FRACTAL ENLIGHTENMENT: “The Art of Value Without Attachment”

Spirituality seems to have a stigma attached to it that has undoubtedly turned many people in today’s modern world off from exploring it in more depth.

Even for those who have embraced some sort of spiritual practice in their life, they may find themselves unable to reconcile their modern day life, filled with the latest phones, and laptops, and clothes and the need for money with this certain “image” one thinks of when they think of someone who is ‘spiritual.’

The stigma I am speaking of is the concept of being completely un-attached — not relying on material objects, personal belongings, and relationships as the source of our identity.

When we think of some of the spiritual teachers that shape what we think of as spirituality today, such as Jesus or Buddha, we see seekers who have given up all personal belongings, left their homes and their families, and survived on meek rations all in hopes of seeking and or spreading the ‘truth’.

So of course, in our modern world where it is pretty much imperative that one needs some sort of money flow coming to them in order to survive, one may turn away from delving too deep into any spiritual practice for fear of having to do the same, meaning, give up all of their belongings and be ok without, their, gasp, phone.

It’s almost as if one thinks to themselves, “yes that spirituality stuff seems interesting and there is definitely something to it, but I’m not going to, like, sell all of my stuff and move to a cave in India somewhere and meditate for the rest of my life or anything.”

The good news I am here to share with you however is… drumroll please… no one is asking you to!

It’s about time we re-visit the age old teaching of not being “attached” to anything and explore how we can extract the purpose of this teaching while also marrying it with the fact that in today’s world, stuff is kind of required, money is kind of needed, not to mention we enjoy our clothes and our families and going to the theater and shopping and posting on instagram… so why do we have to stop?

What value does the material world hold for the spiritual seeker?




NEZEL PADAYHAG: “3 Ways To Empower Your Solar Plexus Chakra And Find Your Personal Power”

Your solar plexus chakra is the seat of your personal power that fuels your will and inner strength. It’s your inner sun that kickstarts metabolism and controls your energy.

Home to your gut feelings, it’s where you can connect with your spirit and access your ageless wisdom.

Having a balanced solar plexus chakra is of utmost importance because it’s the balancing point of all the 7 chakras.

An inactive solar plexus chakra makes you feel lethargic and less motivated to pursue your goals.

On the other hand, if it’s overactive, it makes you jump from one activity to the other, making you more dominant over other people.

There are a number of ways to bring balance to your solar plexus chakra. Here are the 3 that turned to be most effective for us.

3 Ways To Empower Your Solar Plexus Chakra:

1. The solar plexus Chakradance.

In ancient times, warriors developed a dance that brought balance to their inner energies and enhanced their strength and courage.

Dancing the Chakradance is dancing like an ancient warrior who goes with the flow of the music until he feels the fire inside him ignites and fuels his body with energy and strength.

The Chakradance is the warrior archetype’s inner journey. The warrior archetype depicts a person who is aware of his own strength and stands up for his own truth.

Healthy solar plexus chakra feels exactly how a warrior archetype feels, in the midst of fear and discomfort he still finds the courage to face every obstacle that befalls him.

To do this dance you need to play a song that gives you a sense of courage and power. We all have such songs, ones that we feel fearless while we listen to them.

Play this song and let the music spark up the flame inside you. The Chakradance encourages a vigorous movement of your legs and arms.

When it starts, you only notice the flame. As the music intensifies, the fire increases until you notice the fire within you bursting like flames that feel liberating and powerful.

Everything that’s no longer needed slowly dissipates and your body feels being energetically refueled.

After the dance you will achieve a clarity of purpose, passion, and an empowered will to tackle your goals.

2. Do something that your idol would respect.

We all have idols. These people, imaginary or real, are how we identify our superior ego, how we picture our ideals and values within a character.

However, it’s not always wise to meet your idols. That’s why you should look at your idols as inner personal mentors.

Ask yourself what would your idol do in a certain situation you feel afraid or uncertain of. Ask yourself what can you do to become a better man, what would your idol respect.

Once you know what this thing is, do it. It doesn’t have to be something big. In fact, it should be something as simple as helping someone out without asking anything back.

When you do the thing that your idol would be proud of you doing, you will empower your solar plexus chakra and fill it with pride.

3. Face your shame with dignity.

We feel shame for a reason. It’s not a bad emotion, it tells us where we fail to exercise our true power so we can see if we make some mistake and make sure we are a good person.

If we are not hurting anyone, if we play by the rules of society to a normal degree, and if we follow our heart doing what we want, but we still feel shame, then there is a problem.

However, the problem is not in what we do, but rather, it’s how we see ourselves. The problem is within.

Most of us feel shame when we follow our heart or when we do something we are passionate about because that’s how we were raised.

We were raised to be told what we should do. So, we have a sense of not being good enough to decide for ourselves. We feel unworthy of our own desires.

