‘THE OMEN lll: The Final Conflict’ ~ Benjamin Fulford on “A Worst Case Scenario”

“In a sign of how intense the conflict now raging at the highest levels of world power has become Russian FSB, Asian secret society and Pentagon sources say serious moves behind the scenes are aiming to replace key world leaders in November. The sources say in each case the replacement may take the form of a new body double reading a new script, or may involve an entirely different public figure. In a worst-case scenario, US President Donald Trump is killed and replaced by his same-looking actor (the one with the loose cheeks and white eyes). This fake Trump will then proceed with RFID chip vaccinations, lockdowns and the issuance of digital currency in conjunction with vaccination record cards (COVID). It will also provoke the Third World War between the US and China. Remember that these people are actively trying to either murder or enslave you and your loved ones. This is not the right time to sit on the fence. This is a fight between those who want humanity to be free and those who want us to be enslaved.”

~Benjamin Fulford



~via Uncooperative World Leaders Targeted for Replacement as Early as November






From Lisa Renee:


“When the antichrist force is using the shadow body that appears to be coming through another person, place or thing in matter, do not believe it is really them or make the mistake to assign it to that person. Most of the time it is really the forces of the antichrist using that person’s unhealed shadow body or cloned representative to carry out its agenda. We must discern and know what the antichrist is at every level of spiritual growth, as it is the Great Pretender or Ultimate Imposter that is designed to create shadows, agony and division in humanity.”


~Lisa Renee

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‘GETTING WEIRDER BY THE DAY’ ~ Benjamin Fulford on “The Battle Between Two Competing Visions for the Future of the Planet”

The global situation appears to be getting weirder by the day because the battle between two different versions of reality is reaching a climax.

This is not just a case of the U.S. versus China or Trump versus Biden. Instead, it transcends traditional boundaries.

Remember, we are dealing with two competing visions for the future of the planet.

One, controlled by the Khazarian Mafia, or the Chabad Death Cult, which calls for wiping out 90% of humanity and enslaving the rest.

The other calls for a huge campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, and explore the universe.

On the theatrical news stage, for example, we are being offered two different personalities of Donald Trump and Xi Jinping, each appearing to support the agenda of a different faction. However, disturbing evidence we must try to reconcile is that world leaders, including Presidents Xi Jinping of China, Donald Trump of the U.S., and Vladimir Putin of Russia, appear to be participating in this fraud by supporting the call for mass vaccination to combat a non-existent pandemic.

Are they expecting their supporters to be smart enough to refuse a voluntary vaccination and are simply allowing their detractors to poison themselves with a suicide shot containing fertility-reducing and carcinogenic vaccine ingredients? Do they know it’s virtually impossible to make a safe and effective RNA vaccine for SARS-COV and are just playing along and biding their time with the global narrative laid out by the WHO?

Remember COVID-19 stands for “Certificate Of Vaccination ID-19” and is being branded as “the name of the disease” so the sheeple know what to agree to voluntarily when lining up for their “pandemic ending” shot soon to be scheduled along with the seasonal flu jab.

Yet these same leaders are also publicly supporting mass vaccinations, which the puppet masters want to contain the mark of the beast microchips.

That is also why during this fraudulent U.S. election campaign the candidates and their sidekicks Mike Pence and Kamala Harris are all pushing for mass vaccinations. Then we have eight out of ten “business leaders” say you will not get promoted unless you get micro-chipped.

Could it just be Trump’s political maneuvering to keep up appearances knowing that the Dems will try to place blame in an election year?

We can understand that his presidential election rival Joe Biden is compromised and corrupt, but they are both calling for everyone to be vaccinated for this fake pandemic.

The “Make America Great Again” President Trump is playing down the pandemic as coming to an end and trying to end U.S. involvement in overseas wars. He appears together with Melania in public.

Then Trump appeared with loose jowls and white around the eyes claiming he caught the virus. Was it a genius political move to show voters and the world he is not afraid to deal with the virus face-to-face without a mask and can recover quickly with the aid of new treatments so the public should follow his lead and not let the virus dominate them? He is still promoting vaccination as a solution to the pandemic.

Why is Trump continually appearing to be best friends with Satanic mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu and calling for attacks against Iran etc. on behalf of Israel? He is never seen with Melania on these occasions.

Years of front line reporting and meeting with world leaders has taught me almost all of them are actors reading scripts.

I suspect the explanation of what we see happening is Khazarian Mafia agents are still forcing world leaders to read their scripts publicly, to push their depopulation agendas on the unsuspecting global public.

Now let’s look at the players behind the scenes. Here the forensic trail of evidence takes us to the control centers of monotheism, namely the Chabad death cult and the P3 Freemasons. These two factions are battling over control of the Vatican Bank and the world’s central banks because money is power.

The battle is far from over though. The Khazarian Chabad Death Cult is still pushing for mass micro-chipping and world war.

Apart from pushing WWIII, this is the faction that is constantly stirring up trouble and creating enemies. They say the U.S. should fight Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, and Syria, etc. They are also trying to blame the COVID-19 scam on China by calling it the “China virus.”

Let us remember what really happened.

