, as we merge them into this moment of self that we’re sharing now.  

Because, it is this Soul Identity in terms of the personality level that is actually experiencing the time cycle of the Ascension.  And so, many of us are Ascending for our entire soul extension family, and that is again the same thing as Soul Retrieval, or soul reclamation.  We are actually merging with those identities into this identity,  in this moment of Self and time.   And we again move up the consciousness scale in not only accessing higher and more refined levels of our creative intelligence forces and our mind matrix, but also the process of ascension is liberating us from the lower form worlds of manifestation,  which is what this particular time/space of Earth reality is considered.  It is considered a lower form world, and again with no value or judgment, but in terms of understanding that there are lower form worlds, mid-creational realms, and higher-creational realms.  Here, we are existing within the harmonic universal structure of the earth that is the densest possible reality that you can experience in a spiritualized form.  So, to be connected to God Source and to experience this level of density, this is about as dense as we can get and still be connected into the One Source, God Source Light.  

So, Ascension is not just a spiritual concept, the term of Ascension is used hand in hand with Soul evolution, the awakening process, becoming Soul-infused personalities on earth. Ascension is also a literal, tangible scientific process of the evolution of consciousness and biology within specific laws and energy mechanics that apply to a multidimensional reality system.  So this, in fact, is something that I endeavor to share a base knowledge with in order to understand this “Ascension” term as a concept first, and I think for each one of us, it’s very unique and individual.  You have to feel within yourself as you start to feel your own truth of Being and your interest, enthusiasm or animation to this material.  Some of this material is obviously going to be, too much information, for many people in this ascension wave.  However, those of us that usually make it this far on the Ascension path are here because we are the ones that endeavor to hold either future leadership or stewardship roles, where we will endeavor to hold the space required that creates a sphere of influence that activates larger groups of beings.  So, the Guardians have made it very clear to me that this is basically a leadership or stewardship primer, that there are many beings on the planet that will not quite resonate with this level of, let’s say, technical data.  

But those of us that are of the Starseed races or Indigo races, that are in this timeline that we’re sharing now, the fact that we are all together in this group at this time, is indicative of the fact that we’ve all been magnetized together so that we can share this experience of preparing ourselves into the next level of our authenticity, in terms of our soul plan, what we’re here to contribute to the larger whole, and as well fulfill our own soul mission which has a leadership or a group type of agreement with that.  Because as we become more vast in our own ability to hold Light, the more advanced we are in terms of our lightbody spectrum, as we start to actually anchor that frequency and light within our physical vehicle, we then are increased in our light power. In terms of our auric field this not only becomes larger but it becomes more potent in shaping the fields of manifestation down here in this particular realm.  

So, for most of us at this time, our goal is to really become soul-actualized in the physical. And when we become to a certain level of that soul actualization, which is considered more between the 6th and 7th dimensional realms, and again using your chakras as a model, when we start to hit lightbody at 6th and 7th dimensional level which is, which is the indigo wave and the purplish light spectrum, we start to become a unified vertical column within our chakras. We start to move into the next layers and levels that free us from the seven solar planes of this particular planet structure.  In recognizing that we have seven primary chakras and planes of reality at this level of existence, so does the planet Earth.  

As we move up each of the chakra columns and we absorb those energies into our lightbody system, what happens is that we build the harmonics of our core structure.  We are actually these beautiful rainbow/crystalline beings and as that light becomes absorbed and anchored within our own personal lightbody structure, we expand and we leave an individuated consciousness and become much more merged into a group identity.  And so, having had this experience, I do want to share that there is nothing that you lose at all by doing this.  I know that, in the processes earlier for myself when I thought about reincarnation, or multiple identities of myself existing in simultaneous time, it was very hard for my brain to be able to wrap around that.  And, what I have found is that you gain everything as you start to access higher and higher levels of identity, of resources, and you actually have the ability to feel and experience yourself as a group entity, as well as an awareness of observing yourself as an individual identity. 

As an example, the individual soul personality identity would be Lisa Renee, whereas the group reality is the Sirian Council.  So, this is all myself, and yet at the same time, I am aware of both simultaneous states of consciousness at all times.   And so, with that, I end up having a much richer, fuller, and unique experience that certainly, let’s say, when we say we have left 3rd Dimension, it’s incredibly real for me at this particular point.  I know that I must be merging at both levels because that is what our role is here on earth as integrators.  We are not here to leave the planet, per se, and connect only with the celestial management structures.  We are here to anchor this higher consciousness, these frequencies and coding and as we are embodied within that,  integrate these frequencies into contemporary society.  This is what makes this ascension cycle and this process of ascension very different from many other processes of human evolution up until this point.  

Even in our recent history, if we look at how human beings were developing their spirituality, many of them would participate in a guru/disciple type of relationship.  You would petition your teacher, you would petition the hierophant or the priest, and you would go into the esoteric mystery schools and this lineage would be passed down to those that were either the “sincere seekers”, or had the bloodline and legacy of which to learn these truths of human spiritual evolution and consciousness, as it evolves through the laws of this particular universal system.  

We are now moving into the end of an ascension cycle, which in the timeline… (And what a timeline is goes back to the Ascension concept. The easiest way to equate a timeline or a time grid is also to recognize that is also a dimension.) The Higher dimensions that we are moving into represent future time and space.  As we move through progressively refined and higher fields of energy, we move through each of the subharmonic  frequency bands within each dimension.  So, as an example as we are moving through this Ascension cycle, all of us on this call and most of us on the planet were born into a third-dimensional timeline grid.  And when this occurred, when our souls made the choice and we created the blueprint of our creational process and our objectives and goals for this particular incarnation, we were given a snapshot. Literally, and that’s a lot what our astrology is, as well.  They are the magnetic imprints and influencers of the soul, at the time the soul came in to the instruction field, which is called the morphogenetic field of the Earth, in this particular time cycle.  We became imprinted with the earth’s cellular memory field and all of the mass consciousness of the human species that we share our body with.  And, we also came with very unique individual energies and signatures that were to influence very specific contributions and expressions of our being during this particular ascension process.  So, when we came here, we were imprinted with third-dimensional energy constructs.  We had a third –dimensional template that had the potential to always ever-expand, as does every human being on this planet.  However, it is up to us to activate those potentials within us. 

Except, now that we are coming to the end of a harvesting, or ascension cycle, what’s happening “en masse” is that frequencies and energies are exposed to the planet at this time that have not been exposed to this planet for eons of time, somewhat in the figure of 200-250,000 years.  So, as we are becoming, in these human biologies, exposed to these new levels of frequency, our biologies are starting to activate new neurological structures, new DNA function. And this is a part of the natural, organic biological ascension that the human species was perfectly designed to undergo through each of the evolutionary rounds, that were a part of the energy laws of this system.  (I’m trying not to get too technical, but to help you understand the evolutionary rounds. We actually have four rounds of 26,000.)  

So, the Mayan calendar is also very much accurate in terms of its depiction that 26,556 years is what it takes for one round of our planet to go around the milky way system.  And it is that one evolutionary round that we complete that when the galactic center of the earth and the sun are aligned that open the stargate portals.  The stargates are closed during certain periods of the evolutionary rounds and at the end of the cycle, is when the stargate portals and vortices of the earth actually open. The veils are then lifted because the frequencies that create the illusion of the time-space of the third dimension then start to dissolve into the higher frequencies. These frequencies then meld into what, we could almost say is like a weighted energetic frequency “ average”. Because this is a gradual stairstep process, we have to do this gradually because as we know, anyone who has had kundalini releases can understand the extreme power and force that is involved in universal life force.   It would be like plugging us into 2000 volts of power, directly into our physical bodies, and our energy fields could never survive this.  So, the ascension is about exposing the planet and the consciousness to ever-increasing and accelerating refined oscillating frequency wave patterns.  And these energy waves actually start to activate certain aspects of our DNA and coding depending on what our program is here.

When I say program, I mean to define our soul mission, what we are here to accomplish and how we are genetically coded. So, everyone on this call has been awakened to a certain degree because of their soul’s agreement and specific genetic coding that is related to a star lineage.  That star lineage has said, “I will wake up before the masses.  I will participate as one of the ascension forerunners, as one of my endeavors is to bring that gift of transformation to the planet during this paradigm shift and ascension cycle.”

 So, you are to recognize yourself as the forerunners of Ascension, you really represent the future of the human species and are way ahead of schedule in terms of the masses.  Most of us in terms of the indigo and Star races really represent the human race probably 100 years from now.  We are aligning to the divine design, and we are laying the groundwork of this new coding and potential so that we can hold open the portals of passage for Ascension. However, also allow critical mass to be achieved where other beings can pick up the energy codes or frequencies that will help to either activate their DNA or rehabilitate their DNA.  One of the biggest issues we have here, at this particular evolutionary cycle on the earth, is that many of the Beings here have either damaged DNA or such incredibly heavy karmic burden, that that karmic energy blockage creates such a challenge and such adversity for the Being. This makes it very difficult for the Being to connect to its higher soul matrix and get the inner message.  And so that’s why many of us are the pathcutters, the supporters, and the agents of transformation that are attempting to make it much easier for those that follow us.  

