ASCENSION AVATAR: “A Magical Earth Day…”

Today happens to be Earth Day… a day which seemed magical from the start… This morning through my windows I noticed some beautiful cloud formations and sylphs in the skies… I stepped outside to get a few snapshots… Just above the mountaintop in my back yard was a peculiar egg-shaped lightburst cloud… thankfully captured on camera… It is one image I’ll not soon forget! Is this a confirmation we have many Earth (and non-Earth!) Allies helping to usher us in to a higher dimensional reality, a New Earth? Or was it just ‘Mork from Ork’ popping in to say “Hey! Happy Earth Day! Nanu-Nanu!”? 🌏


Photos by Ascension Avatar

April 22, 2019 (9:57-10:10 AM)


ASCENSION AVATAR: “Grooving Through Some Light In The Shade…” (Ultra-Slow Motion)

Recorded August 31, 2015

The slowest in a 5-clip series… featuring apparitions of very peculiar formations…  🙂


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ASCENSION AVATAR: “Grooving Through Some Light in The Shade…” (Raw Clip)

When viewing something occurring at ‘normal’ speed… nothing extraordinary seems to appear. Watch the slower versions of this clip to see what can emerge from ‘shadows of light’… : D