LISA RENEE: “EMF Calibration Command”

Take a deep breath and prepare for meditation. We are going to set the command and as much as you feel guided to go through it yourself is fine. But our goal is that whenever you need EMF calibration you are connected with your gatekeeper and you use one command. So you don’t to have to go through the whole thing every time. You may need to work with interactively for a while. I can’t tell you how many times they tell me we look like a bunch of clouded energy programs of light and the more that we can work and develop communication with our evolution teams, the more accurately they can help us. Remember to be more interactive with your guides, develop your communication with them and tell them exactly how you feel. Exactly where it feels disruptive in your own language, so that they can help you more accurately. So again, take breath and we will go through this.


Focus your consciousness in your still point area. This is the area in between your rib cage right above your solar plexus. This is our new multidimensional grounding center. Take a deep breath as if you are pulling breath in and out of that center in between your rib cage. Take a few deep breaths in that area.

Now lets imagine and bring back into the sixth chakra, deep in the center of your brain in the pineal gland and the third eye area, visualize or imagine the six pointed merkaba star, deep in your consciousness right in the center of your brain. See it there in the center of your third eye area. That merkaba star is generally a pale silver light. You can see that merkaba star in the pale silver light. For those that are new to this visualize a Star of David, also called a celestial Christ light symbol code in your third eye. As you exhale you’re going to see that symbol move down your central vertical body current and out between your legs. 

Now horizontally in front of you you’re going to send it off into the distance. You’re going to see on the Earth’s energetic grid, it’s not on the grid itself but it is kind of above as if you we are looking at the Earth from outer space. You are seeing on the surface of the Earth’s energetic grid a huge crystal pillar and spinning sphere of pale silver light. It’s a vortex shaped pillar of this crystal pale silver light. See it there on the surface of the Earth’s energetic grid. It oscillates and moves up and down vertically. 

As you are exhaling and sending your symbol off towards the hub, you want to establish your connection. As you push your breath horizontally toward 12th dimensional frequency hub portal, your breath connects into the portal. This is the handshake with this energy. Your body starts to connect with this energy through that breath of your soul essence. Now suspend and see that your symbol is suspended directly in the center of this frequency hub. You’re going to accrete and absorb energy into your symbol from the 12th dimensional hub. 

As you see your symbol positioned directly in the center of that hub, inhale and intend to connect through your inhale breath, to the portal and bring that energy into your symbol. Inhale the 12th dimensional energy into your symbol. Your symbol is going to be your feed line so you want to inhale as much of this 12th dimensional frequency into your symbol, as you feel guided. Once you work with this technique you will feel or sense your symbol will hold a certain amount of energy. As you feel your symbol, allow that energy to fill the symbol and when it feels complete, you are going to inhale your symbol back to you. 

Take another inhale, see your symbol returning back to you. As you see it see that it trails behind it a thick cord of that pale silver light. One end of that silver cord is still attached to the Earth’s 12th dimensional frequency hub and the other end is attached your symbol. As that symbol returns back, you are going to see that energy feed line still connected and you are going to bring your symbol to a space about 12 inches beneath your feet. Focus for a moment about 12 inches beneath your feet. 

Those of you that have already built your platform will sense and feel it. For those of you that haven’t you will exhale your breath into your symbol positioned 12 inches beneath your feet. You will generally see or sense your symbol spinning very much like your merkaba. As it spins it will pop open and a platform will emerge. This platform is a disc shaped crystal platform of pale silver light about four feet in diameter, extending on a horizontal plane 12 inches beneath your feet with your symbol code directly in the center. Those of you that have seen Kuan Yin on her white disk, this is what that is. This is the celestial Christ platform. 

As that platform emerges you now want to begin to build your pillar around you. Inhale your breath from your platform and start to see this pale silver light osculating in a perfect pillar around you. Bring that energy up and fill it into your physical self. See your whole physical self, emanating this pale silver light through every cell and every pour. Start weaving it outward into your body. You are going to weave that out into your etheric body, out into your emotional self. Intend to put this pale silver light there, to purify and increase the colors of your emotional body. Moving it out to the mental body. Moving that pale silver light out though the spiritual layers until you see your entire auric capsule filled with pale silver light.

Now lets focus on the size of this, which is the important part in terms of your boundaries. You want to build your pillar to about 3 feet above your head. As you start to draw this energy up, see it passing over your midsection, chest, neck and head. Move this pillar building it up as you go, this osculating pale silver light all the way up to about three feet above the head. This is the location of the 14th chakra. As you feel it moving through intend to sense it. It has a tingling cool feeling to it, almost like menthol or eucalyptus kind of feeling.

