LISA RENEE: “Alien Abductee”

“Many Alien Abductees are people that may have Holographic Inserts implanted for Mind Control, memory lapses, lose time, have black outs as their conscious memory is wiped from remembering the experience, only to have it re-surface during a later trauma event, such as accidents, hospitalization or hypnotic regression. Most Alien Abductees are connected to family bloodlines where a history of alien abduction is present within that family, and it can be multi-generational with military backgrounds. Many Alien Abductees that have been genetically enhanced, or augmented with hybridized alien genetics that have generated, potentially, a variety of higher sensory perception abilities, that are used for an agenda that serves that particular Negative Alien race. The person is implanted with small crystal electromagnetic patterns or type of foreign material that is not on the earth in order to act as genetic accelerators, these may have enhancements or be severely compromising to the human beings immune system and harm their natural Lightbody and Consciousness. During the Ascension Cycle more people awaken to have access to their unconscious memories and will discover they have had some event of abduction in their timeline.”

~Lisa Renee


Abductees are described as humans, both adults and children that are abducted generally during sleep state for DNA testing, specific training, biological sampling, implanting, Breeding Programs for hybrid experiments and for an array of medical type of examinations. It is important to note that the consciousness of the person may be abducted on the astral plane during sleep, while the physical body remains asleep and undisturbed in its local reality. Abduction defines both alternatives of the physical body being removed from the local reality and taken to another reality, or the physical body remains undisturbed in the local reality, while the person is directed to undergo astral projection into another reality. Abduction can occur with extraterrestrial groups, or with human military programs that are both interested in controlling or manipulating genetic material.

Many Alien Abductees are people that may have Holographic Inserts implanted for Mind Control, memory lapses, lose time, have black outs as their conscious memory is wiped from remembering the experience, only to have it re-surface during a later trauma event, such as accidents, hospitalization or hypnotic regression. Most Alien Abductees are connected to family bloodlines where a history of alien abduction is present within that family, and it can be multi-generational with military backgrounds.

Many Alien Abductees that have been genetically enhanced, or augmented with hybridized alien genetics that have generated, potentially, a variety of higher sensory perception abilities, that are used for an agenda that serves that particular Negative Alien race. The person is implanted with small crystal electromagnetic patterns or type of foreign material that is not on the earth in order to act as genetic accelerators, these may have enhancements or be severely compromising to the human beings immune system and harm their natural Lightbody and Consciousness. During the Ascension Cycle more people awaken to have access to their unconscious memories and will discover they have had some event of abduction in their timeline.

Catalogue of Genetic Material

Transcript: What I’m really feeling with cataloging the masses genetic material on the earth is a major reason for abduction. Over the course of the generations of alien abduction on our planet, I can see this is one of the main reasons why they do it. This falls under the genetic modification experiments that are carried out by multiple non-terrestrial species, although some of these groups may appear to have similar looking bodies on the outside, their insides, the lightbody is different. They have manipulated the Consent of certain family bloodlines that of course, do not remember that they have been held hostage under Blood Covenants, working for them in MILABS situations, these human cooperatives made with these alien agendas or the NAA alien agenda itself, that is operating independently in order to create a mass genetic catalog. They have compiled a catalog of genetics in the exacting frequency of those genetics and I see this broken down into lists of body parts. Meaning that the function of the autonomic system is broken down into very specific frequencies of control which are exerted upon the biology of the human being to generate effects upon those same body parts and autonomic bodily functioning.

I can see that this is alien influence and an enmeshment in the human biology where they are broadcasting low EMF’s and have been for very long time. I am going to have to look at that catalog of frequencies. They are very detailed about the biological and physiological operation of the human body. They have cataloged this into a type of technology and art. The best word to describe it is that it is like a software data base. They’ve put software together that has every single biological correspondence of the human beings body and how the physiological processes of that body actually work on the planet via frequencies. They have catalogued this list of body parts, functions and related frequencies from biological sampling of earth’s inhabitants. I’m seeing this group does not understand Diamond Sun architecture because what’s happening to our Plasma Waves biology is not the same instruction as listed in their catalog. These groups have put together this software with a data base filled with all of this detail. They have been abducting people and they have been studying the genomes and the physiological processes and are very interested in the procreation functions of the human body; the sperm, the ovum, the creational process of alchemy between the sperm and ovum, male and female principle. When we look at that male and female principle coming back into balance through hierogamic union, the truth reveals in the perfect androgyny that is in the Eternal Living Spirit of God. The truth is God has a wife and that the importance of the female counterpart as an equal in the process of creation has been completely ignored. Through all of this context the energy signature is the slant of the negative alien patriarchy. They cannot even fathom that the Mother of God, the female principle in her wholeness is a part of creation that they cannot control so to speak. Or their control is limited.

