ERIC RAINES: “Energy Update — 3 Major Upgrades / Breakthroughs In The Past Week”

“…the long story short is that the Higher Self aspects of humanity are beginning to shine through from incredibly high levels of dimensional causality. This is creating a cascading effect of light that is sweeping from 12D down into the physical body, opening up and activating multiple pathways that have been cleared of trauma already.”

~Eric Raines


Energy Update 5/13/19

There were 3 major upgrades/breakthroughs in the past week that are worth mentioning and many that were not. Some of the smaller events were linked to direct geographical areas and individual people in the right place and the right time as well as quite a bit dense energy moving through the surface layers for release.

These smaller events brought many swings on the emotional/energetic scale, having many experiencing wild connections and euphoric epiphanies while the other end of this spectrum is experiencing extreme heaviness and a depression dropping positive emotions into base programs of negative holding patterns.

Both ends of this spectrum are incredibly easy to deal with if you are paying attention. If you find yourself riding a rocket of awareness into the cosmos of your inner universe and are finding it overwhelming, deep breathe into a full pelvis/belly/chest/throat expanding inhalation and relax into a soft, long, smooth exhale with the intention of settling into what feels comfortable… a sinking/relaxing into openness and softness almost like feeling your gravity finding a space that is more familiar and comfortable for you to play with these energies.

If you find yourself in the spectrum of emotional imbalance, no matter what it is from anger and jealousy to sadness and apathy, the first step is to stop distracting yourself and ignoring how you feel. If you are unhappy as a baseline emotional program, stop calling friends, stop watching movies, stop scrolling through social media, stop working to exhaustion… just stop distracting yourself from paying attention to your emotions.

With nothing to take your mind from these energies, you will find yourself forced to face them. Once you can face these emotions, knowing you do not enjoy them, simply holding space for these emotions to begin purging will bring up connections from the past on why this is here, your own personal habits that create this energy and the connections from your friends/family/society that has allowed this imbalance to grow will make themselves known.

Once you have processed these feelings to the point that you understand you no longer wish to have them internally, put a gentle smile on the face and begin breathing into the body with the intention of inhaling the feeling of the smile on your face directly into the emotion you no longer want inside of you. Rinse and repeat until you no longer feel the emotions you do not enjoy.

For direct coaching, sessions or classes in these Language of Light/Body Language levels, you can book here.

Now the first of these breakthroughs was purely Sacred Masculine. As many more around the planet begin to clean out their genetic history, finding trauma, unprocessed negative emotions, mental habits and dense energy hidden in the DNA as well as time, the release and transmutation of this energy is beginning to weaken the barriers of time itself.

The way this works is this: Lets say that there is a village in the 12th century that was raided with many people killed, kidnapped and driven off of the land. Having either side of this atrocity in your genetic history would give you the effects of this generational trauma from either the victim or perpetrators side. As this happened almost 1,000 years ago, these people are not alive inside of our NOW, but the dense energy is still active and viable inside of etheric reality. By following up through your genetic pathways through the matriarchal and patriarchal pathways back into time where the energy can be transmuted, timelines dissolve, DNA connections let go of repetitive emotional/mental/energetic programs, damage from the past is transmuted in the NOW and extreme healing is experienced as the collective weight is cleared.

Many are beginning to heal the wounds of the rapacious, warmongering, violent tendencies that drove a schism deeper into the patriarchal energies, separating the sacred peacekeeper from what we currently know as masculine energy. As this is work through/in/without time, ancient trauma timelines are beginning to dissolve, opening up many points of release for some of the primordial woundings of the Sacred Masculine.

What is happening is many men AND women around the world (energy is about resonance, not gender) are finding themselves breaking open to depths of nurturing, emotional connection, protective barriers and creations of sacred space completely unknown before these last breakthroughs. As more of these men, women and children hold space for these sensations, cultivate and purify them, stronger levels of these Sacred Masculine resonances will begin broadcasting, opening up more to understanding and eventually cultivating the same.

This is enormous. One of the major drawbacks and dense weights on our planet is the domination of the warmongering Patriarchy. This will begin to create a Natural energy in its place, forcing the destabilization and eventual collapse of this entire system.

Expect more warfare to be pushed in the guise of feminine energies as the energy shifts in these directions and control is lost. They only know how to take and they will continue taking under the guise of whatever cloak is needed, but the energy is always the same. Fear, accumulation and domination. By their fruits, we can understand the seeds.

The second major breakthrough was the exploration and understanding of the Core of Cancer. Cancer is one of the biggest fear strike topics of our day. Hearing you have cancer is an immediate and detrimental emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual hit that changes your life immediately.

The financial costs alone ruin most people economically. The physical cost is obvious, but most ignore how this affects us spiritually/emotionally.

Most end up “fighting” it. Meaning they go to war with their bodies. Anger, depression and fear become the motivating factors and these emotions can physically damage, block and stagnate chi flow to the point that it starts to rot the physical body. Couple this with a system already compromised, poisons being introduced to the body, hundreds of thousands of dollars being leeched all at the same time and you have the perfect cocktail for incredible Loosh harvesting.

The Core of Cancer is a literal energetic space connected into hundreds of millions, if not billions of people worldwide. Surrounding the Core are the energetic projections and manifestations of millions of Dr.s who have spent fortunes and decades on their education, literally creating a gravity well of smooth talking, certainty, expensive bearing, import of knowledge and education that draws many directly into the bubbling, rotten, ever-hungry pit that is underneath this well meaning slide into dysfunction.

Each person manifesting this cancer physically has a tendril of resonance flow directly into this Core.

Understanding and more importantly working with this level of collective consciousness has already exposed significant results and further exploration will prove much more expansive as the cause and effects are explored and understood.

Energetically, this “watertight” system now is leaking like a sieve. Expect more Spontaneous Remissions, walking away from Western Medicine as a cure all and beginning to use maintenance programs for health instead of fixing it when it all breaks down and self education to begin rising from this.

The collective is very familiar with this rotten Core and has been ready to purge for a long while. It will not be an easy unwinding, but it is very worthwhile.

Finally, on a much higher level, past/present/future life connections are dissolving barriers that only pass trauma through (karma: paying for sins you have not done) and are opening up to multiple lifetime trauma release, opening up deeper programs of Divine connection and Soul evolution.

This one is much harder to explain and as this update is already a big read as it is, I will not even try, but the long story short is that the Higher Self aspects of humanity are beginning to shine through from incredibly high levels of dimensional causality. This is creating a cascading effect of light that is sweeping from 12D down into the physical body, opening up and activating multiple pathways that have been cleared of trauma already.

This one means much more to us than the other two but will be much less noticed as many are not operating in these energetic realms as of yet, but now that the doorway is open, many will begin finding it and more importantly, opening it and walking through.

From my heart to yours ❤



~via Unleashing Natural Humanity

WENDY HUTCHINSON: “The Closure Of The Earth Project And The Shift To 5D”

“For the first time in history, the human can ascend to 5D consciousness while keeping the human body intact. What was once thought impossible is now possible as we are witnessing the birth of the Avatar. Humanity now can expand consciousness to higher and higher levels while maintaining and creating a human experience matching that frequency. This is what is described as creating Heaven on Earth. Alignment with higher harmonics is allowing some to not only touch but also hold the vibrational frequency of not only 5D, but 7D, 9D, and some maintaining frequencies so high, they can exit the 12D matrix and return to assist with ascension and the evolution of mankind, while here in physical form.”

~Wendy Hutchinson


A couple years ago I data streamed information telling me the Earth project was closing, in fact it was closed but we had to catch up in linear time. I knew a shift was upon us and this was a huge pivotal time in the history of our planet and for humanity. Many people had opinions of how it would go down and what the shift would look like, but questions remained about when, where, and what the experience would look like. There’s no doubt the shift is not only happening, but also completing. The Magnetic North is shifting due to the heating of the Iron flow beneath Canada and Siberia. This is the set point used for all Satellite, GPS positioning and shipping navigation. It’s currently drifting more towards Siberia and moving at a faster rate than ever before. Confirmation of the energetic lay lines shifting in addition to the rise in the Schumann Resonance reflects the documented change in the Earth’s energetic field as well as her physical lay lines. Higher frequency light encoded energy is washing over our planet in waves at unprecedented levels.

