JUSTICE BELLUCCI: “ZOOM ASCENSION GROUP ~ Saturday at 12 pm / Sunday at 3 pm EST”

“My LIVE ZOOM GROUP is an interactive Video Ascension support group for evolving consciousness and individuals who are dedicated to their spiritual journey. I offer assistance in navigating through the Collective Great Awakening, breaking down Ascension and the many aspects of it: Creation,our origins, dimensions, higher knowledge and wisdom. I also talk about how to prepare and align with the higher Ascension timeline (crossing the rainbow bridge) and how to work with the New Energies and the massive Shift into a completely New Paradigm. I also shine light on the darkness and the negative ET manipulation to for preparing others to be spiritual warriors moving forward. This is a safe place to learn, heal, grow and shine while building a high frequency New Earth Community.”

Much Love~ Justice

🌟FREE TO JOIN🌟DM TO REGISTER🌟Or email at aurablue144@gmail.com

• Ascension Guide • Blue Ray • Christed Avatar from the Future • Light Warrior

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JUSTICE BELLUCCI: “The End of the Clown Show Is Nigh 🤡🎪 Let’s Talk About Ascension!”

Ascension Avatar note: I love it when REAL people, Soul-connected beings with a passion for defending TRUTH, are so impassioned with that truth that they may even swear while defending it, for the sake of ‘waking people up’. He still has his own healing to do as don’t we all, but he has a gift for knowing and calling out what is “REAL”, and what is “Matrix Programming BS”, the agenda to distract then gridlock us into a 3D dystopian nightmare. In this world there are too many wolves in sheep’s clothing who “speak like angels” while propagating the devil. I feel like Justice does every day of my life…


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“TIME IS NOT LINEAR, IT IS QUANTUM — This is actually how we are designed to live. Before the Great Manipulation, humans were 12 strand DNA, functioning at their full potential and with all their spiritual powers and abilities. We had the ability to ‘QUANTUM LEAP’ both consciously & physically into past and future timelines / realities, giving us the opportunity to alter the current NOW reality for the better! **Funny, as a kid I used to watch this show and loved it. It’s because deep down inside of my being, I knew it to be TRUE. We are all time travelers just most forgot! I am here to help my brothers and sisters REMEMBER. The Indigos, starseeds, lightworks volunteered to incarnate upon planet Earth in order to raise the frequency and shift the balance to a positive Ascension timeline which we are now in. Thank you to all of my cosmic beings of Light that answered the call and volunteered to be here at this time to be the way showers, you will go down as the strongest of Souls in the Universe.”



For best quality playback, click the settings icon and select the 720p option in ‘Quality’ settings.


For best quality playback, click the settings icon and select the 720p option in ‘Quality’ settings.

~via Justice Bellucci

JUSTICE BELLUCCI: “Ascending Consciously, DNA, Dimensions and the Earth Game”

“A Simplex breakdown of Ascension, how we evolve through activating our DNA and the game of Earth. We are ASCENDING! Much Love!

~Justice Bellucci

For best quality playback, click the settings icon and select the 720p option in ‘Quality’ settings.

~via Justice Bellucci

LISA RENEE on “Suppressing Humans with Vaccinations, Nanobots, Chemtrails, GMOs, Consciousness Sweeps & Holographic Inserts”

