LISA RENEE (Time Shift Blog): “Pitfalls of Artificial or Cloned Identities”

“We are undergoing a very special time with the global awakening that is happening to humanity, and all of us on planet earth at this time are taking some part in the planetary liberation and human ascension. Further, it is prudent to recognize that this planetary event remains hidden and is being used against us as well, because very few people are aware of the depths of spiritual warfare with artificial or cloned identities, of the dark night of the soul, or aware of what weaponry is used to take control over our minds. Previously, this has been referred to as the dark entity manipulation using red cube clone imposters, false or cloned identities that have been projected through AI machinery, which is used as spiritual warfare against the awakening population to fracture their minds through imagined or imaginary scenarios that are believed to be real. This is an extension of MK-Ultra based targeting of the awakening population to be derailed into consciousness traps, using many tactics of information warfare, psychological warfare and spiritual warfare. Many people are unaware of how to test the energies of cloned or false identities and their messaging. Some of these people are visible thought leaders, truthers or influencers in the ascension and disclosure space, with large groups or online followers that have recently appeared to feel energetically different with artificial overlays. They may also appear physically different in that their body language is defined with jerking movements, incoherent babbling, artificial facial expressions, distant or dissociated eyes when there is identification made with some new space identity or spiritual imposter that suddenly started to communicate with them. It is important to note that individuals that are controlled by some kind of entity attachment or artificial technology overlay will not be able to maintain direct eye contact in conversation with someone who is deeply embodied in spiritual truth. And the fracturing can appear as the belief of an identity of famous people on the spiritual path, such as certain biblical characters — whether it is identity fixation on I am Jesus, I am Pleiadian so and so from the Galactic Federation, I am Enki or Enki’s returning, I am this identity or that identity, I am Ascended Master so and so. Most people at a lower stage of embodiment are not able to handle interaction with other identities from different timelines, because they are unable to distinguish the real identity from the artificial imposter identity being used as a holographic mask to manipulate and use groups of people. All of that trickery and deceptive content is contained in the collective shadow, and each of us may have a piece of processing that particular shadow found in false and cloned identities, whether the source is from the individual’s negative ego or they are placing trust in spiritual imposters that are negative alien based false gods. When we connect directly with God, the most important thing for us to understand, especially on the path of anchoring foundational stabilization and heart-based coherence is to recognize ourselves as part and parcel of God consciousness without any intermediary identity. And this is why it is absolutely critical for us to remove those intermediary identities and those false or cloned identities that use glamourous spiritual entertainment to interfere with our ability to connect directly with God and our higher spiritual selves. When we reconnect with our soul, we’re reconnecting with our heart and our true emotional center, and this can be very deeply felt and emotionally penetrating to the point of transcendent spiritual experiences where we feel love as the force of God.”

~Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

Humanity is on an evolutionary path of deep learning as we have entered into a new era, one in which the architecture within the universe has radically changed. This massive shift holds much beauty and much celebration in having come to this point in the timeline where we can finally be reunited and reconnected with levels of our true higher spiritual expression or God Self.

At the same time, it’s important to remember that through each stage of spiritual initiation, we open into a new frequency, a new architectural pattern, new coding, new fire letters, and this ascension process continues to evolve. Understanding that as we become initiated, this means we begin to be exposed and interconnected to areas filled with new energies, new entities, new technologies and this content then starts to synchronize into our consciousness body, into our light body as we integrate, assimilate and accrete these new frequencies on higher dimensional realities. While this is happening our consciousness body is more vulnerable to an assortment of hitchhikers and interlopers that want to control the direction we move in the future, with our newly awakened consciousness and integrated spiritual identity. One of the most common NAA manipulations is to groom a person with a following or with some online influence by introducing a new false identity to them. This is usually an artificially generated identity that is connected to the individual’s subconscious or auric field layers, that the dark entity is manipulating for negative purposes.

Our job on planet earth at this time, at least how we frame it within the ES community, is to embody the highest expression of who and what we are as an eternal spiritual being by cultivating our direct relationship with God. As we learn in ES community, there are stages, gradual stages in which we must be very patient, very diligent in our awakening process, in exploring these consciousness layers and the newly flowering spiritual components. Our roadmap is formed by knowing about the spiritual anatomy of our consciousness body, the layers of our light body and which layers form into the negative ego.

We go through stages of connection to our soul extensions, our soul body layers as we integrate the soul body, and this tends to have very emotional implications because our soul is actually our true emotional body that we’ve been living without, or because our emotions have been in a very fractured state for a long period of time. When we reconnect with our soul, we’re reconnecting with our heart and our true emotional center, and this can be very deeply felt and emotionally penetrating to the point of transcendent spiritual experiences where we feel love as the force of God. And this intensity is lending to that understanding that the healing of the emotional body, the soul body, and working with clearing the collective shadow, requires a level of participation and emotional maturity. A process or lifestyle in which patience, respect, self-care, and honoring the process of higher consciousness embodiment by knowing our personal limitations, becomes the necessity in order to avoid harmful mental fracturing or recklessness. Because in this fractured state, we are vulnerable to the sophisticated and advanced levels of mind control technology being targeted to humanity, which includes an assortment of red wave weaponry and artificial cloned holograms which further run victim-victimizer mind control.

Because we may feel and experience grief, loss, shock and trauma during emotional body healing, this is the element of shadow which allows the transfiguration of dark ignorance to illuminate that content which has been hidden in the deceptions, lies, and falsity. That shadow content also includes false identities of the ego mechanism and false identities of the artificial intelligence projections of false light holograms sent by anti-human forces as spiritual warfare. As we transfigure shadow these false identities can be manipulated in how they surface into one’s awareness, and most of the time when it happens to individuals as they are expanding into another stage of awakening, it is being misunderstood as the individuals newly realized awakened identity in which some special name is being assigned. Maybe in our previous lifetime we were devout followers of the Catholic Church, and now this belief system from our past lifetime surfaces and a host of biblical characters start to show up in our awareness, permeating our consciousness during our sleep state astral dreams or in random thoughts.

Previously, this has been referred to as the dark entity manipulation using red cube clone imposters, false or cloned identities that have been projected through AI machinery, which is used as spiritual warfare against the awakening population to fracture their minds through imagined or imaginary scenarios that are believed to be real. This is an extension of MK-Ultra based targeting of the awakening population to be derailed into consciousness traps, using many tactics of information warfare, psychological warfare and spiritual warfare. Many people are unaware of how to test the energies of cloned or false identities and their messaging. Instead, they are tempted by the messages of ego flattery or other negative ego blind spots in which they either believe they are the cloned identity, or are praying and talking to that false or cloned identity in a special relationship that they think is real, or that the deceiving spiritual imposter is truthfully representing themselves.

All of that trickery and deceptive content is contained in the collective shadow, and each of us may have a piece of processing that particular shadow found in false and cloned identities, whether the source is from the individual’s negative ego or they are placing trust in spiritual imposters that are negative alien based false gods. In the earlier stages, we have our own levels of personal shadow to transmute that are connected to our family of origin, that are connected to ancestral genetic, past, present and future timelines. And then ultimately, once we get through our own family of origin, lineage, genetic path cutting issues, we become more aware of the collective consciousness streams that are connected to planet earth, that are connected to the human race, that are connected to the 12 tribes of the original seeding of the human race on this planet. And as we become more and more aligned with our true God Self and highest Christos identity, we become more and more in alignment to allowing God presence to express through us and show us the way to learn our spiritual lessons and discover our inner truth. And in order to get to that level of embodied coherence, we have to learn how to move through this process of clearing trauma, of resolving pain, fear and negative ego mechanisms, which are used as false identities to manipulate or derail us away from deeper layers of truth resonance that connects us directly to God. This path of self-discovery and self-realization takes time, it takes experience; this is the path of gnosis required for the lived direct experiences of achieving integrated consciousness embodiment.

