JAMES CORBETT ~ Solutions Watch: “How to Meet ‘Like-Minded’ People”

Forming community with like-minded people has never been more important . . . and it has never been more difficult. As the gatekeepers of our increasingly disconnected world try to close the door on our various options for finding community, today James explores some ways to meet sane people in your area, from the technological to the old-fashioned.


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LISA RENEE (Time Shift Blog): “Weaponized Narratives”

“We live during a time where there is a heightened weaponization of narratives, and no one is immune to this type of false information targeting. To weaponize a narrative is to gain control over how people think, what they believe to be true, and to control their perception in the process of delivering them disinformation that is designed to weaken them and weaken their defenses. Why do the Controllers want you weakened? Reflect on that. If we don’t want to look at the truth because its unpleasant, we let people get away with murder because its more convenient to us. Then we are complicit with feeding the monster, we’re helping to co-create the ego monsters that are running rampant as slimy snakes uploading propaganda and disinformation campaigns in the online media environment. Therefore, the truth can be overwhelmed with constantly repeated statements that represent falsehoods and disinformation, soon the truth has been replaced with lies, and no one even notices. Thus, we have to reach a moment in time when more people can grow up emotionally and put their big pants on. To be willing to consider that if we remain asleep at the wheel, if we refuse to look at the severe problems in our reality, more and more people get hurt, children get seriously hurt. When the disclosure finally reaches its momentum, the truth will flood into the collective and people will start to see that this awareness of the Controllers and NAA is not farfetched. That this is actually a well-documented war that humanity has been fighting for thousands if not millions of years and now we have reached the stages of the final confrontation.”

~Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

What is happening in the interdimensional warfare at this time has direct impacts on what we are experiencing on the Earth plane during this phase of global consciousness transition, knowing that this intensely hostile conflict for control over Earth territories is now intensifying. Awareness of escalating spiritual warfare in the Kuiper Belt reveals the secret hand of extradimensional factions that have recently showed up and are backing their specific representatives on the planet. This reveal is happening as well in many earth-based organizations, transnational corporations, religious, political and other public figures that are no longer hiding their allegiances in which they are required to worship the centralized power source of the NAA. Thus, to remain profitable in the age of hive mind groupthink they have chosen the side which is perpetuating the ongoing orchestration of global human slavery, poverty and disease, child trafficking, and the blatant genocide of the undesirables — which is anyone who resists them.

The positive element is that these corporate models and public figures are showing their hand in what factions they really serve.  The geo-political and exopolitical dynamics are mirroring each other at this stage, in which we can see power structures moving from within space dramas that are directing chess pieces on Earth’s gameboard for aligning their next moves. This is the phase of great reveal behind who is who and gives us more clarity as to why the Controller power structures have recently escalated their iron grip of authoritarian control. They are actually weakened but showing off their power through attempted domination of every minuscule area of our lives. Through yet another round of assorted tyrannical fear inducing activities that are used to control minds into a mass psychosis, they ramp up the implementation of AI Transhumanism strategies throughout our global governmental structures. All that we are facing with the societal pressures along with the immense division generated through endless classifications and accusations targeting the youngest and weakest minds, this building pressure in the outer fields can be incredibly overwhelming. Stay in your observer still point.

The tactics being used in the mainstream media are “Alice In Wonderland” tactics. This is designed to be a constant assault on our logical brain, critical thinking in which they induce anxiety producing psycho-emotional techniques so that people give up and will not resist the takeover or injection. These campaigns of terror are characterized by the constant rising and falling waves of inciting high fear and anxiety into the collective, then lessening the fear into a base line of calm, and then starting the fear up again at even higher levels of intensity. This is also a tactic used in the flip flopping of demands made by the so-called authorities, they change the information all the time not because they are incompetent but because they are evil and sinister criminals using plausible deniability and terror torture tactics. To take good care of yourself, you must guard your mind, guard your heart, guard your light and guard your children with harmless intentions fused with the defensive ferocity of spiritual protection in God’s spiritual armor, while recognizing personal emotional limits and knowing when you need to retreat and isolate to maintain sanity.

We live during a time where there is a heightened weaponization of narratives, and no one is immune to this type of false information targeting. To weaponize a narrative is to gain control over how people think, what they believe to be true, and to control their perception in the process of delivering them disinformation that is designed to weaken them and weaken their defenses.

Why do the Controllers want you weakened? Reflect on that.