As this pale silver light moves through you see it building that pillar 3 feet above your head. As you have done that you want to focus back on your symbol, which is still 12 inches beneath your feet in the center of your platform. Focus on your symbol and while you inhale bring that symbol up though your central vertical current, your hara line through the center of your body and out through the top of your head, and out of your crown. Send your symbol to that point 3 feet above your head in the center of that 14th chakra. 

As you station it there we want to exhale breath up to your symbol. You are going to create a platform up there just as you did on the bottom, to seal you in. You are going to exhale and send that energy up to the top of your head. See that symbol spinning really fast and it will pop open. As it pops open a platform emerges. You want to build that platform 3 feet above your head, sealing you into your pillar. Sometimes you will sense it like tupperware, sealing that lid in nice and secure. 

As the top of your pillar is now sealed, we want to anchor you off into deep space, with a multidimensional grounding cord. See a small pale silver cord coming off the top of your platform three feet above your head, and you are going to send that off into space. This is grounding you out into the multiple dimensions. Visualize taking a small pale silver cord off the top of your platform and extend it far above your head into Earth’s atmosphere and to a single star of pale blue light off in deep space. That is how you anchor in your 12th dimensional shielding. 

Now that you are secure in your field we are going to call in the Guardians, the Sirian Council, higher selves and our evolution teams aligned to the Law of One mission to work together as both a group field and individually, for the highest capacity of exchange of God’s infinite light, love and power in divine right order and harmony. 

Beloveds, as we strengthen the 12th dimensional vortex we ask to set the spin accordingly. I am going to call in the Aurora Forces and the Diamond Flame to anchor, lock and seal in the hologram. As we direct the four corners to be sealed in the light of unity and oneness North South East West Earth and Sky, as impenetrable and invincible. We call upon the Aurora forces to anchor this space sacred in service to the light and Law of One of which we serve. 

Beloveds, as we go through this we are anchoring, activating, and energizing the EMF field calibration. Please anchor, activate and energize the 5th dimensional blueprint as God would have it be. Reweave, reconnect, synchronize with light and open all pathways of communication. Simultaneously, we need to upgrade, download and recalibrate the etheric nadial structure. Reset and synchronize to the 2007 timeline in this moment of self. 

Axiatonal alignment though all upgraded etheric meridian channels to the fifth dimensional blueprint bodies and above, in order priority through each individual. We calibrate, synchronize and anchor lock and seal this in the hologram. Anchor the biological codes for the Christ or Christos Race. As we activate the silicate matrix and activate the God particle electrons to resurrect and rejuvenate all layers of the bioenergy fields. 

In deep love and gratitude we thank the Aurora Force and the new Earth divas for healing, specific to electromagnetic field balancing to recalibrate and align the electromagnetic devices and spectrums of frequency in our individual home, residence or workplace. We ask all of these devices to be assisted in their attunement with health, balance of vibration, supporting our own divine essence.

We call upon our personal gatekeeper assigned by the celestial management structures. I have noticed and I want to say to those in the group I have not had a connection to Sekhmet, but Sekhmet has shown up several times and has offered her services as gatekeeper to those of you feel aligned. The Goddess Sekhmet is a lion headed goddess. As your personal gatekeeper feel free to call upon her. Those of you that have your own personal gatekeeper and are aware that we ask our gatekeeper to correct and assist in balancing all disturbing or discordant radioactive or electromagnetic frequencies that are creating any discordance within our personal energy field. We request our regent guardian gatekeeper to permanently monitor the energy harmonization of our fields 24/7 and 365. 

Beloveds please phase align and synchronize all 12 bodies and establish the beneficial communications between all for optimum integration. Beloved gatekeeper, now transmute and remove from each parallel life all harmful or imbalanced geopathic energies, any atomic radiation or inciting organisms. 

As we assist and release the removal of all computer and television rays, any poisons and toxins from water or food consumed or inhaled through the air, any product, synthetic drug or pharmaceutical. Assisting the body in the release of all heavy metals. Clearing all pathogenic virus, bacteria, protozoa, prions, fungi or yeast. We also remove all pathogenic pulling implants and clear all known toxic gases affecting our field. 

As we release that we bring in the God particle electrons to fully rejuvenate and revitalize every cell and pour of our physical layers and energy field. Please clear any current discordant energy program or previously those stored in the holographic records that may create interference with our being. Release and clear all known and unknown levels, elevations and vibrations up through the councils, for all layers and bodies through the entire multidimensional time matrix 360. 

