LISA RENEE: “Spiritual Housekeeping”

Once a person is attuned and working with the 12D Shield daily, the Lightbody becomes aligned to the 12D Ray and this starts to build the spiritual foundation for the Soul, Monad and Avatar bodies. See Ascension Stages and the ES Core Triad.

At a certain level of proficiency, one can utilize the 12D Shield as a Transit Gate Vortex, or a Shadow Gate. This is a vortex set up specifically to exit out and clear low vibration energies, entities, and negativity from the space one has commanded with the 12D shield as GSF in the boundary test. We call that Commanding Personal Space with a boundary test using the GSF triad, which is the Threefold Founder Flame. This means one is stating that one chooses the consent and authority of God-Sovereign-Free, which is aligned to the Law of One, therefore the Christ authority.

In many of our community processes we teach an array of potential spiritual housekeeping or clearing techniques which can be acquired and learned through the many meditations. The Shadow Gate or Transit Gate Vortex is a basic technique that everyone will get a lot of benefit from. To clear out lower frequencies, misplaced entities, misqualified or negative energies that accumulate in a room, space and group aura field exposed to higher frequencies.

When in situations or locations of severe negative energy build up in the collective, the land itself, the buildings or structures, or interacting with a possessed person/group, these tools can be a lifesaver, and reduce psychic sponging or the toxicity from entering your field. One may also find that dedicating the meditation you are guided to may be dedicated to the specific area or energetic problem lightens the density. Sometimes we may feel too tired and can access a meditation on cell phone or other devices ( turn off wireless and place on airplane mode), to help clear the present space we may find ourselves.

Here are some basic spiritual housekeeping tools to explore and experiment with. Everyone is unique and must learn what works the best for them in a variety of circumstances. Remember that we do not impose our will on anybody or anything, however, we have a divine right to exist in the spaces without being attacked, parasitized and vampirized, and so we must strengthen our field awareness and our sphere of influence in the space. Here are some tools to be aware of not superimposing one’s will to commit potential harm to others, but to access the natural laws to neutralize polarities or resolve the energetic conflict in the circumstance or space. These can be said out loud or said in the inner mind or imagined. [1]

Unity Vow

Commanding Personal Space

GSF Project Decree

Transit Gate Vortex

Common Causes of Weak Aura

There are many things that weaken our general health and well being, through the weakening and fracturing of the human energy field or aura. When we develop Self Awareness and learn basic Spiritual Housekeeping through Psychic Self Defense one can be proactive in generating a strong aura, or Lightbody, which increases energetic balance and health in every layer of the multidimensional bodies.

  • Negative emotions, AD Behaviors, destructive thoughtforms of Negative Ego
  • Unresolved Emotional or psychological conflicts, destructive relationships
  • Pharmaceuticals, drugs, alcohol,
  • Addiction and consuming recreational drug substances
  • Surgery, hospitalization and cutting into the body
  • Low EMF fields generated from technology (cellphones, computers, TV)
  • Solar Flares and strong Magnetic Field Shifting, EMF Fluctuations.
  • Accidents, events that cause physical stress, shocks or emotionally traumatic experiences
  • International Air travel, traveling to areas of the earth with different grid system or hemisphere
  • Extreme grief, depression, guilt, shame or loneliness

What is Psychic Attack?

Even if you don’t feel specifically energetically attacked on some level it is valuable to cultivate awareness and practice doing the exercises, as issues may manifest in other ways in your life, such as illness. Some of the reasons for an attack on your personal field/space/aura may include the following:-

  • Environmental, collective consciousness or governmental exposure and lies of disinformation
  • Thought forms or entities already in, or attracted to your field
  • Attachment cords between yourself and another
  • Karmic return to you or your ancestry from other Timelines
  • Unprovoked attack by another in the form of karmic manipulation, spells, curses
  • Forces resistant to your lightwork, healing work or conscious support of Ascension
  • Life form or negative alien attempts to control through fear or implant for manipulation
  • Black Magic, Imposter Spirit or other Dark Force Manipulation Methods
  • Negative Form and shadow bodies attached through other Timelines, or entities

Once you are aware of how the problem may have been caused you can take steps to rectify the underlying cause and protect yourself from similar problems in the future. You have all the inner power and resources you need within you to resolve and rectify any of these issues effectively.

Informed awareness to deal with these issues when they manifest in your life without dwelling on the negative aspects of them is the goal to balance and achieve positive results.

The next of the series will go through our list of above mentioned items. Every lightworker needs to be informed and aware of these forces working behind the scenes in our world, period. [2]

Strengthening the Mind

You might think of the immune system as a part of the physical body only. However, this is not the case. It is just as important to develop a strong psycho-emotional and spiritual immune system through a strong focused mind that clears Negative Ego. Also the effectiveness of your physical immune system will, in actuality, depend to a great extent on the strength of your psychological and spiritual immunity and one’s willingness to clear the Negative Ego and the Pain Body.

Whether spiritual people like to admit it or not, Life in this dimension is a battle that one must develop strength and discipline. Even the great Paramahansa Yogananda said, “Life is a Battlefield”. This discipline exists on a variety of levels and one must learn to be a spiritual warrior in life. First you are disciplining your mind to remain conscious and stay awake in a reality where the mass populace is generally asleep to their environment and their divine nature. Staying out of automatic pilot and from letting the subconscious mind control your life takes constant vigilance to stay mentally alert and stay present in the moment. Second, keeping negativity and negative thoughts away from your energy field and thought processes takes disciplined awareness. As well does the ability to maintain staying in the flow and remain balanced and in harmony with yourself in order to have clarity and inner peace.

With the plethora of new energies and resultant dimensional shifting, there is also a battle to maintain personal health and heal from physical imbalances through healing the experiences of unresolved life trauma, conflicts and karma. Some of those issues you are healing may even be from parallel lives or multi dimensional experiences. However one of the biggest things you must face and deal with, along with energies within yourself not coming from the soul, are the negative energies coming from other people and the environment.



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~via Ascension Glossary

LISA RENEE: “Spiritual Deliverance” — Negative Entity Clearing Technique for the Galactic Warrior

“The following content is for the dedicated Christ Galactic Warrior who is clear that is their role and is completely dedicated to serve God and Christ, with every fiber of their mind, body and spirit. We will bring forward technique for Spiritual Deliverance to be applied to a person, groups, organizations, cities, governments in this upcoming cycle. This is for the use of supporting the advanced spiritual warrior that is free of fear and is not yet able to use the HGS system. This planet has basically two main categories of light-workers, those that volunteered for energetic placement to hold as much love, light and high frequency in their body as possible, and those (like myself) that are Galactic Warriors that go into battle. This next section is for our Galactic Warriors that serve and defend the Christ Consciousness on this planet. Do not use these techniques for anyone except yourself, unless you are clear that this is your mission and job description on this earth.”

~Lisa Renee


During this period of time, our Krystal Star family would like to prepare us with additional tools to break spiritual bondage attachments and to provide deliverance to any offending negative spirits that we may be confronted during the next month this specific portal is open. Some of us will be confronted with these negative spirits and they will be inhabited in a human body. It is important to understand that the body is being used and to honor the human, but to see and recognize the real consciousness energy that is possessing and using the human body. Remember, every person has the right to live and exist without being terrorized by the intimidation and bullying tactics of the anti-human consortium of the NAA. To decree the Law in the presence of the Fallen Entity, you must state your full intent, consent and authority to be aligned to the will of God, power of Christ to enact and enforce the Universal Book of the Law (through the Holy and True Father of God). These negative energies may surface into present view for observation in many ways, so pay attention. They exist in the NAA classification, Fallen Angelic Hierarchy or exist within lower classes of satanic spirit hierarchies that are controlled by these dark higher ups in the Galactic Plane.

