LISA RENEE: “Prayers for the Vaccinated”

Beloved Holy Presence of God we intend to multiply our Krystal prayers for those who are being injected with harmful materials and are being injected under the guise and deception of vaccination. We bring forth God Sovereign Free Blessings for our friends, for family, or blessings for certain regions and areas who are being bullied and forced to vaccinate. Whether this is psychological intimidation or emotional torturing, they’re still being forced to inject harmful materials through intimidation and disinformation. We ask that our genuine heart-based Krystal prayers be held for all people who do not yet see the truth behind this genocidal agenda being marketed as vaccinations. We pray with all of our heart that those humans who receive this injectable and the synthetic nano fibers and its harmful materials, are protected in God’s Eternal Love and Light.

In Mother’s Holy Presence we pray that the biochemical harness programs of the 666 and beast machine technologies be removed from this injection and all related AI devices and structures designed for harmful genetic modification and spreading of diseases in all dimensional realities fully, completely, and totally. We pray to ease the suffering in those who take this injectable and have injuries and health complications, may these beloveds find the healing, the spiritual resources and guidance to become healthy and balanced while held in their True Mother’s Arms.

Beloved God, may those who take this harmful injection or witness these issues with this agenda find the moral courage, find the strength to speak up and join together with others in Truth. We pray with all of our Sacred Krystal Heart that this pestilence program and its spiritual bondage and slavery on this planet be fully eradicated, that all human beings can take back their sovereign rights as a beloved child of God. May Perfect Peace of God be with all Truth Tellers. May Perfect Peace of God be with all Truth Seekers. For it is the time of spiritual warfare where no outer markers give us direction forward, only the power of our inner spiritual presence and dedication to serve God, that which directs us and guides us accordingly.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, God.

~via Joining in Group Prayer

LISA RENEE: “I Do Not Consent”

“I do not consent to the use of alien machines, nanotechnology, parasites, implants or any other type of infectious disease, infectious technology, harmful chemicals and substances such as graphene oxide and heavy metals used as a biological weapon and genocidal agenda to intentionally damage angelic human DNA, in the past, present or in the future. I pray to God in the power of the Holy Spirit of Christos, to nullify and neutralize any biological and spiritual weapon made against my human physical body, mind, consciousness, soul, spirit or avatar Christos. I do not consent to brain-machine interfaces, cybernetics or robotic technology and their computer applications or devices that are intended to be used in any way to track, alter, torment, attack, abuse, infect or harm my body, my consciousness, my mind, my astral layers, my soul, my spirit or avatar Christos at any time or place for any reason. I AM a Child of God, I AM the Eternal God Self, God-Sovereign Free!”

~Lisa Renee, via Joining in Group Prayer