As we open to the expansion of our oneness in truth we activate the atomic doorway with an alpha and omega head to toe clearing, healing and unification of all parallel lives. For those in alignment we call upon the Sirian amethyst crystal for the balance of the electromagnetic into the perfect synergy of union and wholeness. 

As we thank our Beloved Councils for this dispensation and support it is with deep love and gratitude. Thank you so much. Beloveds, please take this through the outer levels of the mind grid, DNA contract, core soul level and beyond. Through the dimensions, realities and the chakra complexes in all levels. Clear the subtle energy systems of memory through the morph fields through all of the components of the being, fully completely, totally and permanently. Anchor lock and seal through the hologram. Anchor, lock and seal through the time matrix. 

Our beloved family of light, our evolution teams, we thank you so much for this opportunity. It is with great joy and reverence we are home. Our infinite stream of love is with you in all ways. And so it is. We seal and end the session into the light of wholeness and union. Thank you so much. [1]


  1. [Transcript PSD Class 2 2007]

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LISA RENEE: “Directing Energy”

“The power of the force of Love is key that unlocks every door in the Universe. When we can access the power of Love we are capable to accomplish almost anything. When intending to direct energy, bring feelings of love and devotion to the process.”

~Lisa Renee

12D Shield

The 12D Shield is an organic part of every human beings Lightbody which can be repaired and activated when using the inner focusing 12D shield technique. The frequency of which activates this horizontal shield and its vertical light pillar is platinum white in its frequency spectrum color and is Christ Consciousness.

This is the foundation technique in developing skill for Directing Energy and is suggested to use as a protective shield for your Lightbody as well to utilize before you do any other healing, energy work or modality.

Directing Energy

It is a person’s directed and focused attention, not muscular control or use of force, which accesses the inner sensory ability to control the movement of life force or chi energy. When the mind is developed and disciplined, and thus calmed and centered, by focusing the mind, one can direct energy and life force very specifically.

When the mind has been mastered, a person will conquer restlessness and boredom. When you learn to control the energy you are able to control the states of Consciousness.

The first stages of Directing Energy is concentration. Bringing your focus is a direction of personal will towards sustaining mental effort. This is concentration.

The Medulla Oblongata is at the base of the brain stem that acts as the energy receiver of cosmic energy. When feeling unwell, imagine the Cosmic Consciousness streaming into the back of your head and projecting itself throughout your body parts and areas that feel blocked or unwell. This helps to develop ones skill at directing life force energy within the self and the environment.

  • Bring to your mind the life force energy coming into the medulla oblongata and being directed to your body parts.
  • Tension will arise in the body, as you notice this tension building, it is building the inner vibration which manifests as a result of the concentrated effort made in the physical body.
  • Notice the tension building and then allow the body to release that tension fully, in order to achieve deeper relaxation.
  • Relax and let go, falling deeper into relaxation, letting go of the mental and physical body and then feel.
  • Allow the sensory feeling of that moment to reveal to you impressions, sensing the feelings in that moment.

The power of the force of Love is key that unlocks every door in the Universe. When we can access the power of Love we are capable to accomplish almost anything. When intending to direct energy, bring feelings of love and devotion to the process.

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LISA RENEE ~ Meditation: “Heart Brain Unification in Empathy”

In this meditation we will hold our intention to support the unification between our heart and brain functions through Empathy, in order to achieve the highest expression of coherence and unity within our body.

Now as you take another deep inhaling breath focused at the same time on your heart and your brain, sensing the deeper feelings and energies of the Spirit of Empathy connected to your heart and brain.

Connect and grow larger the pink light in your breath to fill your heart and brain linking them together.

As you exhale see the pink light try to saturate your entire heart complex and head and brain in the Spirit of Empathy through its pink pastel light.

As you exhale your breath, the spirit, color and feeling of empathy exhales out from your mouth and fills your head links with your brain, while the pink light of empathy resides in your heart.

Sense the light pink and goldish hue of light glowing and growing in your heart center and brain center with your inhaling and exhaling breath.

Continue a nice steady pattern of breathing, and sensing the spirit and feeling of Empathy connecting in your heart and in your brain.

~Lisa Renee

~via Ascension Glossary

LISA RENEE (Time Shift Blog): “Healing our Heart”

“It is only possible to engage with Emotional Healing once we have achieved greater levels of Self-Awareness, which is the fruit of dedicated self-inquiry. The process of becoming aware of our Emotional Triggers and sourcing the real cause of emotional pain is made through self-observation and increased self-awareness. Through dedicated observation of the self and gradually discerning between these functioning aspects of the mind, one can attain the direct experience of the Consciousness they are. The still point, through which this consciousness connects into the parts of our mind, is what forms all of our thoughts, emotions, and experiences that direct us through life. Through observation and self-inquiry, we become aware of the contents of our psychological and emotional patterns of behavior.”

