LISA RENEE: “Why is Psychic Self-Defense Important?”

“It is important to get comfortable in this world of multidimensional energetic phenomena through educational awareness so you will begin to break free of the social stigma around this issue that creates fear in most people. There is nothing to fear as these are the dynamics of how Consciousness energy works in a dualistic system undergoing liberation, such as the planet Earth. Once we understand that this spiritual phenomena exists, we can explore our Multidimensional anatomy and then better comprehend the natural laws of which humans are governed by in this energetic system through the Law of Polarity. We begin to amass the tools to realize that we are playing a part in a stage of evolution that is divinely orchestrated in the Ascension Cycle. We can then become purposeful in our power as we are divinely guided by our higher selves to achieve and be directed by our soul’s purpose. We can consciously interact with these higher spiritual forces to create more accurate manifestations and experience more joy and peace in our daily lives. As we hold these higher vibrating patterns of self awareness, it becomes increasingly difficult for these negative energies to super-impose upon your energy field and take advantage of siphoning your life force. Further, as you become awakened and self aware you begin to heal these lost aspects of the shadow self and these dark energies become dissolved into the unification of the balanced light you really are.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Psychic Attack

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IRELAND CLARK: “Signs You’ve Shifted Timelines (And Don’t Know It)😱😂”

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~via Ireland Clark

IRELAND CLARK: “END 3D Timelines Now Starseeds, Elevating☝🏼🌟Ascension”

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Comments from the thread:

“This all really resonates with what I’m going through right now and you’re just affirming that I’m making the right decisions. Thank you for this”

“I loved today’s message, I have been struggling with letting people go and putting up boundaries. I asked for and sign and you came on with this …. THANKYOU!”

“I have let go of a lot of people in my life… I refuse to be around bs anymore. All the zombies out there are frustrating to me!!”

“As some people need to be blocked, yet new friends come in.” 😇 🙏

“We all know someone, who thinks we are living in another world. It’s ok, I no longer care, We stand in our faith, in God” 🙏

~via Ireland Clark

JUSTICE BELLUCCI: “How To Find Your Discernment” (Double-Play)

Justice explains how to find Discernment through activating your heart chakra. We are in the middle of a Spiritual War over our Consciousness and DISCERNMENT is Key in order to Ascend.

Video 1:

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Video 2:

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~via Justice Bellucci / Justice Christ

‘MUST-WATCH’!!! ~ Ireland Clark: “Timelines ARE Splitting ⏱ Separate From Them NOW”

~via Ireland Clark