LISA RENEE: “Spirits of Christ”

The word Christ has been distorted in its use on the earth plane intentionally from being integrated into Violent Religions manufactured by the NAA to create harm in the human race. We endeavor to use the word Christ, Christos-Sophia, Krystal and Krystahala interchangeably to return the real meaning and use of the word to denote the principles of the Law of One as they are intended by the Eternal God Source.

All human beings are responsible for their thoughts, deeds, actions and behaviors, all of these are direct choices made by each person in the moment and will have direct Energetic Consequences. Whatever quality of energies we prepare our body to be resonant with or hold as spiritual conduit, whether it is positive forces or negative forces, is what we allow ourselves to have consent with. Whatever kind of force we are in consent with (whether we know this or not), is the Frequency that our body and Consciousness is subjected to in Universal Law. The quality of spiritual force will have corresponding dimensional laws which govern the actions of that quality of that spirit. Negative forces are in the lower dimensions and create servitude and bondage to time, while positive forces of the Spirits of Christ are in the highest dimensions and create sovereignty and freedom for the Soul and spirit.

As it is understood there are demonic spirits that live in the internal structures of ego (which cause harm to our mind and body) one would be motivated to learn how to create the internal houses for the Spirits of Christ. As the Universal Law of Structure states; we can build our house in so that the spirit we design it for can reside. This is what it means to create a House for Christ and to purify ourselves for the Spirit of Christ. The Spirits of Christ requires a House in which to dwell inside our mind and body. The goal for spiritual protection is to dismantle the Houses of Ego, evict the demonic and predator forces, and replace them with the Houses of Christ.

State your authority and intention to be of service to God (See Law of Consent) and to build a strong relationship with one’s Inner Spiritual Light and Christos. As you devote your attention and focus on the quality of the Spirits of Christ, the Houses for Christ grow stronger. Where we focus our energy and attention its energetic form materializes. Thus, greatly increasing one’s relationship to God and experiencing energetic balance which returns us into feelings of self-love, peace and happiness.

Study of Moral Code

The study of moral code and living within spiritual ethics is clearly and sorely required with imparting spiritual truth, as many abuses are easily unnoticed due to the warped thinking we have programmed in 3D Narcissistic society. All of this behavioral checkpoint is our personal responsibility, and it does not matter how advanced the Consciousness template is, if this part of our ego wounds has not been cleared and healed, it iwll be infected and used against us. This becomes increasing important the more spiritual power and spiritual resources that are given by spiritual light intelligence. The more spiritual and consciousness power we embody, the more responsibility we have to be ethical, moral, transparent, honest and aligned to the intent, consent and authority of service to God, Service to Others. The issue is that, when we give it our very best every day, when we live from our heart and ask what we can do to serve God and Oneness in a goal of World Humanism, a humanitarian philosophy such as in the Law of One, we get the ego out of the drivers seat, and we pay heed to Christian based ethics without all the dogma, ego and judgment, our behavior guideline is genuinely clarified. In the Christ principle, what would the Christ do? How would the Christ behave ? What is my responsibility in this moment to be true to my heart and to live ethically in harmony with Life? This behavior will ultimately protect you, and this seems to be a gaping hole missed throughout many spiritual teachings due to unethical, untrustworthy and immoral personal conduct. Their hearts turn black from misconduct. For those reasons they have my deepest empathy in every way, with the hope they all find the path to inner peace and freedom from actually living in heart alignment to what they have spoken of in their spiritual teachings.Those of us that are here have been called to help support the Christ mission. We are being entrusted to hold more consciousness awareness and learn how to help return the planetary architecture back to human and Christ (consciousness) hands through allowing our body to be a structure that houses the Spirits of Christ.

The Spirits of Christ

1. Purity 2. Generosity 3. Patience 4. Kindness 5. Discipline/Conservation 6. Diligence 7. Humility

  • Dismantle the House of Lust/Addiction: Evict the Spirit of Lust and Addiction, Call in the Spirit of Purity. Ask God to help you build the House of Purity and live with sexual ethics in your mind and body aligned with Christ Spirit.
  • Dismantle the House of Wrath/Rage: Evict the Spirit of Wrath and Rage, Call in the Spirit of Patience. Ask God to help you build the House of Patience in your mind and body aligned with Christ Spirit.
  • Dismantle the House of Greed/Avarice: Evict the Spirit of Greed and Call in the Spirit of Generosity. Ask God to help you build the House of Generosity in your mind and body aligned with Christ Spirit.
  • Dismantle the House of Envy/Jealousy: Evict the Spirit of Envy and Jealousy and Call in the Spirit of Kindness. Ask God to help you build the House of Kindness in your mind and body aligned with Christ Spirit.
  • Dismantle the House of Gluttony/Waste: Evict the Spirit of Gluttony and Waste and Call in the Spirit of Discipline and Conservation. Ask God to help you build the House of Discipline and Conservation in your mind and body aligned with Christ Spirit.
  • Dismantle the House of Laziness/Discouragement: Evict the Spirit of Laziness and Discouragement and Call in the Spirit of Diligence. Ask God to help you build the House of Diligence in your mind and body aligned with Christ Spirit.
  • Dismantle the House of Pride/Self Importance: Evict the Spirit of Pride and Self Importance and Call in the Spirit of Humility. Ask God to help you build the House of Humility in your mind and body aligned with Christ Spirit.

Law of Structures

All energetic structures, (containers, houses, bodies or entities) must be defined to determine the energetic content and vibration within the structure. It is important to understand that this is one of the Universal Laws governing energy and form. If the energetic or physical structure is not defined with a clear mission, purpose or intention, it means that the structure (container, house, body or entity) will be invaded, infiltrated or used by dark forces who will take it over for their specific agenda. The act of commanding one’s space is participating with this Law of Consent by defining the authority of which energies one allows into their body, container or house. If you allow the Houses of Ego to be built they will reside inside your body, mind and this will corrupt your heart and soul.


Virtues are the qualities of goodness that define the very purpose of our lives, the content of our character and the truest expression of our spiritual-energetic nature. Virtues are qualities of goodness which inhabit in the world of forces, as a “spiritual force”. When one builds strength in virtue, one builds strength in the power of our goodness which translates into the power of God Force. We reap the quality of our cultivated virtue in that which brings incredible gifts directly from the God spirit. These are the Spirits of Christ. This is the path to GSF.

One Service

There is but one service. The Law of One. The offering of self to be of service to the God Creator is the greatest service, the unity, the fountainhead of which All things have sprung forth. The being who seeks to be at One with God is unified with infinite intelligence and eternal nature. From this higher purpose, from this offering, a great multiplicity of opportunities will evolve depending upon the Lightbody spiritual purpose and the bodies, mind, emotional and spiritual, along with the person’s Miasma or karmic, ancestral imprints. The Virtue gained from dedicated alignment to serve our highest expression in God, is to receive the blessings from the Spirit of Peace.



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LISA RENEE (Shifting Timelines): “Changing Architecture”

“In the previous cycle, humanity has been enduring a Dark Aeon and has been subjected to covert artificial machinery and mind control imposed by the Controllers, which is now in transition and coming to an end. Individuals are subjected to the Architecture that the larger system of energy has generated from the majority of collective consciousness thoughtforms, along with their soul group and the superimposed mind control from the NAA, until they awaken and seek inner truth within their own thoughtforms and beliefs. When we seek spiritual truth from within ourselves, we begin to pull away from the unconsciousness streams of the larger systems of energy and start to direct our consciousness towards building an Architecture for higher spiritual expression and personal autonomy. Thoughts become substances that crystalize manifestations, and the crystalline substance is composed of patterns of frequency that project the hologram of one’s experience from within a creation point. To change our consciousness experience within the creation point and live in the joy of higher expression, we must change our inner Architecture to become a spiritually healthy dwelling that honors and houses our inner spirit.”

~Lisa Renee


Dear Ascending Family,

The transition from the Dark Aeon to the New Aeon has begun. The planet is enduring a deeply significant milestone within the bifurcation of time that will greatly impact humanity. This is a macrocosmic planetary event that is Changing Architecture at a fundamental level. The result is mass consciousness morphogenesis, the permanent change in the instruction set of the planetary grid network that alters how consciousness-energy becomes matter on this plane. These changes in planetary architecture accelerate humanity into an intensified phase of great transition, transformation and transfiguration of personal consciousness.

The planetary architecture of the Cosmic Clock is now secured by the Paliadorian and Krystal Star Guardian Host who are restoring the Natural Laws via the Krist-Krystallah coding in the God Worlds. This Diamond Sun alignment transmits to those on the Christos Mission and is gradually dissolving and imploding the artificial intelligence technology that was originally used to invade the planetary Stargate system by the NAA.

Those choosing negative polarity and spiritually abusive behaviors while on the earth will continue on the descending spiral to experience those phantom co-creations, while those choosing positive polarity and spiritually healthy behaviors will continue to elevate in the natural energy physics that exists within the ascending spiral. In between the ranges of negative and positive polarity within these reality bubbles, the Changing Architecture is widening points of divergence between the groups of people that co-exist in a similar fundamental vibration within the assortment of timelines. When the energetic chasm gets too wide between the interactions of people in any kind of group or relationship, a threshold is reached which can abruptly collapse and redirect timelines into a void space. Thus, some people may awaken to feel that suddenly they are estranged from another. Someone or something they were close to may start to feel increasingly distant, as if they are not speaking the same language anymore. This sensation is like suspended animation, when we feel that we are waiting for some information or movement forward into another location, in order to act upon current life choices.

