AHTAYAA LEIGH: “Golden DNA Activation — Cosmic Unity”


Tune IN to the balanced energies of the Golden Ray to activate deep healing, profound awakenings and embody your soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

Thank You, I Love You!
Ahtayaa 💛

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AHTAYAA LEIGH: “Solar Time Gate Activation With The Keepers Of The Golden Ray”


Receive the wisdom of your soul through space and time with this powerful activation!

A garden, without sunlight, will not grow. Think of the Earth as a garden planet, for that is exactly what is meant by the Garden of Eden. Because of the blockages and stagnancy caused by the fear grid, the Earth has for a long time been depleted of the solar rays that sustain the cosmic consciousness of the planet.

Now that the solar light grid of the planet has been brought out of dormancy and amped-up, we can work and play with the timegate system to move through the waters of time healing energetic distortions at their root cause, restoring the energetic template of any manifestation to its original vibration.

Guided Golden Ray activation with Ahtayaa Leigh.

This is a hypnotic activation so do not drive or operate heavy machinery during or after participating. And remember, all hypnosis is self hypnosis!



Video art by Anandi Sundancer ~ Visionary Artist Extraordinaire ~ http://www.anandisundancer.com


QUOTE FOR ANY MOMENT ~ Lisa Renee: “Chaos”

“Today too many good-hearted people in the world give their corrupted leaders and policy makers the benefit of the doubt, citing incompetence or pathological compassion when attempting to explain away the rapidly increasing destruction and decay of their western culture in major cities undergoing the agenda for Controlled Chaos.”

~Lisa Renee


~via https://energeticsynthesis.com/index.php/resource-tools/blog-timeline-shift/3357-controlled-chaos-military-strategy


SOUL TRAVEL RULES: “How To Allow Divine Guidance To Reach You”


Growth in divine wisdom
Has made you mature;
Even though life is hard,
No way will you yield to pressure.

Behold the divine wisdom,
Early eighteenth of November;
Neither darkness nor lies
Justifies the unbeliever.

Allow the truth to teach
Man about God’s kingdom;
It spiritually sets soul free,
Now seek the divine wisdom.

~Bernard F. Asuncion (“Divine Wisdom”)


Divine wisdom is that guidance you get from the spiritual source that allows you to live a life of health and success.

This divine intervention is the reason why we are able to be happy, while we are following the monotony of life, trying to establish some control over our own life, making sense in a world that refuses to believe in it.

People don’t usually believe in the concept of divine wisdom, thinking it to be imaginary and not useful in a world that belies too much on rationality and pragmatism. But it needs to be understood that this world is not what it seems to be.

This is an illusion that has permeated our life, and made us slaves to the society’s way of thought. This divine guidance, on the other hand, is a way that would pierce the veil of this lie, and bring forward the eternal truth of life. But, to avail that, we need to first acclimatize ourselves into realizing that we too can avail this guidance, only if we keep an open mind. This would only be possible by seeing the world as it truly is, and not how as we see it to be.

For this to work, one needs to truly believe in themselves. This can only be done by gradually conducing one to the fact, that divine guidance is a true thing that works.

It brings in a new burst of sunlight in a world that is slowly turning bleak. Since it is unexplainable, the divine guidance one feels is different from any other experience.

It would only be availed, if one realizes, that the truth is always unexplainable, and divine guidance, is the only truth.



~via SoulTravelRules.com