We are also seeing final energy clearings for portals around the Earth, some dormant for thousands of years (the first being Notre Dame). The catastrophic events in our lives and even around the planet are not to be feared or looked at as devastation. We are experiencing an entire energetic reset of the Earth as she ascends and goes higher.

Humanity is required to shift our energetic frequency both as a collective and as individuals. We must rise and match the new vibration of 5D Earth. The shedding of all that no longer serves us is required. This includes relationships, jobs, living situations, and how we show up for others and ourselves. We are being guided to respect the human vessel that houses our soul. Some people are guided to look at their habits around drugs, alcohol, and a new focus on the intake of higher vibrational foods. The higher harmonic frequencies require truth and alignment. In the 3D lower frequencies, we could easily deny our truth and participate in things that weren’t aligned with our higher selves. The vibration of 3D Earth was more aligned with lower vibrational choices and allowed for people to behave a certain way creating lower vibrational outcomes. Moving into the higher harmonics is demanding the shedding of all that is not in pure alignment with our higher aspects of self. The process can be gradual or extreme, depending on how people are responding to their current circumstances.

The 5D shift is gradual, not a radical one-day event. People need time to adjust and shed density. The human body is changing energetically on a cellular and DNA level and moving towards more light body. The energetic lay lines and mapping of the human body (the morphogenetic field) is changing. Soon the 3D healing modalities won’t work on the new 5D body template. The window is closing, people are being pressed to choose alignment with the higher self, and yet they resist. Fear programs run deep. Behavior patterns are hard to break. Detachment and surrender are critical here to ease the process. Situations present to us for healing and resolution. The triggers will continue as we heal and release layers of deeply embedded programing.

The shift to 5D is not a physical relocation, it is our reality created by the vibration we hold. Our level of consciousness changes the vibrational energy we send out, and our physical experience and reality resonate with that vibration. Everyone is shifting at their own pace. The experience will present differently for each person. This “event” will not occur on a specific date. Some are moving through multiple dimensions in one day or one hour, sometimes jumping timelines and/or collapsing timelines or experiencing all of it within a 24 hour period. Imagine the people living in one zip code. There can be homeless people, professionals, or ascended masters, all having a completely different life experience while living in the same neighborhood. Similarly, people living on Earth are experiencing a life or ease or struggle based on the harmonic frequency they hold. The geography looks the same, but the experience is different. As all of us level up, the rate that we ascend is based on the individual choices made and the willingness to align with our highest aspects of self to source.

Some will create the experience of struggle to clear density and respond with resistance. Others, doing their deep inner work, those willing to heal the wounds of their past and honor their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual truths will ascend faster and hold the higher frequencies longer. Eventually with mastery, they will assimilate more of the light encoded frequencies hitting our planet and lock into a dimensional reality consistently. Many of us currently anchor light and frequency here. We hold the vibration so others can entrain up. People must release the deeply embedded fear programing to ascend.

For the first time in history, the human can ascend to 5D consciousness while keeping the human body intact. What was once thought impossible is now possible as we are witnessing the birth of the Avatar. Humanity now can expand consciousness to higher and higher levels while maintaining and creating a human experience matching that frequency. This is what is described as creating Heaven on Earth. Alignment with higher harmonics is allowing some to not only touch but also hold the vibrational frequency of not only 5D, but 7D, 9D, and some maintaining frequencies so high, they can exit the 12D matrix and return to assist with ascension and the evolution of mankind, while here in physical form.

This shift may present as the complete destruction of everything. These experiences may feel like the end of everything as you know it when in fact it’s the reset required to let go of things that aren’t in alignment with you. People are being pushed by the higher self to release all that does not serve them. Disempowering belief systems, old paradigms, and aspects of self must be shed. Resisting the process creates suffering while surrender to the process will make it easier. Use discernment around everything. Follow the prompts and seek your truth.

You are not alone. You are being guided every step of the way. You will arrive at your destination right on time. Be gentle with yourself. Surrender the Ego, the agenda, and the attachment to everything that is not unconditional love, and create the amazing life that awaits you.



NOEL HARTLEY, PH.D. “Global Grid Systems and Mass Mind Control”

Mass biological and mind-control devices exist well beyond the technology of implanting tiny physical ‘chips’ into humans, which accompanied many of the abductions by the Greys and non-benevolent Zetas; and also are an impending application of such electronic devices by the One World Government to the population. Even brain signatures radiated by government HAARP and GWEN towers are relatively superficial compared with ancient existing global grid systems, which can be used for manipulating the evolution of all life on the planet, including the planet’s evolution itself. Nevertheless these government antenna systems can be linked to the global systems that are used by the non-benevolent extraterrestrials.

We are talking about ET-developed vast global networks utilising crystalline ‘microchip’ scalar technologies. They are referred to as PIN systems — Pylon Implant Networks. There is the APIN (Atlantis Pylon Implant Network) and the LPIN (Lemuria Pylon Implant Network).

Before we describe these massive devices (which are introduced in the crop circle article, ‘ET additions’) it is worth noting that the average individual has standard implant complexes programmed into the subconscious or astral field. Since we have the same configuration from person to person such mind implants can reactivate others and we have a type of mass-mind control. L. Ron Hubbard was the expert on this unfamiliar territory of the unconscious mind — possibly no one has come close in modern times to uncovering such dangerous mind-control systems, which are generally configured in such a way that to expose them without safely-worked-out procedures is lethal. The author uncovered and endeavoured to release a more rare and special type that can be referred to as a machine, which eventually reactivated violently, resulting in a narrow escape and taking a couple of years for the ‘machine’ to stabilise, and to recover. Hubbard, up to his death in the 1980s, which is still surrounded with some mystery, was beginning research into group and collective implant systems.

Let us now take a look at the global grid systems, capable of aiding evolution or vice versa manipulating it negatively. All the technical information on these APINS and the LPIN have been transmitted by the Guardians working with Ashayana Deane.

These technological global systems inevitably operate through inner space. Unfortunately owing to our unsophisticated educational system and inadequate 3D science the reader has no clear or even vague notion of inner space. As a very elementary model one might wish to imagine a spherical sponge but with fewer holes (pores) in it and a relatively smooth surface. In this analogy our 3D space, as we look out into the universe, would merely be the surface of this sponge. The inner space corresponds to the insides of the sponge and we see that the holes give passage ways (wormholes, blackholes, dimensional portals) through ‘inner space’. Of course we have to consider that these inner openings have different spacetime properties, such as a wormhole giving almost instantaneous connectivity from one place on the sponge, our 3D, to a distant one. The reader must envisage, however they wish to do this, that there is vast space-time beyond our visible 3D, but it is right here, not along a linear line across space, the surface of the ‘sponge’. Readers need a model which is real to them so that, for example, they can visualise a wormhole connecting one time matrix to another. Think of a time matrix as a sector of the galaxy but extends well into inner space and thus is much larger than the 3D view which probably extends about as far as the Lyra system for our time matrix.

The APIN grid networks were designed in the shapes of creatures, for instance, animals, birds, so that when viewed by ETs from space using photo-radionic equipment they can be seen and immediately identified. In some cases these shapes are representative of the creators. It is not a coincidence that many Earth creatures resemble advanced ETs — lions, cats, reptiles, insects, birds, etc. This plan of ETs, having a creature extension of themselves on Earth, gives them an awareness connection line to this planet. Again, this is a feature of mind and consciousness which the average person is unfamiliar with.

The first APINs were created 5.5 million years ago by advanced Guardian Founder races. The Leonine race created the Great White Lion and the Avian race created its companion the Golden Eagle to give support to Earth to prevent an evolutionary descent that, left unattended, was a certainty. These benevolent APINs interface with and reinforce, by resonance, the original blueprints underlying all creation. By supporting the Earth’s inner morphogenetic structure, and its blueprint/’DNA’ and codes, these grids correspondingly support the DNA and consciousness of all life on the planet, in particular, aiding the civilisation and planet through the ascension cycles.