Thus, I continually emphasize the absolute necessity of building our spiritual foundation with virtue-ethics gained from living our lives through the compassionate practices of the Law of One, through the understanding that the negative ego and its mind control behaviors are toxic and poisonous to us all. It is more difficult at this stage as humanity endures spiritual warfare with AI machinery using assorted psychological warfare tactics, to trick awakening people in the ascension or disclosure community with assorted false identities that represent themselves as assorted space groups, famous figures, biblical characters, ascended masters and twin flames or genetic equals.

To avoid these pitfalls and prevent radical self-harm or destructive energies that induce mental and emotional fracturing, we need to learn how to discipline our mind and have some basic skill sets in energy discernment and questioning the narratives with an open mind and open heart. By coming to the place of observer consciousness, of allowing and accepting things as they are in the moment this is the practice of observe, discern, accept and then come into neutrality. The ability to synthesize polarities into neutral is key, as the consciousness state of neutrality is the first stage of coming into embodiment of observer consciousness which is a mandatory skillset when facing off with an assortment of identities, human and nonhuman. With stable observer consciousness, then with a loving and open heart: when we start to flower our monadic heart and have more embodiment of our true spiritual identity, then the heart blossoms, and we move from observer to compassionate witnessing. That means we hold the field of love, spiritual love, that is God, and through our observer, through our compassionate witnessing, we allow God to express through us in order to reset the field, synchronize the field and correct shadow distortions present in the field. Through this process of mastering neutral witnessing, we can see things as they are and not what we wish them to be, thus allowing the field of love to harmonize and organize the discordant or dark energies.

This is very important on the path of our spiritual development in the midst of a wild west environment of AI machinery and cloned and false identities acting as spiritual imposters to derail positive leaning stewards and spiritually inclined leaders running group projects. And even though this part of the spiritual ascension process is not always the popular favorite topic because people are more attracted to the exciting things, the fantastical things about the esoteric mysteries that humanity is enduring in the planetary spiritual ascension, we desperately need this tool kit to keep us sane and safe in current shadow weaponry. All of this discovery of the nature of reality can seem so incredibly appealing and it is, it is. It is not to take away from the celebratory nature of human liberation and what is happening on our planet at this particular time.

At the same time, in order to achieve the balance, I want to bring a gentle reminder that the overarching theme is to stabilize yourself and to deeply explore what mental and emotional stabilization means; what is stabilization, what is integration, how do you integrate your spiritual selves into wholeness? And that this process of cultivating maturity and spiritual integration, which includes dismantling the negative ego constructs in your body that perpetuate any falsity, any fears, any pain, that can control your perceptions and take control over your impulses to manipulate lower desires. It’s a process to honor and respect in order to be able to hold a pure observer consciousness so that you will be prepared in meeting the challenges in the field and can hold your own while participating in or observing a group consciousness field.

Every time we move through a different harmonic universe or a different stage which we are integrating, that particular level of collective shadow rises for our clearing and witnessing, and this may include some kind of identity or figure. So, let’s say when we’re on the path of soul integration, we will be integrating collective race soul shadow. When we come into the monadic embodiment, we will be processing collective monadic shadow. When we come into levels of the Christos, and the Solar Logos, and in the embodiment of the entire universal matrix now and this is where we are at this particular time – as the universal gates open, as the Emerald Order has introduced itself into our realm, a massive field of universal collective shadow has been dismantled but it also needs to be transmuted. It’s understanding the vastness, the massiveness of what this collective shadow is, the pain that it holds and that we feel that pain inside of us. And understanding that when you touch into that pain, when you feel that pain of collective soul fracture, it’s massive and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Thus, we have to have a strong and clear spiritual foundation to process something that is presently so massive that if we are not prepared it can create mental fracturing, if we are too ambitious, reckless or ignorant, it can create more confusion and dark energy that feeds into artificial systems of mind control and this will appear as red wave cloned holograms. If we don’t understand what we’re processing, and we’re exposed to something or we don’t understand what we’re looking at or what is expressing through us, we can become confused and easily manipulated as our original intentions are hijacked. And when we are confused in the fog of warfare, we have dark forces and artificial identities that like to jump on the darkness in order to divide and conquer and create the deathblows towards any benevolent group project or those serving the Christos mission.

This is one of the reasons why, at this time, there is no particular pat answer or understanding that can be given in a complete picture of future ascending timelines because there are many wild cards of outcomes and results based on the collective consciousness. It’s important that you understand we are in unchartered territory, there are no absolute answers with the exception that our relationship to God as found inside of our heart as Love is what really matters. We are living through a tumultuous gnostic process, where we will learn more and more about what has really happened to Earth, as we stay awake in the dark night and take care of ourselves so we continue to remain stable while discovering many heinous and painful situations surrounding the hidden history of human slavery.

Thus, there has been a massive increase in observing mental fracturing where people that have not prepared themselves mentally or emotionally to come into energetic stabilization and eventually into reasonable coherence, have been severely fractured by recent events of shadow rising. Some of these people are visible thought leaders, truthers or influencers in the ascension and disclosure space, with large groups or online followers that have recently appeared to feel energetically different with artificial overlays. They may also appear physically different in that their body language is defined with jerking movements, incoherent babbling, artificial facial expressions, distant or dissociated eyes when there is identification made with some new space identity or spiritual imposter that suddenly started to communicate with them. It is important to note that individuals that are controlled by some kind of entity attachment or artificial technology overlay will not be able to maintain direct eye contact in conversation with someone who is deeply embodied in spiritual truth.

And the fracturing can appear as the belief of an identity of famous people on the spiritual path, such as certain biblical characters whether it is identity fixation on I am Jesus, I am Pleiadian so and so from the Galactic Federation, I am Enki or Enki’s returning, I am this identity or that identity, I am Ascended Master so and so. This is very important to understand that if we do not clear our negative ego and understand the ego identity and its functions in ways that it can directly harm our consciousness; this mental imbalance will be fixated on the perception of yet another false identity. When people insert false identities or AI holographic cloned identities, what they are basically doing is swapping out their ego personality identity in this moment for another identity that is more appealing or glamourous for them or their audience. Maybe they get a radical increase of followers because they have new intelligence tidbits to share, or some other social media click bait type of astral glamour that is spiritual entertainment. This is not healthy, and it is not advised because believing you are some artificial identity or talking to one, can be exceptionally dangerous.

When we connect directly with God, the most important thing for us to understand, especially on the path of anchoring foundational stabilization and heart-based coherence is to recognize ourselves as part and parcel of God consciousness without any intermediary identity.

So, what that means is when you directly connect with God or Christ know that Christ is the physicalization of God and Christ is not only the figure of Jesus the Christ, Christ the Cosmic Christos is a God Sovereign Free cosmic citizen, and this potential is the ultimate destiny and ascension path for all of us. So, understanding that we want to break away the veils of false identity and further, artificial identity clones that act as virtual reality masks that cover up and manipulate our true spiritual identity. We do not want to place another identity as the authority over us, we want to develop our direct relationship with God in the identity you were born into right now, which is the authentic ascending identity. Thus, we’re very clear about the identity we’re in now during this embodiment, we may have memories from other timelines with identities but we’re not attached to them, it doesn’t directly inform us of our future direction, or govern our current ascension path. What does inform us is that we are internally directed, and we are connected to our spirit, to God, without intermediary, and that means removing false identities, cloned identities and false Gods that steal our power away from achieving personal autonomy and spiritual self-sovereignty. Even when we remember these other identities, as a part of other timelines or memories, it’s important to understand in the collective shadow, we are undergoing spiritual warfare between the identities that may have existed in several higher or different timelines. To stay safe, to stay spiritually aligned, to build your stabilization and coherence, we need to be directly in relationship with God source and intend to remove all intermediaries in the process that may appear as various famous figures or biblical identities, or even space brothers or other popular names for ascended masters commonly used in the new age group.

