QANON = CIA = THE MOSSAD ~ Anarcho Pirate: “All QAnon Breadcrumb Trails Lead To ‘CIA'”

“In-Q-Tel was founded in 1999 with the goal of developing technologies that the CIA could use to collect data. In a nutshell, the CIA Is and has been Investing in firms that mine Your Tweets, Facebook publications, Instagram photos from the onset. Why? To protect you? Think again… If private companies deciding which algorithms get […]

JOACHIM BARTOLL: “Obvious Impersonators of ‘Long-Dead Donald’ Dutifully Pushing the CIA-Kushner ‘QAnon’ Psy-Op”

Ascension Avatar note: The headline (mine) tells what I know, the photos tell what I know… So, people are still following the Jared Kushner’s CIA-Anon psyop “Q” breadcrumb bullshit trail… I am posting this for relevancy with the current situation but… Joachim Bartoll believes long-deceased Donald Trump is still alive, not a series of clones, […]

JOACHIM BARTOLL: “Being Diet Woke: Deep State & QAnon Bullshit”

“Q is a CIA psy-op to keep people believing in the beast system, the government, similar to the Tea Party. They give out crumbs to those who are Diet Woke and just telling them to ‘trust the plan’. Sure, for how long now? 3 years, 4 years? 5? It’s simply a clever way to manage […]

DAVID ICKE: “QAnon is a Psyop — Wake Up People!”

Ascension Avatar note: I’m not completely convinced Q is a psyop, but David Icke does a very good job at connecting the dots here, as usual…   WATCH VIDEO HERE @ TRUTH COMES TO LIGHT   ~via Truth Comes to Light


Reblogged since this question keeps arising:  “Is QAnon the MOST successful psyop EVER?” “One of the first things that turned me off about Q is that I do not prefer to spend my time researching what is happening ‘out there’. The real change out there should be a reflection of what is happening ‘within’, and […]