What we perceive as individuals is determined by our station of identity, or the position in time that we exist in the dimensional field. The level of DNA activation that we have embodied is what allows us to perceive dimensionalized energy as solidified into matter. Individuals perceive solid matter and things from the energy substance that is within the dimension beneath their current station of identity. To perceive matter and things from within 3.5 dimensions, most people are looking at the combined energetic contents that exist underneath in the 2.5 dimensions. Those perceiving things in the astral plane of the 4th dimension, are stationed in the lightbody architecture of the 5th dimension, and so forth in the gradual stair step of creation. Every individual lightbody station shifts in the Changing Architecture to another level of the stair step of creation, and as a result their consciousness perception changes. Once we are made aware of how perception of matter can be controlled in this way by those existing on a higher stair step in the unified field, then it is made obvious that those controlling access into the higher dimensions manipulate human DNA in order to limit consciousness perception of those they have control over.

Thus, those on the ascending spiral moving into the next harmonic universe will see and perceive more objects in a much larger field of dimensionalized perception, than those on the descending timeline who will be unable to sense that same field of perception. Awakening humans that are gaining their consciousness freedom are harder to control through alien mind control, because they can perceive more than those remaining asleep to the current events of spiritual ascension and consciousness warfare. The free will choice in determining the future direction of dimensionalization in the Changing Architecture, is made from the consequences of personal actions that are the result of the perception, motivation and interpretation of one’s reality. During the physical passage from the 3D body, the soul in negative polarity residing within a “Fallen Tree” template will be educated further on the choices available for spiritual regeneration and offered compassionate re-education about the nature of consciousness reality through life review.

Leveling the Playing Field

The collective consciousness energy fields are transitioning into another instruction set, Changing Architecture, which further changes how each individual manifests their personal reality. The core template of the instruction set in the planetary brain has resumed into tri-wave formats, which allow the planetary brain to actually run zero-point energy into the ascending areas of the network, such as Mother Arc Hub gates. People that attune to heart-based intelligence and align to the Natural Laws, will have more open access to zero-point energy to build out their manifestations in ways that the energy parasitism of the negative ego cannot. What used to gain results in matter during the previous cycle, will cease to work in the same ways, causing confusion and frustration for those who do not realize the game board has shifted into a more level playing field. Manifestation is the result of personal belief systems and how the accumulation of those beliefs over time will make up the experience of a station of identity, while in a consciousness hologram or reality bubble. It is important to understand that in our world and in all creation, that all systems of energy are connected to larger systems of energy, that help to organize and define what that consciousness energy will actually become. We can direct negative polarity, positive polarity and neutral point as positions for energy to manifest, and the quality of the manifested thing will reflect that same vibration within the creation point of its structure.

Systems of consciousness energy are directed through Architecture that has been designed and built upon the concepts, ideas and thoughtforms which are ultimately based upon the first consciousness laws set forth by the Astrological Precession or Aeon. In the previous cycle, humanity has been enduring a Dark Aeon and has been subjected to covert artificial machinery and mind control imposed by the Controllers, which is now in transition and coming to an end. Individuals are subjected to the Architecture that the larger system of energy has generated from the majority of collective consciousness thoughtforms, along with their soul group and the superimposed mind control from the NAA, until they awaken and seek inner truth within their own thoughtforms and beliefs. When we seek spiritual truth from within ourselves, we begin to pull away from the unconsciousness streams of the larger systems of energy and start to direct our consciousness towards building an Architecture for higher spiritual expression and personal autonomy. Thoughts become substances that crystalize manifestations, and the crystalline substance is composed of patterns of frequency that project the hologram of one’s experience from within a creation point. To change our consciousness experience within the creation point and live in the joy of higher expression, we must change our inner Architecture to become a spiritually healthy dwelling that honors and houses our inner spirit.

Gender Unification Creates Zero Point Energy

The macrocosm Architecture in the planet, galactic and Universal levels are undergoing a radical shift to prepare for the New Aeon, the next Astrological precession which is highlighting corrections made from the restoration of the Law of Gender that is transmitting from within the Solar Logos body. The rehabilitation of the Solar Logos body, 10D-11D-12D in our Universal system is also the recovery of a Natural Law, that is transmitting the Krist Code into all things from the unmanifest made to manifest, the process in which energy becomes matter. This New Aeon will make evident over time, the inherent spiritual creative power and consciousness freedom that is generated from the unification of the inner and outer gender principle into Oneness, which generates the feedback loop of an unlimited supply of zero-point energy. The God Creator circulates eternal love flows into the world through the act of sacred marriage that occurs between the masculine and feminine principle, from the quantum levels and into human beings, extending into and from planetary, stellar and cosmic bodies. This in turn manifests a chain reaction that profoundly alters the configuration of the human energy field and lightbody. We are talking about alterations at the blueprint level, that store information for how all spectrums of consciousness manifest within the newly corrected architectural patterns of gender principle that activate zero-point energy potentials.

As a result, this Changing Architecture trickles down into the collective consciousness of the human race, opening the zero-point feedback loop which directly impacts the consciousness functions of the human Lightbody, stations of identity and all past, present and future timelines. These events profoundly alter our energy field and now self, and produce subtle to radical changes in our life style and relationships that force transformation, so that we learn to do things much differently. The methods of negative polarity, parasitism and entropy used to manifest in the 3D paradigm of the negative ego in the last dark aeon, will cease to work as effectively, and the consequences of those actions will be much more immediate.

The deep reconfiguration that is transpiring within the planet’s holographic architecture is impacting the operation of massive structures that govern vast systems of energetic current that are running tri-wave formats through Stargates, Power Vortices, Ley Lines, as well as other assortments of intergalactic rainbow plasma ray transmissions. In the current terrain of accelerated changes happening in the magnetic field patterns, the vibrational schisms can quickly generate points of divergence occurring in the collective field, which can have a destabilizing effect in many areas of the grid network. Some days we can feel deeply connected and centered, and other days we may feel disoriented and disconnected sensing the void in space. The reversal bi-wave energy architecture used to project out artificial holographic matrices and frequency fences in a closed system of entropy, are consistently dissolving and imploding within their weakening structures. This is more apparent in certain regions of the planetary grid that were in our hidden historical timeline holding Golden City architecture, as well as areas that are directly impacted by the rainbow plasmas, such as the travel route of the supersonic plasma jet birkeland currents. The supersonic plasmas and Auroras weaken artificial technology used as holographic inserts that alter the perception of the upper atmosphere from the lower atmosphere from a position on the ground. The Controllers are desperate to maintain their control over mass perception, by aggressively pushing out an assortment of technological or bio-chemical weapons in order to get humanity to repeat the same 3D timelines. The Archontic Deception Strategy is to regurgitate the same programing that they’ve used successfully to control the global population since World War II.

What is Architecture?

The concept of Architecture is defined in very limited and conflicting ways in the 3D world, which makes it difficult to describe the vast scope of its deeper meaning in impacting consciousness, and how it greatly influences the mental framework of beliefs that we have come to think of as the nature of reality. Anything that has manifested into a physical form also has an instruction set in the unmanifested layers, this is a form holding blueprint that stores information for how that consciousness energy will manifest. This is the definition of an energy architecture that is comprised of templates of conscious light and sound which serve as the blueprint of design for an intention, a concept or living thought crystal. Living thought crystals are complex creation intentions that hold multiple layers of architectural design that project holograms for the individuation of attention, for the purpose of consciousness experiences within a creation point. Our accumulated personal thoughts are recorded and inform the thought crystal in the projection of our personal hologram, which informs our experience in matter. Also, there are Universal Laws governing the living thought crystals that hold the architectural design in all structures and forms, which exist at both energetic levels as pre-matter forms and at the physical levels in the matter realm. The Law of Structure informs the way systems of energy are governed to operate within a dimensional level. Dimensions are full frequency bands of flashing energy waves built in layers of manifestation templates, reflecting an energy architecture design. When we better understand the Law of Structure, we can cooperate with these laws which helps us to avoid excessive dark interference in our manifestations, and to co-create a more aligned and positive outcome for ourselves.

Architecture exists in the manifest and unmanifest realms for every single physical thing in the material realm, which has been designed by an architect, the creator of the design. This instruction set extends throughout creation points into all domains of life in the natural earth kingdoms, spanning all dimensions and species, such as informing the consciousness of minerals, plants, animals and humanity.

As has been discussed, the NAA attempted to hijack the planetary instruction set for their explicit use, in order to become the superimposed creator of design via anti-Christ agendas such as alien hybridization and experiments with genetic engineering. They decided to gain control by superimposing themselves as the architects of earth by designing a genetically modified humanity. Essentially taking the power of self-determination and conscious co-creation away from humanity by controlling their minds and implanting thoughts. Their contempt for the Krist code extends to a level of hatred and enemy patterning, intending to impose agony on any human being that would represent the Christos-Sophia. One of their main methods can be described as exposing the earth to mass levels of Satanic Ritual Abuse practices. It is important to realize that there is an architecture for anti-Christ entities to perpetuate and spread the death culture of Satanism, and there is an architecture for Krist-Krystallah, which perpetuates consciousness freedom and opens the direct spiritual connection with all of life and the eternal God Source.

