MUSIC FOR THE MOMENT ~ Fleetwood Mac: “Gypsy” (Triple Play)

The first time it was introduced to the band…


…became this…


…which became a great performance piece…




DAVID ICKE: “Climate Change, Free Speech, & The Hijacking Of The Left”




DAVID ICKE: “Trump ā€” Manufactured Impeachment”


Comments from video thread:


“They are all the same, reading from the same script”


“Two cheeks on the same arse”Ā šŸ™‚


“Yeah, and while you watch Punch and Judy fight over the baby, the robber’s dog steals the sausages.”


“The deep state impeachment of the deep state’s puppet”Ā šŸ˜


“Trump must go (rhetorical)… they ALL must go, and that will ONLY happen when WE realize that Government is just a euphemism for Slavery. “A Prison for your Mind”~Morpheus. We need to Actively bring these institutions down.”


“Try telling that to the Qanon lot.”


“At the top there is a narcissist. The end.”


(Reply): “A malignant narcissist.”



~via David Icke

DAVID ICKE: “Elon Musk, 5G, & The Rewiring Of The Human Brain”



~via David Icke