In February China said they would stop buying U.S. debt. Then Wuhan China was hit with a massive electromagnetic attack that the CIA estimates killed 20 million people. The Khazarian Mafia had planned to divert attention by blaming the deaths on a virus with the story it leaked from a Rothschild owned bio-weapons facility in China. In fact, it only hit places where 5G microwaves were being transmitted.

When you see Netanyahu on trial for war crimes, you will know the war is finally ending.



~via Benjamin Fulford

‘THE OMEN II’ ~ Redefining God: “Watch For A Sudden Trump Heart Attack Or Stroke”

“Upon looking around a bit, I’ve detected a propaganda backstory for Trump coming down with congestive heart failure. This would not immediately incapacitate or kill him, but it would force him to withdraw from the presidential race. Trump put on a show to convince the public that he’s feeling better, Rudy Giuliani pointed the finger at China (‘the commies’) for Trump’s illness, and the Senate Republican leader has so far refused to back down from holding the confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court nominee before the election. But what will happen to the markets today or tomorrow if Trump is suddenly incapacitated or drops dead from a ‘COVID-caused’ heart attack or stroke? The media have already narrated that he has a pre-existing heart disease, and they have also narrated that his vital signs are ‘very concerning’. And that could lead to the Republican National Committee handing the baton to Pence or Romney, which would ensure a ‘Deep State’ victory in the election, since Romney/Pence and Biden/Harris/Clinton have been assigned ‘black hats’ in the globalist drama. The obvious replacement for a presidential candidate who dies or drops out is the person’s running mate — who, after all, is running for the post of presidential understudy. But neither party would be formally bound to move the vice-presidential nominee up to the top of the ticket. With the stakes as high as they are, no one should be surprised if other candidates were to make a play for the top spot. And if the running mate were to be chosen, the party would need to pick a new vice-presidential nominee — a process that would necessarily be wide open. Drama would surely ensue. My instincts tell me that this last paragraph telegraphs the possibility that Mitt Romney might be chosen as the nominee. Having voted for Trump’s impeachment conviction, he would be ‘free from the taint of Trump.’ And there’s also the ‘White Horse Prophecy’ the globalists may want to fulfill. And it would be said that with Romney’s election and stabilization of the country, the White Horse Prophecy would be fulfilled. Of course, Romney is also a ‘black hat’ and a ‘Western antichrist’ which makes him perfect for taking the country into the ‘evil NWO’ in 2023.”

~Ken @ RedefiningGod.com

— October 5, 2020



~via RedefiningGod.com

‘THE OMEN’ ~ Benjamin Fulford on “Assassination: Trump”

“We realize we are getting and reporting contradictory information from our sources about Trump. One is the patriotic hero we support who is re-establishing the Republic of the United States of America and rounding up all the Satanic pedophiles. However, the other side of Trump’s public persona appears to be going along with the COVID-19 (Certificate Of Vaccination ID 2019) scamdemic and its vaccination ID agenda. Please remember it is a matter of public record that when Trump was a businessman, each time he went bankrupt he was bailed out by the Rothschilds. Has his relationship with his former financiers really changed? Trump remains in imminent danger of assassination, multiple sources say. The biggest threat is from his son-in-law Jared Kushner. Our sources all say Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is a top Satanist. However, it is worth remembering those born into these Satanic cult bloodlines have no choice but to go along with these practices or be themselves killed. So, it would be good to see Trump announce the arrest of Kushner, in order to confirm he is acting in the best interest of the country first and foremost.

~Benjamin Fulford






Red October Begins With Worldwide Attack on Deep Underground Military Bases

RYAN CRISTIAN: “Expose ‘Operation Warp Speed’ With Whitney Webb” / “Chips, Gels And Sensors On The Way” / “The Trump COVID Psyop”


Comment from the thread:


“Trump is the chosen Trojan horse as president; he is the backstabber to the American people with this ‘Operation Warp Speed’, part of the PLANdemic to force the poisonous ‘vaccines’ as part of their Satanic depopulation agenda. If anyone hasn’t woken up to the truth by now, they probably never will, all the way to the day this evil New World Order comes for all of us.”




“‘Backstabber’? See, he could only be a ‘betrayer’ if that portion of America you’re inferring had not been consciously and fully aware of his true motivations from the start. Perhaps in the beginning, you missed a few very telling signs, or hadn’t yet pierced the masks of deception and veils of evil, to clearly see the ugly truths that were ‘hidden’ in plain sight. But this is more than just about a ‘depopulation’ agenda. It is the Negative Alien Agenda to infiltrate human beings’ organic God consciousness with soulless AI technology, to block and override our Source Light and natural high vibrational shielding, making human bodies easy targets for mind control by AI hive consciousness, and ultimately become dark portals for takeover through demonic possession, so that every THING is on THEIR wavelength and THEY are in full control. However, since they are parasites without their own self-sustainable Light, they still need human beings to abuse, traumatize, torture and kill, to collect their ‘loosh’ which keeps them going, as their Energizer battery. In any case, thank God you are awake and aware NOW.”

~Ascension Avatar




~via The Last American Vagabond