LISA RENEE: “Our True Heroes Are Found in Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, Michael and Mary, Arthur and Guinevere”

“During the Yeshua Guardian Mission intended to protect the 11th Dimensional Stargate and Giza Stargate from the Nibiruian control exerted over the planetary grid network, the entire Yeshua team was raided by Hyksos Knights Templar and Leviathan races in an ambush in Amarna. This attack rendered the intended mission to reclaim the stargate from checkerboard mutations and NAA control as a mission failure which deeply impacted the Essenes. This particular timeline trigger event was incredibly painful to the Blue Flame Holders, the original Essene groups, this ambush event meant that the Essene translations of the Founder Records brought by Yeshua teams and the direct technology used to access the 11th Stargate system was placed directly in the hands of the invading NAA entities and Galactic Federation. As a result, there was an ideological conflict that rippled through the Essene groups and subsequently fractured them, this was an action of divide and conquer to split the Essenes apart. How could this happen and how did we let it happen? This emotional fracture is the soul trauma and heart pain of the Essene Divide which led to the Azurite shield split, the seeds of spiritual betrayal and negative ego that were implanted and manipulated by the dark forces through the Victim Victimizer mind control programming. For the Essene Christos Templars, all of the Christos people, our true heroes are found in the King and Queen archetypes of our past Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, Michael and Mary, Arthur and Guinevere.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Blue Flame Melchizedeks

GUSTAVO CASTANER: “Karma Between Soulmates and Twin Flames & The 12 Benefits of Manifesting Your Twin Flame”

Ascension Avatar note: This article was originally posted on my blogs Ascension Avatar, Circle of the Dolphins and Dreaming With Dolphins on November 6, 2016. It’s recently begun to surge in views on all sites. I’m re-posting it now because it’s more relevant than ever, since we’re in the ascension timeline where everyone who is meant to meant to recognize and meet their twin flames, has. The next practical step is, “What are you going to do about it?”

It is sad to see how many people meet their twin flames and soulmates but then can’t stay together. Online forums are filled with people sharing how their relationship karma and drama got the best out of their relationship. Some swear that they would never again be in a relationship with their twin flame due to the pain they endured.

Instead of using the relationship to heal, clear and transcend this karma what they did was add MORE karmic baggage to the relationship. And even though they have gone their separate ways, little do they know that they shall meet again (in this or another lifetime) and will have to work out their karma.

Why wait? Heal your relationship baggage now and have the best relationship you could ever have. Remember that your partner is simply mirroring what YOU need to work on. All the reactions you are experiencing and all the things your partner does that trigger you are signals to unresolved issues.

These resistances are simply entry points that offer you the opportunity to unwind, expand, heal, grow and transcend. Be grateful for them, for they are a catalyst towards your enlightenment.

Don’t be fooled, finding your soulmate or twin flame doesn’t mean that the relationship will be a smooth ride ALL the time. The fact that this relationship is triggering you more than any other relationship means that that person is your clearest mirror. Celebrate this.

And if you do the proper work, you will experience the biggest and most profound breakthroughs in your mental, emotional and spiritual evolution. Not to mention that you will also experience a fervent and heartfelt connection that is beyond your wildest dreams.

The benefits of manifesting your twin flame include:

1)  Fulfillment of your Soul’s Purpose

2)  Experiencing higher-giving love

3) Raising your own frequency and the frequency of the Earth

4)  Healing the Earth’s grids using tantric energy (most powerful healing energy there is)

5) Giving birth to an Ascended Master

6)  Fully satisfying the 6 basic human needs, especially the needs of contribution, self-growth and love and connection

7) Begin able to breakthrough the inevitable challenges

8)  Deep sense of trust and safety

10) Assisting in humanity’s ascension

11)  Opening of the heart chakra and the embodiment of bliss

12) Modeling to others what a higher vibrational relationship is and leaving a legacy

One of the most important steps you can take to manifest your twin-flame is cutting all cords of attachments to previous relationships (from this and past lifetimes). Click here to get access to our FREE Cutting Cords of Attachments Healing Session.



About the author: 


Gustavo Castaner has been a leading authority in the field of DNA Activation, ascension and distant healing for over 8 years. He is a international speaker, seminar leader and relationship strategist. He is a leading expert in a variety of fields including twin flame and soulmate manifestation, energy medicine, Indigo children, emotional mastery and distant healing. He has done over 10,000 one-on-one sessions and he is known to draw thousands of people from around the world to his online workshops including How to Manifest a 5th Dimensional Relationship, Cutting Cords of Attachments, and Golden DNA Activation. No matter how large the audience is, he has the ability to connect to each person’s Higher Self and perform energy clearings and DNA Activations for everyone. His mission is to assist people clear themselves of energetic blockages that prevent them from embodying their Higher Self, manifesting higher frequency relationships and live a life imbued with joy, peace, abundance and a sense of fulfillment. Gustavo’s vision is to see humanity’s ascension become a reality.


