JAMES CORBETT ~ Questions for Corbett: “What’s Happening in Ukraine?”

“So for all the people who think Putin is the ‘Great Savior of Civilization’ and blah, blah, blah— NO —he’s another authoritarian THUG like all of them. I am not ‘Team Trump’, I am not ‘Team Putin’, I am not ‘Team NATO’, I am not ‘Team Trudeau’, I am not ‘Team’ ANY of these thugs that are only in it for the power over other people, and they’re bloodthirsty tyrants as far as I’m concerned. And I do not bow down or supplicate to ANY of them. They all are authoritarian regimes that will do anything in their power to stop opposition, to stop people speaking freely, and here’s another example of it.”

James Corbett

Today on Questions For Corbett, Thomas writes in to ask James about the unfolding events in Ukraine. James gives his answer as things stood at 10 AM JST on February 23, 2022.

Ascension Avatar note: If you don’t have time foe the full video, at least catch the first few minutes, and the last 5-7 minutes, where there is always his “wham-bam, it’s so simple, man!” wrap-up. James is a fierce warrior of truth, and I wish many others had the minds that can grasp the endless global games and LONG-planned events by the “Powers That Shouldn’t Be” to ensnare us into their trap of totalitarian slavery. Well, guess what? They won’t succeed and it won’t happen, no matter how hard they try to fool or push us! “GAME NEARLY OVER, NAA GLOBALIST PUPPET LOSERS!”


~via CorbettReport.com