What really weakens you emotionally and mentally, along with your ability to discern the truth and make informed decisions for yourself that empower and support your spiritual strength, that which is needed to actualize your purpose in the world?

The number one weakening tactic used by those leaders and public authority figures controlled by the anti-human forces working to enslave humanity is to generate propaganda and to get you to believe a lie as a truth. This gets incredibly sophisticated by wrapping partial truths in lies and then presenting them as whole facts, omitting the bigger picture or accurate context which is a manipulation technique that is called paltering.  If you believe the lies or partial truths you are being told they distort your perception. They distort your beliefs and as a result your behaviors will be fully controlled, your spiritual guidance will be distorted, you’ll think north is south and south is east, and this keeps you lost in the sea of confusion.

Lies confuse your inner compass, if you believe lies, you will not know what direction you are traveling.

That is what it means to weaponize narratives, believing in lies weakens people, you cannot know what direction you are travelling if your Spiritual Guidance System is messed up and you are moving in the wrong direction and as a result you are not aware that you need course correction. Course correction would be the analogy that you are speeding on a track towards a brick wall and that will generate a collision in the near future if you do not change your speed and direction. Through the use of critical thinking and common sense, you can accurately assess to see your position on the track and then realize that this train wreck could be imminent and upon impact this will be very painful and destructive. Then with awareness of the potential consequences, you figure out what you need to do and what direction to move in in order to avert this catastrophe.

This is an important part of understanding the current psychological warfare, mostly it is designed to confuse people into webs of disinformation and then get those people to spread the disinformation as facts or partial truths that are further made into a collective belief system. Then in the next stage the controller goal is to get a group of people into echo chambers of pushing the narrative into group think, such as what is done in algorithmic control of social media spaces and controlled content, in which others in that group constantly reinforce the desirable belief system which is a controlled narrative of the propaganda. These narratives form into reality bubbles in which all participants may hold a similar belief, but it is actually a delusion formed that is based upon the lies they have been told by those considered to be authority figures in the mainstream media. For a moment let us break that down.

Weaponizing Narratives is how intelligentsia works to undermine a community of people, in which the attackers want to derail the truth and to spin people off into false and made-up narratives that are pure deceptions, manipulations and gaslighting tactics.

Then they put unscrupulous people on the payroll to spread disinformation stories, spread it all over the internet, and get gullible and unaware people in the group or movement to believe it and then spread these same deceptions or lies in their own communities. Then more of the public believe that the deception narrative is a real and true fact, when it is really a clever made up lie that has been designed to derail the group of people that believe it, as well as weaken them by pushing them to make the wrong decisions based on that falsified information. On top of the intentional weakening of people, the disinformation being spread is designed to divide and conquer groups and prevent them from gathering together in strength. Instead, the design is to generate mistrust and division within one group to get them to separate from another, weakening them all. Now we have a weaponized narrative running for maximum psychological warfare pitting the vaccinated versus unvaccinated, all being fueled by the supposed ruling class and their propaganda machines.

Weaponized narratives are targeted attacks made against a group of people, and this extends to nations and countries, where the attacking group seeks to undermine an opponent’s civilization, identity, and superimpose and subvert their will — in the global arena this is commonly used and purposely designed to destroy a person’s culture and way of life.

Essentially over the past year it has been made clear that the general population in the western culture of the United States is now considered the enemy of the centralized power of the elite, who have orchestrated an elaborate psychological terrorism plan in which to kill, disable and weaken the majority of the human population.  By generating confusion, complexity, and political and social schisms that generate polarization and conflict in many groups of people, usually those people that identify with some kind of a classification system, such as black-white, male- female, gay- transgender, vax- unvaxxed, it confounds the response on the part of those who are trying to defend themselves from the public onslaught of negativity or propaganda assaults. These senseless classifications are nonsense, as people have forgotten that we are one race of people, and this is our planet. The entire human race is under spiritual attack, the NAA don’t care what color we are or what we look like, they just want humans to be slaves and to give up our children willingly.

Everyone in media promotion knows by controlling narratives that the actual truth does not matter, its only what people believe to be true. These deceivers will say anything, no matter how absurd or ludicrous in its scope of lies, anything that they come up with so that they can get the population to believe it so to gain control over the narratives running in 3D reality. Sadly, this happens in any public forum when social media driven leaders tell their audience what they want to hear in so they can gain a following or popularity, because most people do not want to face these deeply unpleasant truths.  This is why we must value truth, speak the truth, stand up for truth, recognize when we are in the presence of truth and hold on to truth for dear life! A fast-moving information deluge, saturating people with a lot of data coming in all directions is the ideal battleground for this kind of psychological warfare to cover truth with lies. A fire-hose of narrative attacks coming from every direction gives the targeted person, population or an organized community of people little time to process and evaluate the vast array of information as truthful because its being flooded into the community in several directions.