LISA RENEE: “Inner Twin Merge”

As we ignite the Inner Twin to merge with our own internal Rod/Staff and Masculine/Feminine Oversoul/Monad consciousness, we prepare our bodies for Ascension in alignment with our highest divine expression. When the heart is healed, there is a Twin Flame ignition in our heart and kidneys, which shifts the heart configuration. When these two flames are ignited to unify, there is a burst in the heart flame that sends the fire to grow the vital essence that is produced by the kidneys. Twin Flames = structures of light within the heart. The kidneys are relationship organs and they suffer when we have relationship issues and sexual imbalances that may be stemming from a lack of interpersonal support or feeling unloved from a lack of physical tenderness. So when the two flames ignite in the heart, the vital essence stored in the kidneys helps to carry the chi flame throughout the physical body, to unite with the spiritual flame of the monadic body. Our emotions travel in our personal energy field and when energy is being released, one can have an emotional breakthrough that allows the feelings to flow, so we can connect to feeling the emotions moving in the body. This allows release of emotional pain and fear and provides relief to chronic issues with the kidneys, opening into greater emotional as well as spiritual-energetic expansion. There is a triangular link that connects the heart complex into each side of the kidneys, which act like an electrical circuit in our Lightbody. When the 3 stations of identity merge within a Harmonic Triad, the 3 bodies within the Harmonic Triad combine into one energetic grid level and together they form and create a ‘Shield’. This formed Shield is akin to an energetic completion of that particular Triad experience for the personality, and the next dimension Identity of the next Harmonic Triad and its frequencies start to pour into the merged energy body for assimilation.

~Lisa Renee


  1. Kidneys
  2. Monad
  3. Spiritual Triad Integration


LISA RENEE: “Genetic Equals”

Genetic Equals were birthed into one of the Krystal Star lineages from the God Worlds and share the same realm of their source origin when they were simultaneously created for each other in gender pairs. Guardian Host defines the usage of the term Genetic Equal as the original spiritual male-female gender pair that share one unified hierogamic consciousness body from outside of the time matrix sourcing from the Kryst-Krystallah God Worlds. The Genetic Equal partner holds the same original Krystal gene gender coding of the Diamond Sun silicate matrix in the Christos-Sophia family line. By seeking inner balance through the perfect union made between the masculine and feminine forces, the consciousness is made into the image of God through the hierogamic union of the inner Christos-Sophia. This is represented in the spiritual alchemy of unified polarities, the hierogamic union of a god and goddess, a perfected being. The Christos Mission included the reclamation of gender pairs that had been separated as a result of damage to the genetic codes in the time matrix caused from NAA invasion, and usually one of the genders has a mission to repair their personal DNA imprint on the Earth in so to be reunited with their genetic equal again during the Ascension Cycle. The perfect balance and union between masculine and feminine principles, united as One, is our true destiny of spiritual freedom.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Hieros Gamos

LISA RENEE on “Spiritual Spouses”

“The term Hieros Gamos is used generally to refer to the sacred marriage between two divinities, or between a human being and Mother/Father God, or between two human beings, under certain special conditions; the ultimate alchemy of forces which harmonize polar opposites. Hieros Gamos is a monadic twin merging and then Avatar Christ embodiment into the monad. The Ascending Human accepts Hieros Gamos after inner balancing is perfected, manifests its expression into the physical as a Rod and Staff Union with its genetic equal, its Monadic Twin. Alchemy has often been represented as a mystical marriage of the lunar element representing the feminine, and the solar element representing the male. These two forces of opposing elements meet and are joined in what is known as the Chemical Wedding. This union creates something bigger and more powerful than the individual parts, the perfect integration of male and female energies, the entire creation of a new intelligent force. The union of the male principle into Living Compassion is married to the Female principle of Living Wisdom, which then integrates into One functioning entity and intelligence field. Briefly, it is understood that the alchemical sacred marriage is possible between any genders physically manifested that were spiritually mated to perform alchemy of their substances. It is also possible that non-physical Spiritual Spouses will also be involved in some of the Hieros Gamos templating, for those who choose to stay on within physical incarnation, to accomplish biological ascension. Spiritual Spouses may or may not physically incarnate. Some Spiritual Spouses being introduced now will become the sacred marriage partner in another timeline. Sometimes you will be contacted by guides before you even meet the partner in the physical plane. Many times it will appear one way in the physical, and completely different or the opposite energetically. Patience with timing will align the congruency of the physical reality to the energy signature. It is a part of the spiritual initiation and ascension process and now this is available on the earth. Cultivate your inner discernment and know there is nothing to be scared of. Sacred marriage holds incredible power of protection once you unify with each other and clear the astral delusion and emotional fears. Do your emotional healing work together and lead always from what you feel in your heart. Sacred Marriage is a state of being in our hearts that we have desperately missed and have been yearning for since the beginning of time. This time it cannot be stolen from you.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Energetic Synthesis