The absolute key for any Galactic Warrior is to be fearless and command your personal space with conviction and dedication to God in your heart, as a fierce and unwavering representative of love, freedom, sovereignty and all things that are the real virtues of the Spirits of Christ. You are in effect defending our space and defending your spiritual light from parasitism, intrusion and the forces of tyranny that exist as the anti-Christ and anti-human. In the process of spiritual deliverance, it is more effective to demand the entity and spirit of servitude reveal its name to your person, when you challenge it in the power and authority of the Christ Spirit and in accordance to the Book of the Law. If this is necessary, be commanding and extremely firm. When confronted by one of the minions of one or more of these Fallen Angelic hierarchies, ask loudly and in commanding tone, “I challenge you in the power and name of the Christ, What is your NAME?” Sometimes, you will need to say this repeatedly, loudly, until you get a name. Do not listen to anything else that they say, and remember they are liars and deceivers, there is no space to allow them any room. When confronted or in the presence of a member of this Fallen Angelic hierarchy, under no uncertain circumstances, refuse its access to your body, mind, home, children and never allow it to have access to your energetic field. When involved in such spiritual procedures, you cannot back down, it is up to you to tell it exactly where it has to go. When you get its name, or other information that gives you the detail of its authority of origin, then IMMEDIATELY READ IT RIGHTS. [1]

For each entity you discover you must read it your rights and call it out by its name to be transited.

This procedure is below and can be repeated often. When you read its rights you are delivering it from bondage in the Book of the Law, when you command and obey the Law and power of Christ as your 100% authority on this planet. Hold a fearless inner strength, affirming your direct connection to God and Christ, as in the mantra, “I am God! I am Sovereign! I am Free!”

You may need paper and pen to write out the information that you receive when you challenge and ask questions as included below.

Prepare for Spiritual Deliverance

Opening: Dial up: Beloved God, In Pure Love Open All channels of light, clear all light fibers to be fully connected and resonant with the Eternal Living Light Code. Set Space: We call Upon Our Group Avatar God Selves, The Guardians, Aurora Families and Guardian Mentor Band, the Krystal Star Matrix aligned to the Law of One Mission to work together for the highest capacity of exchange of GOD’s infinite light, love and power in divine right order and harmony.

Connect to your Inner Spiritual Core

  • Authentically declare your Intention from your Heart to resolve authority issues and defer your Ego to Serve God/Oneness
  • Declare intention: My declaration of intention is to serve my Source. I commit to serve my highest power, fully, completely and totally, I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free.
  • Activate your Inner Spirit and Core Shield (12 D field Hub). From within your 12 D Hub, create the Hub Handshake with Unity Intelligence/Krystal Star.
  • Boundary Test (I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free)

Close your Eyes a Moment and Place your attention on your Personal Platinum White Pillar of Light, your Personal Christ Ray Shield. Stay Contained in Your Personal Shield. Imagine or Intend seeing yourself filled with the 12th Dimensional Liquid Silver light, your Rainbow Body of Plasma, see your feed line of energy connected into the heart of God. Feel yourself sustained and nourished in your own light source, emanating in waves from your still point.

Beloveds, please open our KRYSTAL AEGIS DOUBLE DIAMOND Vortex in counter clockwise motion into full expansion in the Celestial Krystal Forces, we flood our own beings and with each breath, take into our bodies the crystalline cleansing rainbow light of God.

Transharmonic Gateway

Beloveds, hold this Space entirely in the Eternal God Light. Holy Mother, please open the TRANSHARMONIC PILLAR AND 13TH GATEWAYS TO MANIFEST AND LOCK DOWN extending and encompassing my personal shield. I COMMAND THIS SPACE IN THE Sacred Self Sovereign Power and right to dedicate and claim this space for the Eternal God Spirit in Christ. KA RA YA SA TA HA LA! As you tone these rainbow colors, visualize the Krystal Aegis breastplate protecting your core spirit, protecting your core heart.

Challenge Inquiry

We now are going to ask the questions necessary to break the ties of mental and spiritual bondage.

I Challenge any Spiritual Force, Negative Force or Demon that interferes with my right of self-determination, free will and creative expression of my core God spirit and core identity to be in direct relationship with the Eternal God Spirit. I choose the power of Gods authority and Christ to free my body, mind and spirit of any interfering demonic essence or negative spirit oppression that inhabits my being, from past, present or future.

I address any generational and ancestral spirits that have been bound through the past, present and future, in the authority of CHRIST — ALL DECEIVING and Interfering SPIRITS IDENTIFY YOURSELF NOW! These demons are sometimes variously can be masking as spirit guides, angels, wizards, ghosts and aliens or a number of other disguises. Focus on the areas in your body and life that you may have pain, suffering, fears or anxiety. Ask God’s Holy Spirit to show you the places and spaces where you have been traumatized and wounded, do not be scared, you are a child of God, you are walking with the holy spirit. Let her take you gently to find those places, situations, timelines, identities, where you may have wounds, ask your core spirit what places exist within your mind, body and spirit that may have rejected God’s spirit from heart or mental based traumas.

This is the time to write down the detail or information you receive now.

Fallen Angelic Hierarchies

First Class Fallen, Second Class Fallen and Third Class Fallen Angelics. These are their most common names, but they have many, as they are collective entities and travel as a pack. These are the main Houses of Ego that are used as dark portal possession by these Fallen Angelic and Dark Galactic Hierarchies:

  • Satan /Moloch — Anger/Wrath
  • Lucifer — Pride/Entitlement
  • Leviathan — Envy/Jealousy/Covet
  • Belial/Ba’al — Liar/Corrupt
  • Mammon — Greed/Avarice
  • Asmoday/Baphomet — Lust/Addiction
  • Beelzebub — Gluttony/Waste
  • Baalpeor/Belphegor — Laziness/Discouragement

Lower Spirits of Servitude

Be aware of sub class satanic hierarchies of lower spirits. Keep an eye out for spirits of anger, rage, hate, unforgiveness, etc., when dealing with situations or people that have been involved in abuse and are experiencing extremely hurt based trauma. These parts of our energy split off and many times a type of spirit will be holding onto the piece of soul fragment — these types of parasitic spirits may need to be driven out. Some common types of Negative Spirits that are classified as the Spirits of Bondage include:

  • A Spirit of Fear, Guilt or Shame
  • A Spirit of self-hatred
  • A Spirit of Insecurity and lack of safety
  • A Spirit of any number of addictions (drugs, alcohol, etc.)
  • A Spirit of the Fear of Death
  • A Spirit of being a Servant of Corruption
  • A Spirit of Compulsive Iniquity
  • Spirit of the Anti-Christ which is the ultimate Narcissism or selfishness
  • Spirit of Bondage (Romans 8:15)
  • Spirit of Divination (Ezekiel 21:21)
  • Spirit of Death
  • Dumb & Deaf Spirit (Mark 9:25)
  • Spirit of Error (1 JN 4:6)
  • Familiar Spirit (LV 20:27)
  • Spirit of Fear (2 TM 1:7)
  • Spirit of Haughtiness (PRY 16:18, 19)
  • Spirit of Heaviness (ISA 61:3)
  • Spirit of Infirmity (LK 13:11)
  • Spirit of Jealousy (NM 5:14)
  • Lying Spirit (2 CHR. 18:22)
  • Perverse Spirit (ISA 19:14)
  • Seducing Spirits (1 TM 4:1)
  • Spirit of Glamour or Whoredoms (Hosea 4:12, and 5:4)

Each of these types of Negative Spirits has a number of specialists. For instance the Spirits of Glamour contains spirits which can specialize in the following:

  • A Spirit of Unfaithfulness and Betrayal
  • A Spirit of Prostitution (whether Spirit, Soul or Body)
  • A Spirit of the Love of Money
  • A Spirit of Idolatry — Material Worshipping
  • A Spirit of Chronic Dissatisfaction
  • A Spirit of Sexual Energy Abuses
  • A Spirit of Gluttony

A demonic home is a fleshly environment by which gives it access and ability to live in a person. This is not a physical home, but a spiritual home. A root of bitterness for example, will create an environment or place in that person’s life by which demonic spirits can enter and dwell among. (See The Seventy-Two Demons in Fallen Angelics for more listings)

Casting Out

All deceiving demonics and spirits are hereby notified of their eviction and to be cast out of this body, my body – mind and spiritual body in the power and Authority of God in Christ name. I choose the God power of my core spiritual identity to inhabit my body fully and completely as the residence dedicated for Christ, and cast out all demonic spirits and their essences, scents, and residue. I further cast out to remove their demonic spiritual residences in a complete deliverance from their bondage!

