“LOOK MA!!! NO MASKS, DOUBLES, CLONES, CYBORGS, HOLOGRAMS OR CGIS!” ~ The REAL Donald Trump — Before They ‘Sent In The Clones’. . .

The real Donald Trump ‘stands up’. The original (and now deceased) Donald Trump in 2000 — BEFORE he was replaced with mind-controlled ‘whatevers’ like the one in the photo below!

“Mind-Controlled Whatevers”… what an apt title for a celebrity documentary or book!


Comments from the video thread:

“OKAY!!!!!! That was f***ing disturbing!!!!!!!!!”

“Wait. Uh… Why did this happen?”

“…this wasn’t Giuliani’s first time in drag. He does it often. His advisors had to talk him out of appearing on ‘Queer As Folk’ in drag. I’m not joking. Bill Maher always calls him a Tranny whenever Giuliani’s name comes up.”

“I grew up with guys that did skits like this and later on it was found that they actually were into that stuff. When a man doesn’t hesitate to put on a dress and makeup, you should watch them closely. Giuliani in a dress and Trump has a sex addiction. I wonder how they would do if they were in confinement for for a few months together”

“Ladies & Gentlemen, the 45th president of the United States of America!”

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