PAUL ROMANO: “Qbie Struggles To Realize That Q Is Part Of The Deep State”


“Don’t drink the Q-laid.”



“I’m from the CIA you can trust me n trump and our plan”

 😉 🐍 – Q



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PAUL ROMANO: “Trump Supporters Also Suffer From Trump Derangement Syndrome”

A longer video than usual, Paul starts kicking into ‘Trump’ gear about 18 minutes in… the part of the video that ‘brings it all home’ begins around 1:06…


Comments from the video thread:



“Glad you’re addressing my question about POTUS and the hand signs he does.”



“Why is Trump pushing for 5G??? That will kill even the damn animals? He is not stopping the chemtrails that are loading us up with heavy metals is he??? He is not stopping Monsanto from poisoning the hell out of our food supply is he??? Raise your expectation for a leader out of the damn toilet!!!”



“These Trump lovers are absolute aliens to humanity. They don’t want to consider anything that doesn’t completely praise Trump like he is Christ. Trump! A life long heathen with the most heinous personality. And every wrong or questionable behavior he commits is 100 percent ignored. I don’t even think these people are worth attempting to reason with anymore.”



“Trust the plan, sit on your couch, clap while the swamp changes management and brings in communism right before your eyes”



“I think we forget that the majority of Q people just started to ‘wake up’…”



“Q is for those who have no I.Q.”



“I used to be a Q-tard myself. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.”



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PAUL ROMANO: “Okay Q-Party People, Time To Take Off Your Bunny Ears And Put On Your Critical Thinking Hats”


Comments from the video thread:



“Q is bait and switch. People should be able to recognize these patterns by now. Willful ignorance.”



“I saw the latest Q hats, they have white bunny ears on top of the Q. Adrenochrome? White Rabbit? We now know the white rabbit and rabbit ears stand for pedophilia and adrenochrome. Why would that be on a Q hat? I see that as a very disturbing thing. I swear people are being led in the wrong direction with this Q thing! Liz Crokin is a big Q supporter and I found photos of devil horn hand signs. Liz is also part of the trans Hollywood ‘media’. A reporter. It took me a while but these people prove to me Q is NOT GOOD. Another so called truther bites the dust! I’ve been doing research and they are being proven to be fakes, NOT PATRIOTS! Falling like flies.”



“I don’t disagree with you on the whole scenario, the wrong direction, the government infiltration of truthers. But why must people be referred to as Qtards? 😞 What’s kind and ‘looking to the light’ about being insulting like that? I cannot imagine God referring to people as Qtards, God loves everyone. God is not about spiteful criticism. Well not in my world. We are meant to be lifting each other up, and being grateful for this beautiful living breathing planet we call earth. You can point people to the truth and the light without mocking them 😞 Maybe some people are just ‘butt hurt’ that your video refers to them with a nickname that is an obvious derivative of the word retard? 😢 Comes across as sneering, not enlightened 😒 (and not just you, many of the comments refer to Qtards too).”



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