Most people at a lower stage of embodiment are not able to handle interaction with other identities from different timelines, because they are unable to distinguish the real identity from the artificial imposter identity being used as a holographic mask to manipulate and use groups of people. There are those of us that are grid workers or we are embodied in the Christos ray or seven core tones of Krystallah, and this makes it easier to be able to communicate with assorted identities and not become fixated upon them. We are not to become fixated on special or famous identities that take our authority to connect with God away, just as we cannot fixate on the negative ego or the ego constructs that form into lower desires and addictions within us. If we are fixated on an identity, that means we’re being attached to egoic personality, and we’ve got to learn to go inside into our heart and develop the direct relationship with God, the direct relationship with ourselves and release the need-to-know names and specific material around Starseed genetics or other galactic timelines and their identities.

It is important to not force that galactic information into your mind, to allow yourself to be in the flow and not force that information into an identity or name, because the war that we are under is a war for our mind, it is a war for controlling our spiritual identity. If you allow dark imposters or red cube cloned identities into your field, they will infiltrate your body and use whatever form of technology they have to gain access to your consciousness; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Once you think you are X, Y or Z, they will attack that identity with a vengeance and at such a level that most people will not be able to handle this kind of dark ambush or attack, and will fracture rapidly, they will be pulsed with aggressive suicidal ideation, filled with assorted implants and attachments.

So please heed my loving warning: do not get glamorized with famous identities, doing galactic work, or with grid work in so that you are easily manipulated into hero-messiah complexes run by dark forces and their AI consciousness sweeps. Work your negative ego shadow clearing tools and gain maturity and stability in your discernment through NAA education with the search function in the Ascension Glossary and knowing how to discern energy signature skillsets.

The dark forces of AI hybrid entities usually begin to target good hearted vulnerable people with false flattery victim-victimizer programs, where people are told by dark imposters that they are the saviors and only they have the information that can be given to the masses, or whatever the flattery is designed to manipulate in their hapless victims. One of these direct attacks is called “Building Enki’s Army”, and this common manipulation has gained ground in the ascension community over the past months. Enki is not humanity’s friend. If you are naturally doing that kind of energy work in the world and know yourself to have a Starseed mission with clear communication with internal guidance teams, that is something different, but do not force this communication with external galactic entities or other identities, allow it to be as it is.

Learn how to observe, master your mind, master your connection to your inner God Spirit and hold observer in order to discern energy signatures. What is artificial and what is natural, does it have manipulation signature? It is extremely critical to have discernment of these forces at this time.

The attempt to hijack people involved in forming positive groups and in spiritual communities is very aggressive, especially those of us that are working in alignment with the ascension cycle and reclamation of the Christos mission. As we are enduring a lot of change at this time, the NAA aggression and disruption tactics have been very high, to prevent awakening people from focusing on the next stages of developing group projects. To be a group leader in the ascension-disclosure space is recognizing this is a wild west terrain of continual spiritual warfare and takes high levels of spiritual and emotional maturity, nerves of steel, with a high tolerance for neutralizing fear-based attacks and intimidation tactics, with a heavy spiritual toolkit and love for God.  

One of my greatest concerns in the awakening spiritual community is that undisciplined and spiritually immature people that are filled with egoic spiritual ambition, do not lay the proper foundation of spiritual strength to overcome their ego pain body and addictions, and represent themselves to the public as guides, teachers, counselors, grid workers, or planetary stewards. This is greatly concerning when they are applying ES materials with the energy signature of Krystal Star and the Law of One, but are not congruent, coherent or aligned to living in the Krystal principles in their everyday lives. Recently another person I am aware of that was desperately needing accolades by attempting to form a public group about ascension related topics committed suicide, which sadly is becoming more common in this difficult terrain of weaponized words, and AI mind control with cloned red wave imposters. Once the red cube identities are infiltrated throughout the consciousness body by reckless and destructive negative ego behaviors, it can be difficult to impossible to get relief from the dark harassment from the entities and the AI tech they are using at this stage. This is not something to trifle with and all spiritual leaders by default should know the pitfalls in the current spiritual warfare, things such as drug use, promiscuous sex, addiction and careless behavior with your mind and body can yield very dangerous and painful results, especially if the individual has decided to take on this ascension-disclosure subject in the online setting.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, the information on our websites is creative commons and it is given freely to the public for their use with attribution back to our website, with the intention to share information in a free information society or open-source movement which supports disclosure. The challenging piece of this offering is that people that have no idea about ES or the ethical standards of integrity that are required to represent this body of work. Thus, many people are exposed to this work through other teachers who do not maintain the same ethical standards, and I become linked through association to the person or group who does not know any better. It is a way to smear my image and to associate my stewardship with those people who are impostors or who act in unethical ways. There is nothing I can do about this; it is the nature of the spiritual burden that exists because it has to at this time of Ascension and disclosure. All people must develop discernment for themselves to be able to determine the quality of energy that they interact with, and be able to also source their own darkness and shadows surfacing when exposed to the light of higher consciousness.

All of us have to learn and walk the ascension path to gain direct experience. However, at the very least, superior and inferior vacillation of negative ego thoughts and pain body tantrums should be understood as harmful behaviors, which are totally unacceptable and very destructive in group setting.

Leadership is not tyrannical abuse, or power trips that a person uses to satisfy their subconscious desires by mistreating others sexually or psychologically. We have had very poor examples of leadership in public life, and this False King of Tyranny and lunar female dark mother model is what we are working very hard to overcome in the mind slides and conditioning of the awakening groups in the ascension or disclosure spaces. Many people have been conditioned with very bad habits of negative ego vices, and as the result they accept this level of very harmful behavior demonstrated in leadership or with those that exert a powerful influence on many other people. We must rise to the occasion and be impeccable in how we treat others with empathy, dignity and respect, and that we always are in self-control and aware of our behaviors, impulses and actions that impact others when sharing our group consciousness field mission.

Let’s revisit some of the most common victim-victimizer red wave frequencies that ignites into self-harming and destructive behavior of negative ego, that adds to the root downfall of spiritual community or other groups:

  • unchecked negative ego behaviors of spiritual arrogance, spiritual superiority and self-entitlement.
  • power abuses, classifying or labeling people with separative or demeaning language.
  • extremely poor conflict resolution skills, poor compassionate communication skills, poor self-assessment skills. All leads to poor discernment and poor decisions.
  • using the group for sexual conquest, or hiding behind twin flame or other ascension language to excuse having sex with many people, or abusing power in sessions or group work as an excuse to have sex with others you are attracted to.
  • unchecked addiction problems leading to severe distortions in guidance or higher sensory perception, being manipulated by forces through blind spots created by addiction and attachment.
  • promoting or thriving upon archetypes of drama, hysteria, hero-savior language, malicious gossip behind others backs in your own group.
  • not putting your own house in order, your personal life is a mess and in constant drama, lack of self-leadership and still point
  • character defamation, triangulation and gossip about another spiritual leader or accusations of running a cult without any evidence or direct experiences that verify that as accurate.
  • entitlement to access spiritual material/information without fair value exchange, being clueless to the time, energy and effort it takes to build resources in the spiritual warfare environment.
  • using terminology such as “ego” and “free will” to demean, undermine and use as a verbal weapon against another person.
  • using Gaslighting techniques to undermine or belittle another group’s personal experiences and knowledge that is expressed in the group’s teachings and writings.
  • presenting as having a superior knowledge of genetics and its role and doing comparisons of genetics – suggesting elitism or special mission more important than anyone else.
  • aggrandizing the self as having superior knowledge of ascension and genetic information in comparison to ___________.
  • having emotional temper tantrums of yelling, screaming and crying when confronted with concerns expressed by others.
  • presenting as entitled to other people’s private information, for their own personal gain and sense of superiority couched as “data collection”.
  • putting leaders or other identities on a pedestal, so they can be knocked down and dragged in the mud in the future, when that person disappoints their egoic needs.
  • planting seeds of confusion and fear in others if they continue to follow and participate in the group or community of their choosing.
  • treating people badly that you don’t know at all, making negative assumptions that are generally not true, classifying people in value ranking system, or constantly using the excuse that person is possessed or dark because you don’t like them.
  • not being able to identify abusive, harmful, addictive or destructive behaviors before it blows everything up and destroys trust in people, destroying the group’s unified cooperation.

