JOACHIM BARTOLL on “The Aggressive Rise of Disinformation Agents and Controlled Opposition”

“More and more Swedes see through the staged and fake Coronavirus pandemic, the staged war in Ukraine, and now the extremely silly Monkeypox hoax. And we can see the reaction of this awakening by the aggressive rise of disinformation agents and controlled opposition in Sweden. Many of these charlatans push the ‘Q’-agenda with Trump and Putin as some kind of saviors. These agents try to give the illusion that, although politics are mostly theatre, there are players such as Trump and Putin trying to ‘undermine’ this ‘Deep State.’ Ridiculous! Both of them, as everyone else, are nothing but puppets of the 13 ancient blood lines, the Vatican and the Jesuit Order. And these disinformation Agents never discuss the real important issues such as the fraudulent germ theory, that transmittable diseases and virology are nothing more than pseudo-science, the biggest lie of our century. Or that medicines and any other way to try and ‘cure’ disease is idiotic, as there is no disease, only symptoms from healing. Nor do they touch numerology, gematria, and real symbolism. Because they hide the real truths that could really change our world for the better, while giving crumbs of things that most truthers already have found by themselves.”

~Joachim Bartoll

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~via Joachim Bartoll Official

REALITY DOSE FOR THE DAY ~ Benjamin Fulford on The War Between The Bloodlines & The Illuminati (Trump)

“This war, at its deepest level, pits bloodline aristocrats against meritocratic Gnostic Illuminati forces. On the surface, we see bloodline puppet rulers like Theresa May of the UK, Emmanuel Macron of France, Angela Merkel of Germany, and Justin Trudeau of Canada under severe attack. At the same time, the bloodlines are continuing their relentless assault of Illuminati front-man U.S. President Donald Trump. Let’s start by looking at how the battle against Trump is going. Trump is being blackmailed by the bloodlines for multiple crimes he has committed.”

~Benjamin Fulford


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