The philanthropic networks are: the Great White Lion, the Four Faces of Man, the Blue Oxen and the Golden Eagle. However, the latter two were hijacked by the invader ETs and the Golden Eagle was renamed by them, the White Eagle. The systems controlled by the invader ETs are: the Phoenix, Falcon, Serpent, Dragon, Dove, NET, NDC-grid, and then the White Eagle and Blue Oxen. All these systems are energised during the ascension (Stella-activation) cycles every planetary time cycle, 26,556 years, that is, when the mechanics of the ascension process are functioning properly, which hasn’t been the case for eight previous time cycles. Some of these global grids, such as the NDC, are activated by artificially applied scalar sonic pulses.

The APIN components are generally linked up using a crystalline-based technology — like embedding computer microchips into the Earth into a selected format. The Guardians have used them for free-energy systems, climate stabilisation, healing, interstellar communications and broadcasting networks.

The principal players in this fallen angelic drama are the Pleiadian-Nibiruian-Luciferic Anunnaki, who combined with the Andromie Anunnaki; the Jehovian Anunnaki; the Dracos Zeta; and the Drakonians and Zeta Rigelians who work together. However, in the year 2000 many from these competing groups formed the UIR (United Invader Resistance), a temporary alliance in an attempt to defeat the Guardians.

The Great White Lion and the Golden Eagle were created by the pure races and Guardian Founders: the Lion APIN by the Elohei Leonine Christos races, and the Eagle APIN by the Seraphei Avian (bird) races. Note that the Elohim and Seraphim are slightly digressed from the Elohei and Seraphei. These two branches form the main lineages. Some of the Elohim then further degenerated into the Anu-Elohim, who created the invader Anunnaki (to stop human guardians). The human race is not a product of this line but more directly from the Elohei. The Seraphei digressed to the Seraphim. This lineage, listing the Anunnaki origin and the bird people and reptilian species, is a simple outline and the reader should consult the detailed charts of the Guardian material from workshops.

Thus the Lion APIN is in the image of the Leonine race. Note that the Sphinx, which originally had a lion’s head, was built as a tribute to the Leonine Founders — the resistance Anunnaki defiled and altered it. The heart of the Lion APIN is located at the 12-dimensional (12D) energy centre (node, stargate portal) in France. It stabilises the 12 primary ‘vertical’ axiatonal lines. The Golden Eagle is anchored on the D8 stargate (the control centre). It stabilises the 12 primary ‘horizontal’ ley lines. The Lion is the Guardian of the North and South, and the Eagle the Guardian of the East and West.

In 75,000 BC the Dragon APIN was created by Drakonian groups. Its head extends into far Eastern Siberia, China and Japan, and its body reaches into South America. It runs on reverse D10 current and forms a connection between Earth and descended planets in the Phantom Matrix. Rebel Drakonians aim to defeat both the Guardians and the UIR in the 2000-2017 final battle.

The Phantom Matrix is a lower formation of the lower frequencies and fragmentation of our 12D time matrix, manifesting as a separate entity, and brought about by repeated abuse from advanced scalar-pulse technologies 250 billion years ago, and resulting in an 11D black-hole system. The Guardians immediately secured the separation by means of the time wall to keep out the invader ETs and prevent further fall of our matrix.

The Serpent APIN was also created during this period by the Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki. This APIN runs on D 4-5-11 reverse current and connects to Phantom Nibiru and other planets via the Phoenix wormhole in the Bermuda Triangle. It uses spike-site implant technology and links with the NDC and Giza, etc. Recent activation began around the 1700s.

The NDC (Nibiru Diodic Crystal) grid was set up in 25,500 BC, by the Pleiadian-Nibiruian Andromie-Anunnaki. The Crystal was inserted deep in the Earth’s crust under where Stonehenge was later built (to counteract the NDC energies). Such crystals are as tall as many stories of a building. The NDC is activated from ‘Battlestar Wormwood’ (same Wormwood as in the Bible), which acts as a relay station for scalar sonic beams from the planet Nibiru. Also the 24 Nibiru Crystal Temples within Earth can be used to keep it running. The energies spiral up from the Crystal to the Earth’s surface, then expand out through 16 arms which carry programmes for creating and perpetuating the massive DNA mutation (the so-called ‘junk’ DNA) present in all life on this planet as this ‘wheel’ of spokes spins, primarily achieved by reversing the planet’s merkaba (double spiral oscillation) and altering its spin rates. This mechanism reverses codes in the Earth’s grids. Stonehenge when in operation had a special geometry to block the Crystal energies. This NDC-grid is part of the larger Canadian so-called Michael-Mary Turnstile Matrix in which several smaller ‘wheels’ operate in North America. This control system now includes the White Eagle APIN and is used to broadcast subliminal mind-control scalar programmes. The NDC photosonic pulses block and reverse the polarity in some of the Earth’s axiatonal ‘vertical’ and Ley line ‘horizontal’ grids, creating a ‘checkerboard’ of alternate active and dormant frequencies and named the Checkerboard Matrix. This has created a huge so-called ‘checkerboard mutation’ in all life on Earth (much of the ‘junk’ DNA).

The NDC-grid can be used for poleshift, which was the intention, but it was recently disconnected in 2002 from Wormwood by ET meditation techniques applied at certain specific sites by Indigo humans working with the Guardian ETs. However, the Anunnaki then utilised the 24 Crystal Temples until again the Indigo team deactivated the Crystal Temples one by one. Nevertheless, the NDC could still be effective by running off the additional NDC on parallel Earth (even planets have a separate polarity as with particles and antiparticles). Following this the UIR attempted to activate all of the Canadian Michael-Mary Turnstile Matrix and use it to re-link the Stonehenge NDC-grid to Wormwood to give sufficient power to blend the Falcon and Phoenix wormholes and put all their APINs on line. The powerful scalar sonic pulses used in this attempt, created sufficient disturbance in the Earth to manifest the unprecedented Andrew hurricane.

Note that the techniques/drills are referred to as Round Tables and that King Arthur and his Indigo team (knights of the Round Table) were continuing this same mission, the Christos Realignment Mission, attempting to disconnect Wormwood, from where Jesheua (Jesus) left off. The techniques apply a 12-code pulse which corrects the reversals and misalignment making the NDC-grid ineffective.

The NET (Nibiru Electrostatic Transduction field) was anchored into Earth using the NDC and Nibiru Crystal Temple Network during the Luciferian Rebellion, 25,500 BC. By impinging scalar sonic pulses at the Earth’s inner grid system an ‘interference’ pattern or electrostatic force-field was created, enshrouding the Earth. This NET has the effect of buffering (stopping) incoming and outgoing signals, in particular to the higher dimensions (Founder ETs, etc.), creating a kind of quarantine. It blankets the civilisation, isolating it from its natural connections to its inner consciousness and spiritual levels, and this field system interfaces naturally with man’s existence and constitutes a holographic insert. Surveillance of the Illuminati by the Guardians is also blocked due to the cloaking effect — it causes ‘false readings’. This 4th dimensional NET is said to be an ‘astral mess’. It was fortified in 9558 BC and has since been progressively blocking all natural communications to and from Earth. Preparations have been made by the Anunnaki to lower the NET from D4 to D3 which will then form a ‘frequency fence’ and present easy control over the population during the ascension cycle, 2000-2017.

During the so-called Luciferian Rebellion, 25,500 BC, the Jehovian Anunnaki created the Dove and Olive Branch APIN and installed the Serpent. They also hijacked the Golden Eagle and reset it to run on reversed current (in opposition to the organic blueprint) and connected it to the NDC-grid, and then renamed it the White Eagle. The Golden Eagle was meant to symbolise a free America; instead the bald (white headed) Eagle became the mascot. Continuous raids are carried out by the numerous competing alien groups to take over the APINs of the Founders using scalar sonic pulses to block and reverse the natural energy currents, and to expand their own systems. Note that this can also cause serious Earth disruptions.