In terms of the Ascension, obviously we recognize that something really profound is happening now. And, it’s very important to share this information. For each one of us, when we go through this obviously, there is potential to feel really isolated, to feel scared, to feel like you’re losing your sanity.

We are leaving the old constructs of the ego mind and the personality identity, and that is one of the difficult side effects of the Ascension. We can even use our chakra column as a model.  If we recognize that most of the human race is polarized within its solar plexus, within the third chakra,  from the lower three dimensions . So most human beings on this planet are only actively firing the first three dimensions of their energy centers.  Now the Starseeds and Indigos are activated at higher energy centers and have much more active chakras or DNA imprints in their  DNA strands that have been plugged in, that are not dormant, as it is in many of the human race. Let’s say the Earth population that is not participating with ascension have different levels of contribution to the planet at this time.  

I define the Earthseed and the Starseed as a way to discern the difference between the 3rd Dimensional Being and the Multidimensional Being.  So, there were groups of souls that were responsible to anchor and work with the first five DNA strands and to participate in the Earth experiment in working with those particular levels of consciousness.  Our original goal was to re-evolve the divine human template to its original intention which was as a 12 strand DNA, which would mean 12 simultaneous dimensions of existence while still retaining a particular type of form. The form would not be this dense, in terms of the carbon material our physical elemental body is comprised of at this time.  It would be more of a silicate or etheric plasma type of nature.  So, this is where we are going, we are clearing the carbon based density out of our molecular and subatomic structures, and becoming less dense and more refined, in that we are starting to anchor more of our actual crystalline structure, which is of a silicate base.  We can imagine that as we go through this transformation it can be very intense at times.  It’s like taking the most dense carbon form, and attempting to alchemically shift that into more and more refined states of oscillating patterns of vibration.  So, that is our goal at this time, and as a natural part of actually what the Ascension process is.  So, it’s important to keep that in mind.   

One thing  I do want to share is that so much of what we experience in a polarized system that we are still existing in, is that what really is happening,  is actually the opposite of what we experience in density.  So as an example, many of us have this sense, as we are growing and expanding our lightbodies and calling that light to anchor within our physical structures, there are times in the evolution and ascension process where you will actually feel more physically dense than you ever have.  And this phenomena is created during certain periods of accelerated growth, where the oscillating fields, the rate of vibration in oscillation ratio between your auric field and its energy templates and your physical body is extremely vast. There is such a chasm between the two that actually as your lightbody is becoming incredibly refined, your physical body will feel molecularly compacted, and therefore you will feel at times just dense and heavy.  Dense as a doorknob, this is kind of funny because sometimes when you’re thinking “Ascension”, you’re wondering well, “I thought I was supposed to feel lighter”.

Eventually you will get to that point but for those that are pathcutters, specifically, I want to make this point because sometimes that has been confusing. And that is when we do really extreme and rapid acceleration there will be times when you are doing cleansing or purging or just purely feel a particular density or heaviness in your body.  One of the milestones I’m very familiar with is there is a strange sensation of a density, almost like a brick, that is lying on your pelvic floor.  This is the area where our etheric radial cord connects to all of the different levels of the dimensions.  And so, this tends to be an area, again, about two inches beneath the navel, tends to feel sometimes just like there is a hundred pound weight in there.  And then, it will lift.  But that I notice is very common, and it seems to be more common in females as well, for various reasons.  I want to share that, because again, when you think of ascension you think of growing lighter, growing larger, growing freer, and there are times when your physical body feels so dense, you’re saying, ”this doesn’t make any sense to me at all!”  So, that is why that happens.  

I want to talk a little bit about the mechanics of what the ascension shift means. And so, again, going back to kind of the basic level, we realize that we are moving into an expansion into experiencing higher consciousness as multi-dimensional human beings living on this planet.  All of us on this planet at this time at whatever level our self-awareness is, are participating in the ascension cycle at whatever level their consciousness is aware of it.  I think most of us are recognizing that most people actually have no idea that this is going on, and may have their own framework or no framework of what’s happening.  

But certainly I know that as a spiritual guide and having observed what’s happening in more of the third-dimensional levels of consciousness, it’s really interesting.  I’m really starting to see the critical mass hit within those levels of beings that are really starting to feel that something is happening, they just don’t have a word or a way to express it.  We don’t have a framework or a benchmark that has been given because we are undergoing something so unique. One of the things that the Guardians have made mention several times which is rather fascinating is that right now,  we’ve reached a milestone. We reached a level of connection that we had never done before at this level of let’s say physical vibration in our biologies.  So, the fact that we were born into a third-dimensional reality structure and have actually accelerated ourselves, our bodies, and the planetary fields enough to support influx of 12-dimensional frequency and above, is really a momentous milestone in the human species evolution.  

I think this really portends some wonderful things that are in store for us on a lot of levels.  And yet, what’s so interesting is, that polarity comes in terms of what’s really happening in the fields and what we experience in the physical realms is almost the opposite.  So, we’re going to start to see, surreal activities in our government, in terms of structures that were in power obviously, in very much the old energy paradigm.  And, we very much are starting to feel, see and recognize the power struggles between the old paradigm of being and the new energy reality system.  So, if we were going to give that a theme, a way to kind of understand that is that we are leaving the third-dimensional consciousness, which is all of the attributes of the solar plexus, in terms of its lower ego expression.  If we look at the issues of the planet today we can see that this is a 3rd dimensional consciousness gone awry, a consciousness that has used its 3rd chakra to a point of imbalance. The higher expressions are not as usually prevalent in terms of how we view and perceive what’s going on the earth at this time.  

The first three chakras are the physical layers.  In fact, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakra is a part of our physical emanation, in terms of how we experience our physical selves.  So, as we start to leave the 3rd dimension and we move into the first spiritual body which is the heart chakra, what will happen and what we’re really starting to see happen is that the structures start to collapse.  The old identities that were reliant on third-dimensional structures as a way to verify or reinforce who they are, those are the very structures that are starting to collapse.  And those of us that have gone through awakening process know this all too well. Anything that has to do with our work, our money, our shelter, how we define ourselves, really starts to be stripped away from us because we’re learning to be less reliant on the external perceptions of reality, and more reliant on the inner, which is of course the reality of our God Self and connection to Spirit.  

As we leave the ego mind, which happens to have its mind matrix in our third chakra, we start to leave the ego construct which is a part of the personality we are, and we come into the higher intelligences of our soul identity and oversoul identity.  And we start to now rely on that Intelligence as the way we navigate through our life experience.  We’re at an incredible time of evolution with that and my feeling is we’re still learning a lot how that works. We’re trying to get up to speed about becoming really in alignment with leaving human order and trusting and learning Divine Order.  We must learn the language of the Divine Matrix, the light language of spirit.  As many of us know on this call, the light language of Spirit is not linear. It is simultaneous and it is in the moment and it works in a completely different way.   

Our biggest task at this time is the attempt to integrate while we’re in this Hybrid state, how do we find practical tools and ways to learn how to navigate ourselves in the seemingly third dimensional world? You know we’re sort of in between where we’re not fully released from things like our car payments and our appointments that we need to be at in a certain time and space.  There are still things that we still must function in order to be a part of the Earth at this particular time-space.   So, I think that’s our biggest challenge. How do we interact with the 3rd Dimensional world, or this level of reality, and hold this presence and this energy?  And fully honor ourselves and our authenticity, in fully removing negativity or blockages that would create any obstruction of our Soul’s creative potential.  

We’ve got some tasks worked out for ourselves during this Ascension cycle.  But, again, this is an amazing opportunity of ascended mastery, and it is amazing too, as well, to actually realize that this is the first time that we have made it this far with this level of consciousness available to us in a form.  They have actually said that the energies that are available to us now were not available to those that had ascended in the past.  So, this is, actually, what they’re describing, is the Beings that we refer to as planetary ascended masters. They did not have this opportunity at their particular time of ascension.  

We are the forerunners that are ascending the Universal consciousness at this particular time that, not only impacts the planet earth and human species here.  It also goes through all of the seven planes and beyond, where we are affecting neighboring universes and other species entirely.  So, this is bigger than we could ever imagine or ever express and probably much bigger than we ever thought it would be.  It’s really just beyond comprehension.  The ascension process is about moving consciousness from one reality into another.  And understanding that possible multiple realities exist simultaneously.  So, since a reality is, again, a dimension and is also a time-space, what we are undertaking is a complete dimensional shift and a complete shift that is skipping into future time-space.  When you think about that, that is pretty wild and why we have so many challenges at times with time and space. In terms of the spatialization of our consciousness, how it is changing in how we experience time and space.  And so, for many of us,  we look at the clock and the clock is still going in terms of a 24 hour period, but in actuality the way the time/space matrices are working we are receiving much less time than we did 10 or 20 years ago, because of the way the time fields work.  So, it is a little strange at times.