I’m still in the center of the planet Earth and looking at a software construct and data base for human genetics. It is a software program that has been used to be interactive in the control of AI nets and sending out specific frequencies based on a catalog of the human beings biological processes. It seems that is the main issue that we are having on planet Earth suppressing people during the bifurcation is via technological control. At this time, the more a person on planet Earth is disconnected from their inner spiritual source or their heart, or their desire to understand Expanding Consciousness or improve themselves; if they are really just in the physical body and external organs of perception, this very much amplifies the catalog of control. These frequencies are being aimed very specifically to physiological processes of the body to directly control that physiological process inside that human being’s body.

I can see that this occurs in stages. The directed technological frequencies have stages of autonomic control that gain access over the weakened human being. If the human being has allowed harmful behavior, or has a weakened consciousness, access to their bio-neurology is made much easier. There are certain harmful behaviors that are very high risk that weaken the biology and weaken the Soul of that person without their consent or knowledge most of the time. We have a lot of people on planet earth in that state, existing in weakened biology’s, weakened spirits, weakened and fragile minds. With a weakened and fragile mind it is very easy to control everything else in the body as well as the consciousness. Therefore, I am observing how that autonomic control happens in stages where these frequencies are being pulsed.

I feel why this is being brought to our attention is through understanding the surreal reality occurring to delineate sections in the state of bifurcation, as many of us have been talking about how strange it is when you come into contact with a purely third dimensional being. A person who is only using their outward organs of perception,and how surreal their behaviors can be when they act from there. How there is an increased lack of coherence, a lack of cohesion within their thinking. For a lot of us, the lack of coherence is completely obvious and yet, it’s not obvious to them. It is surreal to observe such increased levels of incoherence in their state of being, and that they think it’s completely normal. When you are observing them, once can see how abnormal it is and that its influenced by something that is not natural or even technological. People increasing levels of incoherence appear to be split, they don’t make sense, they are easily set off, they can be clearly triggered with anger or with whatever the judgmental factors are that are running in their Ego/Personality program.

Knowing this as we are undergoing this state of War Over Consciousness and in this weird transitional phase we are in with the bifurcation, seeing that there are sections of society, sections of people on planet that are being subjected to this level of atmospheric frequencies, meaning the lower atmosphere level of technological control. I’m seeing this Ai assimilation reality running on surface in the lowest density. It’s very low in the low atmosphere, like on the surface grid of planet. Seeing that these areas that are still running bi wave and are running these very particular frequencies that are meant to control the physiological process, every single one, they have cataloged this into a software data base to transmit in the lower density. I can see that this data base was formed from many abductions of human beings and animals on this earth, the collection of genetic material, the collection of various levels of physiology and then mapping this code out.

This has relationship to some of the information we got in July with the push in the Transhumanism agendas, Jade Helm, Robin Sage and some military programs that they were starting to exert more control through artificial mapping of the surface grid of planet. This seems to be an extension of that where the mapping of the human body’s physiological processes have been integrated. This is something that had been integrated into some Artificial intelligence software that is being developed into more sophisticated operations of brain mapping in this moment. Again, understanding that the people that are enduring bifurcation in the lower descending pockets are the ones unfortunately, that are enduring or suffering that level of saturation of these particular AI frequencies. This is because they are not realizing what they are being exposed to, the machined technological consciousness of AI, and how to change that or how to recognize it in themselves.