We are responsible for ourselves and for our own shadow, and we do not project this shadow upon other people. This is a part of the self-responsibility that is needed and necessary to be connected to this community field and any level of coherent ascension work. And again, bringing that stabilization into our current awareness: this is where we need to be, not out there doing grid work, or deciding to take on massive projects we cannot handle, we need to be meditating, stabilizing and centering ourselves to gather strength and clarity and putting our own houses in order. Stabilize yourself, get strong, hunker down, this is not the time to be way out there in the ethers, it’s to come in and embody, really do the shadow work, clear it out, get strong, get prepared for what’s coming in the globalscape. And again, it’s understanding that whenever we’re under a level of planetary initiation like we are right now, the dark forces tend to capitalize on the fact that things are ambiguous or vague or nebulous, because when we’re in a process of integrating into a higher frequency level, generally the consciousness bodies are more vulnerable to hijack or infiltration when we are in that transition.

We are undergoing a very special time with the global awakening that is happening to humanity, and all of us on planet earth at this time are taking some part in the planetary liberation and human ascension. Further, it is prudent to recognize that this planetary event remains hidden and is being used against us as well, because very few people are aware of the depths of spiritual warfare with artificial or cloned identities, of the dark night of the soul, or aware of what weaponry is used to take control over our minds. And this is why it is absolutely critical for us to remove those intermediary identities and those false or cloned identities that use glamourous spiritual entertainment to interfere with our ability to connect directly with God and our higher spiritual selves.

With a Loving Heart,


~via – Time Shift Blog – November 8, 2022

LISA RENEE: “Circular Debate”

“We live during a time where there is a weaponization of narratives, and no one is immune to this type of false information targeting. To weaponize a narrative is to gain control over how people think, what they believe to be true, and to control their perception in the process of delivering them disinformation that is designed to weaken them and weaken their defenses. Why do the Controllers want you weakened? Reflect on that. What really weakens you emotionally and mentally, and your ability to discern the truth and make informed decisions for yourself that empower and support your spiritual strength, that which is needed to actualize your purpose in the world? The number one weakening tactic used by those leaders controlled by Thothian hijack that generate Propaganda is to get you to believe a lie as a truth. If you believe lies you are being told your perception, your beliefs and your behaviors will be fully controlled, your spiritual guidance will be distorted, you’ll think north is south and south is east, and this keeps you lost in the sea of confusion. Lies confuse your inner compass, you will not know what direction you are traveling. That is what it means to weaponize narratives, believing in lies weakens people, you cannot know what direction you are travelling if your Spiritual Guidance System is messed up and you are moving in the wrong direction and are not aware that you need course correction. This is an important part of Psychological Warfare, and mostly it is designed to confuse people into webs of disinformation and then get people to spread the disinformation as facts or made into a belief system.”

~Lisa Renee, Weaponizing Narratives

Above: Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton show their ‘666’ allegiance to the Cabal. They are all puppet-actors playing their assigned roles for the same NAA handler-controllers.

Circular debate: An argument that goes nowhere. Though a person believes he or she is arguing a point, the argument does not progress because the individual has an fixed and immovable belief that is considered to be a fact and this is the core point of the argument, which in their belief system, is actually not debatable. The Negative Ego tends to exert Mental Rigidity which fixates on polarizing belief systems on right and wrong, black and white, Splitting behaviors that compartmentalize thinking into Circular Reasoning and Linear Thinking.

The following terms describe an assortment of Logical Fallacies that are commonly used as Ego Defense Mechanisms in order to divert attention away from flawed arguments that favor one’s desired personal position or supports their beliefs of self-justification during conflicts.

What Is a Logical Fallacy?

Logical fallacies are flawed, deceptive, or false arguments that can be proven wrong with reasoning. There are two main types of fallacies:

  • A formal fallacy is an argument with a premise and conclusion that doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.
  • An informal fallacy is an error in the form, content, or context of the argument.[1]

Circular Reasoning

Circular reasoning is when you attempt to make an argument by beginning with an assumption that what you are trying to prove is already true. In your premise, you already accept the truth of the claim you are attempting to make. It sounds complicated, but it is easily understood with some real-world examples.

Circular reasoning may sound convincing, but consider who will most likely be convinced by a circular argument. Those who already accept the argument as true are more likely to be further convinced. This is because they already believe the assumption that is stated.

Examples of Circular Reasoning:

  • The Bible is true, so you should not doubt the Word of God.

This argument rests on your prior acceptance of the Bible as truth. Therefore in the belief system and mind of this person, this is a fact that is not debatable.

Straw Man

A fallacy is an argument or belief based on erroneous reasoning, usually designed to attack or gaslight an opponent. Straw man is one type of logical fallacy. Straw man occurs when someone argues that a person holds a view that is actually not what the other person believes. Instead, it is a distorted version of what the person believes. So, instead of attacking the person’s actual statement or belief, it is the distorted version that is attacked, when the targeted person never made the statement to begin with. The basic assumption is that if one small part of an argument can be proved false then, by association, the whole argument is also false. A weak argument is one made of straw that is easily knocked over. Hence the term straw man. [2]

Red Herring

Red herring is a kind of fallacy that is an irrelevant topic introduced in an argument to divert the attention of listeners or readers from the original issue. In literature, this fallacy is often used in detective or suspense novels to mislead readers or characters, or to induce them to make false conclusions.

Manipulators use red herrings to lay a false trail that leads people away from areas that you do not want them to see. To do this, the trail must be of sufficient interest that the other person misses any clues to other areas. Red herrings are particularly useful when the activity is time-bound. Time spent following the red herring is time that can not be spent looking in other areas. Talking about problems that are not really problems has effects beyond distraction. [3]


A fallacy is the use of invalid or otherwise faulty reasoning, or “wrong moves” in the construction of an argument. A fallacious argument may be deceptive by appearing to be better than it really is. Some fallacies are committed intentionally to manipulate or persuade by deception, while others are committed unintentionally due to carelessness or ignorance. The soundness of legal arguments depends on the context in which the arguments are made. [4]

Non Sequitur

A non sequitur (Classical Latin: “it does not follow”) is a conversational literary device, often used for comedic purposes or to confuse the audience. It is something said that, because of its apparent lack of meaning relative to what preceded it, seems absurd to the point of being humorous or confusing. [5] See Absurdism.

Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias is the strong human tendency to dismiss or distort evidence or facts that are contrary to our acceptable beliefs formed by our Mental Map and readily seek out any kind of evidence that supports our views.[6]

Begging the question

Begging the question is a type of circular reasoning, an argument that requires that the desired conclusion be considered to be true, whether it is true or not. This often occurs in an indirect way such that the fallacy’s presence is being hidden, or at least not easily apparent. Begging the question is often used to mean “raising the question” or “suggesting the question”. Sometimes it is confused with “dodging the question”, which is an evasion technique used in an attempt to avoid answering the question. [7]

Ad Hominem

An ad hominem fallacy uses personal attacks rather than logic. This fallacy occurs when someone rejects or criticizes another point of view based on the personal characteristics, ethnic background, physical appearance, or other non-relevant traits of the person who holds it.

Ad hominem arguments are often used in politics, where they are often called “mudslinging.” They are considered unethical because politicians can use them to manipulate voters’ opinions against an opponent without addressing core issues.

Bandwagon Fallacy

The Bandwagon Fallacy assumes something is true (or right or good) because others agree with it. In other words, the fallacy argues that if everyone thinks a certain way, then you should, too.

One problem with this kind of reasoning is that the broad acceptance of a claim or action doesn’t mean that it’s factually justified. People can be mistaken, confused, deceived, or even willfully irrational in their opinions, so using them to make an argument is flawed.[8]

Causal Fallacy

Causal fallacies are informal fallacies that occur when an argument incorrectly concludes that a cause is related to an effect. Think of the causal fallacy as a parent category for other fallacies about unproven causes.

One example is the false cause fallacy, which is when you draw a conclusion about what the cause was without enough evidence to do so. Another is the post hoc fallacy, which is when you mistake something for the cause because it came first — not because it actually caused the effect.