“The human culture on earth has been intentionally withheld the knowledge of the mechanics of multidimensional communication, the language of light and sound, while many other extradimensional entities use these communication methods at high skill levels within their own cultures. The multidimensional language of light, sound and symbols are the carriers through which interdimensional communication can take place, between any kind of living consciousness entity and energetic structure that exists across dimension and beyond time. It is important to understand that this is how multidimensional communication is transmitted and exchanged throughout the layers of energy fields, such as when communicating with interdimensional entities or reading intelligent information that is contained within Timelines. The NAA have fused the native language of humanity with Artificial intelligence technology in order to clone, replicate and mimic human biology and the human soul-spirit anatomy on multiple artificial planes, in which they exert control over this language to interfere with perceptual awareness. Assorted nanotechnology, vaccinations and chemical sprays (Chemtrails) combined with electromagnetic consciousness sweeps are used to suppress consciousness levels, by targeting demographic areas of the earth in which swaths of people are known to be Awakening. Many that activate their innate abilities are told that they have mental illness and require pharmaceuticals, in order to turn off the genetic switches that enable the DNA’s natural function of reading and sensing energies in the environment. Because most awakening people do not possess this critical knowledge, these dark entities are able to manipulate and control perception very easily. They are interfering with individual and group consciousness development by dysregulating natural lightbody functions, through the use of electromagnetic technologies such as holographic inserts and mental body implants. Thus, the dark entities abuse this method of false light cloning of DNA Signals with assorted electromagnetic technology, as a method of directing artificial machinery for the purpose of psycho-spiritual warfare. These are the Silent Weapons used in a quiet war to target awakening humans in order to keep them confused, fearful, distracted from the truth and believing in the controlled narrative. Since the NAA invasion, humanity has been mind controlled and socially engineered to delegate power to an outside authority of control, which intentionally withholds knowledge of multidimensional anatomy in order to enforce blind obedience and hijack this natural ability, which is a full attack made against personal self-sovereignty. GMO plants such as soybean, corn, cottonseed and canola, have had foreign genes forced into their DNA. The inserted genes come from species such as bacteria and viruses, which have never been in the human food supply. The Transgenes are also transferred to the earth’s soil bacteria and into the human body. Inserting a gene into a plant and animal genome using bio-technology results in damaged proteins that are passed on to those who consume these foods. Most GMO crops are engineered to be herbicide tolerant, withstanding large amounts of chemical weed killer, which over many years of use has produced super-weeds that are resistant to the herbicide, which increases the ongoing chemical sprays on food crops. These herbicides are Neurotoxins that are linked to a variety of diseases and birth defects. The toxic insecticide that is produced by genetically engineered corn can get directly into the bloodstream and travel into organs throughout the body. Many of these bacteria and virus interfere with the natural protein transcription factors in the human body that are programmed to turn the genetic switches on and off. Natural genes can be deleted or permanently turned on or off, and the genes change their behavior and traits. Even the inserted gene can be damaged or rearranged and may create aberrant proteins that can trigger allergies or disease. Even animals will not choose to eat GMO foods if given a choice. Knowing the clear reasons for GMOs it is suggested to avoid consuming them and to stop giving them to children as much as possible. Millennials and younger children that have not undergone puberty, tend to retain their empathic skillsets until they are over vaccinated or indoctrinated to forget while in the educational system or working environments. Telempathic children have been used in the black military operations for nearly 80 years as psychic intuitives to gather intelligent information for carrying out an array of secret projects. Thus, this higher sensory ability is well known to be naturally occurring in human beings and is purposely hidden and vilified in the mainstream by the Controllers to prevent mainstream knowledge of the fact. The public has been brainwashed through extensive gaslighting tactics and fear, to deny their own consciousness experiences, while also denying the validity of other human beings’ perceptions when activated to read energy fields. All of these higher sensory experiences are classified in the 3D narrative under unapproved topics and they attempt to punish those who openly talk about it. The intention, skill and accuracy through which an awakened individual can activate the natural ability to ‘read the field’ is relative to the removal of fears, the full dedication to Service to Others, and placing total single-minded mental concentration to discipline and transcend the dysfunctions of the negative ego mind. While sensing the field, to regain discernment and increase accuracy of sourcing a variety of phenomena, it becomes critical to understand the war over timelines, and to be able to identify artificial technology projections of mental holograms, versus authentic communication with organic creator code and organic consciousness sourcing from the truth spirits. The information is still filtered at the consciousness level the individual embodies; however, the source will be much more pristine and spiritually healthy, as truth spirits always advocate for full consciousness freedom and support personal sovereignty for every individual. Thus, all humans are at a great disadvantage until they awaken to explore the language of living knowledge through multidimensional communication and comprehend sentient intelligent energy exists in all things and is the true nature of reality.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Language of Living Knowledge