LISA RENEE: “Basic Energy Scan”

The Basic Energy Scan is a Technique to improve your HSP Skill and to retrieve impressions from Energy Signatures in people, places things and entities.

• Prepare with your 12D Shielding process.

• Bring into your inner vision a White Sphere or Ball of Energy and visualize or intend this White Sphere of your consciousness to rest in your 3rd Eye, your sixth Chakra.

• Breathe and focus on the White Ball in your Third Eye, focus on your sensation of it.

• With your mind focused on the White Sphere Symbol, program the White Sphere Energy Ball with the command “I intend this White Ball Symbol to be in Alignment, Wholeness and Purity with my Highest God Purpose. I AM GSF.”

• Now exhale and move the White Sphere of Energy down from your 3rd eye and into your Heart center or 4th Chakra. Breathe naturally while you connect with the symbol and sense this aspect of your conscious energy field residing in your heart complex.

• Now call to mind a person, place, event or object that you are intending to scan. Visualize or intend that the object of your scan is standing in front of you or within your view.

• Focusing on your heart center, exhale a small white cord thread to connect to the object of the scan and then send out your White Ball Symbol through the cord to overlay the object of your energy scan.

• As you inhale into your heart, allow yourself to receive some impressions of the object’s energy signature, as well as pay attention to what color your White Ball Sphere starts to turn.

• You may start to “feel” a range of perceptual feelings or emotion around the object.

• Does it feel in alignment or resonance with you? Notice the White Sphere of Energy and look at its color. If it remains white and feels strong it is in alignment with you. Depending on its shape or shade of gray to dark, will be its level of purity or resonance for your being.

Practice with this technique and it will become entrained in your neurological system. You will be able to begin to read basic energy signatures very quickly. This will give you another level of energy discernment when presented with choice or decision.

As you become more advanced you will start to see the color wave spectrum of the object and it will discern what frequency and dimension this “information” or energy is sourcing from. [1]


1 Personal Truth

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~via Ascension Glossary