Distorted Perception of Reality

Propaganda can be used to distort perceptions of reality:

• People are generally poor judges of true versus false information and they do not necessarily remember that particular information that was actually verified later as being false.

• Information overload leads people to take shortcuts in determining the credibility and trustworthiness of messages.

• Familiar themes or messages can be appealing to people, even if they are false.

• Statements are more likely to be accepted if they are backed by evidence, even if that evidence provided is false.

• Using peripheral cues to propagate the disinformation. This happens when a listener is persuaded into falsity because he or she notices that a message has many arguments within it, but lacks the ability or motivation to think about each of these arguments individually. In other words, the many arguments are intentionally being conflated into one message, like a short-cut of cliff notes that are being mixed together, and combined with an appearance of objectivity. This is a common tactic of conflation or inciting a straw man argument that is used to increase the perceived credibility of spreading the propaganda and disinformation.

Essentially what this means is that we have stop and pause, then use common sense, critical thinking and see if the information passes our b.s. meter before we repeat this information to others. If we stop long enough to get quiet and then deeply feel into the information, many times we can get many intuitive impressions about it that helps us discern if this is a weaponized narrative or manipulation-deception signature. Become aware if you are getting played to be a cog in the wheel of a disinformation campaign designed to hurt or weaken others. 

Weaponized narratives are used to destroy communities and trust between people, it is to create conflict, controversy and divide and conquer scenarios which break apart the organization or community goals for unity and working together for a common purpose. It is the most common tool of the pathological individual that enjoys inciting chaos and wants to break apart unity, group cohesion by attacking any unified cooperation between communities of people.

Weaponized narratives can also be half-truths or lies that furnish the illusion of some emotional certainty at the cost of rational understanding and critical thinking. The emotionally satisfying decision to accept a weaponized narrative is to believe and to have faith in partial truths or lies prevents the opening of intelligent debates and discussion. Thus, it inoculates cultures, institutions, and individuals against counterarguments and inconvenient facts. If we don’t want to look at the truth because its unpleasant, we let people get away with murder because its more convenient to us. Then we are complicit with feeding the monster, we’re helping to co-create the ego monsters that are running rampant as slimy snakes uploading propaganda and disinformation campaigns in the online media environment. Therefore, the truth can be overwhelmed with constantly repeated statements that represent falsehoods and disinformation, soon the truth has been replaced with lies, and no one even notices.

Keep this in mind as we continue to understand infiltration and hijack of the general narrative, because as I’ve just explained, this is the major components of the psychological warfare also used to weaponize the new age, Ascension and disclosure community. Now we can see the global agenda to weaponize narratives during a planned genocide courtesy of the Controllers. It is up to us to actually see and understand how they are accomplishing this infiltration so that we can refuse to be controlled by it. As conscious and spiritual people, we should make a commitment to truth, truth telling, and not fall into deception narratives by jumping on the bandwagon of consensus. Be the person that sees the deceptions and harmful agendas as they are happening, and refuse to participate with it.

As we have mentioned, there are casualties in this spiritual warfare, and Guardian Host has advised us to prepare for that eventuality as spiritual and emotional adults. We must reach the level of truth seeking when we as a group are behaving as spiritual adults, and thus we can have an open and transparent conversation about how we face these problems which is a real issue that all of us will have to deal with. Those of us like myself being hunted down in the information warfare and attacked for telling the truth — we cannot continue to grow the conversation. Thus, we have to reach a moment in time when more people can grow up emotionally and put their big pants on. To be willing to consider that if we remain asleep at the wheel, if we refuse to look at the severe problems in our reality, more and more people get hurt, children get seriously hurt. When the disclosure finally reaches its momentum, the truth will flood into the collective and people will start to see that this awareness of the Controllers and NAA is not farfetched. That this is actually a well-documented war that humanity has been fighting for thousands if not millions of years and now we have reached the stages of the final confrontation.  

And so, leaving you with a few thoughts in terms of things to reflect upon, is to really give some deep thought to what do you believe in, and what do you give value to in your life. Think upon your strengths and your weaknesses. What are the things you can improve to become a better person?

