‘ONCE A PRISON… ALWAYS A PRISON?’ ~ ReallyGraceful: “What The Media Won’t Tell You About Australia”


Comments from the thread:

“At this point Australia is a ‘Living Lab’, as MIT call them, to train AI algorithms and predict people’s behaviour, then they fine tune their algorithms and apply them to the whole world. The world is going crazy, but fear is a strong emotion and most people can not see what is truly happening!”

“Yes Canada also. The test beds”

“Why do all these politicians look so demonic!! You can literally see the demonic negative energy aura surrounding them!! Are they even human?? You have to ask yourself what sort of human could treat a fellow human the way these psychopaths are, and sleep at night!! These tin pot tyrants seem to actually get off on it as well!!”


“They Sleep just Fine. Psychopaths have No Feelings or any Empathy, or Remorse, for the things they Say or Do !!! Sad But True !!!”

“They look demonic because they ARE demonic. I can’t believe that some people can’t see this. I can’t believe ANYONE would be brainwashed enough to fall for this stupid plandemic. It is SO OBVIOUS what is happening, and it has been from the very start. Prayers of intercession. Pray constantly to open their eyes.”

“Yes, I’ve been noticing that for awhile, but it’s seemed to become more obvious and numerous the past year or so. And it’s not just politicians. I don’t see an aura or energy, but I just see it, stuff I can’t explain, but I can just look at these fools talking and know they aren’t human. The eyes, facial features, very subtle but it’s there. No idea what they are, but not human. I just figure it’s either the veil thinning and they’re slowing being exposed for what they are. Slowly so that we can see it gradually and not be shocked. Or, the demons in them are starting to consume them, and they are losing what little humanity they had left.”

“Some of them look either totally possessed or recently MK Ultra’ed – That Australian official that mentioned NWO looks as if she has had a heavy session on the MK Ultra programming chair + heavy meds! Her eyes are gone – tired, a bit wild and she looks like she is about to lose her temper.”


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LISA RENEE ~ Podcast: “For Parents Supporting Young Children”

Dear ES Family, please know that we will not have a public Ascension class for this month. However, we offer the August news and Podcast for ongoing support. We’ve uploaded our August 2021 PODCAST!

~Lisa Renee

Listen to the Podcast here!

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