Reading Rights

READING RIGHTS: All Fallen Angelic entities and spirits of servitude involved in this mind control program of deception and Satanism, are delivered and released of bondage through my God-given rights:

  • I have the right to self-determine and command my space in Cosmic Sovereign Law.
  • I have the right to own my sanity and to choose wholeness.
  • I have the right to terminate this mind control matrix and end this anti-christ game.
  • I have the right to choose and I am free in the Sovereign Law of God’s Eternal Light.
  • I cast you (insert name) out of mind, body and soul spirit, at every level in the power and Glory of Gods truth in the light, The Living Christ.
  • I am made in the perfect image of God!
  • Krystal Star, please provide intercession for all spirits present, and Holy Mother Arc, please provide the necessary transit as obeyed through the Laws of Christ.

I ask Beloved God Spirit to heal any wounds, trauma, pain, suffering in my heart, body, mind and spirit to completely remove any residue of which is used as an open demonic portal into my body. Beloved Holy Spirits please reveal to me now any information, I am required to be made aware of to participate in my spiritual healing fully. I ask all memories I require to heal be revealed to me now in so that I may address them fully for complete spiritual healing. God Forces, Holy Mother Arc, and our Avatar Christ Self, please continue to assist and transport any and all demonics, negative spirits, Fallen Angelics, through all appropriate levels of transit as required.

Sovereign freedom consecrated to God Source with all intention now is chosen, thank you. (3x, Say three times)

Address Soul Wounds

I ask any parts of my being that are wounded, traumatized and in pain, that reside as a separate identity or alter and have another name in my body, mind or spirit, please reveal yourself to me now. I am guided by the Holy Spirit to protect all aspects of my identities and bodies — I ask any of my beloved identities in any time or space please come forward and speak to me, so that I may recognize you, witness you and love you with all my heart. Holy Mother please return my loving spiritual heart to free my personalities throughout all time and space, Holy Mother please love and hold my inner child with unconditional love, Holy Mother please love and hold my teenager with unconditional love and forgiveness, Holy Mother please love and hold my adult self with unconditional love and forgiveness.

In the authority of CHRIST — ALL parts of my being that are wounded and in pain as a separate identity or alter — IDENTIFY YOURSELF NOW!

This is the time to write down the information you receive now.

Address the Inner Child

All identities, parts of the body and alters are loved, understood, embraced, and accepted in the Holy Spirit and Gods abiding love for you; as you allow identities to surface they are often tormented by hurt and pain, and it is vital that they feel comfortable releasing that in order to receive the healing of the Holy Spirit in that area of the person’s soul. Send you loving comfort to them, Tell the personalities in your body how much God and Christ truly loves them, with all of your heart shine the light of love to all of these hidden spaces to reveal them in the light. Ask them to forgive you and to allow forgiveness to heal and integrate them. Beloveds I the Spirit of Christ to heal all of my personalities to truly love God, to know God to feel Gods love for me. Every aspect of my being, is loved by God, I am a child of God’s Love.

Tell you how much you love you — I love you. I love you. I love you.

Personalities, just as the core person, have legal grounds of which allow or refuse demonic permission or access to inhabit and torment them. It is important to get the personality aspects or alters to break any harmful soul ties, destructive actions, renounce harmful vows, remove harmful spiritual objects, such as implants, in order to refuse and terminate the demonic spirit right to access this part of the person’s mind, body or spirit.

I address any implant, ritual object, Alter, symbol, gem, numerical value, name, color or false god which has been used to bind my identity to demonic forces within my mind, body or spirit.

I am a Child of God, I accept the Laws of God in Christ Name, as a self-sovereign being loved by God unconditionally. I command my right to reclaim my core spiritual identity as single occupied, and to remove all bondage and agreements between these ritual objects, symbols, curses, ceremonies, implants, entities, demonics or Satanist spirits or essences. I denounce all connection to these artifacts in past, present or future time within all identities of my body to serve the God purpose of my core spiritual being. I ask all of my being and its aspects, to break the tie of any agreements that are destructive to my spirit.

In the authority of CHRIST — ALL Agreements, Objects or symbols of Mental and Spiritual Bondage IDENTIFY YOURSELF NOW!

This is the time to write down the information you receive now.

In the authority of CHRIST — I ask to return to rightful owner any keys to unlock places and spaces in my body that I reclaim in the Christ. I ask my Avatar Christ Self to inhabit my body and to take over any hidden spiritual spaces to be revealed and brought into the light of truth. Return now to my Christ and Core Spirit, all Keys, jewels, body parts and essences that are required to reclaim these spaces as one with God and Christ. Return all master keys and master codes to my Avatar Christ Spirit now IDENTIFY that to me NOW!

This is the time to write down the information you receive now.

Address Personalities

I address any of my personalities and core spirit to identify and locate any harmful open portals located in my body, mind, or spirit that create spiritual weakness. In the authority of CHRIST — ALL Harmful portals of demonic openings in my body, mind or spirit, IDENTIFY YOURSELF NOW?

This is the time to write down the information you receive now.

  • ALL DECEIVING and Interfering SPIRITS IDENTIFY YOURSELF NOW! ALL parts of my being that are wounded and in pain as a separate identity or alter — IDENTIFY YOURSELF NOW!
  • ALL Agreements, Objects or symbols of Mental and Spiritual Bondage IDENTIFY YOURSELF NOW!
  • ALL SPIRITUAL OBJECTS that have returned to my Christ and Core Spirit, IDENTIFY that to me NOW!
  • ALL Harmful portals of demonic openings in my body, mind or spirit, IDENTIFY YOURSELF NOW!

All deceiving and interfering spiritual oppression or demonic essences are cast out of my body, permanently completely and totally, I accept and allow the power and healing of Gods eternal light as the spirit of Christ to unite me with God. Every personality, identity, multiple personality, alter, generational or ancestral identity located in any time and space, any identity that has inhabited this body in any shape or form, I terminate any legal agreement and energetic law that serves demonic spirits or harmful entities, from pre-birth, birth, childhood, teenage-hood and adulthood through the act of my personal will NOW to choose self-determination for my core spirit — I choose sanity, wholeness, integration and healing as the perfected truth inside my body, mind and spirit which I know is made in Gods image. I am the Cosmic Sovereign Law Made Manifest!

I ask and pray with all my heart Beloved Mother and Holy Spirit to heal, integrate and merge all personalities, alters with my core internal spirit into wholeness, I welcome the healing power of the Holy Spirit to come and bring healing to all of those parts in so that they can merge with my core spirit person. I ask and pray with all of my heart for my core spirit to be shown all divine keys and spiritual gifts and truth from God in so that I may be able to express my highest service to Gods expression on this earth. I return the power of my entire being to the authority of God and Christ. I ask and pray with all of my heart to be shown how to permanently and completely close and seal all harmful portals or harmful openings that were located in my body. Beloved God and Family of Christ, please permanently seal my aura, body, mind and spiritual layers from any intrusion, close and seal all harmful portals permanently. STS sweep all spaces and layers which had been closed off with amnesiac barriers, in so that I am willing to recover all of my memory, recover all of my body parts, recover my brain and mind, recover my spiritual energies and essences, in the united will that serves liberation, freedom and Love in Christ.

