TARA MACISAAC: “7 Weird Real-Life Glitches in the Matrix?”


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Some of the strange moments in our lives may make us question “Are we living in ‘The Matrix’? Was that a glitch?”

Here are some strange and funny moments shared on social media platforms Reddit and Imgur that might make you wonder …

1. Chicken or Shrimp?

“Me and my friend were at a Chinese restaurant and we ordered a General Tso chicken dinner and a shrimp lo mein dish. When we both sat down, we took out both boxes and set them on the table about two feet apart. He opens the first box and we see a shrimp lo mein dish. It has all the things in there—noodles, shrimp, fried rice. He closes the box and opens the other box. Inside that box is a shrimp lo mein—shrimp, noodles, fried rice.


“‘Oh,’ I think, ‘They must have mixed the order.’ I was just about to say this when my friend says out loud, ‘Looks like they made a mistake and gave us two,’ as he opens the first box again. Inside of it is a General Tso chicken order. General Tso chicken, white rice, and an egg roll. He froze and looked at me. I looked back at him, and we sat in silence. It took us five or so minutes to collect ourselves.”

2. Glitch in Passenger Design?

3. ‘I Wonder Who I Was’

“I had a (subjectively) long, involved dream where I was a vendor in a fish market. I remember getting up early, dressing, doing a whole morning routine, going to get tea, heading out to the docks, buying fish, loading them in a cart and going to get ice, then haggling for ice, buying some less fresh fish while I was at it, then going to a market to my stall, setting up and selling fish all day.

“It was so real. I talked to friends, smoked nasty cigarettes, haggled customers, ate lunch, had tea, and just lived through the day. At the end of the day, I cleaned up, counted my cash, paid the stall rent, went home, cooked some of the fish I hadn’t sold, … with some veggies and rice that I’d traded for. I drank more tea, relaxed for a while, then drew a hot bath, soaked, and smoked some more [cigarettes] … then went to bed.

“The next morning, I woke up refreshed, ready to go down to the docks to buy fresh catch…. Except I was in my house, next to my wife, truck parked outside and it was Saturday—no work. My wife and I were getting geared up to go skiing in Oregon and the car was already packed. Weird thing was….

“In the dream, I was single. And a smoker (I’m not). And the whole long dream had been in fluent Chinese, the effortless kind of fluency that only comes from a lifetime of speaking it. Oh, and I had been Chinese.

“I’m a big, hairy white dude—somewhat fluent in Spanish and I know a little bit of Russian, but I’ve never…. It was just weird. I’ve never worked in a fish market.

“I wonder who I was. I wonder what that was.”

4. Glitch in Pedestrian Design?

5. Of All the License Plate Combinations, What Are the Chances?

6. Parlez-Vous Français?

“Several years ago I woke up in bed next to my (now ex-) girlfriend and we had a conversation in fluent French. I got up and got in the shower, and as the water started running I realized neither of us … [knows how to speak] French. When I got out, I asked her about it. She remembered it happening but was as confused as I was. I can’t even remember what we talked about, because I don’t … speak French. Brains are weird.

Another Reddit user replied to this post:

“I was in Paris on Christmas Eve doing a Contiki tour and was at a nightclub, absolutely black-out drunk and jumped in a taxi with one of the girls from the tour. She [came up to] … me in the morning telling me that she was impressed I spoke French so fluently. After I told her that I didn’t know how to speak French, she told me that I’d had an approximately 30-minute conversation in fluent French with the taxi driver.

“It blew me away, and she was so adamant it happened.”

7. Display Glitch?






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