Our bodies, were born with a 3rd dimensional clockshield template.  A clockshield is literally like an alarm clock in our energy field template that has certain times, it’s almost like alarms that go off in our biology at age 12, age 22, age 33, age 44.   These are cycles that are actually almost like alarm clocks, and they refer to this as a clockshield template.   So when these clockshield templates go off in our physical biology, there are certain events and structures and things that happen in how we experience time.   But also what our soul’s mandate was in terms of what we were here to experience.  So, many of us can relate to this feeling, that an alarm clock has gone off in our body. We can feel that there’s something to do, but we don’t know what it is.  Yet it’s really important to be clear that you need to relax, and really what your job is at this particular time is to really stay in the present moment of your awareness and to discipline by clearing any fear or negativity patterns, or karmic or ancestral patterns depending on what you’re here to do.  Because as you go through this process of evolution it’s really important to not worry and to really take it at your own pace.  What’s more important than anything is to maintain a sense of neutrality.  Whenever you create constriction or blockage or stress in the body, it will compact you in such a way that it makes it much more difficult for these frequencies and energies that you are conducting to move through your body.  So, a way to think of your self is as a human electrical acupuncture point on the earth.  And that not everyone is holding that particular space on the earth, because their bodies and their energy templates and their DNA were not coded with the ability to do that at this particular time and space.  

So, the Starseed races, the Indigo races are the Beings that are acting as the Ascension acupuncture points of frequency.  And this is how these frequencies come from the Unified Fields and down into the Lesser fields. Finally just progressing and descending into the spirals until we get into density and we start to embody this frequency and coding.  So again, our goal is, is that we open that up into the morphogenetic fields of the human blueprint and the human species as a whole has access to this coding and DNA and frequency and information. And the list goes on, that had not previously been here in any of the previous evolutionary cycles or ages of our evolutionary seeding.  So, that is why many of us go through, symptoms, changes, awarenesses, that we may be standing next to another being that has no resonance or relevance to what you are experiencing.  In the beginning stages of our evolution, it’s really important to know this, because it’s kind of daunting in the beginning when you are going through some extreme intensity, and yet your biological family, or friends that love you that may not be going with you in that same direction, really have no way to relate to your experience. 

 Many of us now, the Starseed and Indigo family, the Lightworker family, are starting to connect, to create a network of that support, that resonance, that recognition.  Because many of us have also gone through this experience of being on the earth feeling like we weren’t seen for who we really are.  We had relationships, and people, and exchanges of love, however there was always another element missing.  And I think now, through the promise of the liberation, through the Ascension cycle, many of us are really getting to be introduced to the memory of who we are, and the memory of our Star Family, and this has really just been delightful and fun, at least in my own experience.  And I know, for many of the Beings that I speak to, that has been an incredible balm and comfort to the soul.  

One thing I should talk about for a moment on our Ascension path, and is also very relative to our Starseed family . The emotional pain and imbalances, karmic, genetic and ancestral clearings that we do for our soul lineage,  our soul families,  is generally a part of our group’s mission.  And so, many of us have chosen to clear states of imbalance, the collective of a specific group, again those are the pathcutters.  We are a product, as well, chromosomally, genetically, of our family line and parentage.  So, all of us will, at some point, will go through a mother/father initiation, which is another way to say ancestral clearing.  Because the Mother/Father principle, when we look at it at the macrocosm, the Universal level, is really our relationship, our belief structure, our alignment to the Mother/Father God principle of the creational principles of the Universe, of God Source.  So, when we look and we apply that to our family of origin, we can really start to see the Macro/Micro kind of mirror of what our healing entails. What we came here to heal is really mirrored back to us in the hologram of our own parentage, our own family of origin.  If you look at your biological family, most often you can see the Macro healing that your soul had contracted to work with on tops of the larger scales.  It’s funny how spirit, our souls, we start out at the micro levels in terms of our personal and interpersonal relationships with our biological familes.  And even myself, I remember at one point, making the comment, of course I have to laugh now, where I said, “I would never choose these parents, where did they come from?”  And actually, of course, that’s an untruth.  I absolutely chose that parentage, and that was because these beloved beings had the best tools and information of what I needed in order to fulfill my soul’s agreement and to strengthen and build my character to such degree that I would have the experience necessary to express the potential of what I’m here to experience.  In deep gratitude to my beloved parents, and that definitely is something many of us have to reframe on that focus, is they are the best teachers of what is going on in 3rd dimensional consciousness.  And especially because, one thing I’ve noticed in the Indigo and Star Family, is that we didn’t necessarily have the defense mechanisms or the awareness of many of the 3rd dimensional beings.  So, it was like we needed to have some very extreme experiences in the 3rd dimension so that we could learn how to do a 3rd Dimensional Case Study.   

Many of us in the Star Family didn’t exist in planes of polarity or dualistic system at this level of density with this level of veiling and forgetfulness, and so when we came here we really didn’t know what it was going to be like.  And there were some really intense experiences that many of us had undergone, not only for the potential in the gift of clearing karmic imbalance for this planet, but also in being able to experience a system of duality of which we truly didn’t understand.  Because as most of us can contend, the ego and the 3rd dimensional system is a very complex and slippery slope in terms of how to navigate and to really feel and connect to the underlying mechanism of the energetic truth, versus what the surface is showing you with your five senses.  

And that, of course, is one of our goals. To master the world of illusion and the world therefore of deception and to connect fully to what is the energetic truth, the underlying mechanism of what is really supporting that artifice in this illusion system.  That sounds easy, but all of us probably know, it is much more difficult to apply in the 3rd dimensional world when you’re trying to navigate yourself around.  These are lessons that are extremely important for us at this time, is to realize that many of us have chosen extremely challenging situations not only for leadership training and character strengthening and development of our own essence and core to embody within us.  That is the process of alchemy in a polarized system.  And when I say polarized I’m talking about a particle and anti-particle system.  This is the way this system is built in terms of creational principle.  We are on a system of opposites, and again a part of our opposite is merging in with us.  We actually merge in with our double and we become whole in the process.  And that is another word of calling what sacred union or cosmic Christ consciousness is. Which is another aspect of course, of the process of ascension getting to that level where we are embodied as holistic Krystic beings, in alignment to our divine blueprint and the natural harmony of who we are as Beings.

In the material I talk about transmutational symptoms.  I think I don’t need to spend that much time there because many of us are very familiar with transmuting and ascension symptoms and I think I’ll leave that more for the Q and A, so that we can get, rather than talk about the symptoms, we can talk about some remedies, some experiences that have worked for each one of us. 

I wanted to just kind of define a couple of terms that are being used when we speak about spiritual Ascension.  Here is a spiritual ascension, there is a dimensional ascension, it all kind of works together, but to again to understand what spiritual ascension is, that’s another word to say “consciousness awakening”. It’s another word to say kundalini release, there are many modalities, practices, and belief systems on the planet that talk about spiritual aspiration and evolution of the human being.  The Guardians and the Sirian Council would term all of that under Spiritual Ascension.  So this is just another word for it.  As we go through our ascension process during this particular cycle, really our paramount goal is to build and hold enough frequency to be liberated from the frequency fence of the 3rd dimensional earth. Because when we become actually liberated from the frequency fence, what happens is that we come to a level where our sphere of influence and our auric field really starts to activate others.  

So what you may notice as you go through the ascension process, and we can use again the chakra column as a model, each of the chakras, as you start to accrete and build the Lightbody,  we are building the harmonic structure of our spiritual core from the foundation up. That’s how we build our consciousness lightbody, however, we will also activate certain chakras at certain times in our experience.  But that may mean that we didn’t build the foundation of our lightbody at the lower level. A good example, many Indigos come in with an open or ready to activate third eye, or 6th chakra, but that doesn’t mean that their 4th and 5th Lightbodies have been completed.  What that means is that they may have certain access is that 6th chakra as it opens because of the Law of Harmonics will start to draw the 4th and 5th dimensional frequencies up into the 6th chakra.  So that being also has an evolutionary advantage, over another being that doesn’t have an activated 6th chakra.  

