A LITTLE HUMOR AND WISDOM ~ Caitlin Johnstone on “Putting The Squeeze On Mind Control”


Prisoner: Let me out of this cell! I’ve done nothing wrong!

Warden: Okay, here’s the key. You’re free.

Prisoner: This key is three feet long and made out of foam!

Warden: It’ll work, just keep trying.

Prisoner: This is impossible! What the hell is this?

Warden: We call it voting.




The outcome of the US election in November will have no meaningful impact whatsoever on humanity’s rapidly accelerating trajectory toward extinction, but it’ll be great for news media ratings.




QAnon is all the dumbest things about Republicans crossed with all the dumbest things about 4chan crossed with all the dumbest things about boomers crossed with the dumbest iteration of conspiracy analysis you could possibly imagine.




Believing this new cold war is safe because we survived the last one is as sane as believing Russian roulette is safe because the guy passing you the gun didn’t get his head blown off.




Psychology is the tool propagandists use to manipulate us into consenting to the status quo. The more you understand about the workings of your own mind, the easier a time you’ll have spotting all manipulations. See how you fool yourself and you’ll see how they fool everyone.



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ADAM GREEN: “Trump Literally Gives Netanyahu The ‘Key To The White House'”


Comments from the thread:


“Trump officially gave America and We the People over to Israel (Chabad, to put it clearly). Let this sink in folks….”



“I have been saying for the last year ‘Trump has handed the keys of the nation over to Israel’.”



“Apparently, Netanyahu said, ‘That’s OK, I’ve got my own set’.”



“The real question is when did Trump borrow the key from Netanyahu?”



“Why is everyone in the US fighting over who’s going to be our next president?? Netanyahu is our president already!! Duh..!”



“Trump: ‘We’re signing on with every country that had a hand in 9/11, it’s fantastic.” 🙄




“This is so funny 😂😂. The 2 biggest war criminals want ‘peace’. GTFO 😂”



“What an evil con-man, talking about America first… It seems like Americans are under some kind of mind control, there’s no other way to describe this situation. USA and Israel have no mutual connections whatsoever to be ‘greatest allies’, but quite contrary — Israel is the greatest enemy of USA and humanity.”



“Yep. Trump is still getting blackmailed by Epstein”



“Any questions from cultists of the CIA / Central Israeli Agency’s Qabalah-Anon? Still trusting ‘The Plan‘?”

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OFFICIAL TRUMP 2020 SLOGAN? “F*ck Your Feelings”

Yesterday while driving I caught a glimpse of one of these banners emblazoned across someone’s house… the ever popular “TRUMP 2020” campaign slogan. Lovely, huh? The controllers must be loving this… Realize the message this is sending to young adults, and especially, impressionable children: “F*CK your feelings!” Then again, this IS sociopathic misogynist Donald Trump’s true ‘philosophy’ in life anyway, as most evidence proves… should we expect anything better from his rabid followers?





‘DON’T MISS’!!! ~ Adam Green: “The Shameless U.S. Zionist Agenda: ALL Roads Lead To You-Know-Where”



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QUOTABLE QUOTES ~ Caitlin Johnstone on “QAnoners and Oligarchic Sock Puppets”

“QAnoners sometimes say to me ‘Why are you attacking us??  We’re on the same side!’  No we’re not.  We’re on exact opposite sides.  I oppose the ruling power establishment, you support it.  You’ve been duped into backing one of the US establishment parties like any other partisan hack.  If you see two separate mainstream political parties, it looks like one is the lesser evil.  If you see two oligarchic sock puppets held by the same oligarchy, it looks like they’re both being used to bully you into consenting to an entire system which isn’t designed to serve you.  If you see the latter, what is the correct response?  What is the correct response to someone saying you must beg them to punch you with their left hand or they’ll punch you a bit harder with their right?  Is it to beg for the left fist?  Or is it to knock your abuser the f*ck out?  When the oligarchy tells you ‘Vote for my left party or my right party will take away your civil rights’, the correct response is not bowing to its demands, nor voting right-wing out of spite, nor even merely voting third party.  The only correct response is to tear down the oligarchy.”

 ~Caitlin Johnstone


 ~via A Lesser Evil: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix