GIOVANNI DIENSTMANN: “Four Meditation Superpowers — Why Meditation Matters”


One of the questions I get from time to time is “Why should I meditate?” or “How did meditation change your life?”. In other words: “Why meditation?”.

In response, I could speak about the over 70 benefits of meditation on your health, mind, emotional life, and performance. Sometimes that helps, but I often feel it doesn’t really communicate the real value of this practice. Personally, I didn’t start meditating because I was seeking any of those benefits – they were just very nice side effects.

Personally, I didn’t start meditating because I was seeking any of those benefits – they were just very nice side effects. At the same time, I cannot answer that question by mentioning the spiritual value of meditation, because not everyone is spiritually inclined.

Why Meditation Matters

The real point that meditation addresses, and that makes it quite relevant and universal, is this:

You have a mind, but you are not the boss of your mind.

Often, your mind is the boss of you.

Your mind is your most valuable asset. What’s going on in your mind can make you happy or miserable, successful or broken, energetic or lifeless. In short, the quality of your mind determines the quality of your life.

So, then, what is the value of meditation? It helps you to know your mind, and master your mind (gradually). And this affects everything else, in all spheres of your life.

Let me now dive in and be really specific. I’ll cover fours main “skills” that meditation will give you. These are so great that I actually prefer to call them “superpowers” .

1. Zooming In

The first skill that you gain from meditation is improving your ability to focus. Focusing means that you can zoom in your attention on anything, and sustain it there, ignoring distractions. The length of time you can sustain your attention increases with practice.

It’s quite evident how the ability to focus is essential in all spheres of life: career, education, finances, and performance (be it in work, sports, or art). We live in times of continuous distraction – our attention span keeps getting shorter. We lack focus because so many things are auditioning for our attention, and as a result our mind easily gets dispersed everywhere.

There are also many other expressions of focusing in daily life. Focusing allows you to:

  • Be more present in your daily activities, rather than getting lost in your mind
  • Be a better listener and communicator, because you become more present
  • Not fall into the trap of multitasking, enabling you to become more time and energy efficient
  • Enjoy more deeply the blessings of your life, however small (a good meal, time with your family, your favorite hobby, etc.)
  • When there are competing voices in your head (such as the voice of fear and the voice of confidence) you can zoom in and focus on the voice that is most empowering to you.

In meditation, we are training this skill every time we zoom in our attention into the object of our focus (breath, mantra, etc.).

2. Zooming Out

If zooming in gives you focus, zooming out gives you perspective. It’s the ability to not get sucked into mental and emotional stuff. It’s the ability to see with clarity and serenity.

Oftentimes we don’t want to zoom into something, but we just can’t help it. Emotions are usually the driving force for this. They can get sticky and messy pretty quickly.

  • Maybe it’s a traumatic incident from your past, or an addictive emotional pattern such as victimization or negative self-talk.
  • Perhaps everything is going well with your day, until someone says something that triggers you to fall down a rabbit hole of confusion, anger, and doubt.
  • Or maybe it’s just your thoughts bullying you into interpreting things through the lenses of fear and pessimism.

In situations like these, zooming out comes in handy. It frees your mind, allowing you to see the bigger picture.

It won’t stop those pesky thoughts and feelings – but it will make them be more like a cup of salt thrown into the ocean, rather than a cup of salt thrown into a small bucket.

In meditation, we train zooming out every time we realize that we’ve gotten sucked into a stream of thoughts, and reclaim our attention by removing it from that thought-funnel.

3. Pausing

This is the skill that most people associate with meditation.

When we live in an unconscious, automated way, we become the product of our environment. We react, rather than respond. In this mode, we are acting on the loudest impulse in our heads. We’re reproducing our past conditioning.

Living a creative and fulfilling life requires just the opposite. It means to be intelligently present in the moment, acting fresh. For that, the ability to pause is essential.

