LISA RENEE: “Meditation for Children”

There are many alternatives available online to help parents teach their children and themselves an assortment of meditation techniques that help them to overcome and neutralize many different kinds of stressors. Meditation themes such as being calm, increasing focus, breathing exercises, feeling empathy and kindness are widely available for all age groups. Teaching children to meditate and develop present moment awareness gives them the advantages of developing many positive traits in their mental and emotional body that will help them immensely throughout their life. Children should not be forced to meditate but given gentle encouragement to do so.

Meditation exercises give children the tools to develop focus, foster self-esteem, boost their confidence helping them to genuinely feel empathy and happiness in their lives. Meditation has an effect on the functioning of the brain and brain waves into more positive states, which all meditators have known for thousands of years, that meditation is positive and healthy for the mind, body and spirit.

Making time to meditate with a household of responsibilities and children can be difficult. No one in the family may be able to meditate on a schedule, but the conversation can be opened to help make meditation and prayer apart of the family dynamic. Parents including their children in some basic breath or mindfulness exercises as a family sharing the experience together may be the best option. Many times, children can more easily meditate than adults, as they have less mental complexity in overthinking the process of meditation. Do not judge or criticize yourself as the parent, the most important thing is not to force the process but let it go and allow it to be simple and free without expectations.

May this offering help parents support their beloved children to become healthier, happier and empathic well-adjusted individuals that actualize their true heart and soul purpose for being on this ascending planet.

~via For Parents Supporting Young Children

LISA RENEE: “Basic Energy Clearing for Children”

Find a comfortable spot, sit down and close your eyes. If you feel like it put your hands in prayer position.

Dear God, my Guardian Angel please activate my Golden Angel Halo.

Now see a golden ball of light appear on top of your head. The golden ball around your head is about the size of a volleyball. This is your Golden Angel Halo!

The golden ball is like the Sun, see that it has warm rays of light coming off of it. Sense and feel the warmth of the Sun, like when you are outside and the Sun feels good on your skin. Now we are going to bring a smaller golden ball from the bigger Sun and slowly move it down our body.

Now see the smaller golden sun on top of your head. Now imagine the rays of light dissolving any negative or ugly energies. See the rays of the Sun light dissolve any dark blobs and fill this area of your head with beautiful golden lights. Move the small golden ball of light in between your eyes, just above your nose. Continue to see the rays of light clear away any heavy or dark energies. 

Now see the golden sun on top of your throat. Imagine the rays of light dissolving any negative or ugly energies. See the rays of the Sun light dissolve any dark blobs and fill this area of your throat and neck with beautiful golden lights.

Now see the golden sun on top of your heart.  Imagine the rays of light dissolving any negative or ugly energies. See the rays of the Sun light dissolve any dark blobs and fill this area of your heart and neck with beautiful golden lights.

Now move the golden sun on top of your belly button. Imagine the rays of light dissolving any negative or ugly energies. See the rays of the Sun light dissolve any dark blobs and fill this area of your belly button with beautiful golden lights.

Now focus on the golden ball at your belly button and see it move down to in-between your knees and then stop at your feet, See the rays of the Sun light dissolve any dark blobs and fill this area with beautiful golden lights. Then intend to send the golden ball down into the Earth. 

Guardian Angel please help me balance my energy centers so I am healthy and happy. Thank you, Guardian Angel, I love you.

Note: You can add all the chakra centers or customize this script to include anything that needs clearing by sending a Golden ball to the issue while intending to clear negative or blocked energies.

~via For Parents Supporting Young Children

LISA RENEE: “Older Children Energy Concepts”

To educate children about how the energy in their multidimensional body works, a basic graphic aid for introducing them to the chakra energy centers may be helpful. Creative parents may want to use a doll or favorite stuffed animal to place buttons or colorful gems to show the location of the chakra centers.

You have a spiritual body that is made of energy. It is an energy form of your physical body and looks just like you do when you see yourself in the mirror. This energy body is invisible to most people but it is connected to our physical body through seven major centers. These energy centers are called chakras, and each of them function in a certain way to perform a special task for our body.

The chakras flow energy from your spiritual body to your actual physical body. We may not be able to see our spiritual body, but we can feel our spiritual body as energy moving. The chakras send energy all over our body to keep us healthy, strong and balanced. They can get blocked up and so it is good to pay attention to them so they are working really well all the time. When the chakras get blocked up, sometimes we can get sick and not feel good. When this happens you may feel very tired and maybe even sad or angry. When you are feeling very happy and calm, this is when your chakras are working well flowing good energy to you.

You have seven main chakra energy centers on the center of your body that move this way. (Show the central vertical channel). The first chakra is on your bottom of your spine. The second chakra is right near your belly button. The third one is the bottom of your rib cage on your stomach. The fourth one is the heart chakra which is on our heart, here. The fifth one is the throat chakra here. The sixth chakra is between your eyes on your forehead. And the seventh chakra is on top of your head. So now that you know that you have these energy centers in your body, it will be up to you to take care of them. You are the owner and boss of your body, and so you can learn how your body works as energy. When something feels bad to you, walk away from it and then intend to remove that energy from your body.

