JUSTICE BELLUCCI: “ZOOM ASCENSION GROUP ~ Saturday at 12 pm / Sunday at 3 pm EST”

“My LIVE ZOOM GROUP is an interactive Video Ascension support group for evolving consciousness and individuals who are dedicated to their spiritual journey. I offer assistance in navigating through the Collective Great Awakening, breaking down Ascension and the many aspects of it: Creation,our origins, dimensions, higher knowledge and wisdom. I also talk about how to prepare and align with the higher Ascension timeline (crossing the rainbow bridge) and how to work with the New Energies and the massive Shift into a completely New Paradigm. I also shine light on the darkness and the negative ET manipulation to for preparing others to be spiritual warriors moving forward. This is a safe place to learn, heal, grow and shine while building a high frequency New Earth Community.”

Much Love~ Justice

🌟FREE TO JOIN🌟DM TO REGISTER🌟Or email at aurablue144@gmail.com

• Ascension Guide • Blue Ray • Christed Avatar from the Future • Light Warrior

~via Justice Bellucci

JUSTICE BELLUCCI: “The End of the Clown Show Is Nigh 🤡🎪 Let’s Talk About Ascension!”

Ascension Avatar note: I love it when REAL people, Soul-connected beings with a passion for defending TRUTH, are so impassioned with that truth that they may even swear while defending it, for the sake of ‘waking people up’. He still has his own healing to do as don’t we all, but he has a gift for knowing and calling out what is “REAL”, and what is “Matrix Programming BS”, the agenda to distract then gridlock us into a 3D dystopian nightmare. In this world there are too many wolves in sheep’s clothing who “speak like angels” while propagating the devil. I feel like Justice does every day of my life…


~via Justice Bellucci


“TIME IS NOT LINEAR, IT IS QUANTUM — This is actually how we are designed to live. Before the Great Manipulation, humans were 12 strand DNA, functioning at their full potential and with all their spiritual powers and abilities. We had the ability to ‘QUANTUM LEAP’ both consciously & physically into past and future timelines / realities, giving us the opportunity to alter the current NOW reality for the better! **Funny, as a kid I used to watch this show and loved it. It’s because deep down inside of my being, I knew it to be TRUE. We are all time travelers just most forgot! I am here to help my brothers and sisters REMEMBER. The Indigos, starseeds, lightworks volunteered to incarnate upon planet Earth in order to raise the frequency and shift the balance to a positive Ascension timeline which we are now in. Thank you to all of my cosmic beings of Light that answered the call and volunteered to be here at this time to be the way showers, you will go down as the strongest of Souls in the Universe.”



For best quality playback, click the settings icon and select the 720p option in ‘Quality’ settings.


For best quality playback, click the settings icon and select the 720p option in ‘Quality’ settings.

~via Justice Bellucci

JUSTICE BELLUCCI: “Ascending Consciously, DNA, Dimensions and the Earth Game”

“A Simplex breakdown of Ascension, how we evolve through activating our DNA and the game of Earth. We are ASCENDING! Much Love!

~Justice Bellucci

For best quality playback, click the settings icon and select the 720p option in ‘Quality’ settings.

~via Justice Bellucci

IRELAND CLARK: “April 2023 Energy Update, HOLY SHIFT”🌋

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Comments from the thread:

“The sensation of not remembering who I used to be has been huge for me lately. I keep getting that feeling and it’s actually very cool! It’s like I’m looking at my life from a clean lens and I’m able to spot the things I need to change. Thank you Ireland” ❤️

“This year has been exhausting so far, even though I knew that it would be something huge. I’m being tested like hell, but I know that I’m being prepared for everything I’ve ever wanted, which gives me strength to endure it. So kudos to all of us keeping up a good fight and planting the seeds of the new Earth! I’m proud of all of us!” ✨

“Amazing content, Ireland! Completely resonated— I happened to life, the shifting in energy and knowing exactly what to do. Remembering to make every action with my full intent. Lava!” ❤️


“This message was PERFECT! Thank you for sharing this.”🌈🦄❤️🌋

“Huge shift for me last night. Woke up extremely exhausted!!! However, currently feeling Great and ready for more abundance!!”😍

“Loved today’s live Ireland, let’s all celebrate!! God Won, HUMANITY WON!” ✨🙌🎉

~via Ireland Clark