PAUL ROMANO: “Hilarious Trumpers Say I Have ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ Because I Believe What Trump Says”


Comments from the thread:


“This is when Paul is at his best. Dumbing down the truth to a point where those who still hold to their bias, have no excuse and lose all credibility.”



“This was painful to watch”



“This looks like the set from a comedy show. I swear they’re ALL actors.”



“And bad ones at that”



“Trump 20/20 make America wear masks again.”



“If Trump voters haven’t caught on by now, they clearly never will.”



“Trump’s statement about using military in a powerful way is disturbing.”



“He literally said we’re lower than the world. So simplistic”



“What is this? 😆 And who let Trump sit on this super-funny chair? Does he not have PR people with him at all times?”



“I just said ‘TRUMP’S TINY CHAIR!’ I LOVE IT!!”



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PAUL ROMANO: “Trump Supporters Also Suffer From Trump Derangement Syndrome”

A longer video than usual, Paul starts kicking into ‘Trump’ gear about 18 minutes in… the part of the video that ‘brings it all home’ begins around 1:06…


Comments from the video thread:



“Glad you’re addressing my question about POTUS and the hand signs he does.”



“Why is Trump pushing for 5G??? That will kill even the damn animals? He is not stopping the chemtrails that are loading us up with heavy metals is he??? He is not stopping Monsanto from poisoning the hell out of our food supply is he??? Raise your expectation for a leader out of the damn toilet!!!”



“These Trump lovers are absolute aliens to humanity. They don’t want to consider anything that doesn’t completely praise Trump like he is Christ. Trump! A life long heathen with the most heinous personality. And every wrong or questionable behavior he commits is 100 percent ignored. I don’t even think these people are worth attempting to reason with anymore.”



“Trust the plan, sit on your couch, clap while the swamp changes management and brings in communism right before your eyes”



“I think we forget that the majority of Q people just started to ‘wake up’…”



“Q is for those who have no I.Q.”



“I used to be a Q-tard myself. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.”



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