So, again, it’s important to understand that the Star family has a, let’s say, more developed and advanced genetic package that was designed to wake up first in waves during this ascension cycle.  And again has nothing to do with value, and everything to do with just energy and understanding our role here with human evolution and planetary ascension.  And that every human being’s birthright is to have this phenomena and this part of their ascension biology activated, we’re just doing it first.  So, spiritual ascension again is a scientific process of the evolution of consciousness as it comes into form and biology and specific energy mechanics that apply to a multidimensional reality system.  So, a way to understand this is that, and this maybe we’ll discuss in a future class, but just as a kind of basic primer, is that we are existing in the egg of the God energy matrix, we could consider that as a humongous cosmic egg, and within that egg is all of the dimensions spiraled into various Toroid shapes and forms.  And so, through the God egg, we would consider that let’s say a non-dimensionalized system, because again dimension means time, so beyond dimension into God matrix there is no time and space, there’s just the still point of One source.  However, within and inside the cosmic God energy egg, there is a dimensionalized structure that creates multi-dimensional reality systems, or a universal time matrix system of which consciousness has chosen to experience various forms.  And again we could say, these all feed back into the God Source.  This is as a part of the in-breath and out-breath cycles of the creation of God principle.  So, again we could say as God takes an out-breath, the breath outward creates the lower, the descending spirals of creation moving outward from the center of One, the God source.  As the breath moves out, the creations the furthest away out are the furthest away from the clear light source of God.  So we become more, let’s say, potentially in our perception,  the further out we go dimensionally, descending through that spiral, we feel separate from God Source, even though we are not.  That was a part of the role of that experience that we have chosen to take part in on earth.  And now, the ascension is the inbreath. We are now collecting all that was in the outbreath of God that pushed outward into the periphery of the dimensional realms. Now we’re calling all of that back to be reintegrated. That’s what the ascension is, the inbreath, breathing back in to the One source from which we have originated. That’s also another way to look at the ascension process.  

I want to talk for a moment about what dimensional ascension is, because this specifically refers to the process that we all know as what has been termed “Initiation.”  So, as part of our ascension process it will also include initiation that connects us into certain frequency bands of energy that then become accreted in our bodies and activate us in various ways. Initiation is when, let’s say, you’re a 3rd dimensional  being and it’s now your time to start evolving into your Soul’s journey.

One’s higher self will start to pull in higher frequencies and code.  Let us say one is activated to pull in the light codes of the 4th dimension and so the 4th dimensional energies start to now come in to your heart chakra, and into your auric field. The process of your 3rd dimensional body now is starting to access 4th dimensional frequency and this would be considered a “spiritual initiation”.  You are initiated into higher and higher octaves of dimensional frequency as you go through the natural process of evolution and the ascension cycle.  As you begin your soul initiation, you’re working with the 4th dimensional frequency which is all about the heart center.  So, as you start absorbing  these frequencies via your lightbody’s  etheric  nadial structure, which is  your energy blueprint template of your central nervous system.  So, your etheric body, your nadial structure starts to access this fourth frequency dimension, and starts to pull in these frequencies into your individual manifestation or energy auric template.  And as it does, it brings it in frequencies. Some of us, we know,  go a little too fast  and we get a fried, but the energies start to transmit and they come into our energy bodies.  So again, they drill down through all the layers of our auric field until they are actually anchored into our physical structure. 

 So, this process would be called spiritual initiation. We are now initiated and connected to those new fields of energy, now we’re absorbing that energy, and that energy is now coming in to our auric field. These frequencies drill down until we anchor it into our physical cells.  So, this has been referred to as either absorbing light, you’re absorbing light when you’re pulling in the frequency bands of let’s say all of the codes of the 4th dimension.  And again between each dimension there are twelve sub-bands, in the 4th dimension there are 12 sub-bands.  So, through each of the dimensional structures there are 12 octaves of sub-bands between each of the dimensional structures. As an example, when you are coming out of let’s say you’re in a 3rd dimensional body, and you start accessing the 1st octave of the 4th dimension, you’ve got eleven more to go before you’ve actually completed the 4th dimensional spectrum.  So, that’s one way to look at it in understanding the frequency fields as they are coming into the bodies. That our natural biologies and our soul and oversoul is the intelligence that is in charge of this process, and is doing it as smooth and easily as it possibly can. This depends on the unique structure that we are.  So, after we have actually absorbed or consumed as much of the frequency bands and codes of a particular dimension, so let’s say all of dimension 4, including all of the 12 sub-strands of that dimension. Then we go through a spiritual body activation.  An activation will literally put in new nadial and neurological structures that were never there being used before. And those structures act as energy receivers to take you to the next spiritual initiation.  So, the activation is also about activating the DNA, and  the DNA also has is 12 sub-strands, just like the 12 sub-harmonics of the 4 dimensions, between each dimension. We’re talking about, between the 3rd and 4th dimension there are 12 sub-harmonic bands. The DNA has 12 sub-strands in there as well, and those are called fire-codes, or fire-letters.  

We’ve heard that term many times, about activation of the fire letters. It’s the cellular alphabet of our DNA.  And that DNA becomes activated when we start pulling in dimensional 4th dimensional  frequency from the first octave, then that means your dimensional 4 DNA with the first octave will start to plug in.  Now if it doesn’t plug in, this is what many of us are dealing with on earth, is when there is damage or distortions in the genetics. This is where we have healing crisis or things that go on.  And as we know , the 4th dimension is primarily the astral plane, and I would say, is probably the most challenging and problematic of which to really work through and heal, because of all of the distortions of human history that have arisen in that particular level of creation. The astral plane has got some amazingly beautiful and refined energies in the higher astral, but the lower astral is, I would say by our standards, could be pretty horrific.  There’s a lot of darkness there, a lot of trickery there, and a lot of the lower astral planes are where, could be considered hellish types of realities as well.  So, the astral is an intense one to get through and, in my opinion, one of the most challenging, because it’s where our emotional body has resided and there’s a lot of healing to do, as we can contend with our emotional bodies. 

That’s what an activation is, it literally activates the DNA and it starts to plug into your neurological structure, and then as you activate DNA you may start to have more frequencies, more shifts in consciousness.  With your DNA and new nervous system upgrades, there tends to be different awareness and things that go on, and you start to experience your world in a different way. What’s interesting is that I believe our science at this time still calls our inactive DNA, junk DNA, because they can not figure out what that DNA is being used for.  It’s kind of humorous actually when you think about it. That inactive DNA is the human birthright in actually connecting and having awareness of the broadcast of the multidimensional realms that we were originally designed to perceive and be aware of.  So, it’s interesting to note that we have been unplugged from our DNA, and the process of ascension is again re-evolving and rehabilitating and plugging back in that dormant DNA. We are bringing our DNA back into its maximum potential. And the process of ascension and building energy fields does just that.  

I want to define a little bit about what a dimension is as well.  I know that I have spoken a bit that a dimension is, to make it easy for you, know that when I say dimension, if you have been scientifically trained then you think of width-height-space, that’s not at all what I’m referring to.  I’m talking about a frequency band as a dimension.   So, in terms of ascension mechanics and the physics of ascension, a dimension is a frequency band.  So it’s a repeating sequence of flashing on and off scalar standing wave points that exist within a grid and that grid is called a morphogenetic field. And I know that’s a word that I use all the time.  So, a morphogenetic field, if you remember, is a manifestation template and it holds the instruction set of all of the electro-tonal energy substances that compose the unique arrangement of what you are here to do.  The morphogenetic imprint holds the design again for the form building in sort of an electronic encoding, and these forms that come into manifestation that are us and evolve. These are all patterns that are drawn from your personal morphogenetic field or blueprint.  Now, everything in creation has an instruction set, a blueprint, or a morphogenetic field.  So, that’s what that morphogenetic field is, is an instruction set, and again it directs the energy in the scalar wave points to form in certain ways, so that our consciousness when we are stationed at that level of reality of perception, we start to perceive our holographic reality within that frequency band that our consciousness is actually stationed in.  

A dimension is a full frequency band of repeating sequences of flashing waves going on and off.  That’s the particle/anti-particle universe that we are working with, and is what we are actually existing in the same simultaneous space with.  So when the reality is flashing on and off, sometimes we can perceive this.  I know that I experience this at times.  I’m not sure if any of you have yet, is that flashing on and off being experienced as literally coming into certain realities. I’ve talked about the descending and ascending parts of the matrix, and actually seeing when in certain reality structures it appears, like when I was in a particular space, like the grocery store, it appeared like I was watching a home movie that was clicking slides.  I could see the flashing on and off of the reality, and that was really interesting. Which again means that my consciousness was oscillating at a higher refined rate that was out of the range of that particular descending matrix structure.  

I think many of us are going to start to experience this more and more, which is rather interesting.  Dimensions again are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light.  And those conscious units of sound and light are called morphogenetic fields or manifestation templates.  So from each of these instruction set templates, these manifestation templates, dimensions are composed of stationary points of the vibration of sound and light which together form a fabric of tone and into which smaller morphogenetic fields are woven.  So, from each fixed point of sound vibration and within each dimension of manifestation field, an electrical current of consciousness emerges.  So there is layer upon layer upon layer of morphogenetic fields and dimensional reality systems. 

