“Congratulations, the Moderna vaccine is now available!”

~Donald Trump, 12/19/2020 – Twitter








GARY D. BARNETT: “Please Accept the Fact That Regardless of Outcomes, Elections Change Nothing!”

“Is ours a government of the people, by the people, for the people, or a kakistocracy rather, for the benefit of knaves at the cost of fools?”

~Thomas Love Peacock


The first part of the above quote is meant for those misguided and duped citizens that ever once believed that government was of, by, or for the benefit of the people at large. This was propaganda from the beginning, as no such state of being has ever occurred. As to the last half of this statement, it is exactly correct, in that the few controlling evil bastards and their pawns in government, have figured out that fools are more easily controlled, so all that was necessary in order to gain total control over society was to turn once intelligent individuals into a herd of collective fools. That has been fully accomplished, so now the two classes consist of only the rulers and the fools. One only has to go out for a few moments and look at the mass hordes of idiotic mask-wearers to understand this truth.

Considering elections, George Bernard Shaw, although an evil man, told the truth when he said in Caesar and Cleopatra (1901) act 3, “When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty.” The government of course, has always promoted voting as a sacred right and a civic duty, but it is neither. There is nothing noble about voting, as voting is simply a way to claim you had a say by choosing a master to lord over and control you. In other words, one is expected to revel in an activity that solidifies his own enslavement, but is at the same time supposed to make him free? This kind of misplaced and ludicrous ‘logic’ belies all manner of intelligence. Could anything be more contradictory or asinine than such a notion as this? The same ‘duty’ argument could apply to any government action. When the ruling class desires a war, they simply tell the voting public that those in other lands should be killed because it is a patriotic duty to do so. So all those that do the actual killing can excuse their murderous behavior by claiming duty and honor. Duty to country (government) is always a sign of ignorance and excuses for tyranny, while duty to self, which requires personal responsibility, compels intelligent thought, caring, reasoning, and courage.

So on to this current election, one that has taken over the minds of the people, mainly because of the purposeful division created by the rulers among the stupefied masses. One side is red, the other blue, and “never the twain shall meet.” This is the mantra of the collective herd of ‘duty’ bound Americans that are awaiting the outcome to find out who will take care of them, and tell them what they are allowed to do. You see the concept of ‘freedom’ in America today relies on rules, and on what is allowed to be normal. Most are clamoring, “Please keep me safe, and I will do whatever I am ordered to do.” Then the new normal becomes just that, a new normal that is everything that is completely abnormal. But this is how tyrants first frighten and then fool the gullible public, a public that now can barely function without instruction.

Will it make any difference which evil trimmer is selected this time around? Of course not, except at the extreme margin. In the long run, and over time, there will be literally no difference whatsoever. I hear screaming from the Trump red camp about the risk of more lockdowns and mandatory vaccines, this coming from the same side that has just gone through lockdowns, threatened vaccines, and threats of military deployment to distribute vaccines as soon as available. Riots, looting, property destruction, assaults, murder, and forced job loss have occurred with no relief in sight during this administration. There have also been billions of dollars allocated to the perpetrators of this entire agenda; multi-trillions spent as well, all that money stolen from the lowly citizens. Yes, the other camp, the blue side, is extreme left wing, and is threatening lockdowns, vaccines, stronger enforcement with possible military involvement, and more spending, which will have to go a long way to match the red camp. Any new looting, riots, and property destruction, as well as extreme job loss will also continue, and spending will be out of control as the ‘Great reset’ continues to go forward. What this exposes is ridiculous hypocrisy, contradiction, and insanity. As I have always said, if no one voted, no one would be elected, and we would all be better off immediately. Once the control of life comes down to one side or the other, all of us lose, every single time. In my lifetime, liberty has diminished every year since I was born, regardless of who won elections, and I fully expect that trend to continue, as it has for most of the entirety of the history of this country. We are not unique in this idiocy, but have always claimed ‘superiority’ while going down the same destructive path over and over again; exposing what has been defined as insanity. Claiming greatness where none exists is no consolation whatsoever.

So long as this country stays divided, filled with hate, and remains completely ignorant of the truth, then nothing will ever change for the better. Freedom will totally disappear, and tyranny will become even more extreme. Continuing this same process over and over again will only result in the destruction of all that has been held dear over our lifetimes, and will cause the enslavement and downfall of future generations. Whatever is necessary to stop this totalitarian push toward a technocratic communist society should be implemented now, and many risks will have to be taken. But before that can happen, the division amongst this population has to be dealt with, so that the many come together to fight against this heinous government and the coming control system instead of fighting each other. With division comes tyranny and slavery, without division, at least we have a chance of survival.