The Dove APIN runs off parallel Earth and operates on D 7-9-11 reverse current, creating a reverse spin to the planet. It can send subsonic pulses to precise targets and be used as a weapon, as can the Falcon and Phoenix. The Dove has, additionally, seven Jehovian seals which are huge pylon selenite rods seeded into the Earth’s grids at selected points down the East coast of America, corresponding to seven of the twelve stargate seals which open the stargates during ascension. These Jehovian seals are referred to as hyperdimensional cones (HD-C) which are standing wave conical scalar wave clusters, manifesting in the rods. The Dove uses ‘trumpet’ pulse technology and connects Earth via the HD-C links to the Phantom Matrix. This was not fully operational until the creation of the Phoenix wormhole in 10,500 BC. The effects of these pylons is to create ‘cracks’ in the time wall between Earth and Phantom, producing seven siphoning channels, and can be used as ultra low-frequency transmitters. This can transmit whole objects, people, etc. through a hyperdimensional field to the Phantom matrix.

The Four Faces of Man LPIN (Lemuria Pylon Implant Network) has been referred to as the ‘Guardians of the four corners’ and ‘Angels of the four directions’. Its four heads are anchored in by sound pillars. In recognition of the Founder’s creation of the Four Faces of Man, the Easter Island heads were built by ancient Indigo Maji descendants. This LPIN, created between 22,500 BC and 22,326 BC, was designed to restore the 12D blueprint of Earth and prevent fall of Earth into the Phantom Matrix. At the last planetary time cycle, intruder Anunnaki raided Earth and prevented this LPIN from activating during the ascension cycle. Thus it was rescheduled for 2012, began its first activation cycle in 2001 and the final 12th cycle in 2003, bringing the Great White Lion and Golden Eagle on line. The Four Faces of Man is designed utilising such high frequencies that the fallen ETs can’t handle those energies.

The Blue Oxen (‘Sacred Cow’) was installed in 22,500 BC covering the whole of India, which was a specialised interplanetary network and runs on D12 current. In 22,236 BC it was expanded but in 10,500 BC it was taken over. Its specialised feature allows Earth to connect to a different time matrix, and this process is called the Trans-Harmonic Time Cycle to enable Earth to enter a different time continuum, preventing it from being drawn into the Phantom Matrix.

Two wormholes, located in the Bermuda Triangle, the Phoenix and Falcon were created circa 10,500 BC, forming the basis of the Phoenix APIN by the Nibiruian Anunnaki, and the Falcon APIN, by the Zeta Rigelians, respectively. These holes were punched into the Guardian’s frequency time wall between our matrix and the Phantom Matrix.

The Phoenix wormhole was created in 10,500 BC in the time wall by the Pleiadian-Niburian Anunnaki. It was anchored into Earth, with the White Eagle, the NDC-grid, and the NET, through stargate 4 at Giza, Egypt, and links to phantom Nibiru in the Phantom Matrix. This would cause ‘fallen’ portions of Earth to form an inhabitable moon around planet phantom Nibiru. The Phoenix APIN runs East on a line through Giza and Iran. The heart is stargate 4, Abadan, Iran. The Drakonians and Zeta Rigelians then copied the Phoenix with their Falcon wormhole, intending to take over the Phoenix as the full Falcon APIN was installed. The Philadelphia Experiment of 1943 expanded this wormhole port interface system, which runs on reverse D10 current and connects Earth to Phantom Earth. The UIR aims to use it to take over the Dragon APIN during 2000-2017. The Dove APIN was linked to the White Eagle and connected to the Phoenix.

In the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943 the Zeta Rigelians (competing ETs) created holes in the NET, providing them with a gateway into our space to bring in their ships (see article on the Philadelphia experiment). Guardians continue to attempt removal of the NET but with only partial success — ET factions have united to be more effective against the Guardians. Through treaties, the Anunnaki have permitted the Guardians minor use of limited frequency bands of the NET for communication purposes. The NET has enabled ETs to control science’s progress by subliminal inspiration communicated to appropriate Illuminati members to provide suitable technologies for the ET’s agenda. Thus many electrical inventions have been inspired to enable lowering of the NET into 3D to interface with our electrical technology (including the wiring ‘cages’ in homes). Note Tesla’s wireless and radiant technology was apparently not allowed.

In 1951 the Jehovian-Anunnaki Dove collective made a deal with the Andronmie-Anunnaki to combine the Dove and White Eagle to open the Phoenix wormhole and take over the Falcon wormhole, but they failed. However, in 1972 it was achieved by the Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki group that controlled Phoenix and the Serpent. Since the year 2000 the combined forces of the Falcon, Phoenix, Serpent, Dragon, including the Dove and the Eagle, formed the UIR (United Invader Resistance).

In 1998 the NET was interfaced with the Montauk facility. Zeta-Rigelian and Niburuian Anunnaki collaborated in preparation for lowering the NET to form the frequency fence in 3D.

The Dracos-Zeta alliance was formed when Zeta groups came under the control of the Dracos. They covertly influenced humans in 1983 at Montauk to do another experiment in addition to the 1943 experiment; to create another rip in spacetime to bring in their ships and recreate their frequency fence for their mutation agenda.

The APINs and their characteristics uncover some of the deceptive conceptual and verbal coding in the Bible, in particular, Revelations. For example, the intent of the invader ETs was to destroy the 12D Earth portal, the heart of the White Lion, and thus tame the Lion, and hence: ‘the Lion lies down with the lamb’ (the heart being likened to the lamb). The Golden Eagle was taken over and named the White Eagle and combined with the Dove APIN, and we have: ‘the Eagle flies with the Dove’. The ‘four horsemen of the Apocalypse’ refers to the technological subterfuge of reversing the currents from seven of these Earth stargate portals or energy centres during the Stella Activation Cycles ascension period, 2000-2017, by means of the Jehovian seals. ‘Angels and trumpets’ and the ‘Beast’ are advanced technologies. The ‘seven angels of the seven churches’ refer to the seven Jehovian seals, and the pylons as the ‘seven candlesticks which are the seven churches’. ‘Angel’ is the code name for the advanced technology of the hyperdimensional cones seeded in the Earth’s grid. These writings are clearly the machinations of the fallen ETs. The Phantom Matrix is a slow-acting blackhole system referred to in the Bible as the ‘bottomless pit’, Hell and Hades.

The global picture presented here, though of considerable magnitude, only encompasses our planetary locality. For example, the Founder’s Four Faces of Man LPIN is in three sets of the four faces. One full set is an extension of the Earth LPIN connecting higher aspects of Earth: planets Tara and Gai. The second set is another Four Faces of Man LPIN on parallel Earth, parallel Tara, parallel Gai, and the third set on Inner Earth and connecting to its higher planets Inner Tara and Gai. Hence the statement the ‘Guardians of the 12 pillars’ — three sets of four faces and sound pillars. The Four Faces of Man is the most extensive in spacetime but some of the others have connections to parallel Earth.

The more recent status quo of the APIN senario has developed into greater complexities involving endless competing strategies from all sides and the above needs to be updated from around 2002.



