THE CABAL IN HANDCUFFS? ~ Benjamin Fulford’s “List of 86 Arrested Politicians & Celebrities”

“The White House, Senate and Congress lists go on and on… it’s all one big cabal family club and you are not allowed anywhere near it! This is what the alliance is fighting against. These are some of the celebrities and politicians we are being told have already been arrested (it has yet to appear on an official Justice Department press release so think of it as provisional at this point):

1. Brock Adams
2. Ben Affleck
3. Brian Affleck
4. Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam (Akon)
5. Prince Andrew
6. Asia Argento
7. Alec Baldwin
8. Joe Biden
9. Jim Carrey
10. Shawn Carter
11. Madonna Ciccone
12. Hillary Clinton
13. Bill Clinton
14. Chelsea Clinton
15. Steven Colbert
16. Stephen Collins
17. Anderson Cooper
18. Bob Corker
19. Andrew Cuomo
20. Chris Cuomo
21. John Cusack
22. Johnny Depp
23. Robert Downey Jr.
24. Will Ferrell
25. Jeff Flake
26. Pope Francis
27. James Franco
28. Barney Frank
29. Stefani Germanotta (Lady Gaga)
30. Neil Goldschmidt
31. Tyler Grasham
32. Seth Green
33. Kathy Griffin
34. Chelsea Handler
35. Tom Hanks
36. Kate Hudson
37. Sheila Jackson-Lee
38. Jeffrey Jones
39. John Kerry
40. Anthony Kiedis
41. Jimmy Kimmel
42. Beyonce Knowles
43. Ashton Kutcher
44. John Legend
45. Courtney Love
46. Marshall Matthers III (Eminem)
47. John McCain
48. Tony Mendoza
49. Bob Menendez
50. Demi Moore
51. Ed Murray
52. Barack Obama
53. John Podesta
54. Tony Podesta
55. Marc Collins Rector
56. Mel Reynolds
57. Bill Richardson
58. Justin Roiland
59. Victor Salva
60. Joe Scarborough
61. James Gunn Dan Scheinder
62. Adam Schiff
63. Jacob Schwartz
64. Charlie Sheen
65. Will Smith
66. Peter Soros
67. Kevin Spacey
68. Steven Spielberg
69. Gwen Stefani
70. Brian Stelter
71. Meryl Streep
72. Peter Strzok
73. Wanda Sykes
74. Jake Tapper
75. Quentin Tarantino
76. Chrissy Teigen
77. Justin Trudeau
78. Steven Tyler
79. Brian Warner
80. Anthony Weiner
81. Pharrell Williams
82. Charles Windsor
83. Oprah Winfrey
84. Michelle Wolf
85. David Wu
86. David Yarovesky



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Ascension Avatar note: See my Whitney Webb posts on the Israel-owned, backdoor-hacked and hijacked voting software ‘security’ company “CyberTreason”… er, Cybereason… with ties to Israeli Military, Jeffrey Epstein, Jared Kushner & Muhammed bin Salman… You will only see Zionist Israel Lobbyists winning that ‘vote’… but Israel-owned puppet Trump is their ‘man’… *cough*…

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