“Nothing so mystical. Human beings hunger for killing, that is all. It only takes a few politicians to stoke division, or a few demagogues encouraging hatred to set your kind upon one another. And then before you know it, you have a whole nation biting on its own tail, going round and round until there is nothing left but the snapping of teeth.”

~Paolo Bacigalupi (2012). “The Drowned Cities: Number 2 in series”, p.128, Hachette UK



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JAMES CORBETT: “False Flags and the Dawn of Bioterrorism”

For the past twenty years, the world has been in the midst of a so-called “war on terror” set in motion by a false flag attack of spectacular proportions. Now the stage is being set for a new spectacular attack to usher in the next stage in that war on terror: the war on bioterrorism. But who are the real bioterrorists? And can we rely on government agencies, their appointed health authorities, and the corporate media to accurately identify those terrorists in the wake of the next spectacular terror attack?


TRANSCRIPT: https://www.corbettreport.com/bioterror/

DON’T BE FOOLED ANY LONGER! ~ Gary D. Barnett: “Time for a Little Voting and Trump Reality”

I think it is clear to most that the perception is that this country is split right down the middle. Every four years, an ‘election’ process is produced and directed by the U.S. Political Policy Cinema Studio to see which puppet will be selected to be the head puppet in chief. The emotion and passion generated by this block buster show is startling to say the least. Why it is allowed to happen is unclear to any that still possess brain cells, but with well over 100 million voting for their master, the results are always 50/50 statistically speaking. Obviously that could not happen in any legitimate situation, but it seems to happen every time in this country, and almost no one notices or cares. This is certainly by design, as is all political maneuvering.


Of course, this year is no different, but this particular show has all the makings for an Oscar nomination for the most dramatic selection process of all time. It has everything from suspense, science fiction, extreme comedy, graft, violence, corruption, propaganda, and plenty of action. And it may be the longest selection production of all time, and will certainly be classified as an American epic.


So, half the country is insane for their guy Biden, and half the country is insane for their guy Trump. At this point, Trump has declared that he has been cheated out of his ‘rightful’ place as the next president. This is most likely the case, as the other side, the Democrats, basically laid out their plan to win regardless of any outcome very early on, and in fact said how they were going to do it. Trump knew this all along, but is now claiming he has been tricked. This is the new America, one that is open and upfront about all the corruption and manipulation that happens in order for a particular group of slime to be in power. Little is hidden anymore, and one has to wonder if that is due to the fact that the average IQ in this country has fallen off the scale. The so-called most free, most powerful, most intelligent, and most wonderful country on earth is filled with stark-raving mad, dumbed down, pathetic fools.


Today, it is appropriate to talk about the incumbent Trump, because the rage concerning ‘election fraud,’ is the talk of the day. The dreaded COVID-19, the scourge claimed to cause death to all, has virtually been forgotten for the moment, but I guess even a ‘killer virus’ story needs a few days off during the time when the people stay up late to see who will be their next chosen master.


The absurdity of people is on full display today. Most every Republican, conservative, and many libertarians are all standing together for Trump due to what appears to be an extreme ‘lesser of evil’ cooperation due to vote tampering. This is ludicrous beyond imagination. Those claiming to be against government, and for free markets, (these are claimed libertarians) are now walking hand in hand with big government types, all to stump for Trump. Lets take a look at Trump for a moment.


Four years ago, Trump said he was going to improve the economy greatly, he was going to put Hillary Clinton in jail, he was going to lower taxes, he was going to eliminate the Federal Reserve, he was going to stop the wars and bring the troops home, he was going to stop the pedophile networks, and he was going to make America ‘great again.’ He promised a lot more, but for now we will concentrate on these few. Trump’s friend Hillary never was prosecuted or went to jail. If any taxes were lowered, it was made up for multiple times over through massive inflationary money printing from the Federal Reserve, which was never closed down. He did not stop any wars, or bring home troops from around the world. In fact, he continued the carnage in Afghanistan and Iraq, stepped up substantially the slaughter and murder of Syrians while attempting to remove their elected ruler. (Remember election fraud) The U.S. presence in Africa is huge, and he threatened to annihilate those in Iran and North Korea, threatened China and Russia, as well as other countries not cooperating with his mandates for their country. He attempted to remove elected politicians in Central America, and even stole assets and oil from other countries. No pedophile network was stopped as Epstein and many others continued this practice until he was allowed to be murdered, or was moved out of country and hidden to spend the rest of his life in leisure.


