KENNEDY: “Let Tulsi Debate!”



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ISRAEL HACKING & HIJACKING? ~ Reality Engaged with Angelo John Gage: “Cyber Treason with Whitney Webb”

Today we are joined by writer and researcher Whitney Webb to discuss the cyber treason that is going on in our own big tech industries; specifically focusing on the company Cybereason and what their role is in all this, along other special interests undermining our country.



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TULSI GABBARD: “We Cannot Be Bought”

“This campaign cannot be bought — by special interests, the D.C. establishment elite, the corrupt military industrial complex and those who profit from it. Right now Senator Bernie Sanders and I are the ONLY candidates not being funded by either Super PACS or enormous personal wealth. That makes me proud… you make me proud. I cannot do this without you. The consequences of taking on the establishment elite and the powerful institutions they serve are steep — media blackouts, smear campaigns, an uphill battle to be heard — but you know and I know that it’s worth it in the end.”

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INSPIRATION FOR AMERICA ~ Tulsi Gabbard: “Invest in the American People” / “Protecting Social Security” (Double-Play)





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GOOD UNCOMMON SENSE ~ Tulsi Gabbard: “Calling Out the DNC” / “Love of Country Can Unite Us” (Double-Play)



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