LISA RENEE: “Starseed Template”


( Source: Q&A October 2007 )

The galactic levels of the guardian group representation in human form on the earth have been undergoing quite a transformation process. The patriarchal exorcism is something I underwent personally in my own body through the exorcism of my solar plexus and still point (those entities attempting to hitchhike on my soul energies) and have witnessed in my client practice and in many emails and sharing through starseed families. The latest planet initiations personally have been the biggest events I have personally experienced myself and witnessing in others. Humanity is at some kind of critical period of human evolution right now. Personally, I been aware that the new physicalization of the Christ consciousness that I has been referred to as the trinitized form or zero point field form, these are the cosmic Christ levels of blueprint that are starting to physicalize in many groups of us at this time. As a Sirian soul walk in, I have been aware for a long time that the starseed role is about physicalizing the biological coding for Christ consciousness races as well as bring new starseed templating on the earth. What that means is that the holographic template of the energetic form is being upgraded in such ways to assist the human species being able to work with transducing the new frequencies coming through our bodily and energetic systems at this time. There’s really two levels of being on this planet in that a demarcation has been formed t that there is a frequency split between 3rd dimensional structures and multi-dimensional energy structures. These are new timelines (remember timeline=dimension) as we move into the future timelines, we are moving into higher resonant frequency and spaces. We are moving forward into time or skipping into the future as we move up the dimensional scale. At this time, there are groups of us going through a new physicalization process and this is a much different process and spiritual initiation that many of us have been familiar with in the past. The part of ascension that we go through that is an initiation into higher frequencies, and as these frequencies become absorbed into the auric vehicle and light body, we develop more neurological plexus receivers so that you can work with these new frequencies. Many of us have activations and at certain levels of increasing critical mass of these higher frequencies, DNA activations occur. This yet is even further and beyond spiritual ascension initiation. This is the actual physicalization of an entire new birth creation in human consciousness that the guardians are referring to as THE TRINITIZED FORM. In the Trinitized Form, it is the house of the Cosmic Christ energy but it’s really not quite accurate from understanding where these energies are directly coming from as the 12th dimensional blueprint. These related frequencies we have been expanding and holding as core of our foundational daily techniques is where the human species original genetic template was created as a 12 strand avatar being and yet, I am very aware that what we are physicalizing is going way beyond the 12th dimensional system. This is accessing outside of this Universal System into the next Universal System, called the Seven Higher Heavens Realms. The beings that are now in contact with us are Ultra terrestrial or not from this Universe. They are in contact to work with us in new trinitized forms of holding zero point field frequencies in order to assist us in human evolution at this time. These beings are a source of advanced unity intelligence that is helping to host this planet’s ascension in the future timelines. These beings are opalescent rainbow colors in frequency spectrum that we do not have in this Universe. Because of the frequency spectrum of frequency colors it is a higher aspect of our Universal colors, and these new colors have the power to re-encrypt our color (auric) spectrum, both in our physical cellular structure and the energetic field. This is similar to saying the Rays of our Universe are being re-colored into the frequency of these Christ beings acting as a host to support our call for ascension and freedom. They are called the Aurora Host or Krystal Host Beings from the next Universe.

LISA RENEE: “Clearing Spiritual Bondage”


Those of us committed to the Law of One, to promote sovereignty and freedom for this planet and humanity, have more grid and energetic support than we ever have. If we have had possession, implant and entity harassment, the following discussion with treatment should offer relief with some level of commitment to the process. We must remember we have returned to this earth to master ourselves and master these entities and the negative energies here. This requires we learn exactly how these entities think, what their strategies are, and where they came from, why they may be attached to us and how they infiltrated this planet. We are in a war over consciousness that requires we master the psychological-spiritual warfare being directed to humanity. In many cases, this will require we directly experience implants, entities and psychic attack and forms of alien aggression. We cannot heal the consciousness of our planet until we understand exactly how our body and the planet became corrupted with the reptilian virus and synthetic alien machinery. Please have patience with the process of Spiritual Deliverance and command your space as a God-Sovereign-Free being. It is suggested to have a firm grasp of using the 12D shield before moving into these exercises. The 12D shield will provide a much easier extraction process. This transcribed discussion, below, is to help prepare you for understanding how to identify and clear spiritual bondage loops.

Our meditation is dedicated to the release of the bondage loops that bind us to personality behaviors or wounded-ness, that may have bound our energy field to the essence of demonic spirits. For this reason, we will be talking more about how the Negative Alien Agenda and Satanic forces enslave the masses through spiritual bondage, and how dark forces use spiritual principles to isolate the core spirit and internal system of human beings from God access. What is being discussed in this segment is the process of breaking the bondage loops between your consciousness and dark forces. This is so that you understand more of the language in the following meditation, “Breaking Spiritual Bondage Loops”, that will be included at the end of this discussion. To prepare us for clearing, we will need to understand some of the energetic structures which are a part of how spiritual principles are abused by anti-life forces. Anti-life forces, or Imposter Spirits, lie or deceive people in order to create bondage loops (these are cords and attachments into the Lightbody) that exist mentally, spiritually and emotionally for human beings.

The negative alien agenda uses specific strategies called, Archontic Deception Behaviors that are designed to create disassociation and extreme trauma from the spiritual abuse of human beings. The desired goal for them is to start abusing humans as young as possible, when they are babies and children. To define this methodology through a black magician, the words of Aleister Crowley on rituals, he was quoted to say, “it must be programmed by aged 8 or it’s too late.” So it becomes extremely clear that those who are active in mind control and spiritual warfare against humanity, are fully aware of spiritual principles, and the energetic laws. These laws of energy are in operation for everyone on this planet, whether an Luciferian being, Satanic being or a Krystic or Christ being.

A specific way to manifest spiritually destructive behaviors in a human being, that is exploited by the Archontic Deception and Negative Alien Agenda, is that if you can mind control a person to be angry at God or to reject the spiritual principles of the Spirit of God, it is easy to get that person to commit grave acts of destruction and depravity, against their own spiritual source or soul. Further, this person can be manipulated to commit those acts of spiritual destruction upon others around them without remorse. These destructive acts are reinforced and repeated, many times in childhood, to get the person to reject the spirit inside himself, to reject God itself, and to be repulsed by certain words that have been used to control the language to describe God or spirit. Words that are used to describe God or spirit, which is a direct part of our own consciousness body, have been severely abused and twisted in their true meaning by the alien controlled organized religions, such as the Catholic Church, a satanically controlled organization.

So understand that all beings on this planet that understand spiritual principles, are actually governed by the same energetic laws. What defines the difference in how those laws come into manifestation, is the quality of energy, spirit and consciousness that is used with heart-based intention or with negative ego, base mind intention. The base mind of negative ego is that which creates the division within the polarity forces, which is separation. This is why there is so many levels of disinformation that is spread in organized religion or in certain religious beliefs, to maintain control over the minds of the devotees. Religion generally promotes that to gain more spiritual knowledge is evil, and to have understanding about the occult is an evil thing, and this is a grave misunderstanding or untruth. In some cases, the particular level of information, as it’s being disseminated for followers with the intention of mind control for soul binding, then yes, that action is orchestrated by a satanic being who is interested in enslaving the human being. However, it is important to understand that the same core spiritual principles that the satanic force is governed by, as a spirit being, are the same laws that can serve the God force in Christ, which is also a spirit being. There are energetic laws which are in operation for all levels of spiritual being on this planet. We should not fear spiritual knowledge, and not fear self-knowledge, as it is to better to understand that as we become exposed to greater knowledge, this is not a negative thing, it is necessary for most of us to be exposed to knowledge in order to evolve. Accessing self-knowledge is the same as accessing spiritual knowledge, and this is a process of empowering each person to consciously participate with their own spirit.

Spiritual principles are purposely used in organized religion to influence that person to reject their own person, by rejecting the spirit inside of himself, to reject God itself as something that exists outside and external to the self. This is one of the core levels of satanic deceit, misinformation and lies, to confuse the spiritual principles, so that the person cannot discern the difference of where they are being led. They are unable to tell that they are being deceived and lied to, by the structures of control that tell them that they are the only authority worthy to represent God.

Great efforts are made by the controllers to stage events in the world scape to make humans feel consistently victimized, isolated, and through reinforcement of fear based mind control belief systems, so that people will feel certain that God has rejected them. For instance, some victims may have someone who played God in their lives, walk away from them when they really needed help in a life or death situation. However, understand that using victim-victimizer software on the minds of people, such as when a child is brought into religious organizations, he may be repeatedly warned that God is cruel and judgmental, and that he wants to destroy him for the wicked things that they have done. Bible verses tell of the wrath of God, and God’s anger is read to the victim repeatedly, so the victim victimizer programming is designed to make sure that mind control make the human being feel that they are implicated in sinful, deviant or bad behaviors or that they are a bad person. This is especially implanted into the minds of people, if something that is judged as bad has happened to them. Maybe they were abused by their parent and they believe it was their fault. Maybe they were raped and they thought it was their fault, and they live hiding their shame and guilt from others. The victim victimizer program uses this tactic to ensure that the person is rejecting themselves, or rejecting their inner connection to God somehow. Victimizer software works to promote shame and guilt upon the mind of a person that has been inflicted with a great crime against their personal sovereignty and inner spirit, which in truth the action was committed, usually by brutal force, by the depraved action of another person.