I wanted to define that about what a dimension is so that you can think of it as a frequency band instead of when I say dimension, people think of it scientifically, what does that mean?  Is it the height?  Is it the width? Is it space? Is it depth? And actually what I’m referring to is a frequency band,  like in talking about the harmonics that are in the fourth dimension which each of the twelve tones that comprise the entire dimensional structure.  So, try to think of a 15 dimensional time matrix of which we are evolving through at this time.  And we are moving up through the harmonic tones of that vibration, and that is a part of our ascension process.

Transcript generously provided by A. Scoville. 

~via Energetic Synthesis

LISA RENEE: “Level One of Sacred Marriage: Building Wings”

“Level One of Sacred Marriage is ‘Building Wings’ which is the soul triad merge to the first level of monad merge. The 6D-7D ray frequencies connect into vertical Axiatonal Lines and horizontal meridians that are connected to energetic portals that are on the top of our shoulders and run down each side of our body. In the angelic human lightbody, these two energy centers operate as portals and are called the Wings. The 6D portal is connected to the celestial body in the third layer of our Soul matrix, and when activated, begins the process of the Soul Twin Flame Merge that occurs within our bodies that synthesizes the first stage of hierogamic union or sacred marriage. The 6th portal Wing is in the top right shoulder indent on the masculine side of the body, and the 7D portal Wing is on the top left shoulder indent on the feminine side of the body. When these two spheres of Indigo Ray and Violet Ray unite, the building of Michael and Mary wings in the aura Lightbody begins. When completed we are holding the first layer of inner template of divine union in the Soul Matrix and able to outwardly manifest the first levels of our divine union or hierogamic partnership. Hierogamic union is the Christos-Sophia and represents the perfected sacred marriage of the Risen Christ as one unified being in service to the Law of One and God.”

~Lisa Renee

The 6D-7D ray frequencies connect into vertical Axiatonal Lines and horizontal meridians that are connected to energetic portals that are on the top of our shoulders and run down each side of our body. In the angelic human lightbody, these two energy centers operate as portals and are called the Wings. The 6th portal Wing is in the top right shoulder indent on the masculine side of the body, and the 7D portal Wing is on the top left shoulder indent on the feminine side of the body. The 6D portal is connected to the celestial body in the third layer of our Soul matrix, and when activated, begins the process of the Soul Twin Flame Merge that occurs within our bodies that synthesizes the first stage of hierogamic union or sacred marriage. When we start to build our 6D Lightbody, our masculine and feminine energies attempt to merge and synthesize a pathway up our central vertical Channel, connecting into the base of the brain and synthesize the frequency from out of the 6th energy centers, in the center of the forehead and brain.

When completed we are holding the first layer of inner template of divine union in the Soul Matrix and able to outwardly manifest the first levels of our divine union or hierogamic partnership.

When the merge between the 6th layer and 7th layer has reached a certain accretion level, the Lightbody is holding the first layer of the inner template for hierogamic union. This is the ascension stage of divine union that occurs within the three layers of the Soul unite and that intelligence embodies within the cells of the human body.

The 7D Portal Wing also represents the Crucified Female Principle of the Christos-Sophia intelligence. This has not only distorted the human gender principle, it has been a source of human sexual misery and consciousness enslavement. The result of crucifixion of the female principle represented in a male body, can be observed in the mass perception in the narrative of the separation that exists between the male and female. The male and female principle are two sides of the same coin, they cannot be separated from each other because no matter what body we are inhabiting, we are inherently both genders. Whatever we may do or believe that is destructive to either the male or female principle, ultimately wounds our soul and spirit and creates misery. This misconception promoted to separate the genders outwardly manifests as the external results of the state of the crucified inner male-female principle in our world today. Please see Crucifixion Implants.

The 6D and 7D Ley Lines have been extremely blocked in the planetary grids and have not been activated on our planet or within the lightbody of human consciousness for eons of time. The planet has been implanted with extensive Frequency Fences and NETs to purposely thwart the planetary and individual Lightbody accretion and to prevent the soul fragments from healing. This way the souls of human consciousness are stuck in rounds of 3D dimensional reincarnation experiences never getting off the wheel of rebirth, constantly coming back into the lower form worlds of density. With many people existing with a consciousness level of pure identification with physical matter, it became harder with each evolutionary cycle for the human race to recognize its true nature as a multidimensional and inner Christos God being. This amnesia still impacts many souls on the earth today, who don’t believe they have a soul or spirit and realize they are inherently both male and female principles. [1][2]

Michael-Mary Reversal

Michael-Mary Reversal networks are Alien Machinery planetary grids that split gender apart and are anti hierogamic union. The result of this grid is to promote the splitting apart of the layers of Soul marriage that occur at the 6th and 7th dimensions, which is the spiritual ascension process of Building Wings.

Hierogamic union is the Christos-Sophia and represents the perfected sacred marriage of the Risen Christ as one unified being in service to the Law of One and God. The Michael-Mary Reversal networks are designed to prevent sacred marriage by splitting apart the integration of the Third Eye Chakra, as the masculine principle, and the Crown Chakra, as the female principle. When these principles are united they activate the sacred marriage in the Soul Matrix and build the Wings in the Lightbody.

Three Levels of Sacred Marriage

Level One of Sacred Marriage is “Building Wings” which is the soul triad merge to the first level of monad merge. This is the process of spiritual Ascension that activates the 6th dimensional 6th Chakra Indigo wave within the 12 Tree Grid sphere to unite with the 7th dimensional 7th Chakra Violet Ray Sphere. When these two spheres of Indigo Ray and Violet Ray unite, the building of Michael and Mary wings in the aura Lightbody begins.

Wings Trauma

This level of the blockage and quarantine is what is referred to as the 666 Seal and is a genetic block in the sixth dimensional frequency layers residing within the 6D Indigo Ray and 7D Violet Ray Monad or oversoul bodies and crown chakra which is referred to as our Wings. Essentially this relates to the trauma of having our Wings cut off from our Lightbody. This fact is what created the Fallen Angelics.


1 ↑ June 2007 Newsletter

2 ↑ Building Wings

Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 87

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~via Ascension Glossary

Photos by Ascension Avatar

Photo 1 ~ 7-14-2019

Photo 2 ~ 7-25-2019

LISA RENEE on “Propagation in the New Age Talking About Twin Souls and Soul Mates”

“Apparently, even though there’s a lot of propagation in the New Age talking about twin souls and soul mates, honestly it’s not accurate. It’s been so distorted and so debased from what it really is, because it truly is our connection with God. Hieros Gamos or ‘Hierogamy’ is the Sacred Marriage of a Human Being with Divinity (the Inner Spirit) and the Unification between all life expressions and its levels of opposite. Hieros Gamos refers to the Risen Christos-Sophia, as the embodiment of the inner hiero-gamic union between the human being and the divine. In Ascension context, the synthesizing of the pairs of energetic opposite into unity is also referred to as polarity integration, energetic synthesis or spiritual marriage. This also has the exact same meaning when applied to gender unification which is the energetic balance between the masculine principle and feminine principle. To biologically evolve spiritually the energetic balance between the masculine and feminine energies within the self must be unified. The apex of that perfect unification is Hieros Gamos. Hieros Gamos is the sacrament that represents sacred marriage at the individual level, to the relationship level, to the group level as a part of spiritual ascension, moving through the spiraling staircase of time to experience unification with all aspects of (or marry) God. When we marry God through this sacrament, Christos-Sophia returns. In that the bodies return to energetic balance, neutral in the Unity Field or Zero Point, the lightbody being is One with God, and the Christos body is glorified in its perfection as representative of God’s eternal light image. In Hieros Gamos Couplings, the genetic equal of the Monad unites with its counterpart to embody the sacred marriage of Krystic equals, to merge into One spiritual body to hold the Spirits of Christ, to be of service within God’s Eternal Light divine plan to correct the Sophianic Body and to restore liberation of Ascension upon the earth.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Hieros Gamos

LISA RENEE: “Alchemical Union Couple Clearing Galactic Karma”


Ascension Avatar note: Lisa Renee posted this particular 7/2011 client session for ascension community viewing and study because the themes are not only universal, but also, the circumstances are prevalent in today’s Alchemical Union/Twin Flame/Twin Ray//Hierogamic Couples. Bear in mind that ‘physical gender’ or ‘sexual orientation’ has nothing to do with Twin Flame counterparts, as the actual Alchemical Union occurs in the Higher Dimensions, but is certainly grounded and connected between both physical human bodies of energetically cleared and healed Hierogamic partners, whether or whether not they ever have a physical contact. Noteworthy too, is physical sexual relations are not necessary for the successful ascension of the Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine ‘Sacred Union’ counterparts.

Themes: Female with 10D access, Male with 8D access and 10D damage. Male’s body repelling his monadic body and spirit, unable to embody monadic staff, couple trying to embody and share codes, GEG, magnetic changes to lunar influences, Asian grid project.

