AHTAYAA LEIGH: “Cosmic Emergence Activation β€” New Earth Template of Light”


The year 2018 (Spring Equinox) marked the completion of the 12 Year 2012 Timegate. 2012 was the zero point of transition, with 6 years leading up to 2012, and 6 years emerging from it. From 2016 – 2018 the old paradign has been interfacing with the new paradigm of Light as we meld the New Earth through our hearts, dissolving the old template of fear and separation.

2018 is the year of Cosmic Emergence when the light codes of the New Earth are fully anchored and the old paradigm of fear has losts it’s hold on the foundation of the energetics of Earth.

Blessed be, and so it is.

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Thank You, I Love You!
Ahtayaa πŸ’›

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