~Lisa Renee


Preserving and Healing our Heart may be a uniquely different process for each person, however, the main purpose is to give personal meditative attention in better sensing our heart’s inner messages, in order to restore a flow of loving energy in our lives and achieve overall energetic balance. The human heart is an energy harmonizer, and naturally restores balance throughout the bodily systems when we learn how to balance the feeling sensations of the heart with the belief systems of the mind. Sensing our heart means that we are paying attention to our inner feelings, emotions, and needs while sensing the natural rhythms and discovering the deeper dimensions of our multidimensional heart. When our heart has been closed it is usually the result of previous trauma and pain that we had suffered during childhood and carried as miasmatic imprints that were unresolved from other lifetimes. In order to open our heart, we will need to be willing to face any buried and unresolved pain, facing the shadows we carry, which may include emotions like sadness, grief and despair.

As mentioned, when we begin to crack through the energetic barrier that was surrounding our pericardium and heart, we will feel the emotional depth of our soul wounds, the betrayals, the abandonment and the pain. This is the quintessential Dark Night of the Soul. However, it is important to remember when you are undergoing this difficult stage of healing the heart, that you are surfacing all that has been unspoken and unheard to be witnessed, and that out of these powerful feelings and deep-seated grief will come a spiritual strength and renewal that will be worth it all. Practicing Compassion for self and forgiveness of others, working on feelings of Empathy, are ways of developing heart-based qualities that help us work through powerful and intense emotions. These are the beginning stages of intending to spiritually heal and open up our hearts on the earth. We can discover self-acceptance and find joy, feel reverence for and take pleasure in the simplest things in life.

Here are some factors to support creating a peaceful oasis for ourselves even when exposed to the forces of chaos during the planetary shift.

  • Address mental noise: Excessive mental chatter, negative self-talk and playing out archetypes of drama, generates imbalances throughout our body and places energy blocks around the heart. In order to regain energetic balance within all of the main four bodily systems, we must be able to sit quietly and still our mind. This begins with learning about the Negative Ego and learning how to control impulses and quiet the mind, through Meditation or breathwork. To heal and open our sacred heart we must clear negative ego, reduce mental noise and outer distractions. (See Where Can I Start?)
  • Forgiveness: To clear out the pericardium shield and related energy blockages from around our heart complex, many times we will need to forgive ourselves and others. To forgive another person or circumstance is the most generous thing we can do for ourselves. When we forgive others for perceived transgressions it frees us from the bonds, entanglements and cords which manifest painful patterns such as judgments, resentments, and anger.
  • Letting go: For many people that undergo deeply shocking or hard emotional challenges, such as ending relationships, this can give rise to deep negative emotions like anger, resentments and bitterness that block us from moving forward in life. The pain of such events can make us suffer from a broken heart, which has both physical and energetic impacts to closing down our heart. If we can look at life as many lessons in which we are learning to become spiritually whole, the sensation of a broken heart provides the opportunity to explore more of the dimensions of our inner selves. By being present in the moment and surrendering to the now, judgments and future expectations of others are completely dissolved. Let it all go.
  • Discernment: If we act recklessly by making quick and careless decisions based on lower impulses, this interferes with good decision making by impairing our discernment. One must grow in Spiritual Maturity to be able to discern what is in alignment for them personally, without judgment and without concern for what others may think of your choices. As you allow yourself to be who you really are as an embodiment of soul purposed truth, you will allow others to be exactly who they need to be.
  • Take inventory: When we are feeling unhappy about the current conditions in our lives, it is time to restore energetic balance by taking inventory. What are you doing in your life now that brings you meaningful connection, fulfillment and feelings of joy in the moment? If we look to others to give us permission, or rely on relationships or external events in order to experience love and happiness, this sets us up to fail. When we focus only on the external to make us happy, this is based on temporary conditions, thus, we are distracting ourselves from hearing the real messages that come from inside our hearts.
  • Create Priorities: Once we have taken inventory and listened to our heart for more clarity on what generates meaningful connections and increased loving feelings, we will want to apply our new found awareness to co-create a healthier lifestyle and more balanced relationships. If we are too serious and in work mode too much of the time, without playfulness and humor, this also generates imbalances which shut down our heart. We must re-evaluate our commitments in life to reduce stress and seek to remove any areas where obligations or negative interactions are no longer supporting a more natural flow in our life.
    When we are in energetic balance with ourselves, we are in balance with our spiritual self, our heart and we cease to have great personal turmoil or suffering. This is the path to becoming increasingly healthy and peaceful.