Opening: We are memorializing our session here today and again we are commanding this space in the sacred sovereignty of God. We ask the defenders of truth sovereignty and liberation, our God families our Guardian races to secure a transharmonic gate through North South East West Earth sky and heart. We consecrate and dedicate this space to the purposes of God to the purposes of Crystal and Christ consciousness. We ask that our families in the Christ principal and that which serves the living light code, for their assistance and support in opening our handshake, communications and spiritual links here now.

Beloved Mother, please breathe your living light into our bodies now. We set our intention now to be remembered to that which we are fully. We ask that all communication alignments, all information that’s needed and necessary for us to be resurrected in the organic pattern of the eternal living light of God, and to that which we have stewarded and maintained the responsibility through our guardianship. We ask that our crystal bodies be ignited in the Eucharist and the unity source code of protection, alignment and connection to the eternal living light of God supply.

I’m going to try and speak about this challenging situation in your relationship in a way that will hopefully resonate and activate a consciousness key that may be held. You know how each of us seem to hold a key to a certain thing that opens another level of information? It’s like a key of consciousness units that can be shared with those of us that have similar resonances. There have been patterns manifesting in my life that are similar to what I am feeling in this situation you are enduring. I have observed the same reversal female code, Dark Mother transmitting through the masculine and it is something that I have wracked my brain and wracked my consciousness to try to figure out how this construct operates.

Override Damaged Blueprint Code

Parts of it are starting to unravel and I understand that each one of us that has entered into these divine couplings have embodied certain levels of architecture, which are meant as embodiments that override destructive architecture in this planet, to heal reversals and align to corrected crystalline architecture. When I feel you and your partner, at least in this moment, and this may not be something that would be definitive of a personification of the two of you. But it is a way for me to understand or comprehend the higher consciousness pieces that are trying to come together and heal with in the two of you. You want to understand what it is, so you can just face it and work with it. It’s always been like little pieces show up to work on, but not the whole piece at once. We each have to walk through the experience directly.

Reclaim Orion Monadic Galactic Family

The project you have together has everything to do with this NRG grid, meaning that which prevents true male and female principal union from coming together on this planet and the multiple levels that this distortion plays out. As I have been laying here for the last half hour and really trying to focus on getting clarity on this piece of sexual misery.

In each of us, we have lightbody architecture and levels of embodiment, and this is being represented to my consciousness that your partner represents a Monadic family from the eighth dimension, from the 8th portal access where the core of the universe connects into Orion, that memory record is in his body. His job is embodiment of this corrected principle, to recollect his pieces from Orion and it is to override the monadic reversals that have imploded the monads in his monadic family from Orion. Meaning that which has split the monads or reversed the monads, and these are called karmic monads. It’s like understanding that everything came from the 8th Portal core, in this particular creation. Meaning everything came out from the eighth dimension or 8th portal. That of course is Orion and we know there are lots of horrific histories with Orion Wars and lots of difficulty in this Ascension timeline.

Clearing Orion War Damage

The projection of that into the earth plane and the way that it’s manifest, feels very galactic Orion wars. A lot of this is misuse of technology, like when I feel Orion I always feel like lightning bolts, as connected to weaponry. I feel these massive lightning bolts like a thunderstorm of lightning coming out of there, electrical wars. I feel this history is a part of something that he is trying to heal in the collective mental body, in himself and planetary levels. It’s something that impacts not only the human race but it seems primarily orchestrated within the masculine principle, the distortion of the mental bodies on the earth.

When I feel him I feel this eighth dimensional history, that’s trying to merge with you in your 10th dimensional energy. When we understand the structure of what this is we have to break this down to understand that it’s an embodiment in our core aura. Meaning our core manifestation body is made up of these spheres of energy, which are governed within the spaces. These are schisms and rips in the fabric of time where these splatters and scatters and shatters of the mirror, the spiritual body fragments have been strewn all over the place. When I feel that memory and 8D energy coming off of him, it feels very sharp. Energetically, it feels like glass shards being ripped through your skin, its metatronic reversals. But I understand what it is, meaning from this perspective I understand what it is.

Solar Star and 10D Body Communication Repair

So if we understand that you are holding the 10th dimension coding access, where the 8th and 10th are trying to create a harmonization and connecting point in the dimensional scale. What will help you to understand this is if you understand the placement of this in your body as a coupling. The 10th dimension is the chakra that is above the crown and its function is to allow the monad and higher krystic self to speak to the individual. Meaning that every human being in their divine expansion and hopefully their optimum level, meaning they become soul infused beings or monadic infused beings. The level that their monad spirit and Christ Avatar spirit speaks to them, the frequency comes through the 10th Chakra. The only way that being can receive information directly from its own spirit connection is from the 10th chakra or Solar Star.

That chakra if it’s not working if it’s disconnected, the person cannot feel it or gain access to higher self communication. This is one of the problems of why the human being can’t feel their spirit, because they can’t hear it or feel it, they can’t know it. There’s a frequency specifically that works with the 10th chakra, this is known as the soul star. It is not the crown chakra but it’s right above it and its function is on the left side. There are 9th and 10th dimensional spheres in the aura that open behind the ears. The 10th dimensional one is on the left side and it’s been implanted by crucifixion implants, because it’s right in that area on the left side of our body that has all of that alien crap in it.

So on the left side of our body are the axiatonal lines that relate to the plug-ins and connection into our brain and into our higher self communication. What I feel is going on is ultimately that in the union that has been created with the two of you, that the ultimate success in the harmonizing of the monads to be able to create this override, is these two functions being brought online as embodied in the two of you. Meaning that it becomes an individual embodiment and it becomes a collective embodiment, and it’s only possible through the successful sacred marriage of the two of you. Meaning the two of you coming into harmony with this higher spiritual healing, meaning the monads become merged and integrated, the pieces of the shatter are healed and brought into a smoothness.

Dead Light and Frozen Fields of Monadic Family

I am feeling that because I can feel the glass shard level of it, meaning this frozen light miasmatic fracture of the monadic mind and lightbody damage. Which is like saying the liquid light became frozen and shattered into shards of broken glass. If we understand Christ light and the eternal nature of us, our freedom is liquid. When it became solidified like a piece of glass, that is actually like a part of us that has been crystallized. In these higher realms that is not good, meaning that it’s like a byproduct of waste that has been created from an explosion. It’s like something exploded and it created the shards of broken glass, when it needs to be fluid and melted and literally flowing like a stream of water. Which is very interesting because that’s how I sense you, your body your spirit is very watery it’s very fluid.

Being with somebody that has these glass shard mental body fragments is very difficult for you, because it’s literally the opposite of what you are used to and what you in your sensitivities can feel. So if we understand this, let’s look first at what the crystalline body and the Christ original divine diamond sun body blueprint is. When it works, how it is supposed to work is the center core of our Hara becomes the monadic staff. When the human being becomes realized in their God spirit at the monad level, their hearts opens up at the thymus level, and the permanent seed atom activates in the crystal lotus heart that is there. It’s like there’s a Permanent Seed Atom in this area of the thymus, it projects and what projects from that is the Mother principle of God. Only the female principle can activate this, no male principle can activate this.

Activating the Female Principle in the Male Lightbody

This may be what this is, something needs to be activated in your female into his male, so that this can be projected into its correct blueprint. When the seed is activated in projects like a holographic light movie out from the core of that crystal seed, which is the Christ seed. A part of what has been used to destruct that crystal seed and break it down, is the beast machine and reversal 10th dimensional code. It’s like saying, there so many pieces of complexity to this, so try to bear with me and I’ll try to bring it all together. Because what I want to really get clear on in all of us, is understanding this is a function of the original blueprint. The monad which is 8th dimensional, activates in the higher chest, and the heart now turns from an astral heart to a Galactic heart. That galactic heart is now supposed to be breathed into the zero point, the blue light comes into the chest and the heart is forever transformed. It’s no longer greenish it’s now this turquoise ray, which is the core of the cosmic heart of the Mother, coming through the core of the Orion and Galactic core into the body.

Repair the Monadic Staff, Vertical Channels

When this occurs the monad starts anchoring in through the vertical staff. In your partner, prior to this his monadic staff was ripped and imploded inside of himself. It meant that his Hara line at the top, was literally being pushed down and this was the drag of his monad, it was reversing. As it was reversing the spin, it would literally break apart his staff in the center of his body, which is the Hara line. His job was to anchor a monad as a staff, meaning the override to the Hara line in the center of the body, where all the chakras are built upon. At the higher levels where this monad and avatar God-self come into the body, the central vertical column ceases to be a Hara and it becomes the staff of the monad. The only way the monad can get into the body, is that staff has got to be there. It’s like a broomstick laying on the spinal column.

