There is a frequency, tone and geometry recorded in the Silicate Matrix of the DNA, DNA Signal, that is being imprinted in new ways with the Krystal Tones [January 2013]. This is a large Auroraproject that has to do with re-encryption of the flesh and therefore re-configuring the DNAelements of the human body to be resonant with the frequencies of the Diamond Sun Body.

These seven tones of Original Creation are broken down into: KA RA YA SA TA AA LA(KRYSTAL). When we tone these individually they hold a piece of a larger schematic that fits into the Krystal GSF body, the Diamond SunChristos Blueprint. These Tones are not to be confused with KA RA YA SA TA HA LA – emphasis on the H sound.

Krystal Tones

When the tones of KA RA YA SA TA AA LA (KRYSTAL) are woven into a complete pattern, they are an actual “Merkaba” Spirit Body. This Spirit Body of Krystal Star Consciousness is phonetically (sounds like) spelled something like: CHRYSTHALLA or KRYST HALA (KA RA YA SA TA HA LA), which also describes and explains (means) the male and female merged Risen Christos Body.

  • KA RA YA SA TA AA LA (KRYSTAL) is a process (verb) of encryption.
  • KA RA YA SA TA HA LA (KRYST HALA or Krystallah) is the end result (noun) male/female merged Risen Christos Body.

The Krystal Star suggests that sounding or communicating with these tones in meditation, prayer, music or breathwork is helpful for Aurora re-encryption, to refocus the mind, break through Mind Control patterns and integrate the Krystal Aegis Diamond Breastplate to support Soul and oversoul integration between the bodies. [1][2]

Krystal Aegis

With the recalibration that is required for the ES community container we are undergoing further changes in order for each of us to become in alignment with our true inner christos spiritual nature. As of January 2013 our planet has shifted not only in vibration but in its core energetic structure, which is also referred to as “planetary hosting”. The Krystal host is now making changes within the core frequency structures as well as the instruction set on our planet, which has great impacts upon our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. These core tones are KA RA YA SA TA AA LA. The support for healing and reintegrating these seven tones is contained within the Krystal Aegis section of the ES website. The Krystal Aegis section combined with the suggested meditation upon these seven tones are designed for heart and core healing to reintegrate mental fragmentation through its seven gemstones. This Aurora Guardian healing template is called the Krystal Aegis Breastplate.[3]

The Krystal Aegis – these community pages are for self-involved intervention to focus to discipline an addicted mind, destructive mind or unhealthy lifestyle. If you are addicted, possessed, obsessed and losing control of your life, this is the hard study program to clear the grips of Mind Control. The imperative goal is to achieve three major improvements in 

a. Applying the right effort to the discipline of your mind through spiritual practice 

b. applying the right thinking to discipline your mind through clearing Negative Ego

c. applying the right meditation to develop skill in the focus and attention of your personal energies ( Right Effort – Right Thinking – Right Meditation)

Krystal Aegis Diamond Breastplate

The Krystal Aegis(KA) breastplate purpose is to prepare the body to receive the Seven core Krystala tones in the Double Diamond Sun body, and to set the inner foundation to build and activate the gems in the Krystal Aegis breastplate to activate these seven tones to protect the physical body, diamond heart and soul bodies. These rainbow pastels are moving lights of frequency that source from the Aurora diamond light, that move in specific patterns as a reaction to the Krystal consciousness mirror (ball-sphere) when they are being observed. The following meditation is to build the Krystal Aegis breastplate in one’s aura.[4]

Building the 144 Harmonics

This is the suggested community meditation to recode the inner and outer harmonics to hold Krystala tones in the San Graal Stargate in Sarasota, Florida visited in October 2013.[5]

Build a strong inner core foundation to house our entire inner spiritual light presence and to prepare our bodies to hold the Krystal Aegis breastplate to restring the full octave of each of the 12 harmonic dimensions. Align Light Symbol Codes and Crystal Keylons in Divine alignment to Sound and Light Fusion with Axiom lines and DNA chain and DNA double helix bonded to the Eternal God Body connected to Christic plasmic waves for Base Tones, Overtones and Interdimensional Tone Resonators of Krystahala. Repeat KA RA YA SA TA AA LA and focus on your Krystal Aegis Breastplate, imagine each gemstone on the breastplate glowing and emanating its quality of frequency of liquid light as you say each of the tones.

Where Can I Start?

We realize that there is so much variety in the individual Ascension Stages and our material compiled here may be overwhelming to navigate. Please take in only what feels right for you and discard the rest. However, we have some quick suggestions on how to begin right now. Take a 30 day challenge with the 12D Shield and refocusing your Ego/Personality Mind and see the results you get with daily use!