Think about: where am I going; what am I doing; and also, am I able to withstand discomfort like mental triggers, or unpleasant truths in order to make the needed changes required, so that I can truly embody and be my highest and authentic self.

When we endure times of turmoil this can act as a great spiritual catalyst, and this is when we undergo big tests of moral character, tests of self-awareness in order to refine and distill the purity of our inner spiritual essence. During these challenging states we may be met with increased darkness, maybe even dark entity attacks, maybe experiencing astral related phenomena, victimizer programming levels of mind control, audio inserts with self-doubt and fear, all related to perpetuating fear-based programming that’s been sent to the masses. The intensity of these experiences can help us better comprehend the self-mastery we must develop over our own hidden shadow aspects, as we rise above the fear, in order to propel ourselves forward to another stage of spiritual awakening, to arrive at inner clarity. This is truly the call for moral courage and spiritual bravery!

Take good care and be kind to yourself and others. Pray, meditate and get right with God, this is time to make peace and get aligned with your higher power.

Love and GSF,


~via EnergeticSynthesis.com – Time Shift Blog – August 16, 2021

LISA RENEE: “Alice In Wonderland Tactic”

The following excerpt is from KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation (CIA torture guide) dated July 1963: The aim of the Alice in Wonderland Tactic or confusion technique is to confound the expectations and conditioned reactions of the interrogatee, or in its current mainstream application, to force the controlled narrative onto an unsuspecting public through the use of Psychological Operations tactics spread through the mainstream media. Most people are accustomed to a world that makes some sense, at least in their mind and that which supports their sense of identity. They may believe in a world based on continuity and logic, a predictable world. The individual or the public may cling to this belief system that makes up their world view in order to reinforce their ego identity and powers of resistance to not bend to the will of others superimposed narratives and agendas.

The confusion technique is designed not only to obliterate the familiar but to replace it with the weird and nonsensical, normalizing lunatic behaviors and states of madness portrayed as sane. Although this method can be employed by a single interrogator, it is better adapted to use by two or three or more. When the subject enters the room, the first interrogator asks a Doubletalk question — one which seems straightforward but is essentially nonsensical. Whether the interrogatee tries to answer or not, the second interrogator follows up (interrupting any attempted response) with a wholly unrelated and equally illogical query. Sometimes two or more questions are asked simultaneously. Pitch, tone, and volume of the interrogators’ voices are unrelated to the import of the questions. No pattern of questions and answers is permitted to develop, nor do the questions themselves relate logically to each other. In this strange atmosphere the subject finds that the pattern of speech and thought which he has learned to consider normal have been replaced by an eerie meaninglessness. The interrogatee may start laughing or refuse to take the situation seriously. But as the process continues, day after day if necessary, the subject begins to try to make sense of the situation, which becomes mentally intolerable. Now he is likely to make significant admissions, or even to pour out his story, just to stop the flow of babble which assails him. This technique may be especially effective with the orderly, obstinate type. [1]

Rule 13 for Disinformation

Alice in Wonderland Logic. Avoid discussion of any of the issues by reasoning backwards or with an apparent deductive logic which refrains from giving out any actual material facts. [2]

Alice Mind Control

A slightly off-beat and idiosyncratic but gentle introduction to a unapproved topic or subject which for most 3D people, most of the time is safely relegated to the realm of fictional horror, ridiculous conspiracy theories or a similar mental pigeon-hole, so that life can proceed according to their belief systems or resume as normal. [3]

The relevant work of Albert Biderman were also used in the training of interrogation specialists, an in-depth class on Biderman’s Principles — in Guantánamo (New York Times, July 2nd 2008). To break a person’s will, it suffices to deprive him of all human contact, to disorient him, to disrupt his biological rhythms and subject him to great stress. By using a suitable combination of very simple elementary techniques, such as disorientation, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, or degrading, the subject’s psychological integrity swiftly disintegrates, he quickly regresses to an infantile stage and his will is broken. [4]

Monarch Mind Control Symbolism

The movie The Wizard of Oz is used by Monarch handlers to program their slaves. Symbols and meanings in the movie become triggers in the slave’s mind enabling easy access to the slave’s mind by the handler. In popular culture, veiled references to Monarch programming often use analogies to The Wizard of Oz and Alice In Wonderland. [5]

Themes in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

  • Abandonment/Loneliness

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland provides an inexhaustible mine of literary, philosophical, and scientific themes. Here are some general themes which the reader may find interesting and of some use in studying the work.