In the 3D material world, architecture is a general term used to describe the model of design contained in a blueprint that is built layer by layer into the physical structures, like buildings and infrastructure that we can see around us. The visible product of architecture in the material realm extends into the knowledge of designing and the process of constructing buildings and similar structures that become the cultural symbols for perpetuating a value system and way of life.

It is the end product of architectural design that has formed the physical structures, the housing and modern art that inform our cultural society, our communities, cities and our way of life interacting with each other and the earth. Buildings and edifices are structures with a foundation, walls and roof, which come in many shapes, sizes and functions. They have been adapted to serve the current accepted societal needs, are designed as a shelter and human habitat based on the current cultural values. Human culture or the values we have been shaped to accept as a society are reflected in the architectural design and physical structures that we are surrounded by, which further shape our mentality and attitudes in what co-creates the nature of reality we experience. Architecture is both a science and an artform, it is the expression of consciousness within a concept, intent and thoughtform that is built within a structure. It is the expression of thought contained in a building or in any physical thing. When we look at any structure, we should also look to sense the energetic architecture that exists behind the structure, to discern the motivations and consciousness of the architect or designer. By reverse engineering all structures, by thinking of them as first being an energetic architecture, we are able to sense many feelings and impressions that inform us of the deeper motivations and the actual purpose behind that physical structure.

For a moment, think about the day to day environment you live in and the architectural design of the city planning, such as the buildings, residences and structures, the way of life organized around you. What kind of feelings do you have when you look at a certain building, residence, infrastructure or even public art installation? How do you feel when you are in the building or area that you work in every day? How can it be that we have created a society of suffering filled with thousands of homeless people, hungry and unloved children? How does it feel to know that this suffering is by intentional design of anti-Christ architecture used to create slavery and spread satanism on the earth, and that consciousness is being intentionally perpetuated by the Controllers? Then imagine what it would look and feel like to live in the day to day environment of a humanitarian based Krystic architecture and Golden City. An environment that honored each person’s inner spirit and supported consciousness growth, creativity, the gaining of knowledge and personal development, allowing people to express their true selves. Holding each person as an important, unique and valued individual in the whole of the community, with a sense of belonging and meaningful connection. What would that architecture look and feel like, who would we need to evolve into and become, in order to co-create this new world?

Computing Architecture in a Holographic Reality

To better understand the nature of the holographic reality, it can be helpful to know some basic concepts involving computer architecture like hardware, firmware and software. Computer architecture has a set of rules and methods that describe the functionality, organization and implementation of the computer systems, it also defines the capabilities for programming and the design options that are available to the user. A computer system is composed of many parts including the physical hardware, operating system and software applications. The hardware refers to the tangible material components of the computer system, which executes the computer programs that have been installed as software programs, such as a video game interface. The planetary architecture also has a tangible hardware design, with an instruction set that processes all of the data happening within it, and stores all of this accumulated species information into cellular memory that forms into timelines.

If we apply this model to the global brain of earth, as similar to the functions of computer architecture, we could say that the main chip processor that turns on the holographic computer to project the earth’s 3D reality into timelines, is actually the combined quantum energy of our collective soul consciousness. All of us on the earth make up the entirety of the energy processor and the data storage chips of collective consciousness memory that is recorded in the planetary brain. If a human being goes to look at the organic hardware architecture in the planetary brain, they will see angelic human 12 Strand DNA records as the original species blueprint from the planet Tara, not the dinosaurs. Not Annunaki, not Draconian, not any other of the invasive 22 non-terrestrial species or hybrids, but only the original human species DNA, which is sourced from the Diamond Sun DNA code of the Cosmic Christos. This informs us of where we have originally come from.

The next layer above the hard drive and processor is the firmware, which is permanently stored in the computer’s memory and acts as the intermediary between the physical hardware and software programs. The firmware allows control over the standardized operating environment such as the processor instructions and hard drive functions. Our collective consciousness acts as the energy processor which turns on the earth DNA species holographic template, and our body is the firmware to control the holographic computer, for defining that template and how it will manifest. The firmware is deeply enmeshed with the physical hardware, and interconnected with all of the earth elements, so it is more difficult to change or modify that structure.

Above the firmware is the operating system which acts as the intermediary for controlling the operation of the hardware and running all of the computer programs for the entire holographic computer architecture. The NAA have installed an operating system of alien machinery, which they have used to gain access to intermediate and control the holographic reality by installing a bunch of non-human programming. They installed programs into the planetary brain that serve their larger agenda, such as genetic engineering hybrids, where they run these distorted applications as the system’s main software to override the original programs. This is the main problem we have had on the earth. By overriding the original human programming, they erased our true history, modified our DNA, mind-wiped earthlings and then replaced it with a false narrative, which is actually a series of programs. This system software is artificial intelligence, and the programming is designed for social engineering and mind control purposes to enslave a planet, like Victim-Victimizer, Sexual Misery, Gender Reversal and Armageddon Software virtual realities. These are quantum computing devices with software applications that run artificial intelligence to mind control earth humans, to implant these thoughtforms and belief systems into the mass consciousness, and to suppress the range of thoughts that the population can have so they will not evolve or ascend.

The operating system applies to the management of the holographic templates that are formed by vast quantities of instruction sets, in nested and layered matrices that are called morphogenetic fields. These instruction matrices hold massive amounts of stored data from the cellular memory in collective consciousness fields, and all that data that is stored in sets of numbers and codes that project out holographic images, wave spectrums, geomantic figures and matrices. Essentially there are complex mathematical programs that appear as massive mandalas of consciousness code that are encoded into the grids of the matrix that instruct the holographic reality. The holographic computer manipulates all of these vast volumes of data and code, such as the accumulated data recorded in human consciousness energy that is contained throughout the many timelines. By gaining control over the operating system, the NAA Controllers have performed operations and functions within the data set of these number sequences and mathematical programs in order to control perception, shift timelines, and attempt to steer collective consciousness in the direction they want. Currently, they are attempting to push us back into the AI time loop that occurred during World War II, because they want us to repeat that timeline. This targeted overlay happens unconsciously until the individual wakes up one day and decides that they are not going to align with the pre-meditated mind control programming and rampant slavery thoughtforms. We begin to inquire on our beliefs and seek the nature of truth in this reality, coming to the point of the dark night of the soul when we are finally ready to honestly look deeper for the answers that reside inside ourselves.

A brief model to support the comparison of the planetary architecture to every day computing architecture:

  • Hardware – 1D atomic and subatomic layers of the earth body, raw materials, minerals and crystalline structure of the living earth.
  • Processor – 2D collective soul consciousness, and the embedded memory chips of the entire human race DNA.
  • Firmware– 3D physical body and living things that conduit and run the processor functions and direct the energy programs into the overall consciousness network in orchestration with the living earth itself.
  • Operating System – multidimensional human lightbody, along with the planetary interface of instruction sets in the morphogenetic fields, both organic and artificial, depending on the state of consciousness.
  • Software Programs – used for multidimensional mind control systems, directing and implanting thoughts and shaping cultural values that accumulate into dimensions of space and time that project into timelines that are being controlled.

Certain administrative access to program the software applications, such as access to the data and memory in a timeline, as well as to change its performance can actually be done by the user that has the right knowledge and password (Original Human 12 Strand DNA, Christos Consciousness). However, in order to program and to use the computer system effectively, one has to know how it works and that the system’s architecture interfaces directly with every individual that is incarnated on the earth with original human DNA. These concepts apply to our reality, as it is a complex holographic computing system that we can learn to use and communicate with as natural function of our human DNA, if we awaken to remember everything around us is alive, conscious and intelligent. This can help us to maximize and support our higher expression by consciously choosing to participate with the hologram’s hidden aspect of living conscious intelligence, the world soul, and the eternal light of God Source that exists within it.

Holographic Template and Inner Christos

The structure of our world, the architecture of creation is in the pattern of our consciousness that is an energy waveform that is having this experience in matter. This happens via a hidden blueprint that is not visibly seen, yet is being expressed through a holographic template. There are Natural laws governing the substance of all consciousness structures, and there is intelligent energy, order and organization in the way that the Universe is built as a time matrix for consciousness evolution, as well as a spiritual blueprint for instructing human body’s and all living things. The holographic template in which matter comes into manifestation is in standing waves, which hold a fixed point in a grid with specific mathematical and geometric relationships that act as the instruction set for energy waveforms to flash on and off in frequency patterns.

The energy waveforms that make up the holographic template upon which matter manifests is intelligent and conscious, this means there are sentient beings existing as the structural blueprint in the hologram, these are not just inanimate things. All exists as a living conscious sentient being that we can communicate with at some level. Our lightbody, spiritual blueprint and holographic template have a life of their own and seek to evolve, as it is all connected to the consciousness units of God. The sentience in our cells exists within a smaller system of energy, and the intelligence that exists in our holographic template actually waits for us to awaken and communicate, in order to guide them into a larger system of energy. Even our cells are an intelligent energy that want to continue to evolve, progress and grow in consciousness. There is a spiritual responsibility in knowing that consciousness is everywhere, as that implies that everything is a conscious being that can communicate with you, and all conscious beings can be asked what their preferences are in that moment of interaction that best serves the mutual relationship.

