LISA RENEE on “Mental Holograms”

Mental Holograms and holographic inserts are the main types of technology used for Spiritual Warfare being used against the new age, ascension and disclosure communities for divide and conquer purposes. The use of Mental Holograms for the purpose of psychological and Spiritual Warfare is common on the earth plane, and it extends to all three layers of the earth reality fields in which a possible virtual reality picture is artificially generated so that certain events can be manufactured or manipulated in Timelines. These artificial reality pictures belong to Artificial Timelines and imposter identities, and there is an extensive replication of organic timelines generated artificially by this holographic insert technology that is used to project them into an entire Phantom Matrix. The phantom matrix is a replica of the fallen earth timelines, it is used to blend with the organic earth body in order to consume the living light in the Organic Creator Codes and living souls on this planet. This is also referred to as the AI timelines of the Fallen Earth, and this section of the phantom matrix blends in with the organic timelines which we are bifurcating away from, as it collapses during the Ascension Cycle. The human body and energy field is a living light hologram, thus through holographic inserts, the entire physiology and consciousness of the individual can be altered. The Astral Plane is essentially assimilated into a fully technologically based realm that uses Artificial intelligence to read the collective race consciousness and then fuse it with an AI hive mind that generates many artificial dreamscapes that program virtual environments for the Phantom Matrix. If a person blends with the artificial intelligence located in these virtual environments, the individual’s co-creative consciousness will start to manifest these artificial dreamscapes into forms in the fallen system, becoming Consubstantial with the NAA and dark forces that exist there. This phantom area extends to artificially generated Mental Holograms that produce clones of various people, Mental Maps and Soul imprints that are copied onto light holograms that are used for Consciousness Traps or to divert and manipulate many individuals and groups from achieving spiritual freedom.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Language of Living Knowledge

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