That’s why you need to face your shame with dignity. Inspect what you are ashamed of and face this shame. Ask it what it can teach you.

Ask yourself why you feel as not enough to use your personal power, see what you can learn, but tell your shame you are its boss.

It told you what you needed to know, but you don’t need it anymore. You are thankful for teaching you, but you also know that this type of shame is created by society, not you.

And there is no way you can get better at making decisions and using your personal power if you don’t free yourself to be who you are.



KIM SEMETIS: “Unicorn Activations Abound”

“You see, I was always a skeptic and if you told me thirty years ago that I would be communicating with angels, Jesus and all in the spirit realm I would have said you were crazy. Things are always revealed to us in perfect timing.”

~Kim Semetis


The Unicorn Activations are continuing to be more prominent as they are here to stay, always were here, just taking a front seat to assist us.

I had yet another unicorn visit today and the message was “we are to call on them to assist with the integration of the rainbow lightcode frequencies that are flooding the planet daily.”

Today as I had my eyes closed I saw a beautiful white unicorn come very close to my face, its horn lit up and it touched my third eye. This has happened to me many times in the past but this time was different. I saw very clearly and its light was much brighter. It came so close to my face that I could see every detail and its light shone so bright that it took over.

The message received is about using the healing power of the magical unicorn to assist with the physical issues that we will be presented with this month. Simply call on them and they will be there instantaneously and will point and place their horn in the place of the body that is in pain or discomfort and send their healing light for ease and comfort. They thank all of the forerunners on that are consciously ascending at this time for their hard work and dedication.

Unicorns have always been associated with rainbows and lesser known, the rainbow lightcodes that come in. These rainbow lightcodes will continue to intensify so the unicorns want this to be known. They are here to assist, assimilate to these new, ever expanding, ever intensifying frequencies. This is their service to us. They have come to the forefront to make themselves known, as this past week has been filled with messages and energies of the unicorns.

I was also witness today to seeing a baby unicorn come close up to me and frolic and play. I could sense that there were many other babies. They will assist us in ascending in a more playful way so call on them when you feel you are taking things to seriously with your studies and practices of ascension. They will assist in opening your heart too.

This is an article that I wrote on 6-23-18 that I have not typed up as of yet until today…. The Unicorn Journey continues…..

Journeying with the Unicorns

As I was falling asleep last night I was visited by my very special guide. A beautiful majestic being, my magnificent “White Stallion”. White Stallion has been with me my entire lifetime, yet my awareness of his presence started twenty years ago as I began my conscious spiritual journey. White stallion has been my rock, my strength, when I was too weak to move. My constant companion on my darkest of days as well as on my most awesome of days. Together we ride/fly ALWAYS…..

What I wasn’t aware of until a few years ago is that he is also a unicorn. He waited until the right time in my journey to reveal this to me. I always knew that he could have wings in an instant and fly me off to magical journeys but never revealed his beautiful golden horn. You see, I was always a skeptic and if you told me thirty years ago that I would be communicating with angels, Jesus and all in the spirit realm I would have said you were crazy.

Things are always revealed to us in perfect timing.

I have been bringing messages from spirit through for a very long time but I have kept a low profile and was not comfortable with technology so was not “out there” online. Now I am here to stay and yell from the rooftops that I love the elementals and have a very special affiliation with fairies too. Something that you may not know about me is that I am also a certified fairyologist too, but I had not connected with them on a deep level until a couple of years ago.

That all changed a few years ago when I began to see fairies with my physical eyes. It started with a knowing that they were there. I would talk with them, apologize to them with tears in my eyes for all of the chemicals being sprayed on the lawns, bushes and trees. I would make fairy circles for them and invite them in. well they came in droves. I began feeling a strong presence around me, especially while out in nature.But when it got cold out I started feeling them in my bedroom. I knew that they were there, I just couldn’t see them.

Then something magical happened, they became visible to me in the physical. It was the most amazing experience!

The same thing happened with the unicorns, while out in nature I could sense them and feel their presence, their energy in a pasture behind our home. FIrst it was a few but before long the herd grew and grew. I knew that they were there but couldn’t see them physically. Then they too began to come into my bedroom, my sacred space. As I connected with them more and more I began to realize just how powerful of healers the unicorns and fairies are.

The unicorns with their magical horn started to assist in the healing process. Their horns would be directed and placed where the healing was needed. The amount of healing energy is incredible. This was my “White Stallion” Unicorn sending pure healing energy to me or my clients. I can watch it pouring into wherever it is directed. I saw the miracles unfold as never before. The same was with the fairies as they brought forth the healing blessings.