The framework of manifested creation in our Universe starts from within the eternal God Source or the center point of all union, by vibrationally down stepping through itself, contracting the consciousness into a singular point of focus which forms a creational intention. All of creation, from the unmanifest to manifest forms emerge from the consciousness energy of the eternal God Source, and ultimately all of these consciousness forms will return back into the center point of all union, reuniting with the All-One. Thus, the eternal consciousness of the God Source resides within and around all of us, each living being is the original manifestation of the intelligent consciousness units that exist in the entire body of the God Source or All-One. The intelligent consciousness units or the Living God Spirit that is alive in all things is called the Inner Christos, which is built upon the Universal Natural Laws. We can come to understand this through the reverence for all of life, and through philosophies that are described in the Law of One.

The Inner Christos is the personal divine blueprint of the eternal God Source consciousness energy from which all things are manifest and made into being. The Law of One is the law governing the eternal divine blueprint and consciousness energy of the Inner Christos, thus they are interchangeable. To develop the Inner Christos eternal blueprint, we must align and follow the principles of the Natural Laws, the Law of One. The Law of One is based in the true knowing of our highest expression, that our direct relationship with God Source is Love and this pure consciousness is expressed through our Inner Christos or Living God Spirit. The ancient knowledge of the Inner Christos that resides within our original divine blueprint belongs to all people, regardless of their religious affiliation or belief system. This ancient spiritual wisdom of the philosophies of the Law of One was common knowledge to all of humanity until the Luciferian Rebellion. This is when the planet was returned back to the dark ages at the end of the Atlantian Cataclysm, when all of the original spiritual teachings of the Inner Christos were eliminated and falsified.

Cosmic Christos, Krist-Krystallah Coding

The 12 Tree Grid is the first level of structural organization in the unmanifest layers that functions as the architecture that sets consciousness energy into dimensionalization, it is the core holographic template in which morphogenetic fields are structured. The 12 Tree Grid is the blueprint that sets the ratios of energetic balance within the core manifestation body, and that is set by the intelligent spirit of the Inner Christos, in what is referred to as Krist code. The Universal 12 Tree Grid is made in the gender principle of outer male Krist coding and inner female Krystallah coding that merge together to form interwoven nested patterns. These patterns create dimensionalization through which consciousness can come into manifestation as an individuated form. The Krist-Krystallah holographic templates are what began the first cause of light-sound that cycled the consciousness into manifestation throughout the Universal dimensions of time. It holds the perfect balance of inner to outer gender principle, which allows all in creation to have beginnings and endings within the many evolution cycles.

As a result of Paliadorian activation, the inner female Krystallah holographic template coding has been restored in the human 12 Tree Grid template, making the complete embodiment of Krist-Krystallah inner to outer, male and female krystar plasma coding possible for embodiment. This aligns directly with the Solar Logos Body of Avatar Christos and transmits the corrected intelligence patterns of the Law of Gender into the planetary grid network. In the Dark Aeon, the 12 Tree Grid core manifestation template was distorted from planetary grid damage and alien invasion, which had reversed the gender principle within the collective human race template. Gender reversal is an alien generated distortion in the planetary template that has contributed to many consciousness issues and spiritual conflicts in regard to gender confusion and gender dysphoria.

The first waves to be embodied in correct gender patterns of Krist-Krystallah coding in this ascension timeline are made by ascension prototypers that are serving the reclamation of Christos Mission, as a result of the stages of the Paliadorian Activation.

The Krist Code governs the spectrum of frequency and dimensional waves that are transmitted from each of the dimensional spheres, or signets in the Universal Grid, each representing a dimension of time and the mental matrices that are arranged as an intent-thoughtform crystal. These thought intent crystallizations are the sources of step-down energetic currents that flow through and interface between multiple dimensional levels that access different time, space and dimensions, therefore holding an array of consciousness experiences.

The Krist code is what resets the core lightbody architecture into the correct mathematical ratios and structural lines of energetic balance, and these precise angles control the spin direction and align the entire consciousness body into setting a neutral still point in the core manifestation body. The neutral still point is a creation point in which the God source generates a feedback loop with the individuated spark of light, and this enables a zero-point return back into all of the individual’s consciousness layers, and this naturally builds the lightbody to house the Inner Christos. The Krist Code arranges correct mathematical proportions in the 12 Tree Grid, the natural function of which is to generate the light-sound spark of Inner Christos, which generates a perpetual energy supply and eternal life expression. This makes it possible for the eternal source supply held within the body of the carrier of living consciousness to be continually maintained with the God Source, exchanged within the center point, throughout all stations of identity travelling through multiple dimensions simultaneously.

As conscious and awake people on the ascension path, it is our responsibility to know that each of us are a part of the extended body of God, recognizing all things will return back to God, whether retaining knowledge of our cellular memories as an identity in time, as a Cosmic Citizen or as smaller consciousness units of space dust.

Caduceus Network and False Kundalini Snake

Since the Solar Logos architecture has been re-instituted throughout the timelines in the Universal Time Matrix, those of us on the Christos mission, or on the ascension path working in the monadic layers and beyond to reclaim and embody the Solar aspects of the Avatar Christos, have been enduring deep changes to the nadial structure in the lightbody. These changes to the nadial webbing are challenging to describe, but if we look to the traditional Asian kundalini yogic teachings of the three main breath channels, they include the false kundalini snake apparatus in the primary seven chakra energy wheels. We can think of these configurations as running many layers of dimensional energies and prana, vital essences and subtle energies throughout our inner channels and energetic circuitry. These energy channels feed and interconnect with all of the internal systems, organs, and glands, where every functioning body part relies on the messaging that it receives from our nervous system and brain, which communicates with our spiritual body from within the nadial structure. Since the installation of the Caduceus Network, these channels have been running artificial timeline energies created from repeated AI time loops, lunar and magnetic forces, reversal gender patterns, and as a result they must be gradually dismantled, dissolved and then reconfigured to be re-routed into a solar pathway designed by the Diamond Sun Krystic architecture at this time.

During January’s transmissions with the Capricornus Law of Cycles, we became aware of the next stage of Paliadorian Activations in which the planetary body is undergoing a systematic dismantling of the Caduceus Network. This NAA network has been enforcing these false light and lunar pathways in the planet, and therefore within our own bodies through the interface our lightbody has with the planetary architecture. Although some of us have dismantled the Caduceus from running its false kundalini snake pattern, this has now evolved into the macrocosm as a Krystal Star Guardian Host planetary grid project. The systematic dismantling of these networks scattered across the globe has a macro to micro effect, where it is impacting the functioning of the bio-neurology, as the nadial structure is also undergoing a series of changes and reconfiguration. Many of these clearings and shifts are related to the personal history an individual may have with the western medical system, whereby the caduceus network is reinforced through standard interaction and procedures with the medical system, such as disease implants during hospitalization.

To start connecting the dots, let us bring to mind the Caduceus staff that is used to symbolically represent the Controller Pillar of the medical and pharmaceutical corporations, as well as what is promoted as the health care systems. The Caduceus is the traditional symbol of Hermes and features two snakes winding around a winged staff. It is often mistakenly used as a symbol of medicine instead of the Rod of Asclepius, a serpent-entwined rod wielded by the Greek god Asclepius, a deity associated with healing and medicine. Both of these serpent symbols have continued to be used in modern times, where it is associated with medicine and health care.

The Caduceus network runs on reversal 7D Violet Ray current and has been intermixed with the snake symbolism that is commonly used to describe the human energy field via the chakra system. The reversal plasma generated by this alien machinery is designed to feed these flows into sprouting the Demon Seed in the shadow body of humanity. The Caduceus geometry was an extension used to anchor the human Lightbody to align with the reversal systems connecting back into the black star Abaddon, and to connect through the 7D Crucifixion Implants and the related NAA networks. Thus, it was also used to bring the Qlippoth currents from the Black Tree of Life architecture to systematically override the organic architecture of the 12 Tree Grid and install artificial machinery and false memories into the earth timelines. During the Egyptian timelines the blue staff of Tara was utilized to de-materialize a section of the 2D fields causing an underworld rift, or rip in time. The Caduceus geometry was a false light insert that was installed to take advantage of the underworld rift in the 2D fields, and to control the black force current for generating creations in the Dark Mother reversal architecture, in what is referred to as the Womb Worlds.

The Caduceus network was an installation that occurred as a result of the damage that was incurred during the Orion Wars for access into and control over the 8th Dimensional Stargate, and the subsequent damage this generated to the collective 8D Monadic mind in the Universal Time Matrix. This event generated a disconnection between the higher dimensional aspects of self that exist in the pre-matter dimensions above 8D and the identities in the timelines that existed beneath it. With the rebuilding of the 8D Monadic Mind Galactic Consciousness and the ongoing clearing of the Metatronic Reversals and related architecture that is impacting it, there are ongoing Guardian Host projects to reclaim and reassemble the essences of the Monadic spiritual bodies, to align and reposition correctly within the human Lightbody.

