BENJAMIN FULFORD on “The McCannibal’s Scandal”

“The Khazarian Mafia’s belief that other humans are cattle is not just a metaphor. One of the things about cattle and sheeple is that you are allowed to kill them and eat their meat. If this is true, you can see why the KM would want to murder us all with vaccines before the people found out about the true scope and horror of their crimes. Now that the KM is being defeated and exposed, evidence of widespread, industrial-scale cannibalism is emerging. McDonald’s across the globe were ordered closed after FBI discovered they had been serving human meat. The Khazarians are the ones behind McDonald’s. To remove the KM permanently from power, the important thing to remember is we outnumber them by more than 100 to 1. Their control is concentrated at the very tip-top of the visible power structure. Until recently, this was enough because most of us have been conditioned by millennia of slavery to obey orders from above. So, in order to remove these leaders, we need to start by getting scientific evidence that vaccines are harmful.”

~Benjamin Fulford

~via Mafia Assassins Descend on Rome to Avenge Murder of Pope Francis

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