PAUL ROMANO: “Wow, Worse Than I Thought — Q Is Really Working The Qbies”


“Everything is going according to plan so ‘trust the plan’. The divide and conquer campaign via the race-baiting has been highly successful. Also the uncontrolled hate a part of the population has for Trump is working our way. We have Dems vs Reps, blacks vs whites at each others throats which is simply brilliant. All we have to do now is wait …gna gna gna.”


~Video comment “from the persective of Q”



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PAUL ROMANO: “Q Drops Leave Qbies Holding The Bag”



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UNQUOTABLE QUOTES ~ Ken @ on “JFK Jr. & the Qabalah-Anon Disinformation Front”

“One thing readers brought up recently was a series of tweets purportedly from the still-living JFK Jr. and the Q-anon disinformation front. There is no way of knowing if the messages were official disinformation or just some idiot screwing with the Q-lemmings, but this is what they said…

But be advised that if ‘John-John’ really is alive, he has unquestionably sold out to the Kabbalists who killed his father, and that makes him a real piece of sh*t. F*ck that pathetic worm and the garbage he’ll be feeding the sheep. It’s better to die as a man than live as a worm.

~Ken @




PAUL ROMANO: “Qbie Struggles To Realize That Q Is Part Of The Deep State”


“Don’t drink the Q-laid.”



“I’m from the CIA you can trust me n trump and our plan”

 😉 🐍 – Q



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‘CANCER vs. HEART DISEASE’ ~ Caitlin Johnstone on “Trusting MSM, The CIA, QAnon & ‘The Plan'”

“Mainstream media outlets which publish anonymous intelligence claims with no proof are just publishing CIA press releases disguised as news. Imagine if a compulsive liar who you know for a fact constantly deceives people in order to hurt and exploit them told you your neighbor is going to kill you if you don’t kill him first, and you go and kill your neighbor immediately. That’s how dumb believing the CIA is. This is pretty much the US State Department’s entire job in modern times, by the way. That’s why almost everything that comes out of Mike Pompeo’s mouth is geared toward manipulating the international narrative in some way. It’s literally his entire job. Wanting Biden because he’s not Trump is the same as wanting cancer because it’s not heart disease. The only fun thing about Biden winning will be getting to ask QAnoners ‘So… was this part of The Plan?'”

~Caitlin Johnstone



Only Idiots Believe The CIA, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix