CONSCIOUS REMINDER: “9/9 New Moon Gateway — Stepping Into The Future”

“With the opening of this gateway, we will step into the light and into immense transformation. Life, as we know it, will change completely as there is no more going back. We are now stepping into the future.”

~Conscious Reminder


Falling on the ninth day of the ninth month, this Virgo New Moon of 2018 will be located at approximately 17 degrees in Virgo. At the same time, it will interact with its ruling planet Mercury as well as the Sun, both of which are also in Virgo.

Extra attention should be paid to cleansing in this period as Virgo represents a clean heart, mind and spirit. The spark of divinity, called the Christ consciousness, that resides within all of us is represented by Virgo.

Particular and meticulous, a Virgo is always ready to help other people. But on the other hand, a Virgo can sometimes be overwhelmed as they are quick to criticise, judge and think too much.

By interacting with Pluto which is in retrograde and located in Capricorn, the Moon will help us find the divine spark within our material selves. With all its power, Pluto will guide us to rapid change.

It is essential that we let go of whatever is preventing that change and this would be made easier through the interaction of Pluto and the Moon. You can let go without feeling much pain and confusion. Pluto will teach you that your past is part of who you are, but sometimes it is necessary to cast it away that which holds you back if you wish to move forward.

In this period, Uranus is located in Taurus thereby creating a trine with the Earth which is in power during the New Moon. This signifies a time of staying grounded and yet manifesting dreams into reality. Paradise is coming to Earth.

Pluto is in sextile with Jupiter which is now located in Scorpio and this will enhance our abilities and help us master our skills. The New Moon has opened up a gateway to a world of new possibilities.

Squaring with Neptune, this interaction of the Moon can go either way based on whether you have entered a higher realm of spirituality. If that is the case, you will be rewarded with inspiration and creativeness. You can put your abilities to good use in rebuilding the planet. Even your intuition is enhanced.

For those who have not reached this stage, they will need some guidance and wisdom to understand the muddle in their minds. Due to the opening of the gateways, those who are unprepared will not be able to understand or utilize the powerful energy coming through.

At the same time as the New Moon, Venus will transition from light-hearted Libra to profound Scorpio. Ruling our relationships, Venus when combined with Scorpio ensures that we cast aside whatever is false and disloyal. This is a time to think about what is truly important to us because artificial and false things do not actually help us with anything.

Lastly, the 9-9 gateway opens during this New Moon thereby completing all these interactions and connections. In numerological terms, 9 has great value and it brings the powers of all the other numbers within itself.

It is the end of all things which is why all of Mother’s numerology is filled with 9 as that is the beginning and end of all things. This gateway indicates that the time of hurt and struggle is at an end. The ego no longer controls us and slowly light is taking over the dark.

With the opening of this gateway, we will step into the light and into immense transformation. Life, as we know it, will change completely as there is no more going back. We are now stepping into the future.



BRANDI NEAL: “New Moon in Aquarius 27 January: What It Means For You And Your ‘Twin Flame’ Connection”


If you believe in astrology like I do, you’ll want to pay close attention this week: When the new moon is in Aquarius on January 27, some interesting things are going to happen with your twin flame.  Astrologers report that the new moon, coupled with an Isis and Osiris conjunction, makes this time ripe for a twin flame evolution.

What exactly is a twin flame?  Many people confuse twin flames with soulmates, but the reason why is somewhat understandable.  Whereas soulmates are our perfect match, twin flames are just the opposite — our perfect mirrors.  In an article in Thought Catalog, Brianna Wiest explains, “Relationships with twin flames tend to be on-again-off-again, intensely passionate, and sometimes intensely painful.  Twin flames help us awaken like nobody else, and they ultimately serve to show us who we really are.”

According to an article by Alex Myles on Elephant Journal, Isis (feminine/moon) and Osiris (masculine/sun) are two separate asteroids that represent the Egyptian twin flame energies.  They are twins who were fathered by the Earth God, Geb, and born from the womb of Nut, the Egyptian Night Sky Goddess.  According to Miles, “The significance with Isis and the current twin flame energies is that she shows us the power and force of her feminine energy when she set her mind on retrieving, repairing and healing her loved one’s body and soul.” 

Having someone mirror your behaviors back to you is not always a pleasant experience, and twin flame relationships tend to be rife with difficulty.  On the other hand, feeling like you’re really truly being seen for the first time by another person can feel amazing.  Either way, though, it can be somewhat complicated: As Miles writes on Elephant Journal, “Due to these sacred partnerships causing a variety of emotions to arise within us, we can find ourselves questioning whether the person we feel bonded to is someone we want to have as a permanent fixture in our lives, as they often bring extreme emotional turmoil.”

You might be wondering, does everyone have a twin flame?  The answer is yes, though just because someone is your twin flame doesn’t mean you’ll end up together.  Some people don’t know about the concept at all, or they outright reject it.  For others, the relationship may be too intense to sustain.

“People can feel terrified about the strong bond felt between twin flames, particularly when the connection is intense without a romantic relationship taking place first,” Miles explains.

So how does the new moon fit in?  For the Isis and Osiris conjunction to occur in tandem with a new moon is extremely rare.  The new moon is also a time for new beginnings, so it would make sense that if your twin flame has been absent, they may show up again.  If you haven’t met them yet, this could be when you’ll cross paths.

If you have already met your twin flame, be mindful of how you interact with them during the new moon Jan. 27.  If you haven’t met your twin flame yet, pay attention to any intense connections you may make during the new moon, like someone you feel like you’ve known in another life, or someone you’re magnetically drawn to.

And if you don’t believe in this sort of thing, maybe it just hasn’t happened to you yet.