Pausing gives you the space to:

  • Prevent your from acting on anger or other destructive impulses that ruin relationships and lives. (In a way we can say that when pausing is absent, regret takes its place.)
  • Break bad habits
  • Find clarity about what’s really going on
  • Make wiser decisions based on the needs of the moment
  • Re-align your actions in life to your core values
  • Think less, worry less, and be more

Reacting without thinking is easy – it’s the path of least resistance. Pausing is harder – it’s a skill that needs to be trained, a virtue to be developed.

In meditation, we train pausing every time we notice that we’re distracted, and we interrupt that stream of thoughts. It’s a condition for you to be able to zoom out.

4. Changing The Channel

The powers of pausing, zooming out, and zooming in come together as the ability to “change channels”.

Think of your mental world as a TV with several channels. Some of them are informative, entertaining, or useful. Others are full of bad shows, even though you might find them addictive.

The problem is that this TV doesn’t obey you all the time. It randomly pops up shows from channels you dislike, and doesn’t even allow you to mute them. Sometimes you try to change the channel, but after five seconds you find yourself back to the old channel.

The more you develop the abilities to pause, zoom out, and zoom in, the more you fine tune your remote control. As a result, your favorite channels get more screen time, and the crappy ones end up being discontinued due to lack of attention.

The formula for changing the channel is:

  1. Notice that a unhelpful channel has come up. It could be fear, anxiety, self-hatred, etc. Sometimes labeling the feeling can be helpful.
  2. Pause it. Breathe in and take a step back. Don’t fight with it, but rather realize that you don’t really need to be watching it.
  3. Zoom out. See the bigger picture – your consciousness is larger than this thought/emotion. Let the thought be there, but realize that you don’t need to zoom into it.
  4. Switch channels, and then powerfully zoom into a more helpful or enjoyable channel.

(See another version of this exercise here.)

This is changing channels. It is a natural exercise of control over your attention – reclaiming the power to decide where it should be focused on. It is not repression, and doesn’t involve any self-violence.

In meditation this ability is trained every time we gently return our attention back to our chosen object (breath, mantra, etc.). So basically hundreds of times!

5. A New Baseline (Bonus)

What is your baseline emotion(s)? By that I mean, what are the feelings that are always there in the background of your mind during most of your day?

For many people it is anxiety, depression, fear, self-pity, or greed. Or perhaps an intangible sense of dissatisfaction with oneself and one’s life.

Meditation helps you become aware of your baseline emotions, and slowly uproot their causes, or at least “change channels” before you get all sucked in.

For me, my baseline emotion was a sense of restlessness and a hunger for something. After years of training, that cooled down. Now my baseline emotion is peace, contentment and a solid sense of ‘unfuckwithability’.

Having said that, it is misleading to say that meditation alone will accomplish this. For most of us, it is meditation coupled with continuous self-reflection, contemplation, and radical self-honesty. Studying spiritual texts or personal growth literature can also help; and so can therapy, deep relationships, and making real changes in your life.

Feelings come and go. Yet our baseline emotions seem to persist for much longer, and define what is our level of wellbeing. So for me it seems like a good idea to put some love into upgrading it.

Parting Thoughts

So these, dear reader, are some of the reasons why meditation is valuable. These skills are all forms of mastery over your attention, over your mind.

You don’t get these “superpowers” quickly, though. They are muscles that develop with consistent practice. But know that every time you meditate, you are taking solid steps in increasing these natural superpowers.

I’d love to hear from you. How have you been applying these meditation skills in your life? Which superpowers do you want from meditation?

Do you need some help choosing a meditation technique and establishing a solid practice? Check out my course, Master Your Mind, which will guide you to develop your skills through 5 different meditations, week by week.







L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “The Experience of Time and the Higher Self ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness”

Flower of Life.png

“ETERNITY is a state of consciousness where you exist in your Original Light NOW. The future only exists as an expanded YOU not yet accessed in a lower dimension.  Denying your experience is not the way through this.  Acknowledging your true experience of consciousness allows you to develop qualities and virtues of the divine HIGHER Self. It is an application of your God Self. Apply, remember, take time to go WITHIN. It is all within.”