One of the symbols used in the everyday world to represent and enforce the Beast Machine technology and the frequency fence NETs is the Caduceus. The Caduceus is designed to split the gender fields and reverse them, as it projects reversal sequences into the earth to effectively scramble the original design of human DNA and the fire letters. These reversal patterns help to hold in place the Phantom Matrix areas of hibernation zones that the NAA use to remain undetected or invisible to those on the earth surface. The Caduceus network is designed to damage and shut down the horizontal Rod functioning in the earth. The larger Caduceus networks can be found in certain major cities where Gridworkers may sense large number of serpents or snakes crawling on the ley lines or power vortices, many times near major medical institutions that include bio-tech and pharmaceutical corporations. These are used to siphon the local energies of the earth grid and feed them back through the Caduceus network that in turn feeds the phantom areas or hibernation zones. Any medical, hospital or drug related company that shows the Caduceus symbol is referring to the intended destruction of the glandular system and to the damaging of human DNA that ultimately harvest energies that are designed to feed the Beast Machine. This is why hospital drugs and pharmaceutical usage tend to manifest snake looking parasites that attach in the energetic aura of the human who takes a lot of prescription pharmaceuticals or drugs. These can be cleared when made aware of them, and if it’s absolutely necessary to take pharmaceutical prescriptions, to bless and clear them to work in harmony with your higher consciousness.

Currently, we are aware that the Caduceus network runs a spectrum of frequencies, but relies primarily on reversal 7D Violet Ray current. Much of this energy mass is run in circuity that connects into the Galactic Gates of Saturn as the 7D transmitter, and has interfaces in the 1D atomic layers. This has been an area that the NAA have had a major level of control, when it comes to the 1D red wave transmissions of Victim-Victimizer and survival-fear programing throughout the planetary grid. We also know the reversal plasmas generated in these networks contribute to growing all kinds of reversal black plasmas for the Fatale Demon groups, and it has its links in igniting Demon Seeds into black flowering. Black Flowering are metatronic reversal energies that collapse the inner vertical channel, and take over the central column of an infected, unaware or possessed person, and places a Black Sun in the heart complex, where their crystal heart template should reside. Obviously, this is a goal of the Black Suns, to genetically mutate Human DNA so that the physical bodies can be used as hosts to house their black plasma consciousness.

Changing Architecture in Nadial Structure

In regards to the nadial structure, the Caduceus has its own overlay of nadial systems enmeshed in the several layers of the human lightbody, including the etheric layers and soul matrix layers, as well as a top layer over axial tonal lines, to interfere with correct alignment of the inner vertical channels. In some ways it appears that the Caduceus “nadis network” was piggybacking on the core soul nadial layers in the human lightbody. This false overlay was redirecting the energy channels into running reversal current, or lunar forces, used to hijack soul energy. Essentially, the Caduceus nadial network imposed upon the human body is to create an ascending path for lunar forms, or support to feed soul energy into lunar consciousness and related moon chain forms.

Regardless, the Caduceus configuration overlay on the Ida-Pingala breath current is referenced as running false light and lunar light through its nadis overlay. It’s time to evolve beyond this lunar structure and move into the Solar Logos nadial transmissions, which are coming from rainbow plasma filaments connecting to a vast network of Sun Stars, that can also be referred to as the Galactic or Cosmic Suns, and these are Paliadorians from the God Worlds. This is a long-term evolution project as one can imagine, reconfiguring and upgrading the human lightbody nadial structure and central nervous system is not generally something that can happen extremely quickly, unless there is a pre-birth agreement. As humans in the material world, we need to function in the environment that we are exposed to and have inherited as a result of incarnating on planet earth. However, this phase seems to be a big milestone in the upgrades to the nadial structure and CNS reconfiguration, in which we may experience completely different and unusual symptoms, like metabolic changes and body parts going offline temporarily.

As the human nadial structure sheds the lunar channels, it ripples effects in the messaging of our physical central nervous system. This effects more specifically those nadis that run from the center column in the chakra cone and down into each of extremities, into our hands, fingers and feet and toes. Most tingling sensation starts at the joint, like the knee down through the shin, and the elbow joint down to the forearm leading into the hand and fingers. Tingling, heat, palpitations and temporary numbness in body parts are common as new nadis neurology comes online and is being calibrated to the Krystal body. The heart complex nadis sends current directly from up to shoulders and runs down to each center palm and spreads into the fingers and tips. The primary nadis responsible for moving upwards inner spiritual forces throughout the body for higher frequency activation is located in the throat center area, as well there are many nadis links from mouth to rectum, and into the throat which connects into all facial orifices. The 5D throat center is the primary center that runs, pushes and moves the kundalini activation to circulate into and around the body parts.

Starseeds hold certain frequencies, holographic architecture or specified blueprints to be activated in the earth grid, and thus when major events like the Caduceus network dismantling occurs, some of us may experience more direct and acute symptoms as a result of being a gridworker. The current theme has been accelerating so we want to pay more attention and participate as consciously as possible, to support changes occurring in our nadial structure and central nervous system. It helps to reduce stress and take special care of our body as we may experience sudden, strange and unusual neurological related symptoms in the process of bio-neurological calibration to a Krystal body template. This usually means more rest and not pushing yourself too hard to get things done, we have to pace ourselves and assess our available energy, being careful about too much exertion. Yet, during intense kundalini phases we may need to stretch and move our body in order to increase circulation and energy movement with some low impact exercise.

Misperception of the Deconstruction

Most of us completely misunderstand what we see or interpret as the nature of reality. The changing architecture and plasma frequency activations increase the amplified polarities in the outer scape, which deconstruct portions of the 3D paradigm. If we only look to the physical events that are occurring, we are missing a big part of the overall picture in which an intelligent plan for planetary ascension is unfolding. Over-identification with the material plane can polarize our thinking into creating misperceptions of what is right or wrong, which increases division and separation between groups of people. As we learn more about the natural cycles of life, we know that in order to be recreated into something new, the current form and its foundation must be deconstructed. The concept and eventual experience of resurrection illustrates this fact. For the alchemy of forces to work, a miracle is a byproduct of God’s natural laws, thus we must die an ego death in order to be reborn. This is transpiring rapidly now for many people. The death of the ego is the phantom death we experience as we face the desperation of the inner or outer darkness, and as we face the darkness, one must remember this shadow is not the real spiritual self. The stages of ego death may catapult us into the Dark Night of the Soul or even levels of psycho-spiritual crisis.

If we use the negative ego to perceive reality we suffer greatly, and so the great work is to let it all go. We must love and accept ourselves for who we are right now and not who we think we should be. This is a significant progression in the Ascension timeline for planet earth and what we are enduring is very complex, as it relates to transforming everything we have ever known as an earthling.

Be in this world and not of it. Take care of your body. Practice loving kindness, which are the Krystic spiritual principles in your life and know that you are protected and safe in this Love. Have no fear. Many will be fooled by what is transpiring as if the darkness is advancing its control over the world. Some people are succumbing to that dark illusion. However, that which was always hidden must surface to be revealed for an accounting, as well as a purging and exit. Humanity will perceive these signs in the material world through their own level of developed spiritual consciousness or through the controlled narrative in the masses, which in the large majority, is limited to the negative ego rhetoric. Keep the spirit of patience close to your heart, persevere in collecting the pearls of truth on your spiritual journey and never let your gaze sway from the Force of Love that is God.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa


~via – Shifting Timelines Newsletter – April 2019

LISA RENEE: “Clearing Spiritual Bondage”


Those of us committed to the Law of One, to promote sovereignty and freedom for this planet and humanity, have more grid and energetic support than we ever have. If we have had possession, implant and entity harassment, the following discussion with treatment should offer relief with some level of commitment to the process. We must remember we have returned to this earth to master ourselves and master these entities and the negative energies here. This requires we learn exactly how these entities think, what their strategies are, and where they came from, why they may be attached to us and how they infiltrated this planet. We are in a war over consciousness that requires we master the psychological-spiritual warfare being directed to humanity. In many cases, this will require we directly experience implants, entities and psychic attack and forms of alien aggression. We cannot heal the consciousness of our planet until we understand exactly how our body and the planet became corrupted with the reptilian virus and synthetic alien machinery. Please have patience with the process of Spiritual Deliverance and command your space as a God-Sovereign-Free being. It is suggested to have a firm grasp of using the 12D shield before moving into these exercises. The 12D shield will provide a much easier extraction process. This transcribed discussion, below, is to help prepare you for understanding how to identify and clear spiritual bondage loops.

Our meditation is dedicated to the release of the bondage loops that bind us to personality behaviors or wounded-ness, that may have bound our energy field to the essence of demonic spirits. For this reason, we will be talking more about how the Negative Alien Agenda and Satanic forces enslave the masses through spiritual bondage, and how dark forces use spiritual principles to isolate the core spirit and internal system of human beings from God access. What is being discussed in this segment is the process of breaking the bondage loops between your consciousness and dark forces. This is so that you understand more of the language in the following meditation, “Breaking Spiritual Bondage Loops”, that will be included at the end of this discussion. To prepare us for clearing, we will need to understand some of the energetic structures which are a part of how spiritual principles are abused by anti-life forces. Anti-life forces, or Imposter Spirits, lie or deceive people in order to create bondage loops (these are cords and attachments into the Lightbody) that exist mentally, spiritually and emotionally for human beings.

The negative alien agenda uses specific strategies called, Archontic Deception Behaviors that are designed to create disassociation and extreme trauma from the spiritual abuse of human beings. The desired goal for them is to start abusing humans as young as possible, when they are babies and children. To define this methodology through a black magician, the words of Aleister Crowley on rituals, he was quoted to say, “it must be programmed by aged 8 or it’s too late.” So it becomes extremely clear that those who are active in mind control and spiritual warfare against humanity, are fully aware of spiritual principles, and the energetic laws. These laws of energy are in operation for everyone on this planet, whether an Luciferian being, Satanic being or a Krystic or Christ being.

