‘DOING MORE THAN CONGRESS’ ~ Matt Agorist: “As Government Shuts Down Restaurants, Guy Fieri Raises $21.5 Million For Unemployed Food Industry Workers”

Thanks to hypocritical governor Gavin Newsom’s tyrannical lockdown in the state of California, 1 in every 3 California restaurants will be permanently closing their doors this year. Other states, like New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Minnesota face similar fates while most states across America have suffered massive layoffs in the restaurant industry.

The latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report on December 4 showed employment in leisure and hospitality is down by 3.4 million jobs since February. About 17,000 jobs in food services and drinking places were cut in November alone.

In the meantime, both parties have been so hell bent on attacking each other that all attempts to provide aid to the American people have failed. As a result of the gross incompetence among those in power, food lines are growing longer by the day as Americans experience a food shortage akin to the great depression.

Despite massive unemployment, widespread homelessness, and the closure of thousands of small businesses in California, Newsom seems hellbent on continuing the tyrannical lockdown. It has gotten to the point that now people are fighting back.

After Los Angeles officials banned eating at restaurants last month — including outdoor dining — the California Restaurant Association, or CRA, has since joined a growing number of restaurant industry groups in cities and states across the country attempting legal action to overturn COVID-related dining restrictions.

Similar lawsuits have been filed in cities like Philadelphia and St. Louis, as well as states such as Michigan and Oregon in recent weeks — each in different ways attempting to get COVID-19-era dining bans overturned.

As government continues to prove its incompetence, those in the private industry are stepping in to help. Food Network personality Guy Fieri worked to raise more than $21.5 million over the last seven weeks to help unemployed restaurant workers.

His work has led to many folks praising him online, correctly stating that he is “doing more than Congress” to aid struggling workers during the pandemic.

“Guy Fieri has raised $21.5 million for unemployed restaurant workers, which means Guy Fieri has done more for unemployed restaurant workers than Congress has in the last 8 months,” tweeted author Dan Price.

“Guy Fieri⁩ has raised more than $21.5 million in seven weeks to assist unemployed restaurant workers. Shame on every single one of our government ‘leaders’ who have failed them. God bless the ‘Fundraiser of Flavortown,'” tweeted Janice Dean, senior meteorologist at Fox News.

Over the weekend, Fieri took it a step further and joined the resistance against the lockdowns. He announced his support from the CRA lawsuit mentioned above.

“We gotta keep Flavortown open for biz!” Fieri tweeted.

Fieri is obviously passionate about food but noted that restaurants are more than just food — they are the “heart and soul” of America.

“I’ve traveled coast to coast visiting thousands of restaurants across the country on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and after all the time on the road, it’s clear that restaurants are the heart and soul of their communities,” Fieri said in a statement released through the Discovery Channel last week. “When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the impact on the restaurant industry was immediate.”

As government employees continue to collect their paychecks, while failing the people who pay their exorbitant salaries, it is heartening to see the private industry step in to help. Sadly, however, because of the damage done by the lockdowns, $21.5 million is a drop in the bucket of what is actually needed. The only thing that will save the “heart and soul” of America now will be government reversing course — which is not at all likely — or massive resistance, which is already happening.


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Ascension Avatar note: I’ve met many celebrities in this lifetime (with ‘celebrity’ egos to boot), but Guy Fieri is one of the kinder, down-to-earth ones (like Stevie Nicks) who genuinely cares about people, humanity and the planet (interesting that they’re both Air Signs with Capricorn Moon, and have hearts of gold!). A former Los Gatos, California restaurant chef myself, Guy signed this page for me from his cookbook, “Guy Fieri Food”…

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‘OPERATION WARPED AGENDA’? ~ Dr. Joseph Mercola: “Why Are ‘Moderna’ Execs Dumping Stocks BEFORE Unleashing Their ‘Warp Speed’ COVID Vaccine?”

“‘Operation Warp Speed’ has pledged to deliver 300 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine by 2021, if not sooner. The COVID-19 vaccines are all being rushed straight into human clinical tests, forgoing lengthy animal trials altogether. Such fast-tracked vaccines pose unknown risks, which are further magnified since governments are granting COVID-19 vaccine makers immunity from liability for all vaccine injuries and deaths that occur after the vaccines are recommended or mandated by public health officials. The main concern is that the combination of COVID-19 vaccines being fast-tracked to market at ‘warp speed’ with minimal testing, together with blanket liability protection against vaccine injuries could be a public health nightmare in the making. Early warning signs that something might be amiss have already started emerging. From Moderna’s Phase 1 human trial revealed 100% of volunteers in the high-dose group suffered systemic side effects. Past attempts at developing COVID vaccines have always faltered at this stage as both humans and animals achieved robust antibody response then sickened and died when exposed to the wild virus. Moderna allowed only exceptionally healthy volunteers to participate in the study. A vaccine with those reaction rates could cause grave injuries in 1.5 billion humans if administered to ‘every person on earth.’ As reported by NPR14 September 4, 2020, executives at Moderna have also cashed in stock options, raking in tens of millions of dollars of personal profit in the process. Since January, CEO Stéphane Bancel has sold roughly $40 million worth of Moderna stock held by himself or associated investment funds; Chief Medical Officer Tal Zaks has sold around $60 million; and President Stephen Hoge has sold more than $10 million. Advocates have questioned whether it’s appropriate for executives to privately profit before bringing the vaccine to market, especially when American taxpayers have committed roughly $2.5 billion to the company’s vaccine development and manufacture. Two Moderna executives, however, have sold all of their stock holdings, and its general counsel has sold ‘nearly all’ of hers, NPR reports. Importantly, NPR discovered that several of the executives appear to have made ‘questionable modifications to stock sale plans’ shortly before key announcements were made about the vaccine — in some cases just a single day ahead of the announcements. Why would executives unload their stocks before the vaccine is even launched? Do they suspect or know something has, or is about to go awry? As of right now, there’s no evidence whatsoever that the company’s novel vaccine will actually work, let alone be safe. What do Moderna execs know that we don’t?

~Dr. Joseph Mercola



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