Emotional Healing

It is only possible to engage with Emotional Healing once we have achieved greater levels of Self-Awareness, which is the fruit of dedicated self-inquiry. The process of becoming aware of our Emotional Triggers and sourcing the real cause of emotional pain is made through self-observation and increased self-awareness. Through dedicated observation of the self and gradually discerning between these functioning aspects of the mind, one can attain the direct experience of the Consciousness they are. The still point, through which this consciousness connects into the parts of our mind, is what forms all of our thoughts, emotions, and experiences that direct us through life. Through observation and self-inquiry, we become aware of the contents of our psychological and emotional patterns of behavior.

(Source: Ascension Glossary – Healing our Heart)


~via Energetic – Time Shift Blog – posted February 25, 2020

LISA RENEE: “Relationship Closure Exercise”

“As we go through our emotional clearing process, sometimes it’s very helpful to complete the following relationship closure exercise. This exercise is very helpful in resolving crystallized patterns in the body by stating intentions and declarations that you are forgiving, releasing and closing this particular relationship that trauma, emotional fears or other abhorrent energies that were recorded as cellular memories in your energy field. Any time we experience shock or trauma it creates a memory imprint or residue in our energy field. To fully resolve, heal and clear these issues, recorded as traumas, in our physical body and other energy body systems, we need to become aware of that trauma in bringing it to the surface and allowing it to be released fully and with intention. Generally, I have found this helps clear and release emotional blocks much more effectively, efficiently and rapidly.”

~Lisa Renee


For this exercise, you will need a pad of paper and a pen or pencil. So, as you are ready with your pen and your pad of paper, let’s begin the series of questions.

When you are ready, take a deep breath and quite your mind and allow yourself to prepare for this exercise.

Ask yourself if there is any human being or circumstance in your life that you need to forgive or resolve.

Bring up that person or circumstance to mind. Feel the story, feel the memory, what that feels like.

And now we’re going to ask the following questions and as that question is asked, you write out completely your answer. On your piece of paper you allow yourself to write and express all that you need to, allow it all to come out, let yourself feel your feelings until you feel complete with that question.

For each person and each circumstance, here are four questions to ask yourself and to write out and express completely.

1. The first question is to list all of your resentments toward that person or towards that circumstance.

2. The second question is to list all your regrets towards that person or circumstance.

3. The third question is to write all unsaid or undelivered communications towards that person or circumstance.

4. The fourth question is to communicate and describe anything you would have wanted to acknowledge that person for, but you did not.
When you feel complete and have written everything that you feel you need to, burn the paper, in a safe place, of course, and invocate the following out loud.

I address my greater God self for final release and disposition. Please witness my declaration of power. I rescind any and all vows and contracts I have taken, anyone in this body has taken and anyone in my genetic lineage has taken pertaining to any vow of illusion, separation and disharmony. Remove and clear all negative beliefs, negative implants, ancestral patterning, genetic patterning, and improper karmic attachments to ______________ (insert the name of the person), known or unknown to me.

I claim my divine inheritance and self sovereign god power now. I now declare these vows and contract null and void in this incarnation and all incarnations across space and time, all parallel realities, parallel universes, alternate realities, alternate universes, all planetary systems, all source systems, all dimensions and the void.

Spirit; please release all structures, devices, entities, orientations or effects associated with this relationship through vow or agreement now.

Beloveds in deep love and gratitude, thank you. And so it is.

One interesting factor to note is the energetic and physical act of sexuality and its implications on the energy field. The sharing of fluids between two people creates a spiritual bond or cord of energy that cannot be broken energetically, unless made aware of, cleared of conflict and transmuted. So psychological bonds may be broken once a serious relationship has ended, however the spiritual energetic cord still continues to exist. These cords are like electrical wires with energy passing back and forth through them, the power based on the depth and intensity of the connection. It is also important to understand that the thoughts and emotions held or the state of consciousness you are holding when you are having sex is what you are implanting into your partner. Naturally being in love, holding loving thoughts with the desire to serve your partner is the goal when you are energetically blending at this level with another being. The incredible emotional impact of love as a force shared and blended in a soul union can burn off karma and even contribute an amazing force of transformation for others. Understanding these karmic bonds you create with people every time you have a sexual interaction surely creates more discernment in one’s choices for a partner. [1][2]



  1. PSD #4 Cords
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