LISA RENEE on “Getting Glamorized with Artificially Generated Famous Identities or Cloned Imposters”

“We are undergoing a very special time with the global awakening that is happening to humanity, and all of us on planet earth at this time are taking some part in the planetary liberation and human ascension. Further, it is prudent to recognize that this planetary event remains hidden and is being used against us as well, because very few people are aware of the depths of spiritual warfare with artificial or cloned identities, of the dark night of the soul, or aware of what weaponry is used to take control over our minds. Many people are unaware of how to test the energies of cloned or false identities and their messaging. Previously, this has been referred to as dark entity manipulation using red cube clone imposters false or cloned identities that have been projected through AI machinery, which is used as spiritual warfare against the awakening population to fracture their minds through imagined or imaginary scenarios that are believed to be real. This AI weapon is cube technology that is used as a cloaking device for the NAA to parade false identities and generating phantom pockets, to hide the many layers of hierarchies that form into the Wesa shadow armies. This is an extension of MK-Ultra based targeting of the awakening population to be derailed into consciousness traps, using many tactics of information warfare, psychological warfare and spiritual warfare. The ability to synthesize polarities into neutral is key, as the consciousness state of neutrality is the first stage of coming into embodiment of observer consciousness which is a mandatory skillset when facing off with an assortment of identities — human and nonhuman. And again, it’s understanding that whenever we’re under a level of planetary initiation like we are right now, the dark forces tend to capitalize on the fact that things are ambiguous or vague or nebulous, because when we’re in a process of integrating into a higher frequency level, generally the consciousness bodies are more vulnerable to hijack or infiltration when we are in that transition. We live in a world fraught with manipulation tactics. As we are enduring a lot of change at this time, the NAA aggression and disruption tactics have been very high, to prevent awakening people from focusing on the next stages of developing group projects. Controllers purposely increase stress and confusion as a manipulation method to destabilize and weaken others, so they will be easily persuaded to go along with any solution the Controller offers just to reduce their stress. This is also called the Problem, Reaction and Solution tactic. This works on the principle that a drowning person will clutch at a straw, so the Controller in his manipulation deliberately attempts to push them under water so he can then offer them the straw. If we are fixated on an identity, that means we’re being attached to an egoic personality, and we’ve got to learn to go inside into our heart and develop the direct relationship with God, the direct relationship with ourselves, and hold observer in order to discern energy signatures. What it does inform us is that we are internally directed, and we are connected to our spirit, to God, without an intermediary, and that means removing false identities, cloned identities and false Gods that steal our power away from achieving personal autonomy and spiritual self-sovereignty. So please heed my loving warning: do not get glamorized with famous identities so that you are easily manipulated into hero-messiah complexes run by dark forces and their AI consciousness sweeps.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Confusion / Artificial Imposter Identities Being Used as a Holographic Mask to Manipulate Groups of People / Gaian Matrix

‘DON’T MISS!’ ~ Kim Goguen and Sunny Gault: “Feb 13, 2023 Full Situation Report”

Join Sunny and the Field Messengers for the REAL News and the World Situation Report with Kim! Rolling brown outs, Canada shooting down UFO’s, Flights cancelled in New Zealand and what happens when regular people from all around the globe focus to change the lives of those with Parkinson’s disease? Also: Chemtrails, Project Sky Beam/Star Beam/Blue Beam, “99 Red Balloons”, fake Alien Invasion agenda and More! Note: Segments of Kim’s report contain the audible sound of her pet dog snoring… no reflection of her news report itself, since it is all fascinating (and true!). Kim’s report begins approximately @ 33:35.

~via United News Network

“LOOK MA!!! NO MASKS, DOUBLES, CLONES, CYBORGS, HOLOGRAMS OR CGIS!” ~ The REAL Donald Trump — Before They ‘Sent In The Clones’. . .

The real Donald Trump ‘stands up’. The original (and now deceased) Donald Trump in 2000 — BEFORE he was replaced with mind-controlled ‘whatevers’ like the one in the photo below!

“Mind-Controlled Whatevers”… what an apt title for a celebrity documentary or book!


Comments from the video thread:

“OKAY!!!!!! That was f***ing disturbing!!!!!!!!!”

“Wait. Uh… Why did this happen?”

“…this wasn’t Giuliani’s first time in drag. He does it often. His advisors had to talk him out of appearing on ‘Queer As Folk’ in drag. I’m not joking. Bill Maher always calls him a Tranny whenever Giuliani’s name comes up.”

“I grew up with guys that did skits like this and later on it was found that they actually were into that stuff. When a man doesn’t hesitate to put on a dress and makeup, you should watch them closely. Giuliani in a dress and Trump has a sex addiction. I wonder how they would do if they were in confinement for for a few months together”

“Ladies & Gentlemen, the 45th president of the United States of America!”

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LISA RENEE on “Artificial Imposter Identities Being Used as a Holographic Mask to Manipulate Groups of People”

KIM GOGUEN & SUNNY GAULT: “Jan 11, 2023 Full Situation Report”

Join Sunny and the Field Messengers for the Real News with a Situation Report from Kim! DO NOT MISS: Kim Discusses Taxes in Detail… House Vote to Abolish the IRS? The Best News on the Planet! Kim’s report begins at 33:22.

~via United Network News (UNN)

KIM GOGUEN & SUNNY GAULT: “Jan 2, 2023 Full Situation Report”

Join Sunny and the Field Messengers for The Real News! Kim’s report begins @ 38:40. She talks about the physical health consequences of “The Jabs”, the fall of “private corporations” such as the Federal Reserve and the Military, and the failing fight for control between the Order of the Black Suns and the Black Dragon families. She finishes up her report on our current ascension process — and progress!

“Talking about ascension — so the ascension process essentially was completed by last weekend, just a couple of days ago — 24 hours ago. What does that mean? That means that there was enough of the DARK essence on the planet earth, GONE. Your energy field will be able to speed up and you’ll start that connection with our Creator more and more. That’s what it means. We (Guardians) are not going to ascend you. That’s your job. We have done our part in cleaning and clearing out all the damage that had been done over thousands of years. That was our job. It is your job to do the work. Now, if you still have emotional wounds and things like that, that can also hinder you. You have belief systems of how you think things are going to happen, how you think you’re going to get paid, how you think your projects are gonna go, how the world should be structured, and it’s not going your way, and you’re getting angry — you’re stopping your own process, because you’re not having faith. The Creator’s plan is ‘The Plan’. I am just a small part of that, that’s it. And so are you. We have to do ‘The Plan’. If you don’t do ‘The Plan’, things go horribly awry, and that prevents you from fully being able to travel back and forth between third density and ninth density. You can do that at any time, and come right back. For myself, it’s almost like having one foot here and one foot there — so I can look ‘there’ and I can look ‘here’. It’s like, standing between your dining room and your dining room — you’ve got one foot in each, and you can see what’s going on in the living room and you can see what’s going on in the living room — but you’re not ‘officially’ in either place. The planet is also ascending, itself. So it’s cleaner, it’s clearer, the connections are better, the planes of existence are all moving around. It’s gonna speed up and get faster and faster and faster so all of it’s coming together in perfect timing.”

~Kim Goguen, The Office of the Guardian

~via United Network News (UNN)