Alice’s initial reaction after falling down the rabbit-hole is one of extreme loneliness. Her curiosity has led her into a kind of Never-Never Land, over the edge of Reality and into a lonely, very alien world. She is further lost when she cannot establish her identity. Physically, she is lost; psychologically, she also feels lost. She cannot get her recitations right, and she becomes even more confused when her arithmetic (a subject she believed to be unchanging and solid) fails her. Every attempt to establish a familiar basis of identity creates only the sense of being lost — absolutely lost. Alice becomes, to the reader, a mistreated, misunderstood, wandering waif. Trapped in solitude, she finds herself lapsing into soliloquies that reflect a divided, confused, and desperate self.

  • The Child-Swain

Alice is the most responsible “character” in the story; in fact, she is the only real person and the only “true” character. At most, the other creatures are antagonists, either a bit genial or cruel, depending on how they treat Alice at any given point in the story. Alice’s innocence makes her a perfect vehicle of social criticism a la Candide. In her encounters, we see the charmingly pathetic ingénue — a child whose only purpose is to escape the afflictions around her. By implication, there is the view that a child’s perception of the world is the only sane one. Conversely, to grow and mature leads to inevitable corruption, to sexuality, emotionalism, and adult hypocrisy. The child as an innocent, sympathetic object has obvious satirical utility, but only to the point that the child must extend sympathy herself — and Alice fails to do this when she describes her cat Dinah to the Mouse, and later when she confesses to having eaten eggs to the frightened mother pigeon.

  • Children and Animals

In an age such as our own, where philosophers earnestly debate the rights of animals, or whether machines can “think,” we cannot escape the child’s affinity for animals. And in Wonderland, except for the Gryphon, none of the animals are of a hostile nature that might lead Alice to any harm. (And the Gryphon is a mythical animal so he doesn’t count as a “true” animal.) Most of the Wonderland animals are the kind one finds in middle-class homes, pet shops, and in children’s cartoons. Although they may not seem so in behavior, most of them are, really, pets. Alice feels a natural identity with them, but her relationship ultimately turns on her viewing them as adults. So her identity with the animals has a lot to do with her size in relationship to adults. Alice emphasizes this point when she observes that some ugly children might be improved if they were pigs. In her observation lies the acceptance of a common condition of children and animals: Each is personified to a degree. Thus, it is not surprising that in the world of the child, not only animals, but dolls, toys, plants, insects, and even playing cards have the potential to be personified by children (or adults).

  • Death

Growing up in Wonderland means the death of the child, and although Alice certainly remains a child through her physical changes in size — in other ways, death never seems to be far away in Wonderland. For example, death is symbolized by the White Rabbit’s fan which causes Alice to almost vanish; death is implied in the discussion of the Caterpillar’s metamorphosis. And death permeates the morbid atmosphere of the “enchanted garden.” The Queen of Hearts seems to be the Goddess of Death, always yelling her single, barbarous, indiscriminate, “Off with their heads!”

  • Nonsense

One of the key characteristics of Carroll’s story is his use of language. Much of the “nonsense” in Alice has to do with transpositions, either of mathematical scale (as in the scene where Alice multiplies incorrectly) or in the scrambled verse parodies (for example, the Father William poem). Much of the nonsense effect is also achieved by directing conversation to parts of speech rather than to the meaning of the speakers — to definitions rather than to indications. When Alice asks the Cheshire-Cat which way to go, he replies that she should, first, know where she’s going. The Frog-Footman tells her not to knock on the door outside the Duchess’ house; he can only open the door when he is inside (though Alice, of course, manages to open the door from the outside). And some of the nonsense in Wonderland is merely satirical, such as the Mock Turtle’s education. But the nature of nonsense is much like chance, and rules to decipher it into logical meaning or sense patterns work against the principal intent of Carroll’s purpose — that is, he wanted his nonsense to be random, senseless, unpredictable, and without rules.

  • Nature and Nurture

The structure of a dream does not lend itself to resolution. A dream simply is a very different kind of “experience.” In this sense, Alice does not really evolve into a higher understanding of her adventure. She has the memory of Wonderland but she brings nothing “real” from Wonderland — only her memory of it. This is a powerful testament to the influence of her domestication. In Alice’s case, good social breeding is more important than her natural disposition. But if Alice leaves Wonderland without acquiring any lasting, truly worthwhile knowledge, neither can she give any wisdom to the creatures whom she has met there. Nature, in each case, sets limits on the ability to assimilate experiences.