Consecrate Body to God

I dedicate my body, mind, spirit, personalities and all essences of being to the service of God and the power of the living spirit of Christ. Holy Mother, Holy Father, Holy Christ, may the sacred trinity ignite your powerful healing spirits within my heart and body to propel me to purity, and perfection in the Light of God. Beloved, We request One God Spirit to reconnect all body parts and body intelligence matrices to the control of our Original Spirit now, as God would have it be. Beloved God we ask for all human beings on this earth to be a knower of their soul and to release the burdens of humanities servitude to false light, false power through deception.

Pray for Humanity

We pray for all humanity and this planet, for peace, love, compassion, mercy, and forgiveness, in so that every being may find its way back home to the living light. Please comfort those who are in great pain, so that they may come to know peace, and therefore know the perfect peace of God’s love existing within the Christ consciousness. I harmonize and HOLD this space in the name of One Self God Self for humanity.

Seal in God Light

AS witness of One, I seal this into the Light of Union of Wholeness in Service to the One Self. Take this through the Morphogenetic Field and subtle energy systems on all levels and components of the Being. Fully, Completely, Totally. Seal our bodies as consecrated to the Eternal Light of God Source, and our Family of Oneness. Beloveds, we thank you for this Opportunity. It is with great joy and reverence we are Home in the Light. Our Infinite Stream of Love is with you in all ways. I Seal this Session Container into the Light of Wholeness and Union. And SO it is. Thank you God!

Bless you Warriors of Christ! May you take this information and free yourself and others from the bondage of the Fallen Angelic hierarchies, spirits of servitude, and regain your true freedom and sovereignty in the power and name of the Christ! May true love and peace be with you.



Spiritual Deliverance

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~via Ascension Glossary


Sky Photography by Ascension Avatar


“Spiritual Deliverance”

LISA RENEE: “Ars Goetia” (The Conjuring of Demons)

“Demonic forces and their hierarchies are used to power up Black Magic Grids and are referenced here for support of Spiritual Deliverance and Gridworkers who may be encountering demonics, Fallen Angelics, and are required to call them out for eviction by name. I have had many encounters after 2012 where I am approached by demonics from the Ars Goetia, because of the Guardian Host clearing and re-encryption of tri-wave harmonics into the earth grids, as a result they require reading of rights, eviction and transit out of the earth, in some cases.”

~Lisa Renee


Goetia or Goëtia (Medieval Latin; anglicised as goety /ˈɡoʊ.ᵻti/) is a practice that includes the conjuration of demons, specifically the ones summoned by the Biblical figure, King Solomon. The use of the term in English largely derives from the 17th-century grimoire The Lesser Key of Solomon, which features an Ars Goetia as its first section. It contains descriptions of the evocation, or “calling out”, of seventy-two demons, famously edited by Aleister Crowley in 1904 as The Book of the Goetia of Solomon the King. Goetic Theurgy, another practice described in the Lesser Key of Solomon, is similar to the book’s description of Goetia, but is used to invoke aerial spirits. [1]

Lesser Key of Solomon

The Lesser Key of Solomon, also known as Clavicula Salomonis Regis[note 1] or Lemegeton, is an anonymous grimoire (or spell book) on demonology. It was compiled in the mid-17th century, mostly from materials a couple of centuries older.It is divided into five books — the Ars Goetia, Ars Theurgia-Goetia, Ars Paulina, Ars Almadel, and Ars Notoria.

The most obvious source for the Ars Goetia is Johann Weyer’s Pseudomonarchia Daemonum in his De praestigiis daemonum. Weyer does not cite, and is unaware of, any other books in the Lemegeton, indicating that the Lemegeton was derived from his work, not the other way around. The order of the spirits was changed between the two, four additional spirits were added to the later work, and one spirit (Pruflas) was omitted. The omission of Pruflas, a mistake that also occurs in an edition of Pseudomonarchia Daemonum cited in Reginald Scot’s The Discoverie of Witchcraft, indicates that the Ars Goetia could not have been compiled before 1570. Indeed, it appears that the Ars Goetia is more dependent upon Scot’s translation of Weyer than Weyer’s work in itself. Additionally, some material was used from Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy, the Heptameron by pseudo-Pietro d’Abano, and the Magical Calendar.

In a slightly later copy made by Thomas Rudd, this portion was labelled “Liber Malorum Spirituum seu Goetia”, and the seals and demons were paired with those of the 72 angels of the Shemhamphorasch, who were intended to protect the conjurer and control the demons he summoned. The angelic names and seals were derived from a manuscript by Blaise de Vigenère, whose papers were also used by Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers in his works for the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Rudd may have derived his copy of Liber Malorum Spirituum from a now-lost work by Johannes Trithemius, who taught Agrippa, who in turn taught Weyer.

This portion of the work was later translated by S. L. MacGregor Mathers and published by Aleister Crowley under the title The Book of the Goetia of Solomon the King. Crowley added some additional invocations previously unrelated to the original work, as well as essays describing the rituals as psychological exploration instead of demon summoning. [2]

Guardian Eviction

Demonic forces and their hierarchies are used to power up Black Magic Grids and are referenced here for support of Spiritual Deliverance and Gridworkers who may be encountering demonics, Fallen Angelics, and are required to call them out for eviction by name. I have had many encounters after 2012 where I am approached by demonics from the Ars Goetia, because of the Guardian Host clearing and re-encryption of tri-wave harmonics into the earth grids, as a result they require reading of rights, eviction and transit out of the earth, in some cases.

The Seventy-Two Demons

The demons’ names (given below) are taken from the Ars Goetia, which differs in terms of number and ranking from the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum of Weyer. As a result of multiple translations, there are multiple spellings for some of the names, which are given in the articles concerning them.

  1. King Baal
  2. Duke Agares
  3. Prince Vassago
  4. Marquis Samigina
  5. President Marbas
  6. Duke Valefor
  7. Marquis Amon
  8. Duke Barbatos
  9. King Paimon
  10. President Buer
  11. Duke Gusion
  12. Prince Sitri
  13. King Beleth
  14. Marquis Leraje
  15. Duke Eligos
  16. Duke Zepar
  17. Count/President Botis
  18. Duke Bathin
  19. Duke Sallos
  20. King Purson
  21. Count/President Marax
  22. Count/Prince Ipos
  23. Duke Aim
  24. Marquis Naberius
  25. Count/President Glasya-Labolas
  26. Duke Buné
  27. Marquis/Count Ronové
  28. Duke Berith
  29. Duke Astaroth
  30. Marquis Forneus
  31. President Foras
  32. King Asmoday
  33. Prince/President Gäap
  34. Count Furfur
  35. Marquis Marchosias
  36. Prince Stolas
  37. Marquis Phenex
  38. Count Halphas
  39. President Malphas
  40. Count Räum
  41. Duke Focalor
  42. Duke Vepar
  43. Marquis Sabnock
    Marquis Shax
  44. King/Count Viné
  45. Count Bifrons
  46. Duke Vual
  47. President Haagenti
  48. Duke Crocell
  49. Knight Furcas
  50. King Balam
  51. Duke Alloces
  52. President Caim
  53. Duke/Count Murmur
  54. Prince Orobas
  55. Duke Gremory
  56. President Ose
  57. President Amy
  58. Marquis Orias
  59. Duke Vapula
  60. King/President Zagan
  61. President Valac
  62. Marquis Andras
  63. Duke Flauros
  64. Marquis Andrealphus
  65. Marquis Kimaris
  66. Duke Amdusias
  67. King Belial
  68. Marquis Decarabia
  69. Prince Seere
  70. Duke Dantalion
  71. Count Andromalius

Inorganic Four or Demonic Cardinal Directions

The demons are described as being commanded by four kings of the cardinal directions: Amaymon (East), Corson (West), Ziminiar (North), and Gaap (South). A footnote in one variant edition instead lists them as Oriens or Uriens, Paymon or Paymonia, Ariton or Egyn, and Amaymon or Amaimon, alternatively known as Samael, Azazael, Azael, and Mahazael (purportedly their preferred rabbinic names).