When you feel upset or someone makes you sad or angry, remember that feeling is energy. When we feel negative emotions, sometimes these can be ugly energies. People can say ugly words and these can have ugly energies attached to them. Maybe you want to calm down to feel better when something happened. You can say to yourself that you did not like how that made you feel and then remember that you can remove that ugly energy off your body. Ugly energy can feel and look like black goo or sticky black blobs and it can also feel heavy and icky. To clear off this ugly energy, you can imagine that the Sun is above you sending rays of light like a shower down your body to dissolve all the black blobs of energy. You can use the light shield we have done together, see your body covered and wrapped up in white golden light, then see that golden light dissolving all the black blobs.  Sometimes if we are feeling ugly energy, we may need to be left alone to recharge our body and get away from other kids. That is okay when you tell everyone that you need some space and do not want to be disturbed because you need to balance your energy to feel better. 

Every few days, it is good to check in with your chakra energies and intend to keep them nice, clean and working well to keep you healthy and happy. You can ask me anytime to help you clear energy when you are not feeling well and we can do this together. Or you can ask your Guardian Angel to create a golden halo around or above your head and ask your angel to pour down a shower of golden white energies from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. See the energy flowing down and all around into your chakras dissolving any dark blobs and ugly energy, feeling the dirt flow down into the Earth like it is water going down the drain. Imagine your invisible spiritual body shining bright like the Sun!

~via For Parents Supporting Young Children

LISA RENEE: “Sample Discussions for Children About Planetary Ascension”

We are all spiritual beings that are made of energy. You are a human being that has a soul. We are souls living on a planet while in a physical body. Our planet has a spiritual body as we do and so our planet and all the living creatures on her also have a soul just as we do.

Our planet is undergoing a special moment because Earth is having a birthday. Just like when you have a birthday and it is so exciting, the Earth is having her birthday which is called planetary ascension. We came as a soul so we could be a physical person at this time to help celebrate the Earth’s birthday. Not everyone realizes that this is happening quite yet, but one day everyone will know.

Our Universe has many different time cycles and works like a giant cosmic clock. When time cycles finish all the planets in the solar system move into another level to experience a different time cycle. That is what is happening now and for some people it can be confusing because they do not know this is happening.

When you have a birthday, it means that one year or twelve months have passed and you are one year older now. Planets have birthdays in the same way. When a time cycle ends and the planet shifts into another time cycle, she changes everything which means as humans living on the planet, we all have to change with her. Some people may not know how to change, but what it means is that when the planet has her birthday, she helps us all to realize that every human soul needs love, that we need to love each other and learn how to be nice to help one another.

The Earth is made of a rainbow spectrum of colors and these colors are also connected to your body and your soul. When it rains and we see rainbows the Earth is showing us these colors in the sky! Our Universe is also made of these same rainbows of colors. Each of these colors in the rainbow make something called a dimension. When the planet has a birthday, it is when she decides to move from one color or dimension to another color in a higher dimension. This takes millions of years to happen, so this means the planets birthday is very special and it’s called ascension. As the planet undergoes this change, it means we should know about our soul which is our energy body. Our energy body looks just like our physical body and it is made up of energy webbing. Even if we cannot see our energy body, we have one, every human being and living creature has an energy body. Our energy body connects to seven main energy centers that are called chakras. These wheels of energy in our chakras connect into our energy body or soul and then our soul makes different colors.

Our soul or energy body is connected to the Earth and her spiritual body. So you, me and all of us are connected to the spiritual body of the planet as she changes and shifts into ascension. Because there is so much change happening and many people are still confused, we need to not let our energy body become weakened or hurt. We need to take some steps so that our energy body is strong, healthy and happy by keeping it filled up with white golden light. The awareness that we need to keep our energy body and soul strong with light during the planetary shift, is called ascension.

~via For Parents Supporting Young Children

LISA RENEE: “Children over Six and Seven Chakra System”

For children over the age of six they may be ready to know more about how their energy body works and that everything around them is energy. As an awake parent, you may want to introduce your children to energy concepts like the chakra system and begin to teach them basic meditation and higher sensory techniques. As a parent starts their own spiritual ascension practice, there may be relevant information that is appropriate to share with your children. Depending on the age of your child and their specific social issues, such as school aged children, discerning the best times when ascension related activities are positive to implement. It may be that when it is a school holiday or summer break, this is the best time to introduce ascension information or different concepts that help them to better discern energy.