~L’Aura Pleiadian


The experience of time was created as a consciousness experience existing in different DIMENSIONS of consciousness experience  than the Higher Self experience.

This experience of time at the lower dimensions of consciousness ACTS as a measurement TOOL for CHANGE.

This change is the evolving consciousness, that is WITHIN you.

The experiences of CONSCIOUSNESS as it expands and EVOLVES enters different dimensions of awareness.

At the Highest levels of your consciousness NOW you exist in no time, experiencing the EXPANDED VIEW of all of your existence (incarnations) ALL AT ONCE.

Yes all at once it is going on.

In 3D consciousness the experience is one of a limited view of all the dimensions where you exist SIMULTANEOUSLY observing all of it.

Your ASCENSION is the YOU that already exists consciously in a more EXPANDED level of consciousness that exists in the 5th Dimension and Higher.

If you cannot imagine this and this feels beyond your grasp of awareness, go deep into your HEART as this is the access point of awareness within you, which is your alignment with your Higher Self.

The DIVINE GOD Self you, the Higher Self you.

Glimpses and experiences through a consciousness that includes the subconscious made conscious, includes varying experiences. One that appears as evil and Good. And the experience of everything as neutral in the observing state of awareness.

The consciousness of good and evil when there are memories not yet cleared in the subconscious is the experience of FEAR.

Quickly opening oneself before the subconscious is free from negative memories, creates fearful experiences. Even on of demons as being real. The demons are your fears and they are educational.

This fearful state of good and evil, exists through the memories of all experiences, held in ones blueprint. TO BE LOVED.

In these lower dimensions the experience of good and evil is educational.

When I say love I am not speaking of wishy-washy feelings, that I hear about from those that write me with questions.

I AM SPEAKING of an EVOLVED level of consciousness that exists in the higher dimensions that exists ONLY AS THE state of consciousness, ETERNAL LOVE.

It observes, it is a frequency. It exists in a dimension beyond 3D.

Your process of ascension is taking the form that appears in time in 3D, and UNIFYING the Higher Dimensions into the subconscious and conscious minds, shifting your cellular consciousness, clearing you from past memories in lower frequency dimensions. Which then results in the ALCHEMY whereby you simultaneously enter not only a new timeline, but love as the expanded, evolved Divine Being, living as the eternal truth of you. Accessing the ALL of YOU all at once.

You then can view the experience of time, as it is, a consciousness that does exist in a lower dimension of awareness.

Letting go and entering the present moment and apply 5th dimensional consciousness to all of your experiences. Even though it may feel like hit and miss and not constant, is the very process of transformation that you are going through.

YOU Are allowing your form to transform into what it actually is NOW at the Higher Dimensions. It is a vehicle of light that only appears solid in lower dimensions of consciousness.

IT TOO is consciousness.

Your Cells are consciousness.

Time exists as a state of consciousness at the lower dimensions.

ETERNITY is a state of consciousness where you exist in your Original Light NOW.

The future only exists as an expanded YOU not yet accessed in a lower dimension.

Denying your experience is not the way through this. Acknowledging your true experience of consciousness allows you to develop qualities and virtues of the divine HIGHER Self. It is an application of your God Self.

Apply, remember, take time to go WITHIN.

It is all within.

Let go of the view of a reality that focuses only the external for its validation of being real or not.

ENTER the NOW and go WITHIN.

There is your Solace. Your Home, Your Divinity.

In the consciousness of no time ( that exists NOW) is the Vitality, Magic and WONDER of the Most magnificent Glorious YOU ~  waiting for your expansion of consciousness, to concretely EMBODY. The subconscious made conscious through the purifying of your memories at the lower dimensions.

This is what Ascension IS.

Then you as your Original LIGHT ~ enters it all.

The MASTER of your Divinity. Of your LIGHT.

A master of Form. The GOD You ~ that you have always been.

All NOW. Enter this through your Heart. I love you!



Eternal Love and Bliss!


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