A specific way to manifest spiritually destructive behaviors in a human being, that is exploited by the Archontic Deception and Negative Alien Agenda, is that if you can mind control a person to be angry at God or to reject the spiritual principles of the Spirit of God, it is easy to get that person to commit grave acts of destruction and depravity, against their own spiritual source or soul. Further, this person can be manipulated to commit those acts of spiritual destruction upon others around them without remorse. These destructive acts are reinforced and repeated, many times in childhood, to get the person to reject the spirit inside himself, to reject God itself, and to be repulsed by certain words that have been used to control the language to describe God or spirit. Words that are used to describe God or spirit, which is a direct part of our own consciousness body, have been severely abused and twisted in their true meaning by the alien controlled organized religions, such as the Catholic Church, a satanically controlled organization.

So understand that all beings on this planet that understand spiritual principles, are actually governed by the same energetic laws. What defines the difference in how those laws come into manifestation, is the quality of energy, spirit and consciousness that is used with heart-based intention or with negative ego, base mind intention. The base mind of negative ego is that which creates the division within the polarity forces, which is separation. This is why there is so many levels of disinformation that is spread in organized religion or in certain religious beliefs, to maintain control over the minds of the devotees. Religion generally promotes that to gain more spiritual knowledge is evil, and to have understanding about the occult is an evil thing, and this is a grave misunderstanding or untruth. In some cases, the particular level of information, as it’s being disseminated for followers with the intention of mind control for soul binding, then yes, that action is orchestrated by a satanic being who is interested in enslaving the human being. However, it is important to understand that the same core spiritual principles that the satanic force is governed by, as a spirit being, are the same laws that can serve the God force in Christ, which is also a spirit being. There are energetic laws which are in operation for all levels of spiritual being on this planet. We should not fear spiritual knowledge, and not fear self-knowledge, as it is to better to understand that as we become exposed to greater knowledge, this is not a negative thing, it is necessary for most of us to be exposed to knowledge in order to evolve. Accessing self-knowledge is the same as accessing spiritual knowledge, and this is a process of empowering each person to consciously participate with their own spirit.

Spiritual principles are purposely used in organized religion to influence that person to reject their own person, by rejecting the spirit inside of himself, to reject God itself as something that exists outside and external to the self. This is one of the core levels of satanic deceit, misinformation and lies, to confuse the spiritual principles, so that the person cannot discern the difference of where they are being led. They are unable to tell that they are being deceived and lied to, by the structures of control that tell them that they are the only authority worthy to represent God.

Great efforts are made by the controllers to stage events in the world scape to make humans feel consistently victimized, isolated, and through reinforcement of fear based mind control belief systems, so that people will feel certain that God has rejected them. For instance, some victims may have someone who played God in their lives, walk away from them when they really needed help in a life or death situation. However, understand that using victim-victimizer software on the minds of people, such as when a child is brought into religious organizations, he may be repeatedly warned that God is cruel and judgmental, and that he wants to destroy him for the wicked things that they have done. Bible verses tell of the wrath of God, and God’s anger is read to the victim repeatedly, so the victim victimizer programming is designed to make sure that mind control make the human being feel that they are implicated in sinful, deviant or bad behaviors or that they are a bad person. This is especially implanted into the minds of people, if something that is judged as bad has happened to them. Maybe they were abused by their parent and they believe it was their fault. Maybe they were raped and they thought it was their fault, and they live hiding their shame and guilt from others. The victim victimizer program uses this tactic to ensure that the person is rejecting themselves, or rejecting their inner connection to God somehow. Victimizer software works to promote shame and guilt upon the mind of a person that has been inflicted with a great crime against their personal sovereignty and inner spirit, which in truth the action was committed, usually by brutal force, by the depraved action of another person.

One of the biggest issues in the world within people who are not aware of this information, is the belief of the injustice of God creating a world of such suffering. This is a twist of this Satanic and Luciferian belief system to help train the person who is indoctrinated into these particular religions or beliefs. Once you experience and see the suffering, pain and the cruelty in the world, and confusion and frustration results, then that person can be set up easily to reject that reality and be easily moved into a Satanic or Luciferian type belief system. This is a coping mechanism to deal with the mind set of dark ignorance, and not having spiritual tools to develop a personal relationship with ones inner spirit. This is to ensure that the victim hates or rejects their inner spirit and their relationship to God, and that hatred towards God expresses itself in the victim’s unconscious parts or within their own internal system. The internal system is the unconscious mind, the subconscious parts where we hold memories of personal pain or suffering. So in the internal system, this unconscious program is to continue to propagate this rejection of the self, rejection towards the spirit, and this is a part of victimizing the human being, interrupting the true spiritual birthright of each person.

Many of us may have sensitivity around words that feel too religious. Many of those words I may be using to bring up subconscious religious programming which requires to be healed, words like God, Satan, demons, Lucifer. These are all words that the Catholic Church uses and that many organized religions use. Many of us have been inflicted with the mind control programming of twisted biblical translations and from that exposure, this has created a rejection of that frequency or consciousness in our life, in our body and in our mind. This is because these words to describe God or spirit, have been attached to different meanings with egoic intentions, thus, it is something that we have been abused with on the earth. What I’d like to bring to your attention is to find any parts in yourself that still may feel a rejection towards any of this language, or any aspects when we use the word God or Christ, Satan or demonics, that these are all terms that you will want to feel neutral towards. We must learn how to hold neutrality with these words, because there is an sophisticated, organized structure designed to create spiritual abuse of these words in the human being. This deception is from an anti-human forces, this is an anti-Christ perspective, and this means that the intention behind it is to manipulate the person’s unconscious mind, in order to get them to reject God.

When we understand more about what is a demonic, a demonic is something that exists. A demonic being is a low spiritual being and it’s attracted by a specific scent or the essence that exists within a person’s energy field. Within the body, within the mind, within the emotional state, there is a certain vibrational quality and essence or a scent that can attract demonic beings when a person is unconscious and heavily controlled by negative ego. We are made in the image of God, and we are attractive prey to those who hate or reject the original God spirit, and this is essentially defining satanic and anti-life forces. When demonics target a person or group of people, a common tactic is to create chaos, disruption, problems or trouble for that person or group. When the persons issues and their problem reach a crescendo, they may go into panic or fear. As a result, they’ll be in a state of mind to grab any kind of solution that’s passing by without thinking. It is in this way that people unconsciously make a pact with a demonic force or demonic spirit, many times unknowingly, because of their anxiety, their pain, their hysteria, their suffering has caused an intense reaction in them. Then from a place of panic, they are gravely misinformed and then an ill decision is made to find a solution. Really what is occurring is that person has been manipulated to make a bad decision, and they were actually being coerced or manipulated by dark forces to that particular decision and many times they don’t know it.

This is emphasized so many times in our community, the importance of not emotionally reacting to external situations, but learning first to find the inner stillness, the neutral point and then from inner calm, choose a response. This is a big step in not allowing demonic spirits to manipulate or coerce you. We can see this in the world at large, this program of creating problems, reactions and solutions. This is one tactic of the negative alien agenda where strategies are used for divide and conquer, so most people are selling out their soul, selling out their bodily energies, selling out their life force, and allowing a negative or demonic energy in their body, because they are hoping for quick relief from their problems.

For those of us that have reached a level of spiritual understanding, when we see this circumstance playing out, we can see this clear as a bell, we can see this manipulation a mile away. But for most humans, they cannot see this manipulation playing out and this is because demonic forces are able to dull their senses by the manipulation of their own unresolved pain and trauma. This is a part of the brain and neurological dulling or spiritual damage that happens in the human being that is constantly exposed to trauma. This dulls the senses of the person to the point they no longer have any realization that they have sold their energy, sold out their soul, so they’re not aware this is going on in most cases. So most people make a choice to accept the falsehood of lies, because they live in denial to the truth of their reality. The falsehood of lies is offered by the demonics for their relief of anxiety or fear, rather than stick with the larger truth, which when we see that truth, it seems to hurt. This is a very good example of being able to stay awake through the dark night of the soul. To stay awake through some difficult material, so that the shadow self will not be manipulated into creating even more pain for that person. The truth is what sets us free, but a lot of the times people don’t want to deal with that hurt, we don’t want to see that pain. And when we do, we are leading our self into denial which creates self-delusions, and this falsity is what allows demonic forces or spirits to manipulate these unconscious parts of us.