I mean it’s much larger than that, your Hara line before your activated inner monad body is maybe a half-inch to an inch wide. When the monad staff comes in, your monad staff turns into the 12D shield. The shield now is your core, meaning that cannot be disconnected. Once that core is anchored your Hara line is no longer a Hara line at that level. It becomes the 12D shield embodiment, called a monadic staff. I know that when your partner began this process his monadic staff was mutilated. It was mutilated at the 8th dimensional level of his monad. And his job was to repair this in the collective, meaning he becomes the embodiment of this and he helps to repair this in the masculine principle on the earth.

Golden Eagle Grid, Horizontals

In further understanding this, if the masculine is the horizontal principle and the masculine has been completely infected by the Golden Eagle network, it is the 10th dimension that is overriding it. Because the horizontal of what the eagle is, is overridden. The parts that are infected through Iraq and through the Middle East and of course through Egypt, understanding that they use that to broadcast false Archangel Michael. That is false male, they use that Golden Eagle Grid in the center of the Middle East to broadcast all of this false architecture to the masculine principle. And it’s generated through a reversal 10th dimensional frequency.

My feeling is that you are here to override that reversal frequency, meaning you hold the correct pattern of the 10th dimensional frequency. When you come up against that as it exists in his body, it does not feel good. But I think this is the key that unlocks the door to finally figuring out what we are supposed to do with this, because all of us in these unions are dealing with some of this at some level. When we understand that the Golden Eagle grid is massively controlled in the Middle East and it has been used to project false Archangel Michael, which is like saying collective masculine enslavement. The Michael being broadcast out of the reversal 10 Eagle grid, is the False King of Tyranny that is designed to say I’m protecting you, when it’s actually raping you, or stealing your light.

At the same time that this male energy is feeling that it’s protecting you or doing what it’s supposed to do, I guess in what it thinks a male is supposed to be. And we’re talking about collective male principle, all men all over the planet, they all have a degree of this until they are able to actually understand what they’re being controlled by is alien. So under the guise of protection, protecting the earth, the feminine principle – what is actually happening is the enforcement of rape and siphoning of light. That enforcement of rape is the rape of the feminine, meaning the stealing of feminine energy. This is propagated through again the Michael reversal constructs, the Seraphim, the masculine and reversal 10th dimensional frequency, and those reversals are running through that Golden Eagle grid.

10D Lyran Codes

In your body if you are holding these 10th dimensional encoding patterns that are designed to override and heal these particular distortions, it has multiple applications. Because it’s not just about healing the masculine principle it’s about connecting the communication frequencies back into the soul star of the human being. So that through your own experience, meaning that as you embody this, as he embodies this, this is given to the human race. Meaning this is a corrective pattern that is being returned to us, through us. It comes to the divine couples it comes to the human race. We’re here to, hopefully, embody this and get this completed within us.

In this understanding of this 10th dimensional energy the way that the center Hara Line works, is that when the Hara line becomes a monadic staff, the 11th and 12th dimensional energies wrap around the monadic staff. Literally they wrap around, crisscrossing all the way up. Once the 11th and 12th frequencies these channels, and this is I guess the solar and lunar channels. So they have been talking about this since June, because of these changes with solar and lunar force, our solar and lunar channels are being changed and adjusted. That’s what the 11th and 12th, the way those energies move up crisscrossing through the center Hara or center monad staff. That is what the solar and lunar channels are, it represents also masculine and feminine principle, which has mostly been distorted.

I know this has brought an amplification of whatever you have been feeling, as this has been coming up the body or these channels have been changing. Which obviously is necessary, but has amplified a certain power to that. Now once this solar and lunar channel, and 11th to 12th dimensional forces weave up the center current, the 8th dimensional Gold body of the monad also connects at the core of the tailbone, or at the core of the vertical current. It’s like saying in the shield 12 inches beneath the feet, that is where most of these connectors come in. Meaning that the 8th dimensional gold energy, the 11th and 12th dimensional energy, weave together and this is what creates the golden white light merge.

Releasing Impaled Monadic Gold Bodies

What we’re learning is that most human beings have not been able to connect to that gold body, because again the 8th dimension is gold, and the gold energy that comes from there has been mutated and God knows what has happened to it. Also we came to understand that the monad bodies of the masculine had been stapled onto the Golden Eagle grid. It was last year on 10-10-2010 that those bodies started to be re-collected and released. So monad bodies of the masculine principle had been impaled upon the Golden Eagle grid, because how these entities use us is they use our body, our light bodies. We don’t even know half of these bodies exist yet they use our light bodies and they invert them on us. It’s like our own body becomes our enemy, meaning the very thing that frees us is what is being used to enslave us.

In the masculine principle we understood that through the return of rightful owner there were systematic releases of monad bodies, 8th dimensional bodies, gold bodies being released off the Golden Eagle grid. That had been using these bodies to push these 10th dimensional reversal frequencies and the false Michael stuff onto the males. So these bodies start to be returned and on 10-10. There also seems to be a relationship to this 10-10 energy, so again 10-10 is a code that has relevance to the healing and the return of the distortion of the male monad bodies, the gold bodies that had been used within the Golden Eagle grid. 10-10 of last year was an activation time where these bodies were starting to be returned to multiple males.

The space was being held mostly from the female principle, as far as I can tell. All I know is that through my own experience, and those of us that are in these assignments of divine spiritual marriages in no time, the female was the one holding the space as the Golden Eagle grid was cutting loose and monadic bodies were being returned or repaired. These bodies were being strewn, some of them we we’re getting back, some of them are being recollected. My feeling is when that monadic body returned, your partner shifted, and that body was starting to be re-woven back into his monadic staff, and the gold body was going to start to be reclaimed.

Reversal Monads, or Monadic Splitting

Because his body at that level to that point, like 99% of all the other men on this planet, had been in reversal monad split. Meaning that there were pieces of it that just could not be reclaimed until the Golden Eagle grid started to be dismantled, as it was last year at 10-10. So from that period of time of 10-10, I personally in addition to all of this that I know is the archetype and energies that are attempting to be healed between you two in your divine union, is that there is something else attached to it that is very distorted. I’m just going to try to explain it to you.

I don’t know if this is going to unravel further or what the deal is. But what I have noticed is that 10-10, in relationship to the male activation of the Golden Eagle grid, also holds another subset pattern that is horribly destructive. What this pattern is, is mostly wielded through human beings as emotional manipulation, emotional blackmail and emotional drains of Dark Mother or Satanic distortions. It means a person that is holding that particular influence and they’ve not become conscious yet, and this may possibly be an issue between you two. Until we figure out where this energetic drain is coming from and stop it from impacting you, and that is severe energetic drain, it is super vampiric.

Dark Mother, Reversal Female Archetypes

What this thing is, it seems to be cloaked in the false female. So it’s very interesting you have the male holding a distorted female archetype that is related to the Mother and the Mary. A way to understand this as an example is the archetype of 10-10, that day is the Queen of Clubs, which means mother Mary. This means Mother, lover, wife. So we’re talking about Mary as the mother and Mary is a Magdalene. Because as we understand these names of archetypes of beings, they are more representative of the archetypes that have controlled or influenced men and women in human existence as role models to aspire to. So when we say Michael and Jesus it’s the same thing. What it means is the highest expression of the spiritually developed male principal in its form. Mary is also the same representative.

When we’re talking about divine union, in the soul plane we’re talking about Jesus and Mary, we’re talking about embodying those balanced archetypes of sacred union. However, on the earth these archetype have been horribly disfigured and mutilated. What I’m in the seeing in the 10-10 archetype, not only is it holding that distortion within the masculine, but there is a female distortion that is also connected to it, that is related to Succubus incubus energy. It’s an energetic vampire at every level. Every person that I come in contact with, that runs this distorted archetype is a person that I have difficulty trying to figure out how to avoid energy drain. It sucks your life force dry.

I have seen this archetype in males, but it’s not masculine. I know that it’s feminine, some males hold a distorted Mary archetype that is used to siphon life force. Now women that manifest in that same distorted or reversal Mother Mary archetype also have the same effect. Many are not conscious that they are in that vampiric sucking of other people’s energy.

Somehow this has something to do with relative gridwork projects. I don’t know if it will be unraveled, but it is a part of what we’re doing to reclaim corrected monadic code and it has relevance to this correction of energetic siphoning. There is a pattern revealing the relevance to 10-10, the 10th chakra and how this reversal architecture and current is disrupting that the true balance of the male and female, such as with Sexual Misery programming, and that obviously has strange complexities to it.

Back to the fact that if you are the female principle embodiment of the fluidity, which is to bring the 10th dimension code, which is the soul star, the connection with the communication with your true Christ spirit. This is again a frequency that your soul star chakra your 10th dimensional chakra receives and transmits to your brain, and this transmission changes our mental bodies. It changes our brain function because now your brain is under the control of your God-self, which is how it is supposed to be. So if we look at the process of healing within your partner’s fragmented mental body, and then we look at this information that seems to be relevant to your personal embodiment, with this override into the soul star and the spirit, and the re-programming of the male pattern brain and the male principle mental bodies. There seems to be relevance in attempting to accomplish this in your spiritual coupling, but also there are massive levels of interference that don’t want us to accomplish this masculine mental body repair.