In the Caucus-race, for instance, the race depicts the absurdity of democracy. Yet, Alice’s critical attitude — a product of her class education — is also satirized. The object of the race is to have everyone dry off; so it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, and clearly the outcome of the race is irrelevant. To think otherwise, as Alice does, is absurd. The point of the running about is to dry off, which, incidentally, makes it equally absurd to call moving about for that purpose a “race.”

Wonderland offers a peculiar view of Nature. For one thing, all the animals have obviously been educated. There is literally not a “stupid” one in the bunch (unless it is the puppy or the pig/baby). In general, the basic condition common to all the creatures is not ignorance — but madness, for which there seems to be no appropriate remedy. A Victorian reader must have wondered how the animals were “trained”; after all, the assumptions that Alice makes all rest on her “training.” On this point, however, the reader can only speculate.

In Wonderland, much of the fun depends on the confusion of “training.” Nature and natural feelings seem to more often than not mean danger or potential violence. (But except for the puppy and the pig/baby, there are no natural creatures, however much natural feelings are expressed.) The Duchess, for example, seems to be only the epitome of rage; she conveys a kind of sadistic delight in digging her chin into Alice’s shoulder; anger even seems to motivate her didactic morals (that is, “Flamingoes and mustard both bite”).

Finally, nature seems superior to nurture in Wonderland, as the personification of beasts seems to be no improvement on the actual beasts themselves. The pig, for example, is a more content creature as a pig, for the baby was not happier when it was a baby.

  • Justice

Although there are plenty of “rules,” the laws of Wonderland seem a parody of real justice. The Queen of Hearts, for example, thinks nothing of violating the law which protects people from illegal prosecution; she seeks the head of the Knave of Hearts for having been only accused of stealing the tarts. Thus, the Queen violates the spirit of the law against stealing to satisfy the logical necessity that every trial must have an execution. The spirit of the law is, so to speak, sacrificed to satisfy the reversibility of the symbolic letter of her logic. In the croquet game, anyone can be executed for reasons known only to the sovereign Queen, who acts as though she is a divinity with the power to take or give life. Under a monarchy, the monarchs are above the law. In Wonderland, however, the monarch’s will is flaunted when the command is to execute someone. Ignoring the Queen’s command to behead someone is a matter of survival as well as justice.

The trial of the Knave of Hearts satirizes both too much law and law by personal edict. Someone may have stolen the tarts, and it may well have been the Knave. But the offense is trivial, and the sentence is only a joke. One of the problems with the law in any context is its application. When the law ceases to promote harmony, then its purpose as a regulator of human affairs is subverted. In Wonderland the idea of a law seems ridiculous because the operative principle of Wonderland is chaos. Injustice, then, is a logical consequence of living in Wonderland. The rule of the strongest person must be the law — that is, the law of anarchy. The trial of the Knave is proof of this woeful state of affairs. Fortunately, Alice is the strongest of the lot, and she overthrows the cruel Queen’s sentence of execution and the savage kangaroo court. There is no way to change the law because no “law” exists. By her rebellion, Alice serves both the cause of sanity and justice.

  • Time and Space

Time, in the sense of duration, exists in Wonderland only in a psychological and artistic sense. When we ordinarily conceive of time, we think of units of duration — that is, hours, minutes, and seconds; or days, weeks, months, and years. We may also think of getting older and having lived from a certain date. We assume that the time reflected on a clock and our age are essentially the same kind of process. But a clock may repeat its measure of duration, whereas we have only one lifetime. Our age is therefore a function of an irreversible psychological sense of duration. We live in the conscious knowledge that we can never return to a given point in the past, as we might adjust a clock for daylight savings time. Our personal, psychological time is absolute and irreversible. And that is the kind of time that creatures like the Mad Hatter employ in Wonderland. (We never know whether the White Rabbit uses a mechanistic time, only that he has a watch.)

When Alice looks at the Mad Hatter’s watch, she sees a date, but she sees neither hours nor minutes. Because Time and the Mad Hatter do not get along, Time has “frozen” the tea-party at six o’clock. But it turns out that time is also reversed so that a year has the duration of an hour and vice versa. Reckoned in hour-lengths, the tea-party must go on for at least a year (unless Time and the Mad Hatter make up their quarrel). But because of psychological time, the creatures are able to leave and return to the tea-party. And because of psychological time, Wonderland’s experience comes to an end, and just as our uniquely, individual lives will one day end, so will our nightmares and dreams. [6]



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