Bearing witness to this I think the important distinction is to understand that these frequencies that are being artificially mapped in the surface terrain of our planet to control the physiological process of human beings that are on this descending area of the bifurcation. This is the area of the AI assimilation timelines in the lowest density. We are looking at the parameter frequency that’s in 3D layers; 1D, 2D and 3D. It is the parameter that they are using in physical matter in order to control bodies physically. I can see that there are parameters of frequencies that were taken from genetic catalogs produced from earth inhabitants abductions, and they have done this in order to exert the Controller and NAA enslavement agenda on the people. [1]

Hybrids and Refugee Rehabilitation

So understanding that breeding programs are a extremely long history with planet Earth and with the human race, connected to genetic modification programs carried out by extraterrestrial groups. This goes back for many millennia; but understanding that today many of these breeding programs are about creating hybrid races for some agenda. Again there many extraterrestrial races that are interested in it for a variety of reasons because planet Earth and humanity here, the 3-D Earth, has the most incredible genetic library that one could actually do genetic testing on. Unfortunately the issue with that is that it’s done in secret and in many levels, the person that they are genetically testing is not in a conscious consent with actually participating with that testing or experimentation. However breeding programs tend to be with reptilian-based races or what we call the Refugee Races that came to this planet that suffered a lot of genetic digression or inability to evolve based on the damage they incurred.

The Breeding Programs that happen on our planet and that which you may have either genetic record, or some sort of soul history with; when I feel into your situation I do feel more connected with the Atlantian cycle when there was a certain ‘royal’ class of genetic experts which were designing different programs for actually rehabilitation of Aggression. So there were, I would say, positive forms of attempting to heal where the soul split had created emotional levels of deviance, or as we’ve talked about many times before, there are many races that do not have a Soul body, they do not have emotional faculties. Those beings, that level of existence, you cannot heal or evolve or align to the Godhead without an emotional body.

So there are also some valid reasons for assisting certain races like the Refugee Races to be able to, in a certain incarnation or timeline, to be able to inhabit their consciousness within a body and experience the range of emotion of a human being.



  1. [Transcription – February 5th, 2016 Sessions Update, ES Community]
  2. See Also:



Fallen ET and Negative Extradimensional Entities


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MAKIA FREEMAN: “The Wireless Radiation-COVID Connection”

A new study from January 2021 analyzes the close similarities and effects that EMF radiation and COVID have on the human body. While the study doesn’t prove causation, it shows a preponderence of evidence that wireless radiation effects could easily be called ‘COVID.’

The wireless radiation-COVID connection cannot be ignored if one is truly committed to discovering the underlying medical causes of whatever this COVID thing is. I have dedicated most of my articles to exposing the scamdemic, the fake death count, the fake numbers, the fake PCR test, the fake vaccine, the non-existent virus and more. However, I am writing this to bring some focus back to what could be a major factor in causing the genuine and legitimate illness some people have experienced from what is called COVID. Early on in the pandemic I talked about the 5G-coronavirus connection. Now, I’d like to broaden the focus to EMF (Electromagnetic Fields or Frequencies) and RFR (Radio Frequency Radiation) in general, both of which are forms of non-ionizing radiation. A study this year from January 2021 entitled “Evidence for a Connection between COVID-19 and Exposure to Radiofrequency Radiation from Wireless Telecommunications Including Microwaves and Millimeter Waves” analyzes this theme and finds some compelling evidence to support the radiation-COVID connection.

Uncovering the Wireless Radiation-COVID Connection

A hallmark of Operation Coronavirus has been the invention of an entirely new disease (COVID-19) with such broad and vague symptoms that virtually anything, but especially the common cold, flu and pneumonia, could be reclassified and recategorized as this new disease. My April 2020 article pointed out how it was crucial to avoid the trap of thinking COVID was some new thing, when there was not 1 disease and not 1 cause. That being said, it is beyond coincidence that many COVID symptoms match up with many effects of radiation exposure. The authors of the study state they have examined “a large body of peer reviewed literature, since before World War II, on the biological effects of wireless radiation that impact many aspects of our health” and that from this research they were able to discover “intersections between the pathophysiology of COVID-19 and detrimental bioeffects of wireless radiation exposure.” Pathophysiology is defined as “a convergence of pathology with physiology” and is the study of the “disordered physiological processes that cause, result from, or are otherwise associated with a disease or injury.” In simple English, the study found that many of the so-called effects or symptoms blamed on COVID are identical or remarkably similar to ones caused by wireless radiation.