Agrippa’s Occult Philosophy lists the kings of the cardinal directions as Urieus (East), Amaymon (South), Paymon (West), and Egin (North); again providing the alternate names Samuel (i.e. Samael), Azazel, Azael, and Mahazuel. The Magical Calendar lists them as Bael, Moymon, Poymon, and Egin, though Peterson notes that some variant editions instead list ‘”Asmodel in the East, Amaymon in the South, Paymon in the West, and Aegym in the North”; “Oriens, Paymon, Egyn, and Amaymon”; or “Amodeo [sic] (king of the East), Paymon (king of the West), Egion (king of the North), and Maimon.”‘



  1. Goetia
  2. Lesser Keys of Solomon

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“Baal” (1) / “Baal” (2)

LISA RENEE: “Clearing Spiritual Bondage”


Those of us committed to the Law of One, to promote sovereignty and freedom for this planet and humanity, have more grid and energetic support than we ever have. If we have had possession, implant and entity harassment, the following discussion with treatment should offer relief with some level of commitment to the process. We must remember we have returned to this earth to master ourselves and master these entities and the negative energies here. This requires we learn exactly how these entities think, what their strategies are, and where they came from, why they may be attached to us and how they infiltrated this planet. We are in a war over consciousness that requires we master the psychological-spiritual warfare being directed to humanity. In many cases, this will require we directly experience implants, entities and psychic attack and forms of alien aggression. We cannot heal the consciousness of our planet until we understand exactly how our body and the planet became corrupted with the reptilian virus and synthetic alien machinery. Please have patience with the process of Spiritual Deliverance and command your space as a God-Sovereign-Free being. It is suggested to have a firm grasp of using the 12D shield before moving into these exercises. The 12D shield will provide a much easier extraction process. This transcribed discussion, below, is to help prepare you for understanding how to identify and clear spiritual bondage loops.

Our meditation is dedicated to the release of the bondage loops that bind us to personality behaviors or wounded-ness, that may have bound our energy field to the essence of demonic spirits. For this reason, we will be talking more about how the Negative Alien Agenda and Satanic forces enslave the masses through spiritual bondage, and how dark forces use spiritual principles to isolate the core spirit and internal system of human beings from God access. What is being discussed in this segment is the process of breaking the bondage loops between your consciousness and dark forces. This is so that you understand more of the language in the following meditation, “Breaking Spiritual Bondage Loops”, that will be included at the end of this discussion. To prepare us for clearing, we will need to understand some of the energetic structures which are a part of how spiritual principles are abused by anti-life forces. Anti-life forces, or Imposter Spirits, lie or deceive people in order to create bondage loops (these are cords and attachments into the Lightbody) that exist mentally, spiritually and emotionally for human beings.

The negative alien agenda uses specific strategies called, Archontic Deception Behaviors that are designed to create disassociation and extreme trauma from the spiritual abuse of human beings. The desired goal for them is to start abusing humans as young as possible, when they are babies and children. To define this methodology through a black magician, the words of Aleister Crowley on rituals, he was quoted to say, “it must be programmed by aged 8 or it’s too late.” So it becomes extremely clear that those who are active in mind control and spiritual warfare against humanity, are fully aware of spiritual principles, and the energetic laws. These laws of energy are in operation for everyone on this planet, whether an Luciferian being, Satanic being or a Krystic or Christ being.

A specific way to manifest spiritually destructive behaviors in a human being, that is exploited by the Archontic Deception and Negative Alien Agenda, is that if you can mind control a person to be angry at God or to reject the spiritual principles of the Spirit of God, it is easy to get that person to commit grave acts of destruction and depravity, against their own spiritual source or soul. Further, this person can be manipulated to commit those acts of spiritual destruction upon others around them without remorse. These destructive acts are reinforced and repeated, many times in childhood, to get the person to reject the spirit inside himself, to reject God itself, and to be repulsed by certain words that have been used to control the language to describe God or spirit. Words that are used to describe God or spirit, which is a direct part of our own consciousness body, have been severely abused and twisted in their true meaning by the alien controlled organized religions, such as the Catholic Church, a satanically controlled organization.

So understand that all beings on this planet that understand spiritual principles, are actually governed by the same energetic laws. What defines the difference in how those laws come into manifestation, is the quality of energy, spirit and consciousness that is used with heart-based intention or with negative ego, base mind intention. The base mind of negative ego is that which creates the division within the polarity forces, which is separation. This is why there is so many levels of disinformation that is spread in organized religion or in certain religious beliefs, to maintain control over the minds of the devotees. Religion generally promotes that to gain more spiritual knowledge is evil, and to have understanding about the occult is an evil thing, and this is a grave misunderstanding or untruth. In some cases, the particular level of information, as it’s being disseminated for followers with the intention of mind control for soul binding, then yes, that action is orchestrated by a satanic being who is interested in enslaving the human being. However, it is important to understand that the same core spiritual principles that the satanic force is governed by, as a spirit being, are the same laws that can serve the God force in Christ, which is also a spirit being. There are energetic laws which are in operation for all levels of spiritual being on this planet. We should not fear spiritual knowledge, and not fear self-knowledge, as it is to better to understand that as we become exposed to greater knowledge, this is not a negative thing, it is necessary for most of us to be exposed to knowledge in order to evolve. Accessing self-knowledge is the same as accessing spiritual knowledge, and this is a process of empowering each person to consciously participate with their own spirit.

Spiritual principles are purposely used in organized religion to influence that person to reject their own person, by rejecting the spirit inside of himself, to reject God itself as something that exists outside and external to the self. This is one of the core levels of satanic deceit, misinformation and lies, to confuse the spiritual principles, so that the person cannot discern the difference of where they are being led. They are unable to tell that they are being deceived and lied to, by the structures of control that tell them that they are the only authority worthy to represent God.

Great efforts are made by the controllers to stage events in the world scape to make humans feel consistently victimized, isolated, and through reinforcement of fear based mind control belief systems, so that people will feel certain that God has rejected them. For instance, some victims may have someone who played God in their lives, walk away from them when they really needed help in a life or death situation. However, understand that using victim-victimizer software on the minds of people, such as when a child is brought into religious organizations, he may be repeatedly warned that God is cruel and judgmental, and that he wants to destroy him for the wicked things that they have done. Bible verses tell of the wrath of God, and God’s anger is read to the victim repeatedly, so the victim victimizer programming is designed to make sure that mind control make the human being feel that they are implicated in sinful, deviant or bad behaviors or that they are a bad person. This is especially implanted into the minds of people, if something that is judged as bad has happened to them. Maybe they were abused by their parent and they believe it was their fault. Maybe they were raped and they thought it was their fault, and they live hiding their shame and guilt from others. The victim victimizer program uses this tactic to ensure that the person is rejecting themselves, or rejecting their inner connection to God somehow. Victimizer software works to promote shame and guilt upon the mind of a person that has been inflicted with a great crime against their personal sovereignty and inner spirit, which in truth the action was committed, usually by brutal force, by the depraved action of another person.

One of the biggest issues in the world within people who are not aware of this information, is the belief of the injustice of God creating a world of such suffering. This is a twist of this Satanic and Luciferian belief system to help train the person who is indoctrinated into these particular religions or beliefs. Once you experience and see the suffering, pain and the cruelty in the world, and confusion and frustration results, then that person can be set up easily to reject that reality and be easily moved into a Satanic or Luciferian type belief system. This is a coping mechanism to deal with the mind set of dark ignorance, and not having spiritual tools to develop a personal relationship with ones inner spirit. This is to ensure that the victim hates or rejects their inner spirit and their relationship to God, and that hatred towards God expresses itself in the victim’s unconscious parts or within their own internal system. The internal system is the unconscious mind, the subconscious parts where we hold memories of personal pain or suffering. So in the internal system, this unconscious program is to continue to propagate this rejection of the self, rejection towards the spirit, and this is a part of victimizing the human being, interrupting the true spiritual birthright of each person.

