LISA RENEE on “Authentic Communication”

“In everyday communication it is very common that people engage in fake conversations to avoid facing conflicts or challenging topics, because they fear the ramifications from what they say. This is usually because the person feels unsafe, their nervous system is in Fight-Flight and they have to hide behind a façade, with a false identity that engages in Counterfeit Conversations. We begin to increase our ability to trust ourselves and live in alignment to our authentic nature when we start being fully present in our communications, by saying what we really mean in order to reflect our Personal Integrity. In considering the impact of choosing to participate in Counterfeit Conversations, this engages with the root of dishonesty when avoiding saying something that needs to be said when there are conflicts that need to be addressed. Ignoring the issues and dancing around the conflict when you know they are present, will only exacerbate the problem, inviting in dark forces of confusion and chaos.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Personal Integrity

Photo by Ascension Avatar (6-22-2018)