Concerning the economy that Trump promised to expand and improve, that of course not only did not happen, but the opposite result was forthcoming. Trump was a president on steroids when it came to protectionism. He sanctioned countries around the globe, especially China and Iran, harming the people of those countries. In that process, he caused great economic harm to America by paying off his fascist corporate partners and stopping trade in order to gain more profits for selected companies and contributors. This had the effect of raising prices dramatically for Americans, and limiting the supply of goods. He implored the Fed to keep interest rates at zero and to keep printing fake money to hold up the markets in an attempt to make things look better than they really were. Then the hoax called COVID-19 appeared, just as planned for decades, and Trump ran spending to all time highs of approximately $7 trillion in one year. He declared a national emergency, thereby allowing the shutdown of almost the entirety of this economy, destroying untold American lives forever. He deployed national troops, and stated that he would use the military to distribute a poisonous vaccine at the earliest possibility. He called this plan, Operation Warp Speed. Catchy don’t you think? This was after he claimed he would never do so. These lies and transgressions go on and on.


The latest travesty has just occurred with the evil Trump. With this election chaos, and obvious fraud, certainly from both sides, especially the left in this case, he has now shown his disdain for all Americans in favor of attempting to gain more approval to help himself politically at the expense of the citizenry. In the midst of election re-counts and lawsuits, Trump touted Pfizer Pharmaceuticals by saying they had a vaccine coming soon. His tweet: “STOCK MARKET UP BIG, VACCINE COMING SOON. REPORT 90% EFFECTIVE. SUCH GREAT NEWS!” Not only was this announcement premature, it was purposely used to highlight the manipulated stock market rise, and that people should take an experimental vaccine that has yet to be peer-reviewed or proven safe, not that it would ever be safe! His motive seems obvious, as he needs public support to continue with his lawsuits and recounts, and this he thinks will put him in better favor. In other words, he is using this to help himself politically, regardless of having no definitive results, exposing that he has no regard for the people of this country.


Trump has presided over all this and through the entire COVID-19 fraud, and has allowed (caused) the economy to be destroyed. He appointed the evil Fauci and Birx, and has funded Bill Gates and his vaccine programs with huge amounts of taxpayer money going to the Gates’ created GAVI. He filled his cabinet with heinous people, including neocon warmongers and medical criminals, while overseeing the destruction of this country. He sat back and watched as people across this land were imprisoned in their own homes, and stopped from working and having jobs in order to support their families.


This is who the Republicans and the on-board libertarians are saying will save the country from the Democrats. Nothing will save this country from the Democrats or the Republicans, and any libertarians supporting them, except getting rid of them all. My words are absolutely not meant to show any support for the evil Biden/Harris team, as they are simply leftist socialists and Marxists, but are only meant to expose that the entire political system in this country is atrocious, corrupt, and murderous. They are all thieves and manipulators looking to benefit themselves and the ‘master class’ that controls them at the expense of all of you.


Voting is for fools, and elections are only meant to make you believe that you have a say. You do not have a say, and you have never been allowed to have a say. Unless you tear down the governing system, and rely on yourself and fellow men instead of allowing this insanity called government to rule over you, this will end in the servitude of the masses. Don’t be fooled any longer, and quit obeying this or any other government!



~via GaryDBarnett.com

GARY D. BARNETT: “Mindless Insanity Rears Its Ugly Head Once Again as All Those Picking a Side Have Already Lost”

“On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

H.L. Mencken, The Baltimore Sun, July 26, 1920


The largest number of Americans in history just did the same thing over again for the 59th time, all expecting a different outcome. The state chosen clowns were sent in to take their place on a preset ballot, and half the people took one side and the other half took the opposite side. Insanity is forever evident, but every four years, that insanity is placed on a pedestal for all to see, and that spectacle is once again proven to be a supreme example of the stupidity of man. It is very difficult to imagine that such a repetitive act so absurd as a presidential election of a controlled tyrant could stir the thoughtless emotion that it does, knowing that in four years these same drones will once again lose their collective minds and play the same game over again.

If Trump wins, we are all doomed! If Biden wins we are all doomed! This is the entirety of the thinking that is taking center stage today. The bottom line is that both sides of this asinine argument are exactly correct, which leaves anyone with even a modicum of intelligence scratching his head to the point of causing blood loss.