Many of us may have sensitivity around words that feel too religious. Many of those words I may be using to bring up subconscious religious programming which requires to be healed, words like God, Satan, demons, Lucifer. These are all words that the Catholic Church uses and that many organized religions use. Many of us have been inflicted with the mind control programming of twisted biblical translations and from that exposure, this has created a rejection of that frequency or consciousness in our life, in our body and in our mind. This is because these words to describe God or spirit, have been attached to different meanings with egoic intentions, thus, it is something that we have been abused with on the earth. What I’d like to bring to your attention is to find any parts in yourself that still may feel a rejection towards any of this language, or any aspects when we use the word God or Christ, Satan or demonics, that these are all terms that you will want to feel neutral towards. We must learn how to hold neutrality with these words, because there is an sophisticated, organized structure designed to create spiritual abuse of these words in the human being. This deception is from an anti-human forces, this is an anti-Christ perspective, and this means that the intention behind it is to manipulate the person’s unconscious mind, in order to get them to reject God.

When we understand more about what is a demonic, a demonic is something that exists. A demonic being is a low spiritual being and it’s attracted by a specific scent or the essence that exists within a person’s energy field. Within the body, within the mind, within the emotional state, there is a certain vibrational quality and essence or a scent that can attract demonic beings when a person is unconscious and heavily controlled by negative ego. We are made in the image of God, and we are attractive prey to those who hate or reject the original God spirit, and this is essentially defining satanic and anti-life forces. When demonics target a person or group of people, a common tactic is to create chaos, disruption, problems or trouble for that person or group. When the persons issues and their problem reach a crescendo, they may go into panic or fear. As a result, they’ll be in a state of mind to grab any kind of solution that’s passing by without thinking. It is in this way that people unconsciously make a pact with a demonic force or demonic spirit, many times unknowingly, because of their anxiety, their pain, their hysteria, their suffering has caused an intense reaction in them. Then from a place of panic, they are gravely misinformed and then an ill decision is made to find a solution. Really what is occurring is that person has been manipulated to make a bad decision, and they were actually being coerced or manipulated by dark forces to that particular decision and many times they don’t know it.

This is emphasized so many times in our community, the importance of not emotionally reacting to external situations, but learning first to find the inner stillness, the neutral point and then from inner calm, choose a response. This is a big step in not allowing demonic spirits to manipulate or coerce you. We can see this in the world at large, this program of creating problems, reactions and solutions. This is one tactic of the negative alien agenda where strategies are used for divide and conquer, so most people are selling out their soul, selling out their bodily energies, selling out their life force, and allowing a negative or demonic energy in their body, because they are hoping for quick relief from their problems.

For those of us that have reached a level of spiritual understanding, when we see this circumstance playing out, we can see this clear as a bell, we can see this manipulation a mile away. But for most humans, they cannot see this manipulation playing out and this is because demonic forces are able to dull their senses by the manipulation of their own unresolved pain and trauma. This is a part of the brain and neurological dulling or spiritual damage that happens in the human being that is constantly exposed to trauma. This dulls the senses of the person to the point they no longer have any realization that they have sold their energy, sold out their soul, so they’re not aware this is going on in most cases. So most people make a choice to accept the falsehood of lies, because they live in denial to the truth of their reality. The falsehood of lies is offered by the demonics for their relief of anxiety or fear, rather than stick with the larger truth, which when we see that truth, it seems to hurt. This is a very good example of being able to stay awake through the dark night of the soul. To stay awake through some difficult material, so that the shadow self will not be manipulated into creating even more pain for that person. The truth is what sets us free, but a lot of the times people don’t want to deal with that hurt, we don’t want to see that pain. And when we do, we are leading our self into denial which creates self-delusions, and this falsity is what allows demonic forces or spirits to manipulate these unconscious parts of us.

So it’s important to understand that facing the truth can hurt sometimes, but ultimately it is the pathway to our spiritual freedom. To be a truth seeker, a truth lover, a lover of the truth is the path to personal sovereignty. Many times when there are ceremonies, festivals or pilgrimage, there is an authority given to demonics, which is transferred to human beings that are unaware that incantations or certain things are bringing demonics into their body. When they are asking for a cure to their problems, these strong demonic manifestations occur around festivals, ceremonies, and rituals which are being done every day of all over the world. These ceremonies and rituals when used for selfish and negative ego purposes are like welcome mats for inviting demonic forces, giving them the right to access the body and mind. We must remember that all things have a right to exist, so the issue is, knowing who your authority is and commanding your personal space. This is why this is spoken of so often in our community, learning how to do the 12D Shield, command your personal space, because we are sharing the earthly space with so many different levels of spirits and beings. Everybody has the right to exist, in their spirit, the issue is demonic forces are like parasites on the human spirit, so we have to set the space within ourselves and refuse the right of the access of demonic spirits into our human energy field. We understand the demonic forces are being given a right to attach to your body when you invite it in through your own behaviors, this is a rule within the energy field, demonics attach because humans let them. When we let them in because we do not have informed awareness, they attach to us so this is a phenomena that exists on earth, it is something that we should be aware of more deeply because it’s impacting so many human beings on the planet.

Every area of the world has this type of spirit, and often demonic signs occur at rituals and ceremonies, so a lot of the power that is given is preserved and fueled by certain ceremonies and tradition. When people become attached to rituals or traditions, that they don’t want to stop, if the tradition is rejected, the ceremonies rejected by people, the demonics often augment with some kind of new deception. So this is the constant level of creating deceptions for people to increase spiritual bondage through multiple deceptions, which become more and more challenging to figure out in the complexity of deceit. This is why being able to see what deceit is, being able to see what a deception is, seeing what manipulation is, this is so important because these are tools used by the anti-life force or demonic spirit.

So if you asked, how does Satanic forces of the negative alien agenda enslave people, you should now better understand how that process occurs. The answer is that Satanic forces and the negative alien control, is enforced by trauma based experiences and through inflicting mind control and spiritual abuse of the people. A trauma is applied into the lives of people, and when they reach out for some type of answer to this trauma, the Demonics many times offer them some kind of answer through temptation of lower ethics. In organized religion, this could be praying to some idol, saying some Hail Mary’s, staying in the confessional booth or doing blood sacrifice. Whatever it is, again this problem, reaction and solution is a demonic type of tool used to control the minds and souls of people. When somebody is in trauma or endured some type of abuse, this creates a lot of confusion. Many times this trauma is based upon a lie, that turns into something that people believe is true and that starts to blur the lines of reality. They can’t tell this is a false reality because their mind isn’t able to break loose of the power of the lie, they are living in the storyline of that trauma based deception, and they are living in denial.