Hypoxia and Hypoxemia

Let’s start with these 2 terms, hypoxia and hypoxemia, which both refer to conditions of under-oxygenation in the body. In the article Masks Cause Damage: Study Reveals Mask-Hypoxia-Blood Clot Connection, I highlighted how wearing masks limits oxygen intake which can then lead to potentially fatal blood clots. This study also found very similar effects between EMF/RFR and COVID when analyzing the blood:

“Two recent studies documented the formation of erythrocyte aggregates (Havas, 2013) and erythrocyte aggregates and echinocyte formation upon human exposure to 4G-LTE smart phone radiation (microwaves) (Rubik, 2014) … Exposure to radiation from a cell phone for two consecutive 45-minute periods caused two types of effects: initially increased stickiness of peripheral red blood cells and rouleaux formation (rolls of stacked red blood cells) and subsequently formation of echinocytes (spiky red blood cells). Similar red blood cell changes have been described in peripheral blood of COVID-19 patients (Lakhdari et al., 2020). Rouleaux formation is observed in 1/3 of COVID-19 patients, whereas spherocytes and echinocytes have been observed at variable levels. Rouleaux formation impedes the microcirculation. These blood changes may also impede oxygen transport, contributing to hypoxia, and increase the risk of thrombosis (Wagner et al., 2013) and therefore stroke, which can manifest in COVID … In short, both RFR exposure and COVID-19 can cause deleterious effects on red blood cells and reduced hemoglobin levels contributing to hypoxia in COVID.”

The tendency for blood to coagulate (thicken) in dangerous ways accompanies both EMF and COVID, and has been pointed out by doctors such as Dr. Robert Young who speaks of the corona effect. Coincidentally (or not), the AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine (one of the COVID vaccines which is not a mRNA vaccine) is being suspended by 20+ nations due to its apparent tendency to cause blood clots. Hmmm…

Oxidative Stress

Next, the study found that that oxidative stress was another indicator of a radiation-COVID connection. It defines oxidative stress as a “condition reflecting an imbalance between an increased production of ROS [Reactive Oxygen Species] and an inability of the organism to detoxify the ROS or to repair the damage they cause to biomolecules and tissue”:

“Immune dysregulation … has been identified in the cytokine storm accompanying severe COVID-19 infections and generates oxidative stress (Cecchini and Cecchini, 2020). Oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction may further perpetuate the cytokine storm, worsening tissue damage, and increasing the risk of severe illness and death. Similarly low-level RFR generates ROS in cells that cause oxidative damage. In fact, oxidative stress is considered as one of the primary mechanisms in which RFR exposure causes cellular damage. Among 100 currently available peer-reviewed studies investigating oxidative effects of low-intensity RFR, 93 studies confirmed that RFR induces oxidative effects in biological systems (Yakymenko et al., 2015) … Oxidative stress is also an accepted mechanism causing endothelial damage (Higashi et al., 2009). This may manifest in patients with severe COVID-19 in addition to increasing the risk for blood clot formation and worsening hypoxemia (Cecchini and Cecchini, 2020).”

Immune Dysregulation, Calcium Levels, Heart Disease and More

The study proceeds to look at all the ways that COVID elicits the same kind of response as EMF radiation, including the immune response, intracellular calcium levels, heart disease and arrythmias. In all cases, there is strong evidence of a radiation-COVID connection:

“In short, COVID-19 can lead to immune dysregulation as well as cytokine storm. By comparison, exposure to low-level RFR as observed in animal studies can also compromise the immune system, with chronic daily exposure producing immunosuppression or immune dysregulation including hyperactivation … cardiac arrhythmias are more commonly encountered in critically ill patients with COVID … regarding RFR exposure bioeffects, in 1969 Christopher Dodge of the Biosciences Division, U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington DC, reviewed 54papers and reported that RFR can adversely affects all major systems of the body, including impeding blood circulation; altering blood pressure and heart rate;affecting electrocardiograph readings; and causing chest pain and heart palpitations (Dodge, 1969). In the 1970s Glaser reviewed more than 2000 publications on RFR exposure bioeffects and concluded that microwave radiation can alter the ECG (electrocardiogram), cause chest pain, hypercoagulation, thrombosis, and hypertension in addition to myocardial infarction (Glaser, 1971; 1976).”