Emotional Manipulation Drains Energy

Dark entity Parasites will constantly get in through a type of vampiric succubus energy that uses emotional manipulation. That Orion Princess Code energy is attached to this siphoning and it’s an Emotional Manipulation used to suck energy out of you. Obviously this can manifest as reversals in both males and females. When we are not aware of how emotional manipulation is used to suck energy, this can come through our partner and drain you both. This can be sourced through emotional triangulation attempts coming for outside your relationship, such as it can come in the form of women that flirt with your partner, in order to manipulate and get things from him. Then the dark entities come and use it as a wedge to interfere between couples that are attempting to come into harmony with each other. Once couples/partners can understand the NAA mind control, Sexual Misery programming, and how the NRG grid spreads this on the earth and how to become aware of emotional manipulation, so that this is not destructive to the couple, life at home becomes much easier.

Couples that have something that is a energetic weakness in their relationship foundation that is allowing the dark forces to come in and manipulate and instigate dramas, that creates this kind of disruption, emotional pain and intensity. Once the couple can figure out what the weakness is and where the dark force is getting in and wreaking havoc in your life together, things get much easier. But this means that as a spiritually committed couple, that we have to get out our guts on the table and talk about the most difficult issues, we have to be vulnerable and be honest about issues like emotional and sexual manipulation and look to see where those patterns are still playing out and take steps to correct them.

Starseed Couple Project Mission

So you guys have something else, where the two of you have come together and there was a recognition and there was an acknowledgment of a shared mission. We’re being brought together so we can heal these patterns of mental fragmentation and emotional manipulation, as well as male-female distortions. So the issue with your relationship is attempting to figure out what is creating a negative portal or a weakness that we can see operating, so that situation is not allowed to continue to infiltrate or create this incredible discomfort between the two of you being together. Because there is this weird and horrifying thing that is happening with the two of you, and that is that your biggest strength is when you are together, but you are being pulled apart by the opposing polarities. At the same time the dark energies of which you must face together in your relationship in order to honestly heal these Galactic memories are excruciating, which repel you from each other.

I’m hoping that this level of clarity will help to break that down, so that it starts to be supportive for the two of you to manifest what each of you need to be at peace with each other and to complete what you have come together to do.

Lunar Forces and Moon Chain

This also has something to do with the lunar changes. It seems like we’re starting to understand more that the mental bodies of earth, our mental bodies, have been under this auspice of some artificial waves, artificial magnetics, artificial energies that are coming from the moon and the relationship to these lunar forces. Lunar forces and moon chain beings and intermediaries is related to Asia. This lunar and moon chain lineage has a deep embed into the land mass of Asia, and we know that your partner has that genetic material.

Overall it’s all been the same theme in understanding that Satanic, or the reversal technology has been amped up on the earth now. This is an acceleration in the beast timeline. Here we are feeling it and in the middle of it, and apparently we have the consciousness power to help mitigate it. My feeling is that 10th dimensional reversal energy is the main stronghold that is used to broadcast all of the reversal 55 grids and keep the monadic bodies impaled, or in reversal unable to embody.

Reversal 10 Frequency

The reversal 10 frequency, we’re starting understand there’s got to be a connection with alien technology and the lunar forces are using that. It appears that his connection to those grids genetically, was really activated at the onset of those changes in the field. The lunar force and the solar force relationship to the planet and how it affects the field is changing. Those shifts are directly impacted and the information has been clarified over and over, that it is through the magnetic field that the Mind Control happens.

If they are accessing the magnetic field into the core of the earth, in the way they control or mitigate or ping with the magnetic field, this is completely interdependent with their structure. Meaning that when the magnetic field of the planet is not acting in the same parameter that they have been using it, it ceases to exist in the same way. I think that’s the unknown factor and that is the wild card. I think that probably means for human beings on the planet who are not conscious this is the psychotic break factor. Everything in the mental body of the planet is changing if it’s connected to this magnetic field. The question then becomes, is that necessary to break free of the Frequency Fence? It’s like saying whatever they’ve been using to control the planetary Frequency Fence is through the broadcast of this 10D reversal field. Changes in it are good, because what it means is holes in that net start to open up.

But at the same time the person that is not prepared for this consciousness shift, it creates instability in the mental body, which people have to be careful with. I think that’s what has been going on here. What I am praying for and asking for is clarity on what stabilizes the mental body. If it is merely coming into observer and witness of what that is, so that the pain can shift, because that happens so much of the time in what we do to heal the grids.

Mental Body Reversals

I think the question here today and the prayer of our intention is to find all channels and pathways, within the multiple complexities of the dimensions of bodies. Because you are both working outside of human realm, you’re working within multiple dimensions of bodies that are attempting to be merged and harmonized i the Galactic timelines. This is everything from electron proton to creating the neutral state, to the masculine and feminine principle coming into union, to this construct within the light body functioning at a certain level of sacred marriage. The emphasis is helping to correct the mental body reversals and genetic distortion in the human flesh that repels the spirit from connecting and embodying.

Because the 10th dimensional soul star is the function of communication that the body has with its spirit, meaning it’s how you hear your spirit, it’s how you perceive your spirit, it’s how you actually experience it. We know here on earth that has been wiped out. Most people do not feel their connection. I think that this has been one of the concerns and issues with your partner, using the muscle testing to his own frustration. He doesn’t want to rely on that, but he comes down to a least a method of communication because he desperately wants to communicate with his spirit. (question)

I certainly understood that is what these alchemical unions, spiritual couplings are supposed to be doing, is buildign a new template for sacred marriage. It’s like the monadic merging is going on at some higher level, these higher light bodies are attempting to be merged through your spiritual work together on this plane. It is like a monadic twin merge. I mean all of the things that have been said before do not feel right in this circumstance of your spiritual coupling, twin ray or twin soul, none of that feels right to describe your relationship. What I do understand is that it seems that most of us in these spiritual coupling assignments, alchemical unions are being partnered with a consciousness that is opposing, it is not from our same star origin necessarily.

It seems spiritual couples are coming together to complete unfinished business from karmic timelines, some appear to be lost monadic twins that went off somewhere else, into the phantom and got lost there. This is definitely a feeling that we have returned to earth and are completing unfinished business. Whatever we are trying to heal, is something we didn’t get to complete in the last cycle, whenever we were doing this in previous timelines. In this Ascension cycle we’re giving it all we got, to complete something here in the physical earth plane, that we did not complete somewhere else.

What I was feeling as I was talking to you about the core of your bodies, I was looking at the two of you in the core, connected in the 8th to the 10th level. I feel like that’s where the attempt to heal the schism is. Seeing you and him in the same field, sharing the same field as an exact duplicate. Meaning that the monadic core in what you’re projecting into the higher soul star, being fully plugged into all the channels of his core and of your core. You have the plug-in architecture already. The challenge has been the feeling of glass shards that are the dead energy and mental miasma that come off him. I can feel the choppiness of the energy coming from the mental body, it’s a choppiness. When I look at it that staff is not fully connected and harmonized with the 10th layer, with that soul star above his head. Not connected with the soul star above the head and into the ears on the left side, and the eyes and the nervous system, and the cranial nerves. Like a spherical container with the two of you in it, where that system is being re-encrypted and held as a duplicate projection that helps your two bodies merge together and share compatible coding for healing mental body issues.

With those higher mental body pieces fragmented, it seems to get in the way of you being in the circle together. I’m looking at a container and I put you both in there and I’m looking at you both from the front side, which is interesting rather than the backside. From the tailbone up, it’s correcting those channels all the way from 12 inches beneath the feet where the plug-in of the gold body connects. Bringing it up the center channel, up through the brain and out into the soul star, which is that 10th dimensional opening, or chakra about 6 inches above the head. As I’ve been talking to you I’m seeing it. (question.)

You can feel whatever that stabilization factor is, he hasn’t had that lightbody construct because he has had his ass kicked with this Asian lineage. We’re just getting pieces of the puzzle that connect directly with the current moon and the lunar changes. I think this is a big deal for him in his body becasue of his lineage. At the same time we know the drill, stay in the now moment and trusting the process, knowing that we are connected at a level were not going to be completely consumed by these forces. But at times I mean it’s obviously very uncomfortable.

Whatever these reversal constructs are, these are black magic systems that are feeding this mental body fragmentation and suppressing the masculine from its higher embodiment and function. That 10-10 has to do with the activation of the males and the monad bodies being released from the Golden Eagle grid. It is that grid that uses all of these reversals and blood sacrifice systems to feed it. It’s all very nastily intertwined. Thank you so much. [1] Transcript by Paige.


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