So it’s important to understand that facing the truth can hurt sometimes, but ultimately it is the pathway to our spiritual freedom. To be a truth seeker, a truth lover, a lover of the truth is the path to personal sovereignty. Many times when there are ceremonies, festivals or pilgrimage, there is an authority given to demonics, which is transferred to human beings that are unaware that incantations or certain things are bringing demonics into their body. When they are asking for a cure to their problems, these strong demonic manifestations occur around festivals, ceremonies, and rituals which are being done every day of all over the world. These ceremonies and rituals when used for selfish and negative ego purposes are like welcome mats for inviting demonic forces, giving them the right to access the body and mind. We must remember that all things have a right to exist, so the issue is, knowing who your authority is and commanding your personal space. This is why this is spoken of so often in our community, learning how to do the 12D Shield, command your personal space, because we are sharing the earthly space with so many different levels of spirits and beings. Everybody has the right to exist, in their spirit, the issue is demonic forces are like parasites on the human spirit, so we have to set the space within ourselves and refuse the right of the access of demonic spirits into our human energy field. We understand the demonic forces are being given a right to attach to your body when you invite it in through your own behaviors, this is a rule within the energy field, demonics attach because humans let them. When we let them in because we do not have informed awareness, they attach to us so this is a phenomena that exists on earth, it is something that we should be aware of more deeply because it’s impacting so many human beings on the planet.

Every area of the world has this type of spirit, and often demonic signs occur at rituals and ceremonies, so a lot of the power that is given is preserved and fueled by certain ceremonies and tradition. When people become attached to rituals or traditions, that they don’t want to stop, if the tradition is rejected, the ceremonies rejected by people, the demonics often augment with some kind of new deception. So this is the constant level of creating deceptions for people to increase spiritual bondage through multiple deceptions, which become more and more challenging to figure out in the complexity of deceit. This is why being able to see what deceit is, being able to see what a deception is, seeing what manipulation is, this is so important because these are tools used by the anti-life force or demonic spirit.

So if you asked, how does Satanic forces of the negative alien agenda enslave people, you should now better understand how that process occurs. The answer is that Satanic forces and the negative alien control, is enforced by trauma based experiences and through inflicting mind control and spiritual abuse of the people. A trauma is applied into the lives of people, and when they reach out for some type of answer to this trauma, the Demonics many times offer them some kind of answer through temptation of lower ethics. In organized religion, this could be praying to some idol, saying some Hail Mary’s, staying in the confessional booth or doing blood sacrifice. Whatever it is, again this problem, reaction and solution is a demonic type of tool used to control the minds and souls of people. When somebody is in trauma or endured some type of abuse, this creates a lot of confusion. Many times this trauma is based upon a lie, that turns into something that people believe is true and that starts to blur the lines of reality. They can’t tell this is a false reality because their mind isn’t able to break loose of the power of the lie, they are living in the storyline of that trauma based deception, and they are living in denial.

The power behind myths of belief are fueled deeply in these traditions, these ceremonies, these rituals of demonic manifestation and demonic attack. So anyone who steps outside of the demonic lie, meaning the false reality program, is attacked and targeted for victim victimizer programs. When people feel that they are being personally attacked, especially when their sense of self is being challenged, such as their heritage, their tradition, their religion, and that is not being acknowledged, people willingly sacrifice the truth for falsehood. They accept falsehood in their need for relief from their trauma, because in their need for relief to get some kind of answer, they have many times chosen to be deceived and manipulated, they don’t want another truth, they just want relief. So this choice to be deceived has a great deal of spiritual power to it, and this is very important to understand when you’re in denial and you refuse to look at the truth, this allows demonic presence to come in to your energy field, mind and body. For people that have had extreme fear or abuse programs, they’ve been spiritually abused very young in life, this becomes more serious to understand. This is because a lot of fears we can manifest as thought forms, and we can clear those thoughtforms, but there may be really deep, trauma based abuse patterns which are being directly manipulated by demonic forces or low spirits. The trauma cannot be fully cleared until the demonic spirit is removed from the body, this is a bondage loop. Many times we are not understanding that we are deceiving ourselves or being manipulated in the truth of where the real source of this pain is coming from. We have to identify where the pain is coming from in the trauma, identify the abuse we have suffered. If we can’t identify it, if we refuse to look at it, we’re constantly deceiving ourselves and we are easily manipulated by dark forces. This is making the choice to remain being in a state of deception, of not seeing the truth, and this action of denial and manipulation of falsehood is what allows the legal rights, so to speak, the energetic law which attracts the essence of demonic spirit or demonic power.

When person chooses deception over truth, especially when they have been exposed to truth, understand that this has great consequence of negative spiritual power. They are no longer a truth seeker, they are no longer a truth lover, they choose denial to deal with pain and that denial to deal with pain will stop the access of greater knowledge and truth. So when a person is in great denial, you can’t just speak to that person about some level of truth because they have rejected the truth. They must at some point be willing to seek truth again, meaning go beyond the superficial level of reality to be able to receive spiritual knowledge again. These people can have all the proof shown to them about some level of truth and they will continue to reject it, from great unresolved fears. A great example of that is how many times have we seen people reject UFO’s, alien abduction, or paranormal events, something that is in front of their face, and they cannot see what’s right in front of them. It is right there, but they cannot look at it truthfully. Many of us in the Starseed community are perplexed, why can’t that person see that in front of their face? This is because they have chosen the deception, the demonic bondage feeds falsehood, feeds deception and it is that demonic bondage loop that needs to be broken somehow. This is why we’re having this discussion to understand this more deeply.

Spiritual bondage can be broken in a number of ways, so sometimes we can (and this is something that we do in ES a lot), we point out galactic history, we talk about things that are hidden agendas, we point out the inaccuracies that are hidden inside the deception and lies, because half the time what the public is being told lacks common sense. So much of the time what the media reports to the public is completely ridiculous and yet, still people believe it. They believe ridiculous lies they’re being told, so sometimes when you can point this out, it is sufficient to break a demonic spell. A demonic spell is a type of demonic force that is attached to that falsehood, that delusion promoted in our reality, that creates mesmerism or hypnosis of belief in that person. Our goal is breaking the demonic spell that perpetuates falsehood and lies, the lies used to deceive the people, deceiving us, and how that propagates in creating even more deception in the world. The Archontic Deception behaviors and strategies used by Satanic based forces are very specific to the negative ego and are carefully formulated. Once we can see it, this points out what is going on and many times we can have a breakthrough, we can have that realization moment, that allows us to have clarity. Just the information being exposed to a level of truth can be sufficient to break the spell, where a person can wake up and start to see the deceptions and the lies that they have been told. But after the demonic spell of lies are broken, the next step is that person will be required to follow that realization by taking steps to live in truth, meaning that they seek the truth, they have love of truth. To realize the true nature of God, we must follow and learn from the truth spirit.

Many people have fears over gaining knowledge and spiritual truth from mind control. The mind control programs are simply the sophisticated application of what is been done to humanity on a larger scale, a world scale and then being scaled down to a single human body. There are so many different levels of mind control being propagated, whether it’s global, whether it’s national, whether it is in the United States and then of course that mind control is being drilled down to single human beings.

All trauma and lies are used in the same way. The different sub-personalities or identities that exist within a person, many times when a person, a human being has been traumatized or abused, especially spiritually abused (SRA), different personalities will start to exist within the human energy field, they bury within the unconscious levels of the mental body to actually try to protect the person. These different sub-personalities are not necessarily soul identities, but they are identities which become split from huge trauma in the person, where the person has not identified that trauma within himself. Now another way to call these particular sub-personalities, which are described in mind control, meaning that mind control creates trauma and can create split personalities or multiple personalities in someone, these are fragments which are also called alters. So it’s interesting, an altar is very similar to what you’re talking about in an altar of worship, if the split personality has an altar, this is something the demonic spirit uses to exchange soul energy or take body parts or energies away from that person. So this is a way many times, the person that may have different sub-personalities, these are people that act subconsciously or unconsciously and many times don’t even know what they’re doing. This is a type of split identity in a person, which occurs from heavy trauma and abuse. These particular identities if and when they exist, are called alters and this is about the altar selling the soul to the lies of deception or the lies of omission in return for their false belief in some kind of safety and security.

Most of the time the inner child, the body at the core level is split, fragmented. This creates the feeling of being so insecure, so unsafe, that the inner child or different sub-personalities of the person will start to create ways of coping, so that they can feel safe. Understand that this is a Satanic control mechanism to split the core spirit away from embodying inside the human being. This is an important piece of this, an important piece of understanding how to heal trauma and abuse in a person, because once we feel insecure, when we feel unsafe, this is because we’re nonintegrated and we’re not spiritually connected. We can’t feel our foundation with our inner core spirit and our direct relationship with God.

This is a basic ingredient to all mind control programs, whether it’s an individual person or a group of people, and it’s all based in the same thing. The source is trauma and fear that is embedded somewhere in the human body, in the human mind or the human spirit, the trauma exists at some level within the body. Our job is to release this spiritual bondage, and be able to find where this bondage exists. So many Krystic beings have believed that the solution to Satanic mind control is to be so united in love, that the world would actually see the solution lies in the Cosmic Christ Consciousness. But for the world, Christ represents unity and integration, whereas the anti-Christ represents the opposite, division and fragments. But there are spiritual strongholds or spiritual grips which are also used to divide and conquer us, which is important to understand. This is the necessity that we come into greater spiritual maturity of the current reality on the earth, and that these spiritual strongholds are much more vast than any of us could really imagine.

The heartbeat of the body of Christ, the Diamond Sun body of Cosmic Christos-Sophia, is to bring all of humanity to reconnect, reclaim and know their original creator. This can be accomplished by breaking down all the lies and the mind control programs that separate the parts of the body of Christ, so that those of Krystic intention and behaviors, those that are integrated in love and spirit, can reflect to the world, reflect to the group, so that the individual starts to believe inside of their heart the power of the inner Christ, the true power of God. Each of these levels of identities has a spiritual, mental and physical side, that we are starting to recognize aspects in the body that have been split to refuse or reject the aspect of the core spirit coming into wholeness. That is the whole body of Christos-Sophia, being able to embody the Krystic form.