One of the biggest issues in the world within people who are not aware of this information, is the belief of the injustice of God creating a world of such suffering. This is a twist of this Satanic and Luciferian belief system to help train the person who is indoctrinated into these particular religions or beliefs. Once you experience and see the suffering, pain and the cruelty in the world, and confusion and frustration results, then that person can be set up easily to reject that reality and be easily moved into a Satanic or Luciferian type belief system. This is a coping mechanism to deal with the mind set of dark ignorance, and not having spiritual tools to develop a personal relationship with ones inner spirit. This is to ensure that the victim hates or rejects their inner spirit and their relationship to God, and that hatred towards God expresses itself in the victim’s unconscious parts or within their own internal system. The internal system is the unconscious mind, the subconscious parts where we hold memories of personal pain or suffering. So in the internal system, this unconscious program is to continue to propagate this rejection of the self, rejection towards the spirit, and this is a part of victimizing the human being, interrupting the true spiritual birthright of each person.

Many of us may have sensitivity around words that feel too religious. Many of those words I may be using to bring up subconscious religious programming which requires to be healed, words like God, Satan, demons, Lucifer. These are all words that the Catholic Church uses and that many organized religions use. Many of us have been inflicted with the mind control programming of twisted biblical translations and from that exposure, this has created a rejection of that frequency or consciousness in our life, in our body and in our mind. This is because these words to describe God or spirit, have been attached to different meanings with egoic intentions, thus, it is something that we have been abused with on the earth. What I’d like to bring to your attention is to find any parts in yourself that still may feel a rejection towards any of this language, or any aspects when we use the word God or Christ, Satan or demonics, that these are all terms that you will want to feel neutral towards. We must learn how to hold neutrality with these words, because there is an sophisticated, organized structure designed to create spiritual abuse of these words in the human being. This deception is from an anti-human forces, this is an anti-Christ perspective, and this means that the intention behind it is to manipulate the person’s unconscious mind, in order to get them to reject God.

When we understand more about what is a demonic, a demonic is something that exists. A demonic being is a low spiritual being and it’s attracted by a specific scent or the essence that exists within a person’s energy field. Within the body, within the mind, within the emotional state, there is a certain vibrational quality and essence or a scent that can attract demonic beings when a person is unconscious and heavily controlled by negative ego. We are made in the image of God, and we are attractive prey to those who hate or reject the original God spirit, and this is essentially defining satanic and anti-life forces. When demonics target a person or group of people, a common tactic is to create chaos, disruption, problems or trouble for that person or group. When the persons issues and their problem reach a crescendo, they may go into panic or fear. As a result, they’ll be in a state of mind to grab any kind of solution that’s passing by without thinking. It is in this way that people unconsciously make a pact with a demonic force or demonic spirit, many times unknowingly, because of their anxiety, their pain, their hysteria, their suffering has caused an intense reaction in them. Then from a place of panic, they are gravely misinformed and then an ill decision is made to find a solution. Really what is occurring is that person has been manipulated to make a bad decision, and they were actually being coerced or manipulated by dark forces to that particular decision and many times they don’t know it.

This is emphasized so many times in our community, the importance of not emotionally reacting to external situations, but learning first to find the inner stillness, the neutral point and then from inner calm, choose a response. This is a big step in not allowing demonic spirits to manipulate or coerce you. We can see this in the world at large, this program of creating problems, reactions and solutions. This is one tactic of the negative alien agenda where strategies are used for divide and conquer, so most people are selling out their soul, selling out their bodily energies, selling out their life force, and allowing a negative or demonic energy in their body, because they are hoping for quick relief from their problems.

For those of us that have reached a level of spiritual understanding, when we see this circumstance playing out, we can see this clear as a bell, we can see this manipulation a mile away. But for most humans, they cannot see this manipulation playing out and this is because demonic forces are able to dull their senses by the manipulation of their own unresolved pain and trauma. This is a part of the brain and neurological dulling or spiritual damage that happens in the human being that is constantly exposed to trauma. This dulls the senses of the person to the point they no longer have any realization that they have sold their energy, sold out their soul, so they’re not aware this is going on in most cases. So most people make a choice to accept the falsehood of lies, because they live in denial to the truth of their reality. The falsehood of lies is offered by the demonics for their relief of anxiety or fear, rather than stick with the larger truth, which when we see that truth, it seems to hurt. This is a very good example of being able to stay awake through the dark night of the soul. To stay awake through some difficult material, so that the shadow self will not be manipulated into creating even more pain for that person. The truth is what sets us free, but a lot of the times people don’t want to deal with that hurt, we don’t want to see that pain. And when we do, we are leading our self into denial which creates self-delusions, and this falsity is what allows demonic forces or spirits to manipulate these unconscious parts of us.

So it’s important to understand that facing the truth can hurt sometimes, but ultimately it is the pathway to our spiritual freedom. To be a truth seeker, a truth lover, a lover of the truth is the path to personal sovereignty. Many times when there are ceremonies, festivals or pilgrimage, there is an authority given to demonics, which is transferred to human beings that are unaware that incantations or certain things are bringing demonics into their body. When they are asking for a cure to their problems, these strong demonic manifestations occur around festivals, ceremonies, and rituals which are being done every day of all over the world. These ceremonies and rituals when used for selfish and negative ego purposes are like welcome mats for inviting demonic forces, giving them the right to access the body and mind. We must remember that all things have a right to exist, so the issue is, knowing who your authority is and commanding your personal space. This is why this is spoken of so often in our community, learning how to do the 12D Shield, command your personal space, because we are sharing the earthly space with so many different levels of spirits and beings. Everybody has the right to exist, in their spirit, the issue is demonic forces are like parasites on the human spirit, so we have to set the space within ourselves and refuse the right of the access of demonic spirits into our human energy field. We understand the demonic forces are being given a right to attach to your body when you invite it in through your own behaviors, this is a rule within the energy field, demonics attach because humans let them. When we let them in because we do not have informed awareness, they attach to us so this is a phenomena that exists on earth, it is something that we should be aware of more deeply because it’s impacting so many human beings on the planet.

Every area of the world has this type of spirit, and often demonic signs occur at rituals and ceremonies, so a lot of the power that is given is preserved and fueled by certain ceremonies and tradition. When people become attached to rituals or traditions, that they don’t want to stop, if the tradition is rejected, the ceremonies rejected by people, the demonics often augment with some kind of new deception. So this is the constant level of creating deceptions for people to increase spiritual bondage through multiple deceptions, which become more and more challenging to figure out in the complexity of deceit. This is why being able to see what deceit is, being able to see what a deception is, seeing what manipulation is, this is so important because these are tools used by the anti-life force or demonic spirit.

So if you asked, how does Satanic forces of the negative alien agenda enslave people, you should now better understand how that process occurs. The answer is that Satanic forces and the negative alien control, is enforced by trauma based experiences and through inflicting mind control and spiritual abuse of the people. A trauma is applied into the lives of people, and when they reach out for some type of answer to this trauma, the Demonics many times offer them some kind of answer through temptation of lower ethics. In organized religion, this could be praying to some idol, saying some Hail Mary’s, staying in the confessional booth or doing blood sacrifice. Whatever it is, again this problem, reaction and solution is a demonic type of tool used to control the minds and souls of people. When somebody is in trauma or endured some type of abuse, this creates a lot of confusion. Many times this trauma is based upon a lie, that turns into something that people believe is true and that starts to blur the lines of reality. They can’t tell this is a false reality because their mind isn’t able to break loose of the power of the lie, they are living in the storyline of that trauma based deception, and they are living in denial.

