LISA RENEE: “Guardians of the Golden Apple”

Golden Apples are essentially the spiritual insights that come as a natural part of Spiritual Ascension and Consciousness Expansion, by being exposed to the knowledge of truth and digesting its contents. It is the way human beings evolve and grow by assimilating life experiences through Gnostic Revelation, by acquiring the wisdom that occurs when remembering these experiences accumulated from all of our lifetimes. The accumulative cellular memories of all consciousness lifestreams from the Amethyst Dragon Timekeeper histories are recorded in a series of geometric programs of living solar Light Language that forms into spherical shapes that resembles an apple. The Golden Apple is made of Solar Consciousness, it is similar to ingesting the living rays of the sparkling white golden Sunlight to assimilate the intelligence held within its living light streams. This living Light Language fully surrounds the outer layers of the planetary sphere, forming into the Solar Light rays of silver and gold braids which generate the crystalline lattice of the Golden Apple. The Golden Apple is imbued in the Language of Living Knowledge that is the Universal language of interconnected energy relationships that are encoded into every molecule, present within every atom and found in every element in the matter world. The Tree of Knowledge that contained the sacred Language held in the Golden Apple was protected by the benevolent Dragon Guardians, which has been the theme woven throughout Irish, Celtic, Norse and Greek folklore. Avalon is the signature of the Amethyst Order’s powerful Universal gate system of 11D Aveyon, that is located in the Cradle of Lyra. Thuban star acted as the Guardian Dragon Eye of the Templar code on the Solar Logos plane that expressed the Law of Gender and was the protector of the cellular memories recorded in the timelines throughout the Planetary Grid system. The Golden Apple was the perfected symbol of the Earth’s morphogenetic field as a celestial mirror to the cosmological pattern of stars in the heavens. The Golden Apple held the immense power of sacred wisdom and holy truths recorded in beautiful celestial Music of the Spheres and Light Language which could only be disseminated and embodied by those of a pure and sacred crystal heart. When our planet was Invaded, the magnetic field was distorted into reversal patterns which Guardians have referred to as the Poisoned Apple. Thus, acquiring this esoteric knowledge became known as the Forbidden Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, which is further worshipped by the Luciferians. We have learned that the Draco constellation Thuban star patterns made upon the Planetary Grid Network were being distorted into the Poisoned Apple magnetic Reversal Networks, being generated by the Alpha Draconis and Orion Group. The awareness of the Golden Apple is the basis of the (false) Genesis chapter which relays the account of Eve tempted by the serpent to eat the Forbidden Fruit and thus bring on the Fall of Humanity. This was an Entropic system of AI architecture intended to digress consciousness from the original plasma Christos Divine Blueprint of the 12 Tree Grid, and manifest the Closed Source system of Anti-Christ life forms. The Reversal Current, Cloned Identities, Metatronic and Black Magic Coding for spreading Satanism through Satanic Ritual Abuse was their ongoing Agenda to extract solar consciousness intelligence streams of the Diamond Sun Founder Records that are found in the Golden Apples recorded throughout the Albion Lightbody. As Thuban and Draco constellation are being reclaimed for the Cosmic Dragon Mother of our Universal system, our planet is undergoing intense shifts changing the electron and proton spins that form electromagnetism, in order to eradicate the Poison Apple Network and its false magnetism configurations that have shrouded humanity in the shadows of Lunar spiritual oppression for thousands of years. Whenever we have evolved towards the state of alignment with the Avalon or 11D Rod and Staff King Arthur and Queen Guinevere Hierogamic Consciousness, in effect we are given the opportunity to take a bite of the Golden Apple, and this is a Grid feature as well as a way to describe acquiring truth and wisdom on the path of Gnosis. When we meet a Guardian Dragon who gives us permission to eat the Golden Apple of the Solar Light, we are catapulted into the many dimensions of the Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings. We begin to inherently understand or directly experience Kundalini and the inner Grail, the Activation of Lightbody to perceive the star patterns made upon the Planetary Grid system and beyond, which further Awakens the Solar Dragon Consciousness slumbering in the Earth.”

~Lisa Renee


  1. Thuban
  2. Dragon Guardians of the Golden Apple
  3. Poisoned Apple
  4. Poison Apple Network

~via Ascension Glossary