LISA RENEE on “Omni-Love”

Omni-Love is a state of co-resonance with the Godhead that allows the free flowing exchange of energy to happen between the consciousness fields that co-exist within the Universal Time Matrix. Omni-Love is the Christos Consciousness made manifest within the human form, the fullest expression of the highest spiritual love that can be exchanged within the matter realms. Omni-Love is the most potent healing frequency of God’s expression of 360 degree spherical emanation of Love, that is achieved in the highest quality of embodiment in the human 12 strand DNA template that expresses the consciousness state of Christos. Omni-Love can also be considered the expression of spiritual love that honors the divinity in all things, thus is fully unconditional, offering Love freely in a consciousness state of selflessness, harmlessness, loving kindness and loving acceptance of others.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Ascension Glossary