It seems obvious that none from the most ignorant to the most ‘educated’ among us are exempt from a temporary, or not so temporary, loss of intellect when it comes time for them to choose their already chosen master. Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives, libertarians and independents all think it mandatory this time around to once again participate in this circus in order to fix the ills of a population that today have to be told to not drink the contents of their car’s battery because it may be harmful to their health. What in the world has happened to individual sanity and responsibility? What has happened to cause division to be so rampant as to be the controlling impetus of all human thought? And why does the near entirety of this population not see that they have been indoctrinated and guided, tricked into voluntarily destroying their own lives, so that the ruling class has an easy time using the people’s cognitive dissonance to bring about their own slavery? Every election is the epitome of this scheme.

While all this voting absurdity is consuming the minds of brain-dead citizens, the top headlines behind the selection process are those that state that the U.S. COVID-19 peak is here, with the most daily cases, and that the killer vaccine rollout will feature app tracking of vulnerable groups. These are very serious matters, but until the current consuming craziness is finished, other important corruption will be ignored, allowing for the advancement of more tyranny behind the cloak of election politics. It seems the general public can only concentrate on one thing at a time, because the capability to think is seemingly lost, while individual intellect has been damaged beyond repair.

After the last election fiasco in 2016, the Democrats were crushed, and became completely insane with hate. The Republicans were ecstatic, as they were confident that their guy Trump would save us all, and so they thought to themselves that they had won! Four years later, government spending at levels never considered in history has been the result. U.S. wars continued around the world, threats of war were constant, brutalizing people around the globe continued; all while the economy was being purposely destroyed and blamed on a scam. Protectionism became rampant, causing mass suffering of innocents, and a national emergency was declared, leaving open the door for all governors to become tyrannical cretins on a mission from hell. Businesses were closed nationwide, lockdowns were enforced, unemployment skyrocketed, travel ceased, deadly mask wearing and social distancing became normal, and deployment of national troops with threats to use the military to distribute killer vaccines was set in place. Stock markets were constantly manipulated, while the Federal Reserve printed many trillions of dollars to enrich the ‘elites,’ allowing for more control over the populace. This is only a small sampling of all the totalitarian measures that happened under a Trump presidency. But Republicans forgot all that as they clamored for more and more of this type of ‘leadership,’ promoting another four years so that all of us could be saved from the evil Democrats.

Now, if the Biden camp instead of the Trump camp wins the election manipulation contest, the Democrats will think and say the exact same things as Republicans did four years ago. The stage would be set for more tyranny at the hands of politicians, but this time, the left hand of the political partnership called the party system would be in control. The fake pandemic would continue, the spending would expand, wars and brutality would remain in place, and socialistic legislation would go forward with similar goals that existed over the past four years. More business closings will be imminent, while continued destruction of the economy will occur. Unemployment, mandated behavior, lockdowns, travel bans, masks, and deadly vaccine promotion will not only continue but be more enforced. Another national emergency declaration will be forthcoming, and troops will be forever on alert to squelch any resistance by the thinking few. Terror in the streets will continue and become commonplace, as the state will allow this behavior, no different than has taken place over this past year while the other side was in charge.

This common dictatorial pattern carried out by the ruling oligarchy, an oligarchy made up of the banking and corporate systems, the tax exempt foundations, the claimed ruling elite individuals, and both sides of the political class, regardless of which party claims power, will not cease, but will only get worse. There is no difference in these evil monsters that desire to rule over the world and all its inhabitants. There is no difference in the Republican and Democrat Party. There is no difference in the left and the right except at the extreme margin, so all on both sides continually lose without even understanding that they have lost. The blame is always placed on the other side, just as has been purposely instilled in the mindless robots called American citizens since the two-party system was designed. The concentration of power never changes, and the parties only change in that they take turns pretending to be for their side, and the people fall for this deception every time, as they wallow in divisiveness and ignorance.

Understand that this planned deception was intentionally created, and that as long as infighting continues among us, they win and we lose. Until the false paradigm of Democrat versus Republican is understood for what it really is, which is a conspiracy of self-created division due to indoctrinatory manipulation, we will all suffer under a system of power and control where the few control the many.

We either become individuals working together for the advancement of freedom, which benefits all, or we remain slaves to the state apparatus that is now in the process of gaining total control over society. It is okay to think differently, it is okay to act differently, but it is always detrimental to hate one another based on the idea that others have to believe and act as you do. Any attempt to force compliance against the will of another leads only to divisiveness, and that is why we are all being deliberately exploited today by the very political system supported by the majority.

Secession is a better option.

“Once one concedes that a single world government is not necessary, then where does one logically stop at the permissibility of separate states? If Canada and the United States can be separate nations without being denounced as in a state of impermissible ‘anarchy’, why may not the South secede from the United States? New York State from the Union? New York City from the state? Why may not Manhattan secede? Each neighbourhood? Each block? Each house? Each person?”

~Murray Rothbard


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