The power behind myths of belief are fueled deeply in these traditions, these ceremonies, these rituals of demonic manifestation and demonic attack. So anyone who steps outside of the demonic lie, meaning the false reality program, is attacked and targeted for victim victimizer programs. When people feel that they are being personally attacked, especially when their sense of self is being challenged, such as their heritage, their tradition, their religion, and that is not being acknowledged, people willingly sacrifice the truth for falsehood. They accept falsehood in their need for relief from their trauma, because in their need for relief to get some kind of answer, they have many times chosen to be deceived and manipulated, they don’t want another truth, they just want relief. So this choice to be deceived has a great deal of spiritual power to it, and this is very important to understand when you’re in denial and you refuse to look at the truth, this allows demonic presence to come in to your energy field, mind and body. For people that have had extreme fear or abuse programs, they’ve been spiritually abused very young in life, this becomes more serious to understand. This is because a lot of fears we can manifest as thought forms, and we can clear those thoughtforms, but there may be really deep, trauma based abuse patterns which are being directly manipulated by demonic forces or low spirits. The trauma cannot be fully cleared until the demonic spirit is removed from the body, this is a bondage loop. Many times we are not understanding that we are deceiving ourselves or being manipulated in the truth of where the real source of this pain is coming from. We have to identify where the pain is coming from in the trauma, identify the abuse we have suffered. If we can’t identify it, if we refuse to look at it, we’re constantly deceiving ourselves and we are easily manipulated by dark forces. This is making the choice to remain being in a state of deception, of not seeing the truth, and this action of denial and manipulation of falsehood is what allows the legal rights, so to speak, the energetic law which attracts the essence of demonic spirit or demonic power.

When person chooses deception over truth, especially when they have been exposed to truth, understand that this has great consequence of negative spiritual power. They are no longer a truth seeker, they are no longer a truth lover, they choose denial to deal with pain and that denial to deal with pain will stop the access of greater knowledge and truth. So when a person is in great denial, you can’t just speak to that person about some level of truth because they have rejected the truth. They must at some point be willing to seek truth again, meaning go beyond the superficial level of reality to be able to receive spiritual knowledge again. These people can have all the proof shown to them about some level of truth and they will continue to reject it, from great unresolved fears. A great example of that is how many times have we seen people reject UFO’s, alien abduction, or paranormal events, something that is in front of their face, and they cannot see what’s right in front of them. It is right there, but they cannot look at it truthfully. Many of us in the Starseed community are perplexed, why can’t that person see that in front of their face? This is because they have chosen the deception, the demonic bondage feeds falsehood, feeds deception and it is that demonic bondage loop that needs to be broken somehow. This is why we’re having this discussion to understand this more deeply.

Spiritual bondage can be broken in a number of ways, so sometimes we can (and this is something that we do in ES a lot), we point out galactic history, we talk about things that are hidden agendas, we point out the inaccuracies that are hidden inside the deception and lies, because half the time what the public is being told lacks common sense. So much of the time what the media reports to the public is completely ridiculous and yet, still people believe it. They believe ridiculous lies they’re being told, so sometimes when you can point this out, it is sufficient to break a demonic spell. A demonic spell is a type of demonic force that is attached to that falsehood, that delusion promoted in our reality, that creates mesmerism or hypnosis of belief in that person. Our goal is breaking the demonic spell that perpetuates falsehood and lies, the lies used to deceive the people, deceiving us, and how that propagates in creating even more deception in the world. The Archontic Deception behaviors and strategies used by Satanic based forces are very specific to the negative ego and are carefully formulated. Once we can see it, this points out what is going on and many times we can have a breakthrough, we can have that realization moment, that allows us to have clarity. Just the information being exposed to a level of truth can be sufficient to break the spell, where a person can wake up and start to see the deceptions and the lies that they have been told. But after the demonic spell of lies are broken, the next step is that person will be required to follow that realization by taking steps to live in truth, meaning that they seek the truth, they have love of truth. To realize the true nature of God, we must follow and learn from the truth spirit.

Many people have fears over gaining knowledge and spiritual truth from mind control. The mind control programs are simply the sophisticated application of what is been done to humanity on a larger scale, a world scale and then being scaled down to a single human body. There are so many different levels of mind control being propagated, whether it’s global, whether it’s national, whether it is in the United States and then of course that mind control is being drilled down to single human beings.

All trauma and lies are used in the same way. The different sub-personalities or identities that exist within a person, many times when a person, a human being has been traumatized or abused, especially spiritually abused (SRA), different personalities will start to exist within the human energy field, they bury within the unconscious levels of the mental body to actually try to protect the person. These different sub-personalities are not necessarily soul identities, but they are identities which become split from huge trauma in the person, where the person has not identified that trauma within himself. Now another way to call these particular sub-personalities, which are described in mind control, meaning that mind control creates trauma and can create split personalities or multiple personalities in someone, these are fragments which are also called alters. So it’s interesting, an altar is very similar to what you’re talking about in an altar of worship, if the split personality has an altar, this is something the demonic spirit uses to exchange soul energy or take body parts or energies away from that person. So this is a way many times, the person that may have different sub-personalities, these are people that act subconsciously or unconsciously and many times don’t even know what they’re doing. This is a type of split identity in a person, which occurs from heavy trauma and abuse. These particular identities if and when they exist, are called alters and this is about the altar selling the soul to the lies of deception or the lies of omission in return for their false belief in some kind of safety and security.

Most of the time the inner child, the body at the core level is split, fragmented. This creates the feeling of being so insecure, so unsafe, that the inner child or different sub-personalities of the person will start to create ways of coping, so that they can feel safe. Understand that this is a Satanic control mechanism to split the core spirit away from embodying inside the human being. This is an important piece of this, an important piece of understanding how to heal trauma and abuse in a person, because once we feel insecure, when we feel unsafe, this is because we’re nonintegrated and we’re not spiritually connected. We can’t feel our foundation with our inner core spirit and our direct relationship with God.

This is a basic ingredient to all mind control programs, whether it’s an individual person or a group of people, and it’s all based in the same thing. The source is trauma and fear that is embedded somewhere in the human body, in the human mind or the human spirit, the trauma exists at some level within the body. Our job is to release this spiritual bondage, and be able to find where this bondage exists. So many Krystic beings have believed that the solution to Satanic mind control is to be so united in love, that the world would actually see the solution lies in the Cosmic Christ Consciousness. But for the world, Christ represents unity and integration, whereas the anti-Christ represents the opposite, division and fragments. But there are spiritual strongholds or spiritual grips which are also used to divide and conquer us, which is important to understand. This is the necessity that we come into greater spiritual maturity of the current reality on the earth, and that these spiritual strongholds are much more vast than any of us could really imagine.

The heartbeat of the body of Christ, the Diamond Sun body of Cosmic Christos-Sophia, is to bring all of humanity to reconnect, reclaim and know their original creator. This can be accomplished by breaking down all the lies and the mind control programs that separate the parts of the body of Christ, so that those of Krystic intention and behaviors, those that are integrated in love and spirit, can reflect to the world, reflect to the group, so that the individual starts to believe inside of their heart the power of the inner Christ, the true power of God. Each of these levels of identities has a spiritual, mental and physical side, that we are starting to recognize aspects in the body that have been split to refuse or reject the aspect of the core spirit coming into wholeness. That is the whole body of Christos-Sophia, being able to embody the Krystic form.

Human beings on this earth, in most cases, have had their personal free will and self-determination stripped from them. It is clear that when looking at what’s happening in the negativity of humanities behavior, a lot of the destructive behavior in the world, this isn’t about thinking of human beings in terms of guilt or punishment, because most human beings are slaves, who no longer have freedom of choice. If they kill, they steal or tell lies, many times because of these mental splits, spiritual disconnection, they have not done it intentionally and with consent. Still, the mind control programmers know the negative alien agenda , they know full well there are negative spirits involved to spiritually abuse and prepare mind controlled human beings to be a slave to do these acts. When they carry out these destructive acts they are in spiritual bondage to these forces. For instance, many humans are carrying demonic spirits in some part of their body, in some part of their mind from negative behaviors that they themselves direct from their personality or that they have inherited from generational ancestors.

