‘DON’T MISS!’ ~ James Corbett: “The Future Food False Flag”

“The food supply is under attack. But by whom? And for what purpose? Find out the dirty truth about the global food crisis and how the powers-that-shouldn’t-be are trying to use this crisis as an opportunity to usher in the Great Food Reset on today’s fast-paced edition of The Corbett Report podcast.”

~James Corbett

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REALLYGRACEFUL: “Something Strange is Happening in America”

“If we understand the desired end game of the NAA, their outer anti-life agendas are evident in the assorted bio-weapons and toxic chemicals attacking humanity and all living forms on the planet, as their methods and warring strategies become blaringly obvious. The war over timelines between the organic living consciousness of the original Diamond Sun creations of the God source versus the inorganic anti-life Black Sun invading races that desired to control and eventually eradicate all organic consciousness life forms, was attempted by replacing organic life on planet Earth with AI controlled alien hybrids. There are unique Secret Space Programs or Black Military Operations filled with genetic modified humans, Men in Black, AI hybrid species and Biological Drones that administer to each of the specific AI program objectives. Then subsequently, many inorganic consciousness creatures, Lunar Forces and AI alien hybrids were created through that Black Sun and its Black Hole harvested energy source, essentially to be the slave workers and armies of the Anti-Christ invaders, artificially created in laboratories and Genetically Modified to perform their specific functions and duties. Assorted Guardian cleanup projects continue, involving recon and Spiritual Warfare with AI Machinery used by the NAA to run the Artificial Tree of Life phantom timelines that are inhabited with sentinel archontic forces overseeing hierarchies of inorganic AI creatures and demonic hybrid entities. This intelligence is given after the fact, as the Guardian Defenders and Christos spiritual warriors assigned this project have already completely dismantled the Orion Matrix AI and its automated survival back up programs, running from the stars of Orion’s Belt. Without access to the war game instruction sets, or the specialized AI machinery such as Orion Matrix AI with jump gates all over the planet, this is a serious setback to their technological advantages and brings the final death blows, thwarting their 250,000-year quest for total Universal Time Matrix domination. These AI programs are systematically being located and extracted or destroyed, and this includes the ongoing evictions and/or annihilation of the NAA Invaders and their minions, as when many of these Clones or Biological Drones are disconnected from the inorganic power source of their AI supercomputer home star system, they expire immediately.”

~Lisa Renee, 2/19/2023 ~ “Orion’s Belt

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