Human beings on this earth, in most cases, have had their personal free will and self-determination stripped from them. It is clear that when looking at what’s happening in the negativity of humanities behavior, a lot of the destructive behavior in the world, this isn’t about thinking of human beings in terms of guilt or punishment, because most human beings are slaves, who no longer have freedom of choice. If they kill, they steal or tell lies, many times because of these mental splits, spiritual disconnection, they have not done it intentionally and with consent. Still, the mind control programmers know the negative alien agenda , they know full well there are negative spirits involved to spiritually abuse and prepare mind controlled human beings to be a slave to do these acts. When they carry out these destructive acts they are in spiritual bondage to these forces. For instance, many humans are carrying demonic spirits in some part of their body, in some part of their mind from negative behaviors that they themselves direct from their personality or that they have inherited from generational ancestors.

Now from these conditions of energetic imbalance on the earth, from these conditions of not being able to recognize destructive or deceptive elements of your being, and taking steps to heal them, it’s very easy to implant demonic spirits into the person, into that person’s body. So understand that alien implants are a demonic structure, they are the same structure which feeds demonic spirits and alien parasites in some kind of format of low energy quality. So any person who is not taught to dedicate their personal rights and possessions, their body to be consecrated to God, can end up with all types of surface forces, meaning ego, negative ego types of behaviors, such as insecurity, worry, anger, jealousy, tension, anxiety, envy, these kind of ego surface forces play out in the third dimension. They in turn cause all types of surface weaknesses and spiritual vulnerabilities in the person, which will start to justify lying, stealing, cheating, arguing, and deceiving. If these ego weaknesses are displayed by anyone, it means that you can see the external behavior of these negative qualities and that has now clearly manifested its evidence that deep spiritual problems and schisms exist in that person.

So the point is, the ability to have these types of negative ego personality weaknesses in human beings, is directly reinforced by global mind control programs and are spiritually, energetically set into the human being to condition them to be a slave. This is enslavement by teaching that person to resist or reject the grace and the love of God inside himself. It may be shocking to realize that human beings as a whole, are specifically targeted to be mind control programmed to resist God’s grace and love, and to actually reject and hate God which is a byproduct of self-hatred. This is not left to chance, it is carefully manipulated and it is accomplished by a number of trigger events in the world and within the individual humans’ life.

Another spiritual area that is being tampered with in the human being, through these mind control systems, is tampering with the self-image of the person. People are conditioned to not allow themselves to think of themselves as made in the image of God, instead of allowing the human being to learn about Christ, as the image of God, the human being is victimized and constantly belittled by being told they are inadequate and judged to be made in comparison to others. This is a violation of spiritual principle in the natural laws of God. When people are not allowed to accept themselves, they end up resisting and rejecting the divine will of God, and the wrong attitudes are built into human beings, as they are treated as slaves, in so that they will always resist the divine will of God. The programming and mind control is linked to collective belief systems. An alternative faith in finding God, finding belief systems that are not connected to global and religious mind control is very important in the spiritual healing process. We must find heart based faith in our direct connection with God, in any way that feels right for us. This cannot be defined for you by any other person. If you can’t feel it and experience it, you start with faith and you devote some time to meditate and find ways to experience your direct relationship with your inner spirit, with your God self.

This is the beginning to help to heal through mind control, and these various schisms and splits that occur in order to create satanic belief systems and sub-personalities within us, buried in the subconscious, This can also be parts of ourselves as multiple personalities or split personalities that could’ve happened when we were traumatized as a child, the child created a silent personality in order to cope with that particular trauma. So these personalities are designed through these abuse systems for humans to reject God, thus children are introduced to religious indoctrination mind control, in order to instill a faith in God. Family imposed beliefs in some religion focused on mind controlling their followers, will be built upon the rejection and trauma to create wounded personalities in the adult, who will continue to reject God, because they feel rejected. So understand that self-rejection, and projection of self onto other people for victimization, is a tool of the negative alien agenda and the satanic forces, across the board in the world. Both rejection and retaliation are tools of oppression and spiritual bondage, the abuser will work the person into feeling like a victim, to get them to feel either rejected or angry. If we feel rejection, then we may retaliate, or try extra hard to perform and please someone in order to get their approval. These behaviors, are what create and set up a bondage loop that is based upon fear and trauma. When we turn anger inward on ourselves, we are rejecting the God within us, and if we are put into performance in order to be accepted, this is also false love, so the performance between the slave and the master, is a form of false love. This is also propagated even in our biological family relationships, from people who are cultivated by the control system and do not know any better. When you say, ‘if you do this for me then I’ll do this for you’ or ‘if you do this I love you’, this is love based on conditions, which is a form of bondage. This is of course is the anti-Christ influence, it is anti-love, it is an anti-human sentiment that we are not lovable, unless we do XYZ.

So understand that God is the force of love, that Christ is unconditional love, and that this is the reflection of God’s true love for all, that is unconditional. Human fear has its root in death, we have fear of death. So in creating fear in humanity, a lot of it is the fear of self-preservation, the forces that control us through mind control may use threats or intimidation to create some kind of self-preservation fear, we have fear of the death of oneself, the death of one’s dreams, the death of one’s identity, the death of one’s fleshly body, and the death of someone we love. All of these are fears, that are also used as threats of intimidation from satanic forces to control us. It is important to understand to not fear death, because the fear of death comes from satanic forces, it’s an anti-life force. Life comes from the God spirit, so remembering that when we’re in fear, many times fear is built on a threat of some kind of death. Fear is built basically on satanic forces which are not real, the foundation is made upon deception and lies. The ego personality has fears of self-preservation, it has the desire to preserve the self or the belief systems in some way, and this is all based upon the concepts of death, humans are being scared of death and to death.

To escape satanic bondage looping of self-preservation, that is built on this fear, we must sincerely with our heart, reach out for the love of God. So this is not normally seen by people as a bondage loop, but it often is because only the foundation and security of the eternal God spirit, which loves us and gives us the strength not to get caught into these fears of death, or fears of self-preservation, which also creates acts to justify our self-preservation. There is a place for defending the truth, but it must be done in love. Understanding what Krystic principles are, through the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, is that we are justified in our relationship to God. This means that there is no judgment, but that our relationship with God is always the truth, we don’t have to justify our self, we don’t have to justify our beliefs, we don’t have to justify our self-preservation. Our relationship to God organically, and naturally, justifies us; and this is not from the ego’s need to self-justify.

Self-justification, this is usually the denial that hides behind many types of slippery ego mechanism behaviors, we justify it, we say it has to be done because of whatever excuse we make up that confirms our own bias. So when we justify that, this is easily related to the self-preservation bondage loop that we simply have to remember, that we are made in the image of God and that God is working in our lives. Most often the first thing which is attacked in individuals and nations in order to have control over them, is to attack and confuse the sense of identity we have as a spiritual being and an ethical moral being. Both individuals and countries are targeted to destroy ethical self-respect, destroy dignity and self-esteem, from the satanic view point ,the individual and the country, must be brought to think of themselves as lower than animals, unimportant and to act in behaviors that are sub human. This is a tactic of the negative alien agenda and satanic force, this is the tool to traumatize the victim who is being mind controlled and then provided relief for their anxiety, when a false illusion and demonic lie is accepted in order to receive relief for whatever the trauma is. This acceptance of the lies, acts as an energetic payment that is harvested from the person that is made directly to that satanic force.

Self-rejection is a very important part of trauma, because it creates a desire for either approval from the external, or it fuels a retaliation against a perceived enemy, and this gets people trapped in bondage loops. Lies put people in bondage, so any kind of lie or deception will create mental and spiritual bondage. Some fantasies and images are also a type of lie, and there are false images that can lead to bondage. The below meditation is dedicated to the release of these kinds of bondage loops and we will be working through a specific system to begin to open up the discovery and exploration of being released of any bondage loop. We cannot release bondage, until we identify that which causes us deep pain, fear or suffering. I ask you to bear with me on this language that you may find triggers within, which are connected to the rejection of the nature of God. This is exactly what we want to find and locate. To identify, locate, remove and repair any personality or any area in your energy field or body that is housed in the essence of pain, of which you carry, that had allowed a demonic spirit to use this part of your body.

We must understand that we cannot have a divided house within our bodies. The same principle of our body as a house, a temple dedicated for the Christ spirit to live within, cannot exist if there is a part of your house that is used for demonic essence or negative spirits. This will continue the level of pain that you may have and the level of pain that you may have will determine the need of spiritual intervention of God’s unconditional love. So with this meditation, we make the intention to dedicate our body and to build the house of God’s internal spirit for Christ, your Inner Christ, your direct relationship with God, and to cast out all demonic houses and their spiritual essences, which have at any time entered your body. So please stay as neutral as you can. If you are not feeling neutral about this information, I suggest that you return to the clearing later when you can feel more neutral. Thank you so much for reading, you may access the treatment below which is about clearing spiritual bondage loops. Much love and blessings to all. Thank you.

Breaking Spiritual Bondage Loops:

~Energetic Synthesis – Time Shift Blog – March 8. 2016