Now from these conditions of energetic imbalance on the earth, from these conditions of not being able to recognize destructive or deceptive elements of your being, and taking steps to heal them, it’s very easy to implant demonic spirits into the person, into that person’s body. So understand that alien implants are a demonic structure, they are the same structure which feeds demonic spirits and alien parasites in some kind of format of low energy quality. So any person who is not taught to dedicate their personal rights and possessions, their body to be consecrated to God, can end up with all types of surface forces, meaning ego, negative ego types of behaviors, such as insecurity, worry, anger, jealousy, tension, anxiety, envy, these kind of ego surface forces play out in the third dimension. They in turn cause all types of surface weaknesses and spiritual vulnerabilities in the person, which will start to justify lying, stealing, cheating, arguing, and deceiving. If these ego weaknesses are displayed by anyone, it means that you can see the external behavior of these negative qualities and that has now clearly manifested its evidence that deep spiritual problems and schisms exist in that person.

So the point is, the ability to have these types of negative ego personality weaknesses in human beings, is directly reinforced by global mind control programs and are spiritually, energetically set into the human being to condition them to be a slave. This is enslavement by teaching that person to resist or reject the grace and the love of God inside himself. It may be shocking to realize that human beings as a whole, are specifically targeted to be mind control programmed to resist God’s grace and love, and to actually reject and hate God which is a byproduct of self-hatred. This is not left to chance, it is carefully manipulated and it is accomplished by a number of trigger events in the world and within the individual humans’ life.

Another spiritual area that is being tampered with in the human being, through these mind control systems, is tampering with the self-image of the person. People are conditioned to not allow themselves to think of themselves as made in the image of God, instead of allowing the human being to learn about Christ, as the image of God, the human being is victimized and constantly belittled by being told they are inadequate and judged to be made in comparison to others. This is a violation of spiritual principle in the natural laws of God. When people are not allowed to accept themselves, they end up resisting and rejecting the divine will of God, and the wrong attitudes are built into human beings, as they are treated as slaves, in so that they will always resist the divine will of God. The programming and mind control is linked to collective belief systems. An alternative faith in finding God, finding belief systems that are not connected to global and religious mind control is very important in the spiritual healing process. We must find heart based faith in our direct connection with God, in any way that feels right for us. This cannot be defined for you by any other person. If you can’t feel it and experience it, you start with faith and you devote some time to meditate and find ways to experience your direct relationship with your inner spirit, with your God self.

This is the beginning to help to heal through mind control, and these various schisms and splits that occur in order to create satanic belief systems and sub-personalities within us, buried in the subconscious, This can also be parts of ourselves as multiple personalities or split personalities that could’ve happened when we were traumatized as a child, the child created a silent personality in order to cope with that particular trauma. So these personalities are designed through these abuse systems for humans to reject God, thus children are introduced to religious indoctrination mind control, in order to instill a faith in God. Family imposed beliefs in some religion focused on mind controlling their followers, will be built upon the rejection and trauma to create wounded personalities in the adult, who will continue to reject God, because they feel rejected. So understand that self-rejection, and projection of self onto other people for victimization, is a tool of the negative alien agenda and the satanic forces, across the board in the world. Both rejection and retaliation are tools of oppression and spiritual bondage, the abuser will work the person into feeling like a victim, to get them to feel either rejected or angry. If we feel rejection, then we may retaliate, or try extra hard to perform and please someone in order to get their approval. These behaviors, are what create and set up a bondage loop that is based upon fear and trauma. When we turn anger inward on ourselves, we are rejecting the God within us, and if we are put into performance in order to be accepted, this is also false love, so the performance between the slave and the master, is a form of false love. This is also propagated even in our biological family relationships, from people who are cultivated by the control system and do not know any better. When you say, ‘if you do this for me then I’ll do this for you’ or ‘if you do this I love you’, this is love based on conditions, which is a form of bondage. This is of course is the anti-Christ influence, it is anti-love, it is an anti-human sentiment that we are not lovable, unless we do XYZ.

So understand that God is the force of love, that Christ is unconditional love, and that this is the reflection of God’s true love for all, that is unconditional. Human fear has its root in death, we have fear of death. So in creating fear in humanity, a lot of it is the fear of self-preservation, the forces that control us through mind control may use threats or intimidation to create some kind of self-preservation fear, we have fear of the death of oneself, the death of one’s dreams, the death of one’s identity, the death of one’s fleshly body, and the death of someone we love. All of these are fears, that are also used as threats of intimidation from satanic forces to control us. It is important to understand to not fear death, because the fear of death comes from satanic forces, it’s an anti-life force. Life comes from the God spirit, so remembering that when we’re in fear, many times fear is built on a threat of some kind of death. Fear is built basically on satanic forces which are not real, the foundation is made upon deception and lies. The ego personality has fears of self-preservation, it has the desire to preserve the self or the belief systems in some way, and this is all based upon the concepts of death, humans are being scared of death and to death.

To escape satanic bondage looping of self-preservation, that is built on this fear, we must sincerely with our heart, reach out for the love of God. So this is not normally seen by people as a bondage loop, but it often is because only the foundation and security of the eternal God spirit, which loves us and gives us the strength not to get caught into these fears of death, or fears of self-preservation, which also creates acts to justify our self-preservation. There is a place for defending the truth, but it must be done in love. Understanding what Krystic principles are, through the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, is that we are justified in our relationship to God. This means that there is no judgment, but that our relationship with God is always the truth, we don’t have to justify our self, we don’t have to justify our beliefs, we don’t have to justify our self-preservation. Our relationship to God organically, and naturally, justifies us; and this is not from the ego’s need to self-justify.

Self-justification, this is usually the denial that hides behind many types of slippery ego mechanism behaviors, we justify it, we say it has to be done because of whatever excuse we make up that confirms our own bias. So when we justify that, this is easily related to the self-preservation bondage loop that we simply have to remember, that we are made in the image of God and that God is working in our lives. Most often the first thing which is attacked in individuals and nations in order to have control over them, is to attack and confuse the sense of identity we have as a spiritual being and an ethical moral being. Both individuals and countries are targeted to destroy ethical self-respect, destroy dignity and self-esteem, from the satanic view point ,the individual and the country, must be brought to think of themselves as lower than animals, unimportant and to act in behaviors that are sub human. This is a tactic of the negative alien agenda and satanic force, this is the tool to traumatize the victim who is being mind controlled and then provided relief for their anxiety, when a false illusion and demonic lie is accepted in order to receive relief for whatever the trauma is. This acceptance of the lies, acts as an energetic payment that is harvested from the person that is made directly to that satanic force.

Self-rejection is a very important part of trauma, because it creates a desire for either approval from the external, or it fuels a retaliation against a perceived enemy, and this gets people trapped in bondage loops. Lies put people in bondage, so any kind of lie or deception will create mental and spiritual bondage. Some fantasies and images are also a type of lie, and there are false images that can lead to bondage. The below meditation is dedicated to the release of these kinds of bondage loops and we will be working through a specific system to begin to open up the discovery and exploration of being released of any bondage loop. We cannot release bondage, until we identify that which causes us deep pain, fear or suffering. I ask you to bear with me on this language that you may find triggers within, which are connected to the rejection of the nature of God. This is exactly what we want to find and locate. To identify, locate, remove and repair any personality or any area in your energy field or body that is housed in the essence of pain, of which you carry, that had allowed a demonic spirit to use this part of your body.

We must understand that we cannot have a divided house within our bodies. The same principle of our body as a house, a temple dedicated for the Christ spirit to live within, cannot exist if there is a part of your house that is used for demonic essence or negative spirits. This will continue the level of pain that you may have and the level of pain that you may have will determine the need of spiritual intervention of God’s unconditional love. So with this meditation, we make the intention to dedicate our body and to build the house of God’s internal spirit for Christ, your Inner Christ, your direct relationship with God, and to cast out all demonic houses and their spiritual essences, which have at any time entered your body. So please stay as neutral as you can. If you are not feeling neutral about this information, I suggest that you return to the clearing later when you can feel more neutral. Thank you so much for reading, you may access the treatment below which is about clearing spiritual bondage loops. Much love and blessings to all. Thank you.

Breaking Spiritual Bondage Loops:

~Energetic Synthesis – Time Shift Blog – March 8. 2016