The study also specifically mentions 5G:

“Most recently, Bandara and Weller (2017) present evidence that people who live near radar installations (millimeter waves: 5G frequencies) have a greater risk of developing cancer and experiencing heart attacks. Similarly, those occupationally exposed have a greater risk of coronary heart disease. Microwave radiation affects the heart, and some people are more vulnerable if they have an underlying heart abnormality (Cleary, 1969). In short, both COVID–19 and RFR exposure can affect the heart and cardiovascular system, directly and/or indirectly.”

The Conclusion of the Study

The point of the study was not to prove causation, but rather to show there is some kind of radiation-COVID connection that needs to be further investigated. The authors write that:

“evidence from the literature summarized here suggests a connection between several adverse health effects of RFR exposure and the clinical course of COVID-19. The evidence indicates that RFR may weaken the host, exacerbate COVID-19 disease, and thereby worsen the pandemic. This evidence presented here does not claim causation. Clearly COVID-19 occurs in regions with little wireless communication. In addition, the relative morbidity caused by RFR exposure in COVID-19 is unknown. The question of causation could be investigated in controlled laboratory experiments.”

Here is their conclusion:

“We conclude that RFR and, in particular, 5G, which involves 4G infrastructure densification, has exacerbated COVID-19 prevalence and severity by weakening host immunity and increasing SARS-CoV-2 virulence by (1) causing morphologic changes in erythrocytes including echinocyte and rouleaux formation that may be contributing to hypercoagulation; (2) impairing microcirculation and reducing erythrocyte and hemoglobin levels exacerbating hypoxia; (3) amplifying immune system dysfunction, including immunosuppression, autoimmunity, and hyperinflammation; (4) increasing cellular oxidative stress and the production of free radicals exacerbating vascular injury and organ damage; (5) augmenting intracellular Ca2+ essential for viral entry, replication, and release, in addition to promoting pro-inflammatory pathways; and (6) worsening heart arrhythmias and cardiac disorders. In short, RFR is a ubiquitous environmental stressor that contributes to adverse health outcomes of COVID-19. We invoke the Precautionary Principle and strongly recommend a moratorium on 5G wireless infrastructure…”

This study is not the first to make the connection between 5G/RFR and COVID. As I covered in my article 5G Induces Coronaviruses: New Study Models Millimeter Wave Influence on DNA, there have been other attempts analyzing this, although that study was later retracted.

Final Thoughts on the Radiation-COVID Connection

It’s always going to be more sexy and spectacular to sell a story of a killer virus rather than explain that each individual is responsible for their own state of health according to how well they cultivate, much like a farmer, their own inner bio-terrain. It’s always going to be more preferable for Big Gov and the Corporatocracy to blame an invisible enemy rather than admit that, in their unbridled quest for domination and control, their poisoning of the environment – even if by unseen frequencies in the airwaves – is contributing to major disease and sickness in the population. It’s just too easy and convenient for the dark forces that rule this world to blame it all on a virus, especially when the alleged effects of a coronavirus so closely mimic the effects of EMF radiation. The COVID op is a chance for us to wake up to a broader picture of reality, particularly in terms of understanding health, disease, viruses, radiation and the worldwide conspiracy.


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Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles, author of the book Cancer: The Lies, the Truth and the Solutions and senior researcher at













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JAMES CORBETT: “Hello, I Must Be Going! . . .”

I’m one strike away from having my main YouTube channel deleted and Patreon has permanently “suspended” my account, so if you’re only following my work through these controlled platforms then all I have to say is: It was nice knowing you! For everyone else, here’s how you can continue watching The Corbett Report even after YouTube pulls the plug…



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TRUTH COMES TO LIGHT: “Alexa, Does Bill Gates Kill People?”

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JAMES CORBETT: “YouTube Banned These Videos — Here They Are.”

As you may or may not know, I’m in the middle of a two-week suspension on YouTube where I’m not able to post to my main YouTube channel. If you neither knew nor cared about that fact because you’re getting my new content from the website directly or via my RSS feeds or following me on an alternative social media platform, then congratulations! You’re winning.

But in case you do care (or if you just need a handy-dandy link to send someone who’s wondering where Corbett has disappeared to), here’s a reverse chronological list of all the videos that YouTube has banned, along with the links for you to watch them on an alternative platform.


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