So last night my “White Stallion” came to me and told me we were going on a magical journey and I am always up for that! Then I began to see them as they arrived, so many unicorns as far as I could see, hundreds if not thousands. It matters not how many. I had no idea where we were going, but it didn’t matter. I go with the flow with my beautiful guides. I no longer formally meditate as i used to , to connect with my guides, instead these are spontaneous happenings for me now. So very blessed!!

I then began to see so many star beings, galactic beings from other planets and galaxies. I wasn’t surprised as I had starting connecting to them over a year ago.. This is when I went “galactic”. I had no idea what that meant at the time but it soon became evident to me. I simply woke up one day and felt/saw many beings surrounding me and was told that they were the Galactic Council of the Light and they were going to channel through me. I immediately started writing their beautiful message of love and peace. Mind you, I had no idea who they were but afterwards looked them up and found so much information. That’s how it works, do now, research later.

So all through my sleep state last night I was on a magical journey with unicorns and star beings. I do not have any memory of the journey but that does not matter. Then I awoke and was told to start writing this article.

The main point of this is that you don’t have to “do” anything on your journey. All will happen in divine order, just as it should. My order was to first connect to my spirit team, angels and guides and loved ones because this was what I would more easily accept at first, then later the fairies and unicorns and then the star beings. They were all there all along, they just stepped forward to reveal themselves at different times that were right for me.

So if you are waking up and connecting to spirit on a deeper level, do not judge yourself and where you are at because you are right where you need to be. You are not behind or further along, just exactly where you need to be. Trust your journey, trust your process. Follow your own higher self and you will know what to do. WE LOVE YOU!!

Love Blessings,

Kim Semetis ~ Divine Warrior Goddess
New Earth Emissary

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CONSCIOUS REMINDER: “Your Guardian Angels Communicate With You — These 6 Subtle Sensations Reveal Their Presence”

Are you trying to connect with your Guardian Angel? Do you feel that you are not able to receive their messages?

Well, the thing is that maybe your Guardian Angel is reaching out to you but you aren’t realizing it. Here are some of the different ways in which your Guardian Angel is trying to send you a message through touch; so you can actually feel these messages as they have a physical manifestation:

1. Embrace Or The Angel Hug:

Sometimes when you are trying to connect with your Guardian Angel, you might feel as if someone is hugging you. Yes, you might feel as if someone is holding your hands gently and giving you a warm loving embrace. Well, that’s a sign that your Guardian Angel is around you and trying to help you out. This usually happens when you are very stressed and tired and the Angel wants to show that they are around you to help you get better. So, it’s their unique way of telling you that you are important to them and thus they care for you enough to give you a warm loving hug.

2. A Warm Feeling:

If you are trying to connect with you Guardian Angel and you begin to feel that the temperature around you is rising, this means that they are around you. Yes, they want to literally make you feel warm and this is one way in which you can realize that they are around you and acknowledging that you’re longing to connect with them.

3. A Current Of Electrical Power:

Sometimes you may also feel a current of electrical power. This also means that they are around you. This electrical power may just affect your body but not in a negative way. It may shock and stun you and it might actually be very powerful. But don’t worry, it is just a sign that your Guardian Angel is around you. They are just making sure that you know and recognize their presence more than ever and this is why they are using a strong sign to tell you about their presence.

4. Angelic Wind Or Breeze:

You might also feel the presence of you Guardian Angel in a very easy breezy way; yes; actually with an angelic wind or breeze around you. The Guardian Angel may just be trying to tell you that they are hearing you and assuring you of their love and affection. Also, the breeze can be a way of soothing you and bringing peace and good wishes in your life. The breeze is a sign of how your prayers are being heard and good things are coming your way.

5. Liquid Sensation:

Guardian Angel may also give you a sensation as if a thick liquid is falling on your body. It might feel like honey and this liquid sensation is also proof that your Guardian Angel is around you and trying to tell you something that you don’t know about.

6. Feeling As If Someone Is Sitting Beside You:

Sometimes you may also feel that someone is sitting with you while you are struggling to connect with your Guardian Angel. Well, that’s none other than the Guardian Angel themselves. It may seem creepy but it surely isn’t. There is no one that you can trust more than your Guardian Angel. So, don’t get uncomfortable or scared if you feel they are around.



TOM MONTALK: “Five Critical Human Weaknesses”

Why does history keep repeating itself? Why can’t mankind get its act together and put an end to physical, financial, and spiritual slavery? Maybe it’s because every attempted solution has failed to address some very fundamental human weaknesses. Until these critical flaws are overcome, change will remain superficial as the old problems keep resurfacing.

The first weakness is that our perception is limited to only the five physical senses.

In being unable to see anything beyond the material universe, we are lured into emulating its ways, into acting like animals or machines even though at the core we are spirit.

It also blinds us from seeing our occult enemies and the nonphysical control structures and energies that they employ. Like an iceberg, most of the Matrix Control System is hidden from view. For that reason, humans are like puppets being pulled by invisible strings.