Appeal to Hypocrisy

An appeal to hypocrisy — also known as the tu quoque fallacy — focuses on the hypocrisy of an opponent. The tu quoque fallacy deflects criticism away from oneself by accusing the other person of the same problem or something comparable.

The tu quoque fallacy is an attempt to divert blame. The fallacy usually occurs when the arguer uses apparent hypocrisy to neutralize criticism and distract from the issue.

Sunk Cost

A sunk cost fallacy is when someone continues doing something because of the effort they already put in it, regardless of whether the additional costs outweigh the potential benefits. “Sunk cost” is an economic term for any past expenses that can no longer be recovered.

For example: Imagine that after watching the first six episodes of a TV show, you decide the show isn’t for you. Those six episodes are your “sunk cost.” A sunk cost fallacy would be deciding to finish watching anyway because you’ve already invested roughly six hours of your life in it.


Equivocation happens when a word, phrase, or sentence is used deliberately to confuse, deceive, or mislead. In other words, saying one thing but meaning another.

When it’s poetic or comical, we call this a “play on words.” But when it’s done in a political speech, an ethics debate, or an economics report — and it’s designed to make the audience think you’re saying something you’re not — that’s when it becomes a fallacy.

False Dilemma/False Dichotomy

A false dilemma or false dichotomy presents limited options — typically by focusing on two extremes — when in fact more possibilities exist. The phrase “America: Love it or leave it” is an example of a false dilemma.

The false dilemma fallacy is a manipulative tool designed to polarize the audience, promoting one side and demonizing another. It’s common in political discourse as a way of strong-arming the public into supporting controversial legislation or policies.

Hasty Generalization

A hasty generalization is a claim based on a few examples rather than substantial proof. Arguments based on hasty generalizations often don’t hold up due to a lack of supporting evidence: The claim might be true in one case, but that doesn’t mean it’s always true.

Hasty generalizations are common in arguments because there’s a wide range of what’s acceptable for “sufficient” evidence. The rules for evidence can change based on the claim you’re making and the environment where you are making it — whether it’s rooted in philosophy, the sciences, a political debate, or discussing house rules for using the kitchen.

Appeal to Authority

Appeal to authority is the misuse of an authority’s opinion to support an argument. While an authority’s opinion can represent evidence and data, it becomes a fallacy if their expertise or authority is overstated, illegitimate, or irrelevant to the topic.

For example, citing a foot doctor when trying to prove something related to psychiatry would be an appeal to authority fallacy.

Appeal to Pity

An appeal to pity relies on provoking your emotions to win an argument rather than factual evidence. Appealing to pity attempts to pull on an audience’s heartstrings, distract them, and support their point of view.

Someone accused of a crime using a cane or walker to appear more feeble in front of a jury is one example of appeal to pity. The appearance of disability isn’t an argument on the merits of the case, but it’s intended to sway the jury’s opinion anyway. [9]


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  7. Begging the question
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DR. JOSEPH MERCOLA: “Illegal Levels of Radiation Emitted by Popular Cellphones”

“Persistent exposures to microwave frequencies like those from cellphones can cause mitochondrial dysfunction and nuclear DNA damage from free radicals produced from peroxynitrite. Excessive exposures to cellphones and Wi-Fi networks have been linked to chronic diseases such as cardiac arrhythmias, anxiety, depression, autism, Alzheimer’s and infertility. EMF exposure has increased about 1 quintillion times over the past 100 years. Most people experience biological impacts but have no appreciation of the damage it’s causing until it’s too late. Even then, it’s extremely difficult to link the exposure to the symptoms or the disease. 5G relies primarily on the bandwidth of the millimeter wave, known to cause a painful burning sensation. It’s also been linked to eye and heart problems, suppressed immune function, genetic damage and fertility problems. EMFs have clear neuropsychiatric effects, triggering everything from foggy thinking and headaches to learning disabilities and dementia.”

~Dr. Joseph Mercola


Hidden within your cellphone’s manual is a little-known warning that advises you to keep the device at a certain distance from your body — typically 5 to 15 millimeters — to ensure you don’t exceed the federal safety limit for radiofrequency (RF) exposure.

In the real world, however, most people carry their phones close to their body, usually in a pocket. Many women tuck their phone right into their bra, which may be the absolute worst place for a woman to put it, as it could raise their risk of both heart problems and breast tumors, two leading risks of death for women.

How Safety Limits Are Determined

The safe distance (listed in your cellphone manual) is based on your phone’s specific absorption rate (SAR). SAR is a measure of how much RF energy your body will absorb from the device when held at a specific distance from your body, typically ranging from 5 to 15 mm, depending on the manufacturer.

Put another way, it’s a measure of the degree to which your device will heat body tissue, which we now know is not the primary way that cellphones damage your body.

However, even though heat generated from your phone does not really damage your body, the SAR could be a good surrogate marker for the actual microwave radiofrequency exposure that does indeed cause cellular damage, as it is the microwaves that heat your tissue. So, typically, the lower SAR rating, the safer your phone, but not for the reasons they are telling you.

The SAR limit set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is currently the only standard set to protect public health, so the fact that even these lenient standards are being exceeded is concerning.

In the U.S. and Canada, the SAR limit for mobile devices used by the public is 1.6 W/kg per 1 gram of head tissue. To understand why and how SAR underestimates radiation absorption and health risks, see “Exposure Limits: The Underestimation of Absorbed Cellphone Radiation, Especially in Children,” published in the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine in 2012.

Popular Cellphones Emit Illegal Levels of RF

As mentioned, recent independent SAR testing reveals several popular cellphones emit far higher levels of RF radiation than legally permitted. One bestselling cellphone, the iPhone 7, emitted more than double the legal SAR limit.

“The Federal Communications Commission, which is responsible for regulating phones, states on its website that if a cellphone has been approved for sale, the device ‘will never exceed’ the maximum allowable exposure limit. But this phone, in an independent lab inspection, had done exactly that.”

In all, 11 cellphone models from four manufacturers were tested. Because of the surprisingly high level of radiation obtained from the first iPhone 7 tested, four iPhone 7s were tested, using a standard test and a modified test based on manufacturers feedback. While results varied from one device to another, all four exceeded the FCC’s limit.

At a distance of 5 mm from your body (the distance used by Apple), the iPhone 7 was found to emit anywhere between 2.5 and 3.46 W/kg, which is 1.6 to 2.2 times the legal limit.

At a distance of 2 mm from the body — which mimics carrying your phone in your pocket — the results ranged from 3.5 W/kg on the low end to 4.69 W/kg on the high end, which are 2.2 to 2.9 times above the legal limit.

The three Samsung Galaxy smartphones tested, Galaxy S9, S8 and J3, were all within the legal limit at 10 to 15 mm from the body (the distance used by Samsung), but RF radiation levels skyrocketed at 2 mm from the body, raising serious questions about the safety of keeping a Galaxy phone in your pocket.

The Galaxy S9 came in at 3.8 W/kg at 2 mm from the body, while the S8 registered a whopping 8.22 W/kg (more than five times the legal limit) and J3 registered 6.55 W/kg.

Safety Standards Do Not Match Real-World Exposure

Another problem is that SAR testing companies are allowed to position the cellphone as far as 25 mm (0.98 inches, or nearly 1 inch) away from the body to meet the FCC standard. Today, few people consistently keep their phone at least a quarter of an inch to an inch away from their body, which means overexposure is chronic.

In 2012, the Government Accountability Office stated that because cellphone radiation is not measured under real-world conditions, against the body, the FCC should reassess its limits and testing requirements.

Authorities used this finding to help calculate a safety limit for humans, building in a 50-fold safety factor. The final rule, adopted by the FCC in 1996, stated that cellphone users cannot potentially absorb more than 1.6 watts per kilogram averaged over one gram of tissue.

To demonstrate compliance, phone makers were told to conduct two tests: when the devices were held against the head and when held up to an inch from the body.