At this age it is appropriate to introduce them to prayer and when they go to bed to call upon God, Christ or their Guardian Angels to keep them connected and protected in the eternal light, and by expressing thanks for the things they have received that day. When appropriate, we also suggest to add intentions for sleep state, so that when we are sleeping, we are intending to also do spiritual work, send prayers to others or ask to help resolve any worldly issues that may come up. Maybe we know our beloved family member is not feeling well, so the other family members send their prayers during sleep time for blessings of health and wellness to that individual. In a family household, it is important to reserve quiet time when each individual can be alone in a private space in which they can retreat from the others. Allow your children to have a special place or quiet spot for them to go to where they can be alone and uninterrupted. Maybe this is a special treehouse or play house in the yard in which the child loves to find refuge and play in their special space designed just for them. During the ascension cycle, it is important to be aware that every individual of any age will need some space and alone time in their own energy and that this allows for spiritual healing, recalibration and to help rebalance their energy field.

At this age it will be important for parents to emphasize a positive value system in which it is necessary to tell the truth to parents and others as much as possible. Let your children know that you will tell them the truth to the best of your ability and that you love them unconditionally and to always tell you the truth also. It is imperative that when making this agreement with your child, that telling the truth is never punished by angry reactions.  Parents may need to guide children in certain situations to know that not everyone tells the truth and sometimes people say things they do not mean, others including adults may even outright lie.

At some point parents may need to help guide children through difficult situations in which they have been exposed to something that is not true but is fantasy. They may be attached to a fairy tale or cartoon character in which a parent may need to help them understand the difference between a real person and a fake character. Children will be exposed to bullies at some point and so helping to reinforce self-esteem, safety at home and conflict resolution as a way of life, helps children to release grief or complicated emotions when exposed to someone that hurt their feelings. Helping children to know that sometimes unhappy people are unsafe or act mean and to know these are not real friends, that we may have to end these relationships or connections. That is why we value and cherish our real friends and family that genuinely love and care about us as we care for them and that these real friendships and family relationships are blessings in our lives.

The seven-chakra system is updated with the Ascension Earth merge with the Cosmic Founder Source Domain and is also a way to help your child integrate their chakra centers by incorporating different strategies into your child’s day to day activities. 

1D Root: This energy center generates a strong and stable base which helps the child feel confident and supported. This includes physical support exercise, regular outdoor activities, swimming, sports or family bonding activities. This energy center is the grounding mechanism that was in the red spectrum. In the new diamond ray energies this takes on a pale magenta pink hue and is the realm of union with the Holy Father on the Earth.  The tone of this energy center is KA and its meditating companion is a magenta or pink tourmaline crystal.

2D Sacral: This energy center generates a container for expressing healthy pleasures for the instinctual body, planning special events for indulgences, emotional bonding through sharing, fun water activities, lower stomach exercises. This energy center was orange and now takes on a golden orange hue or creamy peach color and is the realm of union with Holy Christos Sophia on the Earth. The tone of this energy center is RA and its meditating companion is a golden imperial topaz crystal.

3D Solar Plexus: This energy center is the center of personal will and the seat of mind of the core spiritual body. Breathing and stress release exercises, letting off steam and pent-up energies, open discussion on the ego personality aspects, such as addressing fears and setting short term goals, self-esteem exercises. This energy center was yellow and now takes on a yellow greenish glow to aquamarine hues and is the realm of union between the core spiritual self and the Cosmic Holy Mother on the Earth. The tone of this energy center is YA and its meditating companion is an aquamarine or herderite crystal.

4D Heart Center: This energy center is the center of unconditional love, kindness and compassion, the development of trust with self and others. Expressing affection, hugs and ways to be loving to others and loving towards nature. This energy center was light green and now takes on an emerald diamond hue and is the realm of union with the Cosmic Emerald Heart of God and the Emerald Tree of Life in the Albion Lightbody of Earth. The tone of this energy center is SA and its meditating companion is an emerald crystal or malachite gemstone.

5D Throat –This energy center is the center of communication and expression of inner truth by voice, speech and song. Singing, voice coaching, giving a voice presentation or speech, performances and even gargling. This energy center was cobalt blue and now takes on a silvery blue to white diamond hue and is the realm of union with the Cosmic Voice of God. The tone of this energy center is TA and its meditating companion is an angelite crystal or blue lace agate gemstone.

6D Brow – This energy center is the 3rd Eye which opens creative visualization and intuitive capabilities. Focusing on the 3rd eye with chakra training, imagining a violet dot in the center of the brain as a doorway to other dimensions, memory recall, use of imagination or other creative arts with colorful and beautiful imagery. This energy center was indigo and now takes on a merged indigo violet pastel hue and is the realm of union with the Cosmic Eye of God. The tone of this energy center is HA and its meditating companion is an azurite crystal or aquamarine gemstone.

7D Crown – This energy center functions as full spectrum spiritual alignment with the Godhead through the merge of all other energy centers and color waves. Thus, this energy center was violet and now takes on a golden halo of pastel rainbow diamond hues that unify between the crown and base surrounding the body in a golden white halo, which extends out further into rainbow pastel colors and is the realm of spiritual union with the Cosmic Trinity of God. The tone of this energy center is LA and its meditating companion is an opal gemstone or Herkimer diamond crystal. LA is the great unifier and synthesizer of all energies that come before it.

All seven of the core tones can be chanted together as KA RA YA SA TA HA LA or Krystallah.

~via For Parents Supporting Young Children