The power behind myths of belief are fueled deeply in these traditions, these ceremonies, these rituals of demonic manifestation and demonic attack. So anyone who steps outside of the demonic lie, meaning the false reality program, is attacked and targeted for victim victimizer programs. When people feel that they are being personally attacked, especially when their sense of self is being challenged, such as their heritage, their tradition, their religion, and that is not being acknowledged, people willingly sacrifice the truth for falsehood. They accept falsehood in their need for relief from their trauma, because in their need for relief to get some kind of answer, they have many times chosen to be deceived and manipulated, they don’t want another truth, they just want relief. So this choice to be deceived has a great deal of spiritual power to it, and this is very important to understand when you’re in denial and you refuse to look at the truth, this allows demonic presence to come in to your energy field, mind and body. For people that have had extreme fear or abuse programs, they’ve been spiritually abused very young in life, this becomes more serious to understand. This is because a lot of fears we can manifest as thought forms, and we can clear those thoughtforms, but there may be really deep, trauma based abuse patterns which are being directly manipulated by demonic forces or low spirits. The trauma cannot be fully cleared until the demonic spirit is removed from the body, this is a bondage loop. Many times we are not understanding that we are deceiving ourselves or being manipulated in the truth of where the real source of this pain is coming from. We have to identify where the pain is coming from in the trauma, identify the abuse we have suffered. If we can’t identify it, if we refuse to look at it, we’re constantly deceiving ourselves and we are easily manipulated by dark forces. This is making the choice to remain being in a state of deception, of not seeing the truth, and this action of denial and manipulation of falsehood is what allows the legal rights, so to speak, the energetic law which attracts the essence of demonic spirit or demonic power.

When person chooses deception over truth, especially when they have been exposed to truth, understand that this has great consequence of negative spiritual power. They are no longer a truth seeker, they are no longer a truth lover, they choose denial to deal with pain and that denial to deal with pain will stop the access of greater knowledge and truth. So when a person is in great denial, you can’t just speak to that person about some level of truth because they have rejected the truth. They must at some point be willing to seek truth again, meaning go beyond the superficial level of reality to be able to receive spiritual knowledge again. These people can have all the proof shown to them about some level of truth and they will continue to reject it, from great unresolved fears. A great example of that is how many times have we seen people reject UFO’s, alien abduction, or paranormal events, something that is in front of their face, and they cannot see what’s right in front of them. It is right there, but they cannot look at it truthfully. Many of us in the Starseed community are perplexed, why can’t that person see that in front of their face? This is because they have chosen the deception, the demonic bondage feeds falsehood, feeds deception and it is that demonic bondage loop that needs to be broken somehow. This is why we’re having this discussion to understand this more deeply.

Spiritual bondage can be broken in a number of ways, so sometimes we can (and this is something that we do in ES a lot), we point out galactic history, we talk about things that are hidden agendas, we point out the inaccuracies that are hidden inside the deception and lies, because half the time what the public is being told lacks common sense. So much of the time what the media reports to the public is completely ridiculous and yet, still people believe it. They believe ridiculous lies they’re being told, so sometimes when you can point this out, it is sufficient to break a demonic spell. A demonic spell is a type of demonic force that is attached to that falsehood, that delusion promoted in our reality, that creates mesmerism or hypnosis of belief in that person. Our goal is breaking the demonic spell that perpetuates falsehood and lies, the lies used to deceive the people, deceiving us, and how that propagates in creating even more deception in the world. The Archontic Deception behaviors and strategies used by Satanic based forces are very specific to the negative ego and are carefully formulated. Once we can see it, this points out what is going on and many times we can have a breakthrough, we can have that realization moment, that allows us to have clarity. Just the information being exposed to a level of truth can be sufficient to break the spell, where a person can wake up and start to see the deceptions and the lies that they have been told. But after the demonic spell of lies are broken, the next step is that person will be required to follow that realization by taking steps to live in truth, meaning that they seek the truth, they have love of truth. To realize the true nature of God, we must follow and learn from the truth spirit.

Many people have fears over gaining knowledge and spiritual truth from mind control. The mind control programs are simply the sophisticated application of what is been done to humanity on a larger scale, a world scale and then being scaled down to a single human body. There are so many different levels of mind control being propagated, whether it’s global, whether it’s national, whether it is in the United States and then of course that mind control is being drilled down to single human beings.

All trauma and lies are used in the same way. The different sub-personalities or identities that exist within a person, many times when a person, a human being has been traumatized or abused, especially spiritually abused (SRA), different personalities will start to exist within the human energy field, they bury within the unconscious levels of the mental body to actually try to protect the person. These different sub-personalities are not necessarily soul identities, but they are identities which become split from huge trauma in the person, where the person has not identified that trauma within himself. Now another way to call these particular sub-personalities, which are described in mind control, meaning that mind control creates trauma and can create split personalities or multiple personalities in someone, these are fragments which are also called alters. So it’s interesting, an altar is very similar to what you’re talking about in an altar of worship, if the split personality has an altar, this is something the demonic spirit uses to exchange soul energy or take body parts or energies away from that person. So this is a way many times, the person that may have different sub-personalities, these are people that act subconsciously or unconsciously and many times don’t even know what they’re doing. This is a type of split identity in a person, which occurs from heavy trauma and abuse. These particular identities if and when they exist, are called alters and this is about the altar selling the soul to the lies of deception or the lies of omission in return for their false belief in some kind of safety and security.

Most of the time the inner child, the body at the core level is split, fragmented. This creates the feeling of being so insecure, so unsafe, that the inner child or different sub-personalities of the person will start to create ways of coping, so that they can feel safe. Understand that this is a Satanic control mechanism to split the core spirit away from embodying inside the human being. This is an important piece of this, an important piece of understanding how to heal trauma and abuse in a person, because once we feel insecure, when we feel unsafe, this is because we’re nonintegrated and we’re not spiritually connected. We can’t feel our foundation with our inner core spirit and our direct relationship with God.

This is a basic ingredient to all mind control programs, whether it’s an individual person or a group of people, and it’s all based in the same thing. The source is trauma and fear that is embedded somewhere in the human body, in the human mind or the human spirit, the trauma exists at some level within the body. Our job is to release this spiritual bondage, and be able to find where this bondage exists. So many Krystic beings have believed that the solution to Satanic mind control is to be so united in love, that the world would actually see the solution lies in the Cosmic Christ Consciousness. But for the world, Christ represents unity and integration, whereas the anti-Christ represents the opposite, division and fragments. But there are spiritual strongholds or spiritual grips which are also used to divide and conquer us, which is important to understand. This is the necessity that we come into greater spiritual maturity of the current reality on the earth, and that these spiritual strongholds are much more vast than any of us could really imagine.

The heartbeat of the body of Christ, the Diamond Sun body of Cosmic Christos-Sophia, is to bring all of humanity to reconnect, reclaim and know their original creator. This can be accomplished by breaking down all the lies and the mind control programs that separate the parts of the body of Christ, so that those of Krystic intention and behaviors, those that are integrated in love and spirit, can reflect to the world, reflect to the group, so that the individual starts to believe inside of their heart the power of the inner Christ, the true power of God. Each of these levels of identities has a spiritual, mental and physical side, that we are starting to recognize aspects in the body that have been split to refuse or reject the aspect of the core spirit coming into wholeness. That is the whole body of Christos-Sophia, being able to embody the Krystic form.

Human beings on this earth, in most cases, have had their personal free will and self-determination stripped from them. It is clear that when looking at what’s happening in the negativity of humanities behavior, a lot of the destructive behavior in the world, this isn’t about thinking of human beings in terms of guilt or punishment, because most human beings are slaves, who no longer have freedom of choice. If they kill, they steal or tell lies, many times because of these mental splits, spiritual disconnection, they have not done it intentionally and with consent. Still, the mind control programmers know the negative alien agenda , they know full well there are negative spirits involved to spiritually abuse and prepare mind controlled human beings to be a slave to do these acts. When they carry out these destructive acts they are in spiritual bondage to these forces. For instance, many humans are carrying demonic spirits in some part of their body, in some part of their mind from negative behaviors that they themselves direct from their personality or that they have inherited from generational ancestors.