Sooner or later, mankind must develop clairvoyant powers. Through proper esoteric training, it will become possible to perform miraculous healing, remote viewing, psychic self-defense, perception and removal of etheric parasites, precognition, telekinesis, probability influencing, telepathy, and quick detection of agent saboteurs. Imagine how significantly this would level the playing field. If we could see beyond the flesh, it would be game over for those psychopaths driven by alien and demonic forces.

But for now, mainstream institutions don’t even believe in extrasensory perception, let alone try to develop it. You never hear it mentioned by social or political movements either, which goes to show just how deeply our society has been had by the Control System.

Our second weakness stems from science staying firmly in the realm of physical matter, physical energy, 3D space, and linear time.

This holds back the necessary revolutions in technology that would overcome scarcity and environmental destruction. Our primitive technology also makes Earth physically defenseless against alien forces, giving them the strategic upper hand.

Therefore we must move toward a higher type of science that makes use of energies and principles still unexplored by the orthodox. Examples include scalar physics and demiurgic technology, which employ zero point energy, longitudinal electromagnetic waves, force-free gauge potentials, and etheric energy to accomplish the seemingly impossible. They would allow for free energy, antigravity, invisibility, and time travel. Without such technology, the human race will continue being preoccupied with physical survival, competition over dwindling resources, and dependence on the few who control these resources.

Our third weakness is ego, the mental parasite that keeps us emotionally invested in the Matrix.

It is a foreign installation, grafted upon the soul through genetic imprinting and social conditioning. Ego functions as a mortal personality worn by spirit in order to operate smoothly within the Matrix, though at the risk of getting lost within it. When Spirit, the core of our being, over-identifies with Ego, it takes on its weaknesses and forgets its own purpose. The rider then becomes the horse and can be easily lead by the reigns. So long as the Ego rules our choices, we will always be acting in ways that reinforce the Matrix.

We must overcome the tyranny of the Ego and establish a personal connection with Spirit, with the higher Self. This can be done by recognizing what stems from the Ego, what stems from the higher Self, and through discipline and introspection always following the higher. Through consistent identification with the higher, it grows in influence over the lower. It becomes more firmly anchored within us until igniting like a star into full manifestation. We can augment that process through a cultivation of intuition, meaningful dreams, synchronicity, and deep contemplation. We can increase the clarity of the connection by nurturing noble feelings such as compassion, beauty, understanding, love and empathy. Without a connection to Spirit, we remain wanderers without compasses and lamps without fire, lost in the darkness as so many currently are.

The fourth weakness is ignorance, stupidity, and naiveté, which keep us from making informed decisions.

Deception succeeds only when invited in by lack of awareness. Mankind’s problem is not so much the forces who seek to control it, but the scourge of public ignorance that sustains and regenerates these forces.

Therefore we must increase awareness through a combination of study, observation, experience, contemplation, and most of all revelation. This requires a deep love for truth and learning. We must train our intellects without compromise and become very familiar with logical fallacies and the spiritual warfare strategies used against us. The intellect is not something to throw away in favor of the heart, rather both should be developed in parallel and brought to perfection. The more informed we are, the smarter our decisions. And the smarter our decisions, the better our future.

And the fifth weakness is humanity’s unquestioned faith in consensus reality.

Consensus reality is the way mainstream society perceives the world, the way it works, what every individual must do to survive in it, what is permissible and what is impossible. It is the map drawn by the Matrix to chart our course through life. We are taught to assume that the rules and limitations of the many apply to us without exception.

We must disentangle ourselves from consensus reality. This will only happen when we begin living by the principles of the secret divine reality that exists around and within us. Which jurisdiction you enter depends on where you are positioned on the sliding scale between Ego and the higher divine Self. It depends on where you place your root assumptions, your emotional center point, or your mental dwelling point. By entering the jurisdiction of the higher, we overcome the authority of the lower. What the mainstream deems foolish, risky, or impossible then becomes the norm. Anomalies and miracles become the new reality. The only way to beat a rigged game is to play by a different set of rules.

These unquestioned vulnerabilities all stem from the same fundamental problem, that of spirit being overcome by the darkness of the material universe. The transcendence we seek is not about escape and avoidance, it is about the mastery of the higher over the lower. The real solutions are rooted in the “above” whereas the weaknesses arise from “below.” We cannot defeat the “below” using only the tools and methods of the “below.” Attempting to do so merely replaces one Control System with another. And that is why all human revolutions, social experiments, and utopian attempts have failed, for they have ignored the fundamental problems I have outlined.

These weaknesses reinforce each other. Where three are overcome, the other two eventually produce defeat. All must be overcome together if mankind is to permanently secure its freedom. If the human race as a whole cannot do it, maybe the rest of us can. We shall accomplish it through the mastery of spirit over the mind, and mind over matter.