LISA RENEE on “Spirit of Purity”

Purity is easily misunderstood through the the lens of the Ego Personality, such as in religious rhetoric which uses judgment and condemnation of deciding what is pure or not pure. This is not the right focus in our meditation to inquire on Purity. Our dedication is to serve the highest expression of our inner spirit which purifies the personality in order to remove character defects of the Negative Ego or Arhontic Deception Behaviors. When a being clears their Negative Ego thought forms and heals their Pain Body, they naturally develop Purity through this act of Self-Love. Once we comprehend the sexual–spiritual basis that connects us directly with God Spirit, then we know we have the ethical responsibility to heal and take care of our body’s sacred sexual and creative energies. These areas of the human body are sacred portals and require respect and care. When we do not know how to lovingly care for our sexual organs and sexual energies, we may feel painfully confused about Self-Love and Self Acceptance. This results in many sexual distortions as well as sexually transmitted diseases which impact our psycho-emotional state and well being. Focusing within, feeling empathy and compassion, helps one to purify the personality whom is fixated on the external and superficial, which act as contaminants to the purity of the inner core presence. Focusing attention of the inner quality of Purity, along with right meditation helps one to access the true self, which is the feeling expression of the loving heart and Soul. Men and women of this earth, you are both genders, and influenced by these forces and Archetypes. As we move into the reconfiguration of our sexual energy center from lunar control into The Solar Sacrum, we must come face to face with our buried sexual fears and deepest ‘instinctual’ motivations in raw transparency. This is happening for both genders, although males and females may have unique sexual issues to bring to the surface. This healing event will remove the walls of separation between the sexes. This is an incredible spiritual healing opportunity for those who consciously participate and desire truly loving Sacred Unions!”

~Lisa Renee

~via Spirit of Purity