THE EARTH PLAN: Schumann Resonance: “Deep Inhale…. Deep Exhale….”

“Deep inhale….Deep exhale….”

~Grace @ The Earth Plan


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UNLEASHING NATURAL HUMANITY: “Cedar Tavern Round Table: 6/10/19” — With Eric Raines, Barbara Buck & Matthew Mournian

“Put this on in the background and empower your day. Welcome to the Cedar Tavern. Enjoy! ❤️

~Eric Raines


Barbara Buck is an intuitive healing practitioner, etheric attachment removals, and intuitive coach with over 20 years of hands on experience.

Matthew Mournian is a psychic, intuitive empath and shamanic healer specializing in clearing, balancing, and removing negative energetic attachments from the body.

Eric Raines is a transformative energy healer, psychic chiropractor, etheric implant specialist and a Healers Healer. (He also really loves cedar trees.)



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THE EARTH PLAN: Schumann Resonance: “What….?”


So much for a fancy title….

I had to go back to the SR because that nagging thought at the back of my mind refused to go away and just got louder, so here I am, addressing it. Or rather, questioning it…..

And got a surprise.

Look at that formation, it appeared again, just recently! I certainly didn’t expect to see another one! That ‘stacked’ reading, with the layers on top of each other. How did that happen? What does it mean?”

~Grace @ The Earth Plan


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THE EARTH PLAN: “Schumann Resonance: “Off-The-Chart Readings”

“I don’t even know what to say anymore about these SR readings. We may have lost the fine white lines that filled the background, but the off-the-chart readings are still registering persistently.”

~Grace @The Earth Plan


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THE EARTH PLAN: Schumann Resonance: “Holy Moly”

“Holy moly……”

~Grace @ The Earth Plan


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