Now from these conditions of energetic imbalance on the earth, from these conditions of not being able to recognize destructive or deceptive elements of your being, and taking steps to heal them, it’s very easy to implant demonic spirits into the person, into that person’s body. So understand that alien implants are a demonic structure, they are the same structure which feeds demonic spirits and alien parasites in some kind of format of low energy quality. So any person who is not taught to dedicate their personal rights and possessions, their body to be consecrated to God, can end up with all types of surface forces, meaning ego, negative ego types of behaviors, such as insecurity, worry, anger, jealousy, tension, anxiety, envy, these kind of ego surface forces play out in the third dimension. They in turn cause all types of surface weaknesses and spiritual vulnerabilities in the person, which will start to justify lying, stealing, cheating, arguing, and deceiving. If these ego weaknesses are displayed by anyone, it means that you can see the external behavior of these negative qualities and that has now clearly manifested its evidence that deep spiritual problems and schisms exist in that person.

So the point is, the ability to have these types of negative ego personality weaknesses in human beings, is directly reinforced by global mind control programs and are spiritually, energetically set into the human being to condition them to be a slave. This is enslavement by teaching that person to resist or reject the grace and the love of God inside himself. It may be shocking to realize that human beings as a whole, are specifically targeted to be mind control programmed to resist God’s grace and love, and to actually reject and hate God which is a byproduct of self-hatred. This is not left to chance, it is carefully manipulated and it is accomplished by a number of trigger events in the world and within the individual humans’ life.

Another spiritual area that is being tampered with in the human being, through these mind control systems, is tampering with the self-image of the person. People are conditioned to not allow themselves to think of themselves as made in the image of God, instead of allowing the human being to learn about Christ, as the image of God, the human being is victimized and constantly belittled by being told they are inadequate and judged to be made in comparison to others. This is a violation of spiritual principle in the natural laws of God. When people are not allowed to accept themselves, they end up resisting and rejecting the divine will of God, and the wrong attitudes are built into human beings, as they are treated as slaves, in so that they will always resist the divine will of God. The programming and mind control is linked to collective belief systems. An alternative faith in finding God, finding belief systems that are not connected to global and religious mind control is very important in the spiritual healing process. We must find heart based faith in our direct connection with God, in any way that feels right for us. This cannot be defined for you by any other person. If you can’t feel it and experience it, you start with faith and you devote some time to meditate and find ways to experience your direct relationship with your inner spirit, with your God self.

This is the beginning to help to heal through mind control, and these various schisms and splits that occur in order to create satanic belief systems and sub-personalities within us, buried in the subconscious, This can also be parts of ourselves as multiple personalities or split personalities that could’ve happened when we were traumatized as a child, the child created a silent personality in order to cope with that particular trauma. So these personalities are designed through these abuse systems for humans to reject God, thus children are introduced to religious indoctrination mind control, in order to instill a faith in God. Family imposed beliefs in some religion focused on mind controlling their followers, will be built upon the rejection and trauma to create wounded personalities in the adult, who will continue to reject God, because they feel rejected. So understand that self-rejection, and projection of self onto other people for victimization, is a tool of the negative alien agenda and the satanic forces, across the board in the world. Both rejection and retaliation are tools of oppression and spiritual bondage, the abuser will work the person into feeling like a victim, to get them to feel either rejected or angry. If we feel rejection, then we may retaliate, or try extra hard to perform and please someone in order to get their approval. These behaviors, are what create and set up a bondage loop that is based upon fear and trauma. When we turn anger inward on ourselves, we are rejecting the God within us, and if we are put into performance in order to be accepted, this is also false love, so the performance between the slave and the master, is a form of false love. This is also propagated even in our biological family relationships, from people who are cultivated by the control system and do not know any better. When you say, ‘if you do this for me then I’ll do this for you’ or ‘if you do this I love you’, this is love based on conditions, which is a form of bondage. This is of course is the anti-Christ influence, it is anti-love, it is an anti-human sentiment that we are not lovable, unless we do XYZ.

So understand that God is the force of love, that Christ is unconditional love, and that this is the reflection of God’s true love for all, that is unconditional. Human fear has its root in death, we have fear of death. So in creating fear in humanity, a lot of it is the fear of self-preservation, the forces that control us through mind control may use threats or intimidation to create some kind of self-preservation fear, we have fear of the death of oneself, the death of one’s dreams, the death of one’s identity, the death of one’s fleshly body, and the death of someone we love. All of these are fears, that are also used as threats of intimidation from satanic forces to control us. It is important to understand to not fear death, because the fear of death comes from satanic forces, it’s an anti-life force. Life comes from the God spirit, so remembering that when we’re in fear, many times fear is built on a threat of some kind of death. Fear is built basically on satanic forces which are not real, the foundation is made upon deception and lies. The ego personality has fears of self-preservation, it has the desire to preserve the self or the belief systems in some way, and this is all based upon the concepts of death, humans are being scared of death and to death.

To escape satanic bondage looping of self-preservation, that is built on this fear, we must sincerely with our heart, reach out for the love of God. So this is not normally seen by people as a bondage loop, but it often is because only the foundation and security of the eternal God spirit, which loves us and gives us the strength not to get caught into these fears of death, or fears of self-preservation, which also creates acts to justify our self-preservation. There is a place for defending the truth, but it must be done in love. Understanding what Krystic principles are, through the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, is that we are justified in our relationship to God. This means that there is no judgment, but that our relationship with God is always the truth, we don’t have to justify our self, we don’t have to justify our beliefs, we don’t have to justify our self-preservation. Our relationship to God organically, and naturally, justifies us; and this is not from the ego’s need to self-justify.

Self-justification, this is usually the denial that hides behind many types of slippery ego mechanism behaviors, we justify it, we say it has to be done because of whatever excuse we make up that confirms our own bias. So when we justify that, this is easily related to the self-preservation bondage loop that we simply have to remember, that we are made in the image of God and that God is working in our lives. Most often the first thing which is attacked in individuals and nations in order to have control over them, is to attack and confuse the sense of identity we have as a spiritual being and an ethical moral being. Both individuals and countries are targeted to destroy ethical self-respect, destroy dignity and self-esteem, from the satanic view point ,the individual and the country, must be brought to think of themselves as lower than animals, unimportant and to act in behaviors that are sub human. This is a tactic of the negative alien agenda and satanic force, this is the tool to traumatize the victim who is being mind controlled and then provided relief for their anxiety, when a false illusion and demonic lie is accepted in order to receive relief for whatever the trauma is. This acceptance of the lies, acts as an energetic payment that is harvested from the person that is made directly to that satanic force.

Self-rejection is a very important part of trauma, because it creates a desire for either approval from the external, or it fuels a retaliation against a perceived enemy, and this gets people trapped in bondage loops. Lies put people in bondage, so any kind of lie or deception will create mental and spiritual bondage. Some fantasies and images are also a type of lie, and there are false images that can lead to bondage. The below meditation is dedicated to the release of these kinds of bondage loops and we will be working through a specific system to begin to open up the discovery and exploration of being released of any bondage loop. We cannot release bondage, until we identify that which causes us deep pain, fear or suffering. I ask you to bear with me on this language that you may find triggers within, which are connected to the rejection of the nature of God. This is exactly what we want to find and locate. To identify, locate, remove and repair any personality or any area in your energy field or body that is housed in the essence of pain, of which you carry, that had allowed a demonic spirit to use this part of your body.

We must understand that we cannot have a divided house within our bodies. The same principle of our body as a house, a temple dedicated for the Christ spirit to live within, cannot exist if there is a part of your house that is used for demonic essence or negative spirits. This will continue the level of pain that you may have and the level of pain that you may have will determine the need of spiritual intervention of God’s unconditional love. So with this meditation, we make the intention to dedicate our body and to build the house of God’s internal spirit for Christ, your Inner Christ, your direct relationship with God, and to cast out all demonic houses and their spiritual essences, which have at any time entered your body. So please stay as neutral as you can. If you are not feeling neutral about this information, I suggest that you return to the clearing later when you can feel more neutral. Thank you so much for reading, you may access the treatment below which is about clearing spiritual bondage loops. Much love and blessings to all. Thank you.

Breaking Spiritual Bondage Loops:

~Energetic Synthesis – Time Shift Blog – March 8. 2016