BENJAMIN FULFORD: “Dump Trump and Flim-Flam Flynn — RFK Jr. for President”

“OK so now let us look at the situation in the U.S. Here we see open revolt in the form of pilot strikes, a military move into Facebook headquarters and much more. What people need to still realize though, is that Donald Trump is not the man to lead the U.S. back to democracy and independence. Remember, open-source information in places like Forbes and the Wall Street Journal show he was bailed out by the Rothschilds each time he went bankrupt as a businessman. Trump is also openly calling for everybody to be vaccinated for the non-existent pandemic. General Michael Flynn has said the U.S. military offered Trump a chance to overturn the stolen 2020 election and Trump betrayed them by refusing. For this reason, the White Dragon Society sent a representative to meet in person with Flynn last week. The idea was to offer Flynn the job of interim president of the U.S. following the formal bankruptcy of the USA Corporation. According to this Dragon family member, Michael Flynn is not to be trusted. Flynn told the WDS representative that he had never heard of the dragon family or of this writer and his work. Since he was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency this means he is either lying, dumb, completely out of the loop or secretly working for the Khazarian mafia. Russian intelligence corroborated doubts about Flynn by sending us evidence he is connected to a cult of fraudulent spiritualists linked to Adolf Hitler. For this reason, the WDS is now recommending Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as a possible interim president following the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy of the USA. Kennedy is nonetheless clearly intelligent, articulate and well-informed, which is a rarity in U.S. politics these days.”

~Benjamin Fulford

~via First Shots of WWIII Fired on Polish/Belarus Border as Collapse of EU Begins