The following is important information and steps to introduce you to the ES material and provide tools to utilize right away! Please browse and try out all the material as you feel guided, however, please note: the Ascension material is densely packed with information and often overwhelming for people newly acquainting with these terms. Take it in at your own pace, however, remain consistent and dedicated with your practice and you will experience many improvements, such as in mental and emotional freedom.

  • Activate your 12D Shield as a Daily Practice Meditation
  • Clear Negative Ego Fear Programs
  • Mental Discipline through Devoted Focus and Meditation to Expand Consciousness
  • Resolve Emotional Conflicts in the Pain Body.
  • ES Core Triad Daily Techniques.

All of these steps are a part of committing to the ES Core Triad practices every day.

Merkaba Star Light Symbol Code

The six-pointed Star of David is a Light Symbol Code that represents the first cause of sound frequency’s unifying function of Holy Mother’s quintessence, the pure divine fire-water within the alchemy of the holy spirit, the sacred animating force which controls the essence of organic and eternal life.

Black Magic Hijack of Creation Symbols

For every lightworker, it is critical to discern the quality of force that is behind the use of symbols, codes or geometries, as the intent infused into the symbol is energized with the quality of force that the person is applying into that symbol, as well as for what purpose they use that symbol or code. On the earth, the NAA have done everything possible to associate creation symbols, symbols that are pure consciousness energy, and distort and debase that energy into reversals, in order to destroy creation and destroy life. The Imposter Spirit has purposely usurped many holy symbols and sacred geometry for the main purpose of creating confusion and fear in the average mind, and to associate negative qualities with creation symbols and holy presence. The main purpose of the Satanist or Luciferian is to destroy the original intent of creation codes, such as Sacred Geometry in so that the human being will be so filled with fear and confusion around sacred symbolism, they will develop spiritual terror and run away from them as to not “offend god”. This is the ruse of the Satanic forces, who want to steal creation and life force away from humanity, and thus steal the inherent knowledge of humanities own consciousness bodies away from them. Hence, the Star of David is used in Black Magic by people that have been taught to defile its true meaning in occult rituals by the Imposter Spirit and NAA.This is to prevent the true meaning of its use to inspire unity in human beings.

Discernment of Directing Energy

In regard to the use of Creation Symbols or those sacred geometries that are hijacked for negative purposes, such as STS and for Black Magic, this is something that each one of us has to find personal Discernment in what we connect with and what we feel connected to. Generally, what is a potent way to gain deeper clarity, is to first stabilize the body and to learn how to be consistent with your 12D Shielding and to use it as a boundary test with what is known as the GSF triad, which is God Sovereign Free. When you encrypt your 12D Shield with God Sovereign Free, what you are basically saying, is “I’m only allowing that which interacts with me to be in full resonance with God Sovereign Free”. When you are able to develop some proficiency with that, doing a 12D shield encrypted with your God Sovereign Free triad and then you use this as a boundary test for sacred geometries or anything else to get better discernment about the quality of energy. Anything that you come across, you want to feel what level of resonance you have with it, and to feel and discern the body’s resonance to this coding or symbolism because of the reversals, some of which has been discussed many times in regard to the Metatronic Reversal field.

Now, a part of the change of the Krystal Host on planet is really helping the planet to restore and bring balance back to these energy fields in a way that was not previously possible. It’s like saying, when you have the majority of the planet human consciousness, human bodies, still working on their Soul level embodiment, the Metatronic layers of the monadic body are not available until the person accesses higher dimensions, the seventh, eighth, and ninth level. Monadic activation starts at the seventh dimension. This means for a lot of people they’re not embodied at the layer where they would be exposed to Metatronic level yet. In a sense, they have to go through some spiritual development steps before that reversal frequency is brought to their conscious awareness.

Using the 12D shield with the Merkaba Star or Star of Azoth, and understanding that the 12D Shield is an intention you are setting to connect to your Avatar Christ 144 sub harmonic flame. Each of these frequencies, these levels of 144 harmonics, you are intending when you run the shield, you are asking your higher self, I want to connect to my Avatar Christ self. When you set that intention by doing the 12D shield consistently and regularly, this helps the Lightbody and physical body to recognize frequencies and connections to objects that feel more nourishing, resonant, and supportive.

The issue is that the point of rehabilitation is always possible at each of the stages of our spiritual development and it will be determined from that stage of awareness without value difference. It’s important to understand that it just is what it is. Be informed. Do the best that you can in the moment, with what you have, with what your are equipped with is really all that is required.


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~via Ascension Glossary

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