“These testing methods didn’t address the anatomy of children and that of other vulnerable populations, such as pregnant women”, said Joel Moskowitz, a cellphone expert at the University of California at Berkeley. “It was like one-size-fits-all.” Plus, he said, “I don’t think anyone anticipated the smartphone and how it would become so integral to our lives.”

‘This Could Be the Chernobyl of the Cellphone Industry’

In the wake of the Tribune’s report, the class-action law firm Fegan Scott has announced it will launch an investigation. In a BusinessWire press release, managing partner Beth Fegan stated:

“This could be the Chernobyl of the cellphone industry, cover-up and all. If we found that produce sold in grocery stores contained twice the levels of pesticides as the law allows, we would be up in arms, demanding the products be pulled from the shelf — this is no different. In this case, we know the cellphone radiation is dangerous, but the terrifying part is that we don’t know how dangerous, especially to kids’ brain development.”

That said, at least one class-action lawsuit has already been filed. August 23, 2019, a dozen individuals filed a class action complaint against Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics America Inc., saying excessive RF radiation has placed them at increased risk for cancer, cellular stress, genetic damage, learning and memory deficits and neurological disorders.

As noted by Tech Wellness, the lawsuit stresses that while the cellphone industry used to warn against holding your cellphone against your body, people are now encouraged to carry their phones in their pockets rather than a bag.

Tech Wellness also notes that, “Both Samsung and Apple have commercials showing people lying in bed with their phones and Samsung shows a pregnant woman holding the phone to her belly, which presents the false perception that these devices are safe even when in direct contact with the body.”

Government Research Confirms Safety Concerns

Indeed, there’s plenty of scientific evidence showing there’s cause for concern and prudence. Among the more damning studies are two government-funded animal studies19 that reveal GSM and CDMA radiation has carcinogenic potential.

The finalized report of these two studies — conducted by the National Toxicology Program (NTP), an interagency research program under the auspices of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences — was released November 1, 2018.

While the preliminary report released in February 2018 significantly downplayed the findings, subsequent peer review upgraded the findings of risk. The NTP rates cancer risk based on four categories of evidence: “clear evidence” (highest), “some evidence,” “equivocal evidence,” and “no evidence” (lowest). According to the NTP’s final report, the two studies, done on mice and rats of both sexes, found:

  • Clear evidence for heart tumors (malignant schwannomas) in male rats. These types of tumors started developing around week 70, and are very similar to acoustic neuromas found in humans, a benign type of tumor that previous studies have been linked to cellphone use.
  • Some evidence of brain tumors (malignant gliomas) in male rats. Glial cell hyperplasias — indicative of precancerous lesions — began developing around week 58.
  • Some evidence of adrenal gland tumors in male rats, both benign and malignant tumors and/or complex combined pheochromocytoma.
  • Equivocal or unclear evidence of tumors in female rats and mice of both genders.

While the NTP insists the exposure — nine hours a day for two years, which is the lifetime of a rodent — is far more extensive than that of heavy cellphone users, I would disagree, seeing how many have their cellphones turned on and near their body 24/7. As mentioned, many teens are literally sleeping with their phone beneath their pillow.

NTP Findings Reproduced at Power Levels Below FCC Limits

Corroborating evidence was also published by the Ramazzini Institute just one month after the NTP released its preliminary report in February 2018. The Ramazzini study reproduces and clearly supports the NTP’s findings, showing a clear link between cellphone radiation and Schwann cell tumors (schwannomas) — but at a much lower power level than that used by NTP.

While NTP used RF levels comparable to what’s emitted by 2G and 3G cellphones (near-field exposure), Ramazzini simulated exposure to cellphone towers (far-field exposure). Ramazzini’s rats were exposed to 1.8 GHz GSM radiation at electric field strengths of 5, 25 and 50 volts per meter for 19 hours a day, starting at birth until the rats died either from age or illness.

To facilitate comparison, the researchers converted their measurements to watts per kilogram of body weight (W/kg), which is what the NTP used. Overall, the radiation dose administered in the Ramazzini study was up to 1,000 times lower than the NTP’s — and below the U.S. limits set by the FCC — yet the results are strikingly similar.

As in the NTP studies, exposed male rats developed statistically higher rates of heart schwannomas than unexposed rats. They also found some evidence, although weaker, that RF exposure increased rates of glial tumors in the brains of female rats.

Cellphone Radiation Can Do a Great Deal of Harm

In my view, the fact that popular cellphones are exceeding the legal limit of RF is a significant health concern, as the primary hazard of cellphone radiation is not brain cancer but systemic cellular and mitochondrial damage, which can contribute to any number of health problems and chronic diseases.

Cellphone radiation has also been shown to have a significant impact on neurological and mental health, contributing to and/or worsening anxiety, depression and dementia, for example, and all of these conditions are rampant and growing more prevalent.

Research also suggests excessive EMF exposure is contributing to reproductive problems. For example, researchers have found prenatal exposure to power-frequency fields can nearly triple a pregnant woman’s risk of miscarriage. Studies have also shown cellphone radiation can reduce sperm motility and viability.

It’s really important to realize that the harms of cellphone radiation are not related to the heating of tissue. Rather, it causes a cascade of molecular events that end up causing severe oxidative damage.

5G Will Exponentially Magnify Your Health Risks

The planned implementation of 5G is bound to further magnify the health risks associated with cellphones and other wireless devices. A call for a moratorium on 5G was issued in September 2017 by more than 180 scientists and doctors from 35 countries, “until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry.”

The moratorium points out that “RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment,” and that “5G will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields on top of the 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc., for telecommunications already in place.”

Despite that, and an appeal for protection from nonionizing EMF exposure by more than 230 international EMF scientists to the United Nations in 2015, the U.S. and many other countries are still moving ahead without any health or environmental impact studies.

At a February 6, 2019, senate commerce hearing, the FCC admitted that no 5G safety studies have been conducted or funded by the agency or the telecom industry, and that none are planned.

The added concern 5G brings is the addition of the millimeter wave (MMW). This bandwidth, which runs from 30 gigahertz (GHz) to 300GHz, is known to penetrate up to 2 millimeters into human skin tissue, causing a burning sensation.

Research has shown sweat ducts in human skin act as receptors or antennae for 5G radiation, drawing the radiation into your body, thereby causing a rise in temperature. This in part helps explain the painful effect.

As noted by Dr. Yael Stein — who has studied 5G MMW technology and its interaction with the human body — in a 2016 letter to the Federal Communications Commission:

“Potentially, if 5G Wi-Fi is spread in the public domain we may expect more of the health effects currently seen with RF/ microwave frequencies including many more cases of hypersensitivity (EHS), as well as many new complaints of physical pain and a yet unknown variety of neurologic disturbances. It will be possible to show a causal relationship between G5 technology and these specific health effects. The affected individuals may be eligible for compensation.”

Aside from pain, MMW has also been linked to eye damage, heightened stress through its impact on heart rate variability, arrhythmias, suppressed immune function and increased antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

If Stein is right about being able to demonstrate a causal relationship between 5G and certain health effects, then the class action against Apple and Samsung will be just the beginning of a flood of lawsuits.

Beyond its health ramifications, a global 5G network will also threaten our ability to predict weather, which will put civilians at risk and jeopardize the Navy. According to a recent paper in the journal Nature, widespread 5G coverage will prevent satellites from detecting changes in water vapor, which is how meteorologists predict weather changes and storms. Time will tell if that will be yet another avenue for legal action.

Take Precautions Sooner Rather Than Later

Clearly, a key take-home message from the Tribune’s testing is that you should never carry your phone in your pocket unless it’s in airplane mode. Carrying it on your body while it’s on is a surefire way to ensure overexposure, and this appears to be true for many different models.

The radiation may even differ from one phone to the next, of the same model, so even if your model happened to rate well at the 2-mm distance in this particular test, it’s not a guarantee your individual phone will not overexpose you.

I am currently writing a book on EMF dangers, called “EMF’d,” which will be a comprehensive resource on current technologies and should be published in February 2020. In the meantime, to learn more about 5G and help educate others, you can download a two-page 5G fact sheet from the Environmental Health Trust.

On their website, you can also access a long list of published scientific studies showing cause for concern. To reduce your EMF exposure, read through the suggestions listed in “A Film About the Impending 5G Apocalypse.” In that article, you’ll also find well-done documentary detailing the many concerns associated with this next-gen technology.



LISA RENEE (Time Shift Blog): “Body Awareness”

Real Embodiment only happens when the higher consciousness bodies are able to come into the physical realm, which means to fully align, embody and seat within the physical body itself. Currently, the structural changes as a result of the bifurcation within the past, present and future planetary realms, impacts all human beings towards greater embodiment levels of their soul, monadic and higher spiritual layers.

Embodiment is about becoming more conscious and aware about our body and mind, and how they really function together in direct partnership with our consciousness access level. As we ascend, we are becoming more self-aware in a first-person experience that is recognizing more of what is actually happening within our body and mind, at the same time we are traveling within a group consciousness experience. Through dedicated self-observation we can pay attention to many different layers of consciousness patterns, reactions and stimulus that are occurring simultaneously and extend throughout the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies. The earlier stages of authentic embodiment levels are dependent on developing self-awareness, as the more deeply we know ourselves, and we know our body and how its functions, the deeper we can go into the spiritual embodiment stages. If we do not observe our deepest motivations, self-talk and pay attention to our bodily reactions, we cannot truly know ourselves and this generates inner disconnection that blocks the integrative embodiment process.

Embodiment begins to happen within the consciousness layers as one becomes more self-aware of what the body is doing during a variety of different contexts that we encounter in life. These are the situations, experiences, relationships, our memories and history, the social and cultural lenses that we filter through our personality to make sense of the world. Through all of these layers of context that we are exposed, we have many memories and beliefs recorded in our physical body and nervous system from the experiences that come with those sensations and feelings, that are all interconnected.

Thus Embodiment goes hand in hand with dedicated self-awareness and by making the commitment to be in the observer consciousness, to watch and listen to our body and mind by paying attention to exactly what it is doing and feeling in the moment to moment. We learn that the mind’s contents and beliefs will reflect in our unconscious or automatic reactions to any external stimulus, and thus we observe these reactions, because we want to know ourselves more deeply in order to be free of unconscious blockages that thwart embodiment.

The first stage of authentic embodiment begins with moments of saturating concentrated focus upon the present moment awareness of the body’s sensations, whereby recognizing the body’s language, feelings and reactions are the sum reflection of the buried contents of the mind. Automatic reactions in our body can notify us of deeper context and belief that are carried within some area of the mind and this content takes shape within the form of the body’s posture, gestures or movements in some way. Most people are disconnected from the unified relationship that exists between their body and the layers of their mind, and so cultivating deeper awareness of the body’s sensations and movements, while noting complex deeper feelings that arise is important in developing self-awareness, as well as progressing into the stages of the higher embodiment process.

When we cultivate body awareness in this way, it allows us to make positive growth changes in ourselves, because from observation, we have become aware of what we needed to change to become healthier or more balanced. It is nearly impossible to make positive changes in our lives when we are not aware of the changes we need to make, because we are unconscious of the areas that need improvement. If a person has little body awareness, combined with little self-awareness of the consequences of their thoughts and actions, they generally remain unconscious to what they need to do in order to free themselves from pain or to better help themselves.

Consequently, developing self-awareness in the present moment by paying attention to the body is the key to making positive changes within ourselves that can ripple positive impacts, that greatly improve the quality of our lives. As we have more present moment body awareness we start to experience the physical body we inhabit, knowing that it is the vehicle for our mind, consciousness and spirit to express through in order to travel through time. Everything we experience has greater purpose for lessons and gaining knowledge about the inner spirit traveling in the material world. As we start to experience this inner knowing as a reality in our day to day life, we become more embodied, connecting with higher aspects that find expression through us that expand our consciousness. We are continually growing by learning more about ourselves and embracing change in the process of being more deeply authentic.

  • Embodiment means to feel how it feels to be in your body and to be conscious of those feelings, paying attention to recurring patterns that may be disempowering and limiting. Only when we can see these patterns and how they influence us, we can change them.
  • Dedicate to explore improved body awareness through observation of sensations, feelings and experiences that are happening in your body moment to moment.
  • Pay attention to impressions that you feel in bodily movements and reactions, where does your body hold stress and constrict? Where in your body do you feel more relaxed and open? What can you do to more deeply connect with your bodily awareness?
  • Slow down and find ways to move your body that feels positive and joyful, such as dancing, swimming, deep breathing, connecting with nature and allowing something harmless to feel pleasurable and be enjoyable.
  • Practice and explore what it means to be embodied by being authentic and true to your experience in any context that you may find yourself. Your experiences are valid and important in the authentic embodiment process. When we deny feelings and experiences we’ve had, we deny the truth, which blocks embodiment.
  • Make the commitment to become fully embodied by being as authentic and truthful as you can be in all circumstances. As you grow and change, your version of authentic expression will also continue to grow and change. Accept change as necessary for continual authentic embodiment.
  • Disregard labels of acceptable or nonacceptable themes that describe terms that are spiritual, conscious or awakened, in the positive or negative. Instead focus fully on really what you are feeling in the moment and finding the most authentic and compassionate expression for it.
  • Pay attention to your reactions in your body as they reveal places where you still may be hiding something from yourself and others because you are afraid. Be willing to face what it is that you may be hiding and attempt to describe it so you can learn to overcome the fear that feeds it.
  • When people in our life such as friends or family members are relating to us in past images or inauthentic ways, gently invite them to know the real you, share something that is your authentic self and then ask them to be real with you. In the embodiment process, we want to relate with others who also value authenticity and support this path along with us.
  • Participate in body awareness centered activities. Research therapies and educational material online that may be highly supportive now. Find areas that interest you, such as body work, fascial and tissue release, somatic therapy, methods that focus on embodying presently through grounding, breathing, posture, perceptual awareness, hydrotherapy, neutral mind and meditation.

When we allow ourselves to be totally honest with how we are feeling in our body, we can be present to the embodiment process and then we can start to observe those places that need our love and attention, so they can heal and recover. The body informs us when something is not healthy and that something in our body or life needs to change in order to rebalance and heal. Thus we need to learn to love and connect into our body while listening to the body’s messages, tuning into what the body needs to keep us balanced, healthy and embodied.


(Source: ES Newsletter: Embodiment)


~via – Time Shift Blog – March 25, 2019

LISA RENEE (Time Shift Blog): “Spiritual Consumerism”

“Too many people are believing that spirituality, expanding consciousness, and becoming enlightened can be achieved through the pathway of consumer spirituality and self-proclaimed experts that call themselves masters. They can buy enlightenment, have a glamourous spiritual life hanging out on the galactic planes, rather than commit to the deeper inner work of clearing the shadow, by observing the unruly ego in action and correcting abusive patterns of behavior.”

~Lisa Renee


When we become more aware of how poverty consciousness is being engineered into the materialistic minds that power up and feed into the machine of the global consumerism economy, we can see one of the main goals is to keep individuals feeling a constant pressure and concern over gaining material possessions and assessing their access to resources that equate into personal status, security or power. This same social conditioning is aimed directly at the spiritual ascension communities or those that are heavily marketing themselves on social media towards the consciousness industry, to manipulate the lower instinctual drives and get people to buy or endorse many forms of spiritual consumerism and label it as “being conscious”. By specifically targeting and spreading poverty consciousness fears designed to generate insecurity, doubt and desperation in the masses, they fuel the deification of materialistic values throughout the world, and this runs an infection throughout many spiritually based modalities. Consumerism has become the main world religion, which capitalizes on the insecurity and survival fears in people in order to continually sell and market assembly lines of products, and it is wise to remember that spiritual products are also used in the same way.

On the spiritual path, if we are being honest with ourselves, it is important to observe the exact same marketing schemes used to make ascension, or higher consciousness a consumer item that can be easily purchased. Marketing campaigns are being used with all the consumer key notes to attract a massive spiritual following, and are being introduced and peddled to the public through social media, and YouTube. People that generally are not equipped with strong discernment and a cultivated b.s. meter, have the tendency to give away their personal power to an outside influence, such as a guru type, group consciousness or a spiritual consumerism movement marketing themselves as a spiritual authority. Too many people are believing that spirituality, expanding consciousness, and becoming enlightened can be achieved through the pathway of consumer spirituality and self-proclaimed experts that call themselves masters. They can buy enlightenment, have a glamourous spiritual life hanging out on the galactic planes, rather than commit to the deeper inner work of clearing the shadow, by observing the unruly ego in action and correcting abusive patterns of behavior.

Materialistic values powering up consumer cultures glorify and breed narcissistic personalities that have little to no empathy for other people. People that are materialistic and externally motivated tend to equate their value, worth and esteem on their accumulated wealth, status and possessions. Yet, the same pitfall is common under the label of spirituality or higher consciousness, a breed of spiritual consumerism that is marketed as enlightenment to gain a marketed level of faux spiritual status. A belief that enlightenment can be achieved through instant gratification and by skimming on the surface of life, while ignoring the deeper inner emotional work that leads to personal accountability and greater integrity.

People that are materialistic tend to have highly ambitious, competitive, arrogant, and aggressive behaviors and are deeply concerned with issues of personal adequacy and exerting their power in the world. These unethical qualities can show up quite aggressively in that which can be labeled as a spiritual community, or in the industry that has sprouted up around topics promoting higher consciousness development. Thus, when a spiritual community or organization operates with this blaring blind spot, they also will compromise ethical and humane behavior in order to accumulate the resources and possessions they want, in order to gain more power for their cause. Maybe they justify that power grab as required for serving the greater good, they feel they have a greater mission that is more important than others around them. Maybe they have deemed themselves as the leader of a mass movement for needed consciousness shifting, and like many others that have gone before them, are leaving the same trail of emotional damage and destruction in their wake. A spiritual leader is a servant of the people, and holding compassion and empathy for others is the primary milestone of being dedicated to the spiritual ascension path. Otherwise, it can quickly digress into a consciousness trap with astral delusions of grandeur that cause a root downfall from repeated power abuses. How many times have we seen the same storyline, different era, different people working in the spiritual communities, yet the same abusive narrative is repeated over and over, and goes unnoticed and unrecognized?

Over many years, the group dynamics and world of forces present in many spiritual groups are not recognizing power abuses when they are occurring, which are caused from the same unchecked destructive egoic behaviors. These are the important lessons from the past that remain unlearned. What we do not learn, we keep repeating. If we study spiritual gurus and spiritual communities in the recent years, one will begin to see a very disturbing pattern of gross abuses of power. Where an absolute power was given and fully corrupted, this set the group mission up to fail. The group field of the community begins to drown in the same massive archetypal dark forces that prefer to use spiritual betrayal and victim-victimizer manipulation tactics to continue the divide and conquer agenda within that group.

That is the big set up on the earth, a person that highly desires external validation of self-worth and special-ness, will have to play the mind games to get what the broken ego and instinctual drive wants. This means they must make the deal or Faustian pact to give up personal sovereignty and many times prostitute themselves, because of who is really behind the power abuses and controlling the spiritual structure. The first thing these dark forces do is find that spiritually ambitious person’s pressure point and work to compromise personal integrity and derail spiritual actualization, in order to exploit addictions and weaknesses through psychological and emotional blackmail. An emotionally unstable person is a weak-minded person that is easily possessed, therefore is easily manipulated by their uncontrollable impulses until they become so fully corrupt, their physical body is used to satisfy the whims of dark forces that are controlling their instinctual impulses. Instinctual impulses are not enlightened behaviors, they are the marker of a spiritually undeveloped person. Thus, spiritual consumerism can be highly addictive to the instinctual body, as it is marketed as entertainment and an astral bliss pill. This is the main reason why so many people fall prey to their instinctual reactions and personal indulgences transferred over to spiritual consumerism, which leads to a rapid spiritual decline, which exacerbates even more unethical behaviors and power abuses.

For many spirituality is viewed like a consumer option, like an extension or app with a free activation and trial period. Maybe this week we’ll try the mindfulness app, or the shaman Ayahuasca app, or the hot yoga app. Something that we can add to our operating system which offers to bring change, to help lift our base instincts, make us feel more fit, more kind or more peaceful. This usually comes with subconscious limitations, placing an internal stop on too much change, that would make us uncomfortable or disrupt the way that we see ourselves or relate to the world around us. This description of spiritual consumerism may seem callus, but there is a very surface feel-good quality associated with the marketing and monetizing of spirituality and self-help, that operates almost like a bait and switch. The bait and switch have dishonesty at its core, in the marketing used to fool our mind into thinking we are buying a product that will make us spiritually strong and more evolved than we actually are.

Attending week long retreats to look at our anger, our grief, or our thighs are treated as the false equivalent of an awakening or enduring a deep emotional healing process. Retreats that scratch the surface and allow us to feel something, allow us to check off a box that later gets turned into, I’m beyond all that shadow because I’ve dealt with that already. Thus, the setup is to ignore red flags and emotional weakness in everyday life, because the fear of actually facing deeper issues and having to make changes in one’s lifestyle is too overwhelming. Spiritual development is about getting the negative ego out of the driver’s seat and being open and willing to feel the changes that need to actually happen while being honest with ourselves. If we are really being honest, we may know we need to change, but we will be faced with a test of self-responsibility. In the consumer spiritual market, we can transfer that responsibility onto something else, and pretend that we are actually doing something spiritual because we paid for a product or listened to a guru type that promised awakening.

Yet there is an importance of value-based exchanges when we are in service in spiritual community. We must spread that value and service to others, in order to keep circulating the money-energy to exchange with others that also contribute to the overall wellbeing of the community in their own ways. When we value human beings and what they contribute, the value is embedded in the work, service or product that is exchanged. The money received should represent the fair value exchange of that work. Money received represents the value of your work, time, energy, talents and contribution, when you spend that money you are letting go of the value created and honoring the value another person has created.

It is interesting to see people who would describe themselves as long term spiritual practitioners, get completely knocked off center by basic everyday challenges, or have a meltdown about political elections. It is also interesting to see those who have positioned themselves as spiritual teachers, abuse power so frequently by sleeping with students or throwing tantrums where they are verbally abusive. These are some of the issues with consumer spirituality, where we invest time and money in a product, technique, tradition or artifice by making it a part of our routine and possibly our social fabric. Someone can have years of “practice” like this hanging out on the surface of spirituality, but then get knocked over like a house of cards by relatively small events of adversity. People can flip in-between these states of lower ego and higher frequency (momentarily) and how long they hold sustained higher frequency states is the hallmark of spiritual maturity and mastery over the personal energies. When people lose their center, freak out or lash out, you are looking at an ego tantrum, and when they do it is the sign of inner violence, fragmentation and the need for integrative spiritual healing. Inner violence generated by the three layers of ego and mind control programming that remains unhealed will result in control-oriented tantrums. This is an important piece to remember as to why Krystic beings never deviate their focus to engage in combative strategies that are violent, and choose to stay peaceful and holding a pure loving heart within even the most difficult interactions.

Spiritual development takes authentic human character development and deciding what kind of person you really want to be in the world. When we are honest and responsible about our personal commitment to improve ourselves, it is this commitment to do what is necessary, that takes us beyond our comfort zones and actually makes us stronger and more balanced people. This is the time to take an active role in healing ourselves, healing our lives in so to become healthy and balanced people. When we can identify emotionally destructive behavior, and are willing to take steps to heal our thoughts and emotions, we empower ourselves in taking steps that lead us to spiritual freedom. May love, peace and spiritual strength bless you.

(Source: Consumer Spirituality